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HIM Gifts | by Michael

gifts for him by michael | by the skinny confidential

Hey Guys, I’m back with an even better list!

Everything I write on here gets progressively better which is why you need to keep reading everything I write as soon as it goes live! I kid, I kid.

Ok so here we go, I picked a list that works for every guy— everything on this list is something I’d wear or use or do wear.

I hope this helps!

Star Wars Video Games:

In keeping up with the Star Wars theme ( I just saw the movie and I f*ing loved it! ) I have combined yet another passion of mine with Star Wars, video games! I have been having a lot of fun with this game. So pick this up for your man & have him come find old SnakePlisken ( you know Kurt Russel in the movie Escape from New York, that’s my badass gamertag ) in the Xbox live universe for an ass kicking.

Logitech Harmony Touch Universal Remote with Color Touchscreen:

Are you someone that has 16 remotes in your living room or bedroom? We were for years until I found this remote. It’s an all-in-one remote control that controls every electronic item in your TV/audio system. If you plug it in to the computer you can do all the programming yourself ( or your man can ) very easily. We love it.

James Perse t-shirts:

I wear two t-shirts, a black James Perse t-shirt and a white James Perse t-shirt. I keep 3 of each in my closet at all times. Best in the game, so comfortable.

Flannel Shirt:

Every self respecting guy needs a solid flannel in his round up. Wear it with a badass leather jacket ( post to follow ) or a blazer, or just wear it fully buttoned up to the throat to keep it G.

Anything from Mr Porter, I love Tom For Cologne & Tom For Beard Oil:

I have listed two items here, Tom Ford cologne and some Tom Ford beard oil. I love Mr Porter because they have everything to keep your wardrobe up to date. Also, customer service is amazing and the boxes come saying “Mr. Bosstick” which makes me feel really important. HA!

Dark Green Nylon Bomber:

As most of you know, green is the color of the season ( I called it months ago on Snapchat ). Do yourself a favor and get the guy in your life this bomber. It’s badass.

The Kindle:

We have already touched on some books, I really love a paper book but having my kindle when traveling is awesome. I don’t have to lug around five books in a bag, with this I can bring an extremely lightweight reader & purchase books on the go. It’s so much better than an iPad for reading and the price is unbeatable for the value.

Black Duffle Bag:

Every guy needs a simple black duffel that he can throw all of his gear in for an easy weekend trip. I always travel with a black duffel carry on bag.

I hope you guys are liking these guides, I really try to put some genuine thought in to what I really think would be great gifts for guys.

Happy holidays and let me know in the comments if you have any specific questions!


– Michael

  1. I love Michael’s gift guide – and it is fun to read it written from a guy’s perspective! Men are SO hard to shop for, so guides like these are really helpful!!! Very original and practical ideas 🙂

  2. this was awesome!! i bought the duffel for my guy and i know he will love it! Cant wait for the leather jacket post!

  3. Thanks for giving the information it is useful for me, thanks for dropping such a great article and thanks for the ideas are providing some lists and these lists are very useful and very helpful for us and I like your lists very much.

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