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High End Christmas List, Big Ticket Items Worth The $


This post is for someone who wants to spend over $500 on a gift. This list has been meticulous curated by me so you can be sure these items are worth the gift-giver’s while & will provide tremendous value to the receiver.

These aren’t just items that you’ll use once & be done with, you ( or the person you gift them to ) will keep going back to them.

So, if you’re looking to spend more than $500 on a gift, then this post is for you.

The Skinny Confidential’s High-End Gift Guide

Joovv Max light therapy ( use this link for a free gift with purchase )

Oh me, oh my. The benefits of red light therapy are crazy. If you haven’t listened to the episode with the founders of Joovv, you have to. They really break it down. But while we’re here, if you’re looking for something for the person who has everything, this is for you. Michael uses his every morning & I use my mini one.

The benefits include: sleep optimization, increase in libido, muscle recovery, decreased joint pain & inflammation, bone health, skin health & more.

Paco Rabanne sparkle bag

This is such an iconic bag. It’s one that you can wear during the holidays & for New Year’s eve, but also to your birthday party.  It screams uniqueness. It has no labels, it’s inconspicuous, but also has a vintage look which we love. This is a bag that I want to pass down to my daughter & I’m just obsessed with it. Take a pic, throw on some Kira Kira & pop a bottle of champagne in the background for the perfect Instagram photo.

♡ Luggage set in white or rose gold with silk travel pillow & eye mask

The ideal gift for someone who has everything. This set is well worth it if you’re buying for a serial traveler. I recommend wrapping this in cool wrapping paper ( like hot pink ) with a big black bow. You could hang a silk neck pillow & eye mask off the top of it too. That’s right, a silk travel neck pillow. Forget those nasty ass pillows at the airport. This one is good for your skin.

You could also stuff the suitcases with travel essentials, like sheet masks, magazines, Flaming Hot Cheetos & a good book. Such a fun gift.

Vanity mirror with white desk

There has been a vanity mirror in my bathroom for as long as I can remember. Not only does it remind me of Betty Boop, but it takes a great mirror selfie. It’s also fab for doing your makeup & skin care. You just really can’t go wrong. In my opinion the key to marriage is separate bathrooms, so to have my own vanity situation is ideal.

This mirror is perfect for the beauty guru, makeup lover or girly girl. You could pair it with this white desk to make an entire makeup station situation. If you wanted to get crazy you could set the whole thing up in someone’s house & surprise them. If you’re going to surprise them though, be sure to cover their eyes with a silk eye mask.

If you wanted to add some more creativity you could always put some perfumes, lip glosses & a bottle of Woo in the vanity so it’s ready to go.

Cannon camera & accessory kit with a gold camera strap

This is the camera I use when I’m taking blog photos. It’s great for food photos, just be sure to get a macro lens too. If you know someone who wants to start blogging, this is the camera for them. Get the EOS & definitely add your own creative touch. You could always order a gold chain for a camera strap. It makes it look unique & I’m totally obsessed with the one I have.

There you have it. A high-end Christmas list.

Typically I don’t do a lot of posts with high ticket items because I think if you get creative you can give something great for less than $200. There are so many ways to do this while adding a personal & sentimental touch.

But this post is also important because sometimes there are people in your life who you want to splurge on. So this post is for them ( or you ).

As always, if you have an item that you think needs to be added to this list let me know below. Hope you’re all curled up in front of your computer with a cup of hot cacao listening to Christmas jazz.

love, lauryn

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