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Your High End Gift Guide

Your High End Gift Guide

The items in this post are things that I think are timeless & worth spending the money on. If you have a friend or family member who want to buy something extra special for, these are things they’ll actually use.

This guide is for people who just want to spend a little more on someone who needs a touch of luxury. From candles, to glasses, to a stunning tote bag, I got you covered.

Your High End Gift Guide

The Skinny Confidential High End Gift Guide:

Jo Malone Set

You can’t go wrong with Jo Malone. This set is perfect for a mother in law or friend who loves ‘vibes.’ This set includes:

+ pear & freesia room spray

+ wood sage & sea salt body/hand wash

+ blackberry & bay body/hand lotion

+ peony & blush suede travel size candle

+ lime basil & mandarin travel candle

Jo Malone makes the bougiest scents & you can’t go wrong.

♡ Jo Malone Candle Collection

If you think someone might only want the Jo Malone candles, this is a great set. They’ll get 3 amazing candles with the most delicious scents:

+ frosted cherry & clove

+ roasted chestnut

+ sweet almond & macaroon

Everyone loves a Jo Malone candle.

Baccarat Glasses

Recently we went to Lisa Vanderpump’s house to interview her for The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER podcast. She came out with these glasses filled with lemon & I loved how they were all mismatched.

The juxtaposition of them was so interesting, with all the different shapes & sizes. These are perfect for someone who loves to host & create beautiful table deco. Baccarat is very upscale, but that’s what this post is about. If we’re going to go big I would definitley recommend these. 

♡ Saint Laurent Tote Bag

This is like, for if you really want to go crazy on someone. It’s pricey & super high ticket. The tan one is a staple for me & I absolutely love it, but it also comes in black which you can never go wrong with.

It’s so classic & timeless- you will use it forever. Errr, I mean the person you gift it to will. LOL.

Barefoot Dreams Blanket

The butteriest, softest, coziest blanket there ever was is making an appearance on the blog, yet again. You guys have heard me talk about this numerous time because it’s just that good. You can get it in brown cheetah, snow leopard, & a few other plain colors too. ( PS. brown cheetah is a Kardashian fave ).

♡ Yeti Cooler

Michael has this & is totally obsessed. He uses it all the time for beers & margaritas. You fill it with ice & it keeps everything freezing cold. Some other pros:

+ special insulation so ice won’t melt.

+ basically indestructible. 

+ fits up to 20 cans.

+ heavy-duty latches that won’t break.

♡ Canopy Humidifier

Everyone needs a humidifier because it’s so good for your skin. This one is extra elegant & ‘fancy’ you could say.

THIS HUMIDIFIER is it guys. 

You know we were all bored as shit with sterile, ugly-ass, butthole ugly humidifiers, so I created a Skinny Confidential-esque version with my favorite humidifier brand, Canopy. I have used Canopy humidifiers forever so this made SENSE.

Together, we’ve created the easiest, cleanest, & sexiest humidifier in the world so YOU CAN BE ALL DEWY & GLOWY. She’s pink, she’s perfect, she’s the humidifier of your dreams.

We just had the founders of Canopy on the podcast & it was so interesting ( stay tuned ! ). This humidifier won’t grow mold & even has a place to add essential oils which is very unique to a humidifier. It also:

+ hydrates a room up to 500 sq feet.

+ is dishwasher safe.

+ runs for up to 36 hours straight.

+ has sensors to maintain optimal moisture for the room.

Silk Beauty Set

You’ve probably heard me mention Slip on the blog before. It’s such a good brand & I’m obsessed with anything & everything silk because of the hair & skin benefits ( resistant to mold & allergens, & filled with amino acids which are so good for you ).

This set comes with an eye mask & pillowcase which, like I said, is so good for your skin. Cotton tends to pull & crease the face, but silk doesn’t. This is great for girl or guy on your list.

Cocktail Machine

This would be on my high ticket item gift list. This cocktail machine basically makes you Patricia Altschul from Southern Charm, except she has a Michael ( her butler, if you’ve never seen the show ). 

Still, you can use this to make your favorite cocktail in just a few mins. First, you need to also buy your ( or the receiver’s ) favorite cocktail capsule. You insert your bottle of alcohol, the capsule, select the strength ( extra strong plz – because 2020 ), then in second you’ll have a perfectly made cocktail.

♡ Sleeper Feather-Trimmed Pajama Set

These are so high end & extra cunty. LOL. They have feathers around the sleeves & ankles & are so over the top, I’m in love. My friend Janelle told me about them & my only regret is that I didn’t have them when I was in the hospital delivering Zaza. They’re just so fucking fabulous.

You should know they also come white & would be such a chic gift for the elegant woman in your life.

The Skinny Confidential Team’s High End Gift Picks:

+ Gold Herringbone Necklace

+ Maison Francis Kurkdijan Perfume

+ Celine Sunglasses

+ Automatic Espresso Machine

+ Vitamix

+ SpectraLite LED Mask

As I said, these are items that are worth splurge if you wanted to spend more on someone in particular.

Ok, G2G make sure Michael casually sees this post.

x, lauryn

+ find out why silk pillowcases should be part of your skincare routine.

++ learn how to properly care for your candles


  1. Such great ideas Lauryn! Love that Barefoot Dreams cozy blanket! May have to just gift myself it haha.

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