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Oh, Hell No Hyperpigmentation!! How to Rid Facial Dark Spots

The Skinny Confidential talks skin care with the experts.

The Skinny Confidential talks skin care with the experts.

Oh la la have I got a treat for you guys…especially if you suffer from hyper-pigmenation AKA annoying dark spots.

As you know from my birth control experience, I have struggled with dark spots before.

But not anymore!!

And a lot of this is attributed to these Skin Authority products. Since these lotions/oils have worked well for my dark spots, I figured I kind of had to sit down with the co-founder & product formulator, Celeste Hilling & Skin Authority Skin Coach/Licensed Esthetician, Iris Mata.

So basically if you’re as crazy about skin care as I am, read on:

| Introduce yourself: |

Celeste Hilling: I’m the CEO & product formulator for Skin Authority. I’ve been in the beauty and skin care industries for twenty years & it’s my passion to share the healthy skin lifestyle. Before working in the beauty industry, I was in the technology industry, & now I’m also the Chairman of the Board of the San Diego New Children’s Museum, and past Co-Chair and Honorary Member of the Advisory Board of Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla.

Iris Mata: I’m a Skin Authority Coach, licensed esthetician.I have a professional background in sales, pharmaceutical sales, and ( now ) skin care. I’ve coupled my education, professional career, and passion for skin in one perfect position!

| Tell us why Skin Authority is unique |

Celeste: Skin Authority is the Healthy Skin Lifestyle Company. We deliver great products that produce immediately visible results in a few simple steps, & the expert guidance needed to make healthy choices to reach optimum skin health.

I am also proud that Skin Authority is leading the way with technology innovations making healthy skin the new beauty. We use the most naturally effective ingredients and the most cutting edge technology to bring you the best natural, multipurpose products. We do all of this without any parabens, added dyes or fragrances, or animal testing.

| Let’s talk hyperpigmentation & melasma tell us about what it is exactly: |

Iris: Hyperpigmentation occurs when there’s an overproduction of melanin ( the primary determinant of skin and hair color ), often due to injury to the skin ( think acne, sun exposure, cuts, etc.). A more well-known skin condition is melasma, or pregnancy mask. Melasma is often caused by hormone changes, or sometimes changes in certain prescription medications. You may notice this condition when you see skin discoloration after pregnancy. Both HP & melasma can be exacerbated by sun exposure.

| Best treatments for HP & melasma? |

Iris: First thing: realize that treating HP/melasma is a process. There’s no quick-fix or one-product miracle, but there is a formula for success:

Commit to a daily morning and evening regimen.
Attach it to another habit – like after you brush your teeth— until it becomes routine.
Know that you’re not in this alone; work with a Skin Coach ( in conjunction with your dermatologist, if you have one ).
Use an effective skin care line to help your skin reach an optimal balance and health.
Research advanced treatments. Lasers at your local medi-spa or dermatologist clinics are worth exploring.
Stay the course! You absolutely must continue your skin regimen post-treatments. The nourishment and healing process takes time. Be patient and you will be rewarded.
Most importantly: SUN PROTECTION every single day, or you will quickly undo any progress you made in eliminating HP/melasma.

| What should you NOT do when you have HP & melasma? |

Iris: HP & melasma have several contributing factors ( like hormones, stress, pregnancy, sun damage, medication, and genetics ), so it’s important to look for the root cause in addition to taking basic steps to improve your condition.

Basic tips for NOT exacerbating HP and melasma:

Never leave the house without sunscreen!!
Don’t neglect your body of regular antioxidant goodness, like green tea, blueberries, & Vitamin C.
Don’t be a dabbler with products. Stick to a full skin care regimen that will address your HP/melasma. It takes time to undo the uneven tone and keep melanin production at bay while producing new healthy skin.

| What are the best products by SA for these conditions? |

Iris: The Skin Authority Hyperpigmentation Treatment is a miracle worker. It contains 2% Hydroquinone, which inhibits melanin production. If you are pregnant, or prefer a product without Hydroquinone, the Skin Authority Brightening Serum will also lighten and brighten skin tone. It uses an Oligopeptide Complex, Alpha Arbutin, Glycolic Acid, and Aloe to fade dark spots and HP, correct redness, resurface the skin, & calm inflammation.

More importantly, it’s not just one or two products that will accelerate results. It’s an entire routine that includes antioxidant nourishment, repair, resurfacing, and most importantly, sunscreen in conjunction with your regular cleansing and moisturizing. I love how Skin Authority’s products are multipurpose, so I can keep a simple regimen while still addressing all of those areas.

| Summer is coming! Recommendations for skin? |

Iris: Embrace a dewy glow! You don’t have to scorch your skin in the sun for hours to be bronze. Have you ever noticed that when people tan a lot, their skin actually starts to look dull and damaged? Use a sunless tanner that will hydrate and nourish your skin, then keep it protected with SPF. You’ll look summery and bronzed, but without the dull, damaged skin that comes with a real tan.

For your face, embrace serums. Skin Authority’s Super-C Serum has a 20% concentration of Ascorbic Acid, which is the type of Vitamin C that is naturally in your body. It supercharges your SPF to give you greater protection, and actually aids collagen production. On top of all that, it will give you the perfect dewy complexion that everyone wants for the summer.

Celeste: Practice safe sun! One in five Americans are found to have skin cancer in their lifetime. While that number is epidemic, what is more epidemic is the fact that only one in five people wear sunscreen on a daily basis. I want you to be healthy, educated, and free of sun spots. Wear a Broad Spectrum SPF of 15 or greater to block both UVA  ( aging ) and UVB ( burning ) rays. These rays can go through glass, so be sure to apply even when you are going to be in your office or driving in your car. While enjoying a day in the sun, it is essential that you reapply your SPF every two hours or after swimming or sweating to ensure your protection. Lastly, don’t think that your sunless tanner is protecting you! Don’t go into the sun for a few hours after applying these bronzers & always cover up with SPF ( side: you guys know how bat-shit crazy I am about SPF!! Use it daily! ).

The Skinny Confidential talks skin care with the experts.

| What peels do you recommend to rid dark spots and freckles? |

Iris: There are different Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) peels that can rid dark spots. At Skin Authority, we use naturally derived, pure glycolic acid at different percentages and penetration levels to leave you with a glowing complexion, instead of a red, peeling face like Samantha from Sex and the City ( << love that episode! HA! ). If you do any peel, keep in mind that one treatment will not yield immediate or long-term results. You will, however, notice a significant difference with a series of peels.

| Best foods you can eat for your skin? |

Celeste: Just as we need to be conscious of healthy nutrition for our bodies to look fit, our skin needs its own forms of nutrition to maintain its healthy glow. Skin is an organ and responds to healthy nutrition as positively as other organs in our body. It is challenging for our skin to get those vital nutrients from food because less than 1% of the vitamins we ingest ever make their way to the skin. This is why applying vitamins topically is so important. Think of it as a nutrition sandwich: you want to eat well to be healthy inside & apply externally to restore the exterior strength & beauty. Some of the best beauty foods are carrots, broccoli, pumpkin, oranges, tomatoes, & salmon.

| Worst thing you can do to do your skin? |

Iris: It’s been said over and over, but the absolute worst thing you can do for your skin is putting yourself at risk for unprotected sun exposure. Sure, you may think your tan looks good now, but the resulting HP, wrinkles, risk for skin cancers, and mutation of skin cells are not worth the risk. There are so many great alternatives to a tan these days, from embracing your natural skin tone to using a sunless tanner; you don’t need to take the risk. In addition to tanning, making unhealthy lifestyle choices also wreak havoc on your skin: smoking, eating unhealthy processed foods, not exercising, etc. When you are consistently eating well, taking good care of your skin, and working out, you will be amazed at how luminous and clear your skin will become.

Celeste: I love what Iris said and add that it’s critical that you know your lifestyle and be consistent. If you only have time to do two skin steps, embrace them and do them well. A beauty routine is like working out – there will be weeks when you are all in and weeks where you are out – know that about yourself and establish steps to which you can commit. As your lifestyle evolves, take an honest assessment of your regimen and adjust to best fit your current needs and future goals.

| Favorite SA product & why? |

Iris: I have two that I can’t live without. Super-C Serum for the benefits mentioned above, but also because it will nourish and benefit any skin type and condition, at any age. Wrinkle Reversing Serum is another favorite because of how powerful the SGF ingredients are in building strength in depleted, damaged cells. It’s a must-have in any skin care routine.

Celeste: Well, I can’t say just one, because just like when you work out, you can’t just do one thing and look amazing. There are five things you need to do every day:

Antioxidants: Super-C Serum is my face antioxidant because it’s such an amazing multi-tasker with collagen production and absorbing UV damage.

Resurfacing: The cardio of skin is resurfacing. You want those cells to turn over every day. Skin Authority Resurfacing Accelerator is a daily leave-on peel that enhances the skin’s natural cell turnover cycle. I use it on my face and neck.

Treatment: You’ll want to address your skin conditions. I’m fifty-five, so I use Wrinkle Reversing Serum and Dramatic Eye Lift daily. Both of these products contain our exclusive SGF-4 Technology to produce healthier cells.

Protection: Wear sunscreen daily, rain or shine.

Overall health: For me and for most women, Vitamin D is huge. Seven out of every ten women are deficient in D. I use Skin Authority VitaD Fortified Topical Elixir and Whole Food Spice Powder daily. Vitamin D is a happy hormone and makes your skin really bright— a winning combination!

+ To follow Skin Authority on Instagram, click here.

++ This isn’t a sponsored post; I’m just sharing what’s worked well for me! & BTW, this product is by far my fav. xx, L

The Skinny Confidential talks skin care with the experts.

++ My Nightly Products to Fight Dark Spots:

  1. I am interested in your skin care products. Where can I buy them? Please send me an email or call me at 323/501-9294. Thank you.

    1. Hi Corey,
      You can find the products in the links above or go to to chat for free with a Skin Coach to find the best products to fit into your lifestyle and routine to achieve the results you deserve.

  2. Now that I’m in my late 20’s, I’ve become a major stickler for legit skin care. As a nutritionist I thoroughly believe that what we put in our bodies is just as important (if not more important) as the products we put on our bodies. I love that you included pumpkin and blueberries. Those are some of my favs!


  3. OMG, this post! I’m 29 and for 6 years I’ve struggled with HP….even before birth control, but I stopped that last year after 3 years of taking it. I’ve done multiple peels in the last years including a couple VI peels this year. My skin looks GREAT for a week or so and then goes right back to HP. And yes, I’m such the Anal Annie ab sunscreen and sun exposure and I also eAt clean, natural foods while working out 5 days a week. I’ve even used obagi products for years and it won’t seem to rid of it. I’m soooooo self conscious ab this and it’s so frustrating, like a thorn in my side! Literally, I would swallow a light bulb if it have me pretty, glowy skin!

    1. Hi Mal,
      We would love to help you with your skin concerns! If you go to, you can arrange a call, chat, email, or FaceTime with a skin coach for free. We would love to help you achieve the radiant skin you deserve!

  4. I’ve also tried the all natural approach…rubbing lemon and/or ACV, etc on my skin religiously. For me, that equaled a hot mess!

  5. Hey Lauren! Love your blog. I was a little surprised that you use a product with Hydroquinone. What are your thoughts on this? I know it’s pretty hotly debated amongst people and I would love to see a post on this topic! There’s definitely some controversial skin care ingredients out there and a lot of misinformation.

    1. Hi Jennie!

      Honestly, I tried EVERYTHING. This was the only thing that worked for me. I’m all about avoiding chemicals but sometimes you gotta use them. Balance is key! This is what’s worked for me, but it may not work for everyone.

      I’m flattered you like the blog : )) Thank you so much for reading/commenting. xx, Lauryn

  6. Thanks for the tips! Will have to try the AHA peels as I have a dark spot that’s getting darker by the day, mostly brought on by my pregnancy!

    1. Hi Shell,
      If you go to, one of our skin coaches can assist you with a routine and information about laser treatments that will help with hyper pigmentation.

  7. Thank you SO much for this post! I suffer from melasma and it’s SO frustrating. I have given some products a shot, just trying them blindly. However, this review REALLY helps and I’ll be ordering some to try today!

  8. I love this! I don’t suffer too much from hyper pigmentation but I definitely have some touchy skin. I think anti-aging is a preventative process more than anything. If you eat right and treat your skin and body right, then you have the best chance at fighting wrinkles and sun damage! Thanks for the advice!
    The Accidental Mama

    1. Hi Violet,
      We would love to help with your skin concerns! You can go to to chat/call/FaceTime for free with a Skin Coach to find the best products to fit into your lifestyle and routine to achieve the results you deserve.

  9. ok i know its an earlier topic, but urban outfitters shipping is slow…but all is forgiven. THOSE. BLACK. JEANS. o.m.g. perfection!!! is it tomorrow yet? i want to wear them! now!

  10. Good interview! I’m a Skin Therapist (licensed Esthetician) and my hope is that everyone reading your post Lauryn gets themselves to an Esthetician! An Esthetician will assess your skin, suggest the appropriate products and treatments to correct your skin issues, and help you navigate thru the myriad of products, hype and info out there, just like these ladies did here! Most Estheticians offer a complimentary first visit for a skin analysis. If you’re having skin issues or feel lost when walking thru the product aisles, find an Esty you connect with, commit to seeing him or her regularly, and see visible positive changes in your skin. And one more thing…..SUNSCREEN!!!!!

  11. Just ordered this after searching hyper pigmentation on your blog hoping to find something !!

    How long before you saw results?!

  12. Hi Lauryn! I have some pretty sweet melasma from 2 pregnancies. One on my cheek from my daughter and a good sized one near my jawbone from my son. Love that I had 2 babies make them but damn, they’re annoying! I use a medical grade retinol to fight wrinkles. Is it ok to use this product as well? Thank you and I ❤️your blog. And Susan too ?

  13. 3 months before I was having some scars on my neck. I was so worried. I asked my friend who is a doctor and she told me about a skin cream Cysteamine. I used it just for 3 weeks and all my scars were gone.

  14. First of all thanks for sharing your blog with us. I am 23 years old and suffering from skin pigmentation problem from very long time. And my best friend told me about the cysteamine cream and I used that cream and I can see the results within 6 weeks. I suggest if someone is suffering from these kind of problem they can use this cream

  15. I had hyperpigmentation from too much sun exposure. Its genetic in my family, but the sun makes it sooooo much worse.

    I now use the Made from Earth Carrot Serum – and it works and has diminished the hyperpigmentation. I did not know a carrot serum could do this, but this product does an excellent job at getting rid of hyperpigmentation.

    Highly recommend it – I purchased it on Amazon – just search for – made from earth carrot serum – on Amazon, and you can find it

  16. Totally agree!! Love healing the body from the inside out too . Love your blog. Thank you for sharing this brand and the beautiful visual of your picture. I suggest if someone is suffering from these kind of problem they can use this cream

  17. Absolutely concur!! Love mending the body from the back to front too . Love your blog. Much obliged to you for sharing this brand and the delightful visual of your image. I recommend in the event that somebody is experiencing these sort of issue they can utilize this cream

  18. I have dark spots on my face, i use your product. Really, this do a wonder for me.Thanks for your information, it’s a very useful to us. You have done a excellent Job. Keep Going..

  19. After spending a long time on the beach this summer, I started to struggle with hyperpigmentation. I tried Dermalmd age spot and pigment lightening serum for 4 weeks now. It is easy to apply and I can see a major difference. My sports are fading away gradually and I will be consistent with this dark spot remover.

  20. I have faced some problems and very much irritated. Try lots of herbals but didn’t affect any of them. I will try your suggested products once for the problem and planning to laser skin treatment. Give me suggestion regarding that. Thanks!!!

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