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How To Stay Healthy ( AND HAPPY ) While Traveling


I have a strategy. A very specific one when it comes to travel & staying healthy. Hell, if I didn’t have a very strategic plan for eating, wellness, & working out on vacation, it’d be a nightmare. Today I’m ready to share that plan with YOU.

Actually, I would have done this post sooner had I thought this was normal but I’m starting to realize that people think they need to go crazy on vacation.

Meaning that they want to stuff their faces, avoid the gym, lay around, & just say fuck it.

I get it.

Sometimes you have to say fuck it.

Over the past couple months, I’ve had a couple of fuck it days.

In fact, once I can wrap my head around the topic, I’ll do a full blog post on how to deal with a funk. But that’s another post for another day.

Before we begin, can I just preface this post with letting you know that I’ve really just given up on workout clothes. As you can see from the above picture, I’m literally wearing black boring leggings with a cheeky t-shirt ( ‘go sit on a cactus’ ). Workout clothes lately are kind of MEH. Either they’re overly fitness-y OR lacking flair. I’m un-impressed. So don’t judge my boring-ass workout clothes.

Really, these were my workout clothes the whole trip ( see my running shoes, LOL ). As Michael would say: “put some effort into it, Lauryn!” HA, what can I say?

Anyway, moving right along & back to where we were: the strategy.

My strategy involves some planning, but it’s fairly easy. Anyone can do it, really.

Whether you travel for work or you’re a travel blogger or you are just a busy vacationing bee, get ready to screenshot!

The Skinny Confidential’s Wellness Tips For Travel:

+ Get active: ALWAYS. Whenever I travel, I get curious. Whether that means riding bikes, walking, swimming, rowing, running, or rollerblading – I get moving. If you follow along on Snapchat you know we’re in Hawaii right now. We are biking our asses off! So much fun…& burns off the fish & chips.

+ Alcohol: this one is tough. You’re on vacation, right? I mean you definitely don’t want to be bloated if you’re in a bikini so here’s my strategy: for each alcoholic beverage, I balance it out with mint tea. Yes, mint tea. For some reason, the tea keeps me from having a hangover. You can just ask the waiter to keep refilling the hot water; no need to break the bank. Also, I usually will pick two drinks to splurge on. I usually do rosé a few times & sometimes an ice-cold beer but the majority of the time, I’ll do blanco tequila on the rocks with a side of limes. Ice in rosé helps to water it down too. Lastly, I stay away from fruity drinks. If you know me you know I’d rather go for Pinot or a specific skinny margarita. Those extra calories & 329083248 pounds of sugar don’t do it for me.

+ Dessert: if I’m drinking alcohol, I say no to dessert. Or just have one or two bites. If there’s no alcohol at dinner, I’ll do my own dessert. I’d rather have a cocktail though…or pasta. I just fucking love pasta so much, can you tell?

+ Green powder: this is an important one. Bring green powder. Every morning, I wake up & chug a bunch of water. Every single morning. It’s a habit now. When traveling I make sure to have green powder on hand. It really makes a huge difference because you get a bunch of nutrients in instantly. Just add it to some water & you’re good to go. This brand is my favorite.

+ Vitamins / minerals / amino acids: YES PLZ. I use this pill case ( which is ideal for travel ) to carry a bunch of antioxidants, probiotics, herbs, & amino acids. You will feel super organized if you get a case like this, trust me. These are kind of a no brainer. For my exact supplement breakdown, check out TSC Bombshell Body Guide. Make sure your supplements are clean too! Read the ingredient labels because there’s so much shit out there. Do your research.

+ Eggs, avocado, & strawberries: that’s right. Keep it simple, stupid. I always start with this as my foundation for the day. The eggs & healthy fats keep me VERY full. Also, I tend to stuff my face with chips & salsa ( more of a lunchtime snack ) or on pasta / red wine at dinner. Balance your diet like a checkbook. Maybe you love breakfast: go for it, you’re on vacation. But do a salad with chicken & lots of lemon for dinner! ( If you need more help with eating, check out TSC Meal Plan. You can order a lot of the meals in there by micro-managing your hotel’s room service. Trust me, I do it all the time ).

+ A fitness guide: whether it’s my fitness guide or someone else’s, get one. Having a guide takes the thinking out of it – straight to the point, you know? Make sure it’s under 30 minutes because you don’t want to be stuck in the gym all day. Your goal is a quick, effective sweat. Get in 30 minutes to set the tone of your entire day. That tiny 30 minutes will make a huge difference in your 23 and half hour vacation. Break a sweat to feel good all day!

+ I bring running shoes, leggings, & a boyfriend tee: ALWAYS. Don’t forget to pack smart. Bringing your running shoes kind of insinuates that you’re going to get your ass to the gym. A podcast ALWAYS gets me through a workout too. I kind of can’t live without the podcast app. Check out TSC Podcast too – I promise the latest episode with The Bare Naked Cucumber will make you laugh your ass off while you’re sweating.

+ READING IS KEY: instead of lying around feeling unproductive on vacation, I always bring a book to keep my mind going. Reading is truly my favorite thing in the world & I never go on vacation without a good book. Currently reading: The Power Of Habit.

how to stay healthy and happy travel

So, if you’re avoiding traveling or fearing vacation because you thinking you’re going to let loose. The real trick is right inside of you: craft a strategy. As Ben Franklin said: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” It’s really that simple.

Plan your wellness strategy on vacation.

Thoughts? Weigh in. Do you have a little travel strategy?

OK, enough of me today, off to go to sushi in Hawaii! If you have any Maui recommendations, please leave them below. You guys always have the best tips ; ).

Of course, we’re Snapping up a storm on Snapchat. Meet you there: @laurynevarts.

– lauryn x

+ listen to the latest podcast episode here!

++ more travel posts.


  1. This post couldn’t have come at a better time. I have been killing my workouts and diet lately. I’m flying out today for a 5 day vacation and really didn’t want to eliminate all my progress. THANK YOU! Your posts truly provide so much value.

    1. Yes! Vacation is not an excuse to let all of your hard work go to waste. Have an incredible time on your trip Amanda! Where are you going? xx

  2. Stuff of greatness. Love this. I have a girls trip next weekend and none of my friends are on board with a packing list including gym clothes. We are getting away for 48 glorious hours (no kids, no work) and I know that taking these tips will make the entire trip so much better.

    Maybe if I can convince them to pack the right shoes, then I can get them moving when we get there.

    Question: do you still use collagen and magnesium everyday?

    1. Yes definitely convince them! You don’t need to necessarily spend your trip on the elliptical but maybe try suggesting a hike or bike ride? Some form of movement is necessary! I typically take collagen 5x a week and I take magnesium everyday. Have you tried them? Have a great trip Jac! xx

  3. This is awesome! I can’t believe I didn’t ask for you to write this! I feel like going on vacation everyone thinks it’s a time to just let yourself go almost, but that’s definitely not the case! Love the drink and food tips–that definitely helps! I also agree with getting moving on vacation and exploring–that’s what vacation is all about!!! xoxo

    1. Any other posts you’d be interested in Lindsey? Vacation is definitely not the time to just let it all go. Thanks for all of the support : ) xx

  4. These are great tips, especially starting with a healthy breakfast so you can indulge later. Hotel pancakes, eggs Benedict etc usually aren’t that thrilling anyway. I’d rather have wine 🙂

  5. Love this post Lauryn! I read it while eating my eggs, avocado and strawberries. Not even kidding. Ever since I read about that it has been a go to breakfast, especially post-workout on heavy leg days! Great fuel for the day. I love your tip about balancing your diet like a checkbook. It’s especially important while on vacation where there are SO many temptations all around! Loving your vaca Snaps – especially those BEADS… Hem hem ; )

    1. Thanks for all of the support Holly!! It is seriously the best breakfast. YUM. AH I know Susan strikes again LOL. xx

  6. ahhh this post makes me miss going on vacation!! i follow a lot of those tips, but am curious about the mint tea one. will definitely give that a try next time. ps you obviously still look stunning in your cactus t shirt.

    1. Yes I’m OBSESSED with tea. I did a ton of research after my trip to China – check it out here: xx

  7. I just went to Maui this summer and you defiantly have to do the Road to Hana! It has absolutely amazing views a couple water falls. Also stop at the Hana picnic lunch company they have great sandwiches and plenty of healthy vegan options 🙂

    1. Yay thanks for suggestion that sounds amazing! Will definitely put it on the list for the next trip. Thanks Ashley! xx

  8. My bf & I are going to Mexico in a couple weeks and we were just saying how we need to make a plan to keep on track with our workouts and not get lazy while were there but still have a blast. I’m gonna make him read this!! Also 100% micromanaging every single waiter we have & ordering your go – to tequila. YES PLEASE.

    Love you and all your tipys!

    xo Madison

    1. Mexico will have so many great options for active adventures! Do some snorkeling or biking around. That will be so much fun. Would love to hear some of your tips babe! xx

  9. I’ve read and re-read The Power of Habit. Great choice!

    Can you link to the actual shirt you’re wearing? The one you linked to has a funky cut.


    1. Unfortunately it’s sold out : ( But you can find it here when they come back in stock Thanks for reading babe

  10. Love this post! Especially the tip on alternating drinks with mint tea– brilliant! I must try that next time I am out! Love that plan. And keeping the focus simple. I’m gonna have to look at my notes from my trial of TSC Bombshell Body (loved it- saving to join for full time) and get on that supplement train! Hope yall have the best vacation.

    Also I left a super long and prob obnoxious comment on yalls insta— working out with TSC Him & Her is THE BEST. Literally, I’m looking forward to going to the gym after work tonight just so I can hear more. I listened a lot at the beginning then got behind– so I am playing catch-up and binging all the episodes! yall are really killing it. LOVE.

    happy vacay. Lord knows yall’ve deserved it!

  11. Every time I travel, I attempt to pick a place to stay within walking distance of many attractions as well as a grocery and some coffee shops. I find that staying at an AirBnB, which usually includes a kitchen, helps keep me from eating out every night. Both a calorie saver and a money saver. I never rent a car so that I’m forced to take public transportation anywhere. I’ll take a Lyft if a destination is especially far away. Overall, I tend to follow many of the things you listed. 🙂

  12. Most people aren’t professional travelers, so they are likely to say no to exercise and yes to dessert AND drinks. The thing is, just keep moving. If the vacation is all about lying on the beach, it could be a problem. If it’s about seeing things and walking around, then the effects are likely to cancel out. I find I move a lot more when on vacation than when at work (in front of a computer for hours on end). Get a FitBit or something and keep track of how much you move. Voila!

  13. I loved this post! And honestly, can’t wait for one about getting out of an annoying ass funk. I’ve been in one for MONTHS and am just now getting out of it (but it took some things to happen for it, I’ll admit), so would love to hear your thoughts. Also TOTALLY agree on being over work-out clothes. Erik tells me the same stuff, especially at the airport (totally related to your snaps lol he shows up polished af in a button down shirt with a suit jacket + slacks… meanwhile, I’m in leggings, adidas slides, and a Pablo knock off shirt that says “I Feel Like Pinot”) – I love that you keep it real and more importantly SIMPLE. The tip on skipping dessert if you’re drinking is golden, even when you are NOT on vacation! Same with the green tea in between drinks. Incorporating ASAP. One of my go to strategies is that I can’t drink until I get a physical activity in – that always helps me get it together! 😉 Enjoy Hawaii, you two! xx Shannon

    1. I’m OBSESSED with tea after meals. Check out what I learned in China about tea: xx

  14. Ah love this post!! I LOVE exploring while away, especially in Europe when you can cycle and walk everywhere after the bread and pasta!!

    Also loving the “workout clothes”, those shoes are the best xo

  15. Wow, I loved how super specific all of these tips were! Eggs, avocado and strawberries in the morning is the perfect way to set the tone for the day. And working out for only 30 minutes while on vacation is so NOT a big deal! I’ve been a reader for a couple of years now and I really need to pick up your fitness guide!

    Danielle @ afloat on a full sea

    1. Exactly Danielle! 30 minutes is the smallest sliver of your day. The Bombshell Body Guide is PERFECT for vacations. I hope you check it out and enjoy it : ) Thanks for all of the support! xx

    1. Try a staycation if you can’t get away Annamarie! Explore somewhere new in your city this weekend. It always helps to inspire me. xx

    1. SO fun! Yes there is so much delicious, fresh food and beautiful places to explore in Hawaii you will have a blast. Which islands are you going to? xx

  16. My ideal vacation involves lots of site seeing and activities so thankfully I have the active part down. The eating healthy and everything else…mmmmm not so much! It’s probably why when I come back from vacation I always feel I need a vacation from vacation! I am going to try some of these tips the next time I go on vacation!
    =) Bridget

  17. I so feel the same way about workout clothes lately. It’s been nice because I haven’t been tempted to spend money on them, but my old clothes are boring me and I haven’t found anything fun, but practical for a workout lately. What gives!? I remember when I was in high school that’s all I worked out in – baggy t-shirts. I don’t think I can go back to that, though. I actually work up a sweat now and would feel too hot. Thanks for a great, motivating post!

  18. Do you have any recommendations for surviving a long flight? I’m taking a 15ish hour flight and always am super uncomfortable. I was planning on drinking a lot of water and trying to walk about every hour, but didn’t know if there were recommendations for stretches or vitamins?

  19. Great advice for staying healthy on a trip. It’s important to know the balance, like you said, with alcohol and dessert. Love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Hi Lauren, Great post. These are actually good traveling tips. Before going on a trip it is really a must to bring a guideline on what to do best. A short reminder like taking vitamins already means a lot because getting sick while traveling is a big no no…

  21. What a great post! Staying healthy on vacation can be so difficult. These tips will definitely help! Thanks for sharing!

  22. Your post is very inspiring … hopefully I can stay healthy while on holiday by following your tips. Have a nice holiday

  23. Leaving today for a trip to Ireland…workout clothes/shoes are packed and exercise videos are downloaded!

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