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The Best Iced Tea on The Planet

The Best Iced Tea on The Planet

Alright guys, this tea is blog post worthy & something that has been on my mind for SO SO SO SO SO LONG.

Funny back story: When I first started The Skinny Confidential, before it was even anything, I had this pink trapper keeper where I kept all my ideas for the blog. A lot of the ideas had to do with food & fitness.

Anyway, when I was little I used to do tap & ballet classes in Solana Beach & across the street was this store called Top of The Bagel. They had this SPORTea that was the most refreshing thing you’ve ever had in your whole life. I’d get an extra large SPORTea & a toasted cranberry bagel with cream cheese.

Cut to when I had my pink trapper keeper- the first idea was to do a post on the SPORTea. Now, 12 years later, I’m finally getting around to doing this fucking post & here we are. Recently I talked about this iced tea on Instagram & you guys went nuts.

This tea is so nostalgic to me & a tea that I’ve kept drinking throughout the years because it really reminds me of ballet. You guys will all fall in love with this tea because it’s legit. So, I’m staying true to my word & 12 years later FINALLY doing this post!

No, no, no this isn’t some detox, skinny, flat tummy tea bullshit. THE REAL DEAL BABY.

SPORTea: The Best Iced Tea on The Planet

The Best Iced Tea on The Planet

So we’re gonna break down the best iced tea in the world, but I also want to touch on a hot tea that I love in a minute. So in the spirit of my pink trapper keeper & the first blog post I wanted to write but never did, let’s talk about SPORTea.

To summarize it’s “a delicious, high-performance nutritional drink for adults and children alike formulated for active people desiring a nutritious alternative to coffee, soda, alcohol, and sugary “athletic” drinks.” It’s really popular with athletes & a lot of restaurants serve it as their signature drink.

First off, let’s talk ingredients:

♡ Premium Grade Imported Teas

Contains both black & green teas, plus other herbs. The botanicals provide a natural way to satisfy hung during weight loss or diet programs & do not affect the stomach or nerves adversely.

♡ Siberian Ginseng ‘Eleuthero’

This is one of the main ingredients in SPORTea. It’s considered an endurance builder, stamina enhancer & stress reliever. Ginseng is also an adaptogen which helps combat daily stress & strains of everyday living like headaches & body aches.


Ginger enhances blood flow & promotes better circulation. It can minimize the discomfort associated with colds & flu such as headaches, tense muscles, & stomach pain.

Brazilian Maté

This ingredient is a South American favorite that is preferred over coffee in many countries due to its lack of harsh acids & plentiful variety of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, & trace elements. Brazilian Maté also acts to suppress the appetite while nourishing the body.

Vitamin C

This ingredient is the single most important vitamin for maintaining optimum health & warding off illness. SPORTea contains a rich supply of this crucial vitamin, which the body cannot produce itself.

Trace Minerals

Potassium – an important electrolyte that helps minimize fatigue & cramping during & after intense exercise. This also helps diffuse stress symptoms.

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iced tea with chlorophyll

Just imagine the most thirsty situation where you’re dying for something to quench your thirst. THIS is what you want. Add a few drops of chlorophyll & you’re good to go ( more on that here ). What I do is fill this specific pitcher with hot water & 2 SPORTea bags then leave it in the fridge overnight. When I wake up I grab a nice, big, double-wall Bodum glass  like the ones the Kardashians use & fill it with ice, the tea, & a Softy Straw. Yum.

Sidenote: if you guys don’t know about these chic glasses, let me fill you in. TRÉS MOTHERFUCKING CHIC. This was a recommendation from Ingrid & she really delivered. They’re light-weight, chic, fun, BPA free, easy to wash & look so cute on Instagram.

Anyway, what I like about this tea is that it’s refreshing & gives you energy but not in a Redbull, shaky, Adderall kind of way. Actually a lot of people drink this when they’re sick because it’s very settling for their stomach. Again, there are lots of electrolytes in it so it’s good when you need to replenish.

This tea has been around for over 20 years & it’s very legit.

& I’m telling you this is a TSC find if I’ve ever seen one. I mean, it was the first idea in my trapper keeper when I was thinking of ideas for the site. You guys gotta try it.

Since we’re on the subject of tea, I want to tell you guys about my favorite hot teas right now. One is Kusmi BB Detox tea & I discovered it at a French little lymphatic drainage massage place. I shipped it right in from Paris, & it has hints of grapefruit & dandelion.

My other go-to tea is anything by Pique. Specifically the ginger digestion one. You can use this link for 5% off and free shipping.

Like I said, I love the big Bodum glasses with a straw for an iced tea situation but you can also add tea to your Hydro Flask or my new favorite: @itsmetinx Simple Modern tumbler. You can hear her talk about it on this TSC HIM & HER show podcast episode. It keeps things real cold ( or hot ), comes in like tons of different colors & sizes, AND fits in your cup holder.

As you guys know I’m a human guinea pig & I have been drinking these teas for a while. I can fully say that all these teas & all the fun vessels to put them in get master list approval.

Would love to know if there are any teas you guys love that I need to try. I’ll taste test any recommendations with my pinky in the air, especially since I can’t have any skinny margaritas right now.

BRING ON THE TEA. Until next time…

x, lauryn

+ stalk my favorite spa water medleys here

++ try adding some inulin to your tea for some extra fiber.


  1. I love iced tea but what does this specific tea taste like? Lemon? It’s not some nasty diet tasting tea is it? I can’t get down with tea that’s funky.

  2. Definitely ready for some tea in my fridge to grab when I want something more flavored than water! I’m going to totally give this a try. Do you just pitcher + bags + water + fridge overnight? It sounds so nice and simple! 🙂
    Also I love that this was an idea you had 10 years ago. And the throwback aspect of this tea is pretty rad. Thanks for the rec!
    xx Gitana

  3. omg SUCH a throwback bc I was obsessed with this tea back when I lived in Dallas like in 2012!! I totally forgot about it until this post. Can’t freaking wait to order this – not to mention I looove Eleuthero. Other teas that I think you’d love are: Kusmi Algotea {green tea + mint + seaweed}; Juniper Ridge Wild Mint + Sage; & TWG Alexandria {green teas + sweet & spicy mints + warm spices + flower petals}.LOVING these Trapper Keeper TSC posts 🙂 x Shannon •

  4. My favorite is by a local Montreal brand Actumus called PHT, it’s an alkalizing tea made of burdock root , white oak bark, plantain herb, comfrey leaf , black walnut hulls, marshmallow root , white willow bark and mint. I add a cinnamon stick , cardamom pod and/or star anise , it is delicious ! And of course some simply inulin 🙂

  5. I am a tea lover through and through, so this post is everything. Can’t wait to try your recs!

    A few of my favs are:
    1.) Smith Tea’s British Brunch w/ oat milk, and stevia or monk fruit. It legit tastes like a bowl of Fruity Pebbles, soo good.
    2.) Another fav is Yogi Tea Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy, I feel like it actually puts you in a calming, positive mood. 3.) For a delicious green tea, Fairmont Hotel’s Lot 35 Goddess Oolong is strong, smooth, and packs a punch, not in a jittery, sweaty palms way. Also good with a little almond or oat milk.

  6. Long time reader, first time commenter.. Just wanted to say that this post perfectly exemplifies why I’ve been reading your writing for YEARS.

    Intelligent, irreverent, and genuinely helpful. Your writing is a delight and your insights are life-affirming. Thank you <3

  7. I’ve been into the spicy sweet mix teas lately. (Tastes of cloves, cinnamon, etc). However, this sportea sounds good for SUMMER!! Thanks TSC!

  8. Hi Lauryn,

    Can you drink calm tea while pregnant? Trying to find as many ways to keep calm 🙂


  9. Greetings,

    I am writing because I am interested in your Recipe for your iced tea. By the way, I am a super fan and truly love your work. I follow and use a lot of your recommendations and they are all definitely worth it.

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