Healthy Groceries…Right To Your Doorstep (!!!)

The Skinny Confidential talks Thrive Market.

The Skinny Confidential talks Thrive Market.

The Skinny Confidential talks Thrive Market.

OOOOOhhh have I got a treat for you guys!

Presenting: THRIVE MARKET.

Firstly, this isn’t sponsored, I actually LOVE what Thrive is all about so I’m super excited to share it with you guys.

So. I feel like Thrive’s services are perfect for:

Busy, busy bees
The 9 to 5-er
Food bloggers
Big families

So what exactly is Thrive Market?

Well. Essentially it’s an online, all-natural market with bomb-ass products ( think: tons of GMO-free, raw, real foods with pure ingredients ). It kind of makes my life easier in every way because it provides food with TSC-approved ingredients right to my doorstep.

Basically I don’t have to go shopping anymore because Thrive does it for me.

Before I would NEVER let anyone else shop for me because I’m a control freak who wants to know what the hell I’m putting in my body. Now though? I know Thrive thrives (<< see what I did there?) off their natural ingredients.

The Skinny Confidential talks Thrive Market.

Here’s how it works:

1.) Register for free to browse the Thrive catalog & receive 15% off your first purchase.

2.) With your first purchase on Thrive, you’ll start a free 30-day membership trial…watch how much money you save & get EXCITED! ( You can cancel any time if you don’t like it ).

3.) Join Thrive for just $59.95 and save on the world’s best healthy products for a full year. With your membership, Thrive will sponsor a low-income family.

Food right to our doorstep AND for every membership sold, Thrive gives one to a low-income family or public school teacher.

LOVE it.

See why I like the services? We get healthy food to our doorstep AND Thrive sponsors a low-income family with our membership. I save time, stay healthy, AND feel good about shopping.

Here’s my five favorites to shop for on the site:

Herb powders: like turmeric, cinnamon, cayenne, chile flakes, & powdered antioxidants like Ashwagandha ( << will do a post on this powder’s AMAZING benefits later ). Why? Because they’re all organic & it’s super convenient when they magically show up at my doorstep.

Chocolate granola: it’s raw, non-GMO, and ohhhhh so good with sliced bananas & coconut flakes.

Laundry products: no one wants to lug around heavy laundry crap when they’re shopping. There’s nothing worse. Now I get all my organic laundry detergent delivered to me…soooo much better.

The Skinny Confidential talks Thrive Market.

Green cookies: these spirulina cookies are SO hard to find so when I found them on Thrive, I immediately bought three packages. They’re super yummy with a piece of dark chocolate or on their own. Trust me on the green cookies, you won’t be sorry.

Rao’s sauces: you guys know I’m in LOVE with all-natural sauces by Rao’s. I’ve been using their spicyyyy sauce for years. It’s so delicious on brown rice pasta & on bell peppers or broccoli. YUM.

Ok so, check out Thrive Market & let me know what you think!

Happy Thursday, xx Lauryn

{ p.s. I’ll answer all TSC Bombshell Body Guide questions from this post over the weekend : ) }

The Skinny Confidential talks Thrive Market.


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  1. Omg I joined Thrive a month ago and am loving it! So happy to see your post about it. Going to add the green cookies to my cart right now, thanks! 🙂