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The Hangover Brunch: Part I

the hangover brunch | by the skinny confidentialthe hangover brunch | by the skinny confidential 66

& just like that, we’re at THE HANGOVER BRUNCH.

I mean not really, it took us a while to get here but hey, I had to be thorough.

So THE HANGOVER BRUNCH was very much necessary.

…Especially when you’ve stayed up until 3 AM the night ( morning? ) before.

Like times are tough the day after your wedding, you feel me?

I slowly dragged my ass out of bed & made fun of Michael for ten minutes about how his life is over, blah, blah. Drank some peppermint tea & then RALLIED.


I WAS TIRED AF butttt ya gotta do what you gotta do.

the hangover brunch | by the skinny confidential 43

Of course Michael saved his pink shirt, glad-handing moment for when he made his entrance into the THE HANGOVER BRUNCH.

I feel like the wedding night is all about the bride & he wanted his bridezilla comeback the next day. When he walked into The One & Only Palmilla’s terrace restaurant everyone applauded & he loved every second. Truthfully I was very focused on his light pink shirt which was very TSC-esque ( right? ). Anyway, this was his time to shine. He basically almost put on tap shoes.

Kygo played in the background while everyone was served THE YUMMIEST, CALORIE-FILLED BREAKFAST FOOD.

Like I skipped the cake because of THE HANGOVER BRUNCH.

Remember in Charlie & The Chocolate Factory when the bunch got to see the factory? I wanted our guests to be surrounded by goodness & sugar & more champagne.

So everyone was surrounded by blueberry plush pancakes, warm maple syrup, chocolate croissants, espresso shots, strawberry/basil waffles, eggs, crispy bacon, pomegranate muffins, watermelon, & more chips & salsa ( <<< HAD TO ).

& of course, Suja Juice because I had to throw in a healthy twist. Lavender Lemon mimosas & Lemon Love spicy vodka sodas everywhere. Hair of the dog PLZ…with a side of ten chocolate croissants.

Skipped the cake, went for fatty/sugary breakfast. Festive.

the hangover brunch | by the skinny confidential 432the hangover brunch | by the skinny confidential 56the hangover brunch | by the skinny confidential 00

For my look here I did white ( shocking ) with two braids. Easy & quick. I feel like my hair & makeup girls were so hungover that we did what we could. I loved that they were hungover.

I did a big lash, lip gloss, & a bunch of magic eye brightener because NO ONE needed to see those hungover bags under my eyes.

Flowers were from the night before- continuing with more drama. Arete Floral made it come together & Esoteric Events streamlined the process.

HUGE THANK YOU TO THE ONE & ONLY PALMILLA for putting up with us- you were AMAZING.

the hangover brunch | by the skinny confidential 1111the hangover brunch | by the skinny confidential 8the hangover brunch | by the skinny confidential 1

The crew was amazing but what did we loved most? Guests didn’t want to leave!

That’s what I wanted- people to WANT to be there.

A bunch of our friends stayed & we LIVED IT UP. That’s to come in the next installment of THE HANGOVER BRUNCH…PART II. If you haven’t watched our wedding video, view it here!

Currently at a hole in the wall sushi restaurant ( my favorite kind of place ), enjoying some spicy veggie sushi with my sisters so I G2G butttt you guys have to enter the latest Snapchat giveaway- it’s SUCH A GOOD ONE. Think all my favorite products.

Also you should know I’ll be on Instagram LIVE tomorrow at 5:00 pm PST doing a drugstore haul of 5 badass finds. I am kind of in love with Instagram LIVE right now. It’s such a fun platform to connect with everyone on!! LMK what else you guys want to see.

– lauryn x

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  1. I LOVE this. Your line about Michael putting on tap shoes literally made me laugh out loud. That’s exactly what I want for my wedding, too – people to want to be there. Like I literally dread going to most weddings I am invited to. I do NOT want that to be the case for mine. You guys did such a great job making your family & friends feel so crazy welcome and wanted there.

  2. YUM YUM YUM! I’m hungry now!!

    Kate Lately || Fashion + Lifestyle Blog

  3. ugh. My morning protein shake and oatmeal are looking awful now that I’ve seen these brunch pics. lol. looks like it was truly a magical and fun AF weekend. LOVE.

  4. Just went to Cabo a few weeks back and I’m SO obsessed. Your wedding looked seriously amazing, and the hangover brunch is the best idea ever. Love!
    xo Devon Seventeen Dresses

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