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HAIR CARE TIPS AND TRICKS | by the skinny confidential


THIS POST HAS BEEN A LONG TIME COMING. I feel like we need to talk more about hair. Hair is such a representation of where you’re at in life right?

I mean has anyone else ever chopped off their hair after a break-up? ( GUILTY ). Or how about dyed it? ( GUILTY ). Maybe even you forgot to wash it for a week…eer, two? ( GUILTY ).

Regardless I feel like it’s important to always evolve in the hair place.

Mix it up, you know?

Years ago I did a breakdown on all my hair care tips but things like I said, have evolved & sure, I’m still not the best at washing my hair but I most definitely keep my hair game changing.

Let me give you a bit of background- elementary school was the usual: BANGS. Bangs were fun for a hot minute but they’re not for me & kind of look dreadful on me.

HAIR CARE TIPS AND TRICKS | by the skinny confidentialHAIR CARE TIPS AND TRICKS | by the skinny confidential

Thank God I realized this in middle school. Bangs were certainly NOT the theme in middle school. Middle school was bland with a ponytail/high bun here & there.

Then was high school. High school was sort of unfortunate in the hair department. In high school I was the girl who fried my hair with bleach. ARRGGGH. This kind of represented a period when I was on the rocks with a boy & needed a change.

My ponytail, pre-bleach, was SO thick & after the bleach situation it never was quite the same. Which now, makes me very annoyed at my high school self. Because of this I’ve been super vigilant about taking very good care of my hair today ( and skin, if we’re getting specific- but you know that already! ). But we’ll get to that.

High school was all about finding my identity through expressing myself in different ways. One of which was pouring bleach on my head. SO VERY thankful for the moment to end.

In college, I prefered a high bun.

Reason being? I was constantly running around. Between teaching Pure Barre, Pilates, & bartending while attending school full-time, I was kind of a maniac. I did what I could here but I feel like I had a perpetual root & was sort of low maintenance. You gotta do what you gotta do.

After 5 years I started bartending, at this point I’d been blogging for 2-ish years. I recognized that I needed to step up my picture game. Of me. Not just food. SO I found a photographer to do trade with & started to take my hair care seriously. Let’s call this period the OPPOSITE of the high school moments.

This included: lots of masks ( what up, coconut oil! ), castor oil ( the Egyptians used it for balding wayyyyyy back in the day ), a toddler’s hair brush ( not the best at brushing my hair…like ever but a toddler’s hair brush helps get out the knots- trust me ), an active interest in products, The Sleep Bun, & a silk pillowcase.

HAIR CARE TIPS AND TRICKS | by the skinny confidential

Along my hair journey I’ve been lucky enough to pick up a bunch of tips & tricks through blogging.

I’d say this is when I started to feel in sync with my hair care routine, you know?

Today my hair care routine isn’t overly fussy. I mean I certainly like my blowouts ( do you blame me though? I get an HOUR of uninterrupted work done. It’s pure heaven REALLY ). You should know: a blowout also is fabulous maintenance too. You just may have to micro-manage the situation a little. But it works wonders.

I switch my products up too. Lately when I’m at home I’ve been using Herbal Essence. Can you picture me in the shower like a Herbal Essence commercial? I love that commercial where the girl is making amazing noises- it’s perfect in every way. Anyway it’s easy to travel with & when I was in Greece it made the shower smell SOOOO GOOD. MR. I LOVE MY HAIR MICHAEL used it too & smelled like a fresh bouquet of flowers. Herbal Essence is fab because it’s a drugstore product that works- it gives you kind of a bounce. I especially like their Argan Oil- you know I love oils!

HAIR CARE TIPS AND TRICKS | by the skinny confidentialHAIR CARE TIPS AND TRICKS | by the skinny confidential

Regardless one thing that just works for hair in general: CHANGE. Sticking with the same style or look for years & years would be totally boring for me. I am always embracing change. From chopping my hair off, to add clip-in extensions, to ponytails, to braids, to even wigs- switching up hair is fun! Do you agree?

Whenever I feel the need to change-up my hair, I embrace the feeling whole heartedly it’s LIBERATING to switch it up.

The more change, the better when it comes to hair in my opinion.

Hope you’re all having a productive Tuesday!

x lauryn

+ this post is in collaboration with Herbal Essences & POPSUGAR. As always, all opinions are my own.

++ wearing all Van De Vort: bodysuit | pants.

{ pics }

HAIR CARE TIPS AND TRICKS | by the skinny confidential


  1. Agree- Herbal Essences really doesn’t seem like you and your brand at all. I love reading your personal blogs and I am an avid listener of your podcast – which I find super inspiring and motivational! But this post is really jarring… it feels like you have tried to camouflage in the line on Herbal Essences and invent an excuse for a sponsored post. Ick.

  2. I completely agree with the earlier comment Lauryn. People want content but the second you are paid for it, they are up in arms. Entitled. Expecting everything for free. You post unsponsored content EVERY.SINGLE.DAY all across the board on all social media platforms. Great post. Beautiful hair. Keep doing you.

    1. Just a note that even unsponsored content usually contains a lot of affiliate links.

  3. Yeah I have to agree w. the comments above. This doesn’t seem very “on-brand” with TSC. Also – is it just me.. but why are there no photos of the Herbal Essences product??

    1. Not at all. Just thinking they must had paid a lot for her to do that.

  4. I wore a ponytail for years! Especially in high school. Once I got to college I started experimenting with wigs and have been hooked ever since. I just throw it on and I don’t have to be bothered with my own hair as often.

  5. Lauryn I love you to death- and your hair is gorgeous!! When I was reading through your post I was confused because I can’t imagine you using herbal essences as your main shampoo? It doesn’t seem on brand at all for someone who takes amazing care of their hair. Like many drugstore shampoos & conditioners, HE products contain sulfates and other harsh chemicals that strip and weaken the hair over time. I know bloggers need an income too- so I can understand a sponsored post here and there- but I’m just not really buying this one. But I still love you to death!! You’re such a hustler <3

  6. Lauryn – give us the deets on what you’re currently doing w your color. Could you interview your colorist? I’m really liking your hair lately!

  7. I was hoping this post would be more about your every day routine and maintenance. Info about your new favorite products, styling tips, your cleansing routine, how often you get a trim, masks you use and how often. I would love a post about that as well. Also do you have pictures of your styles through the years?! I would love to see that! I can so relate with going through a bleach blonde phase.

  8. Oh bummer, I was really hoping to get a bunch of hair tips but in the end was disappointed that all those words ended with an advert for Herbal Essence, which I would actually never use on my hair.

  9. Hi, can we get a tutorial on how you got this amazing messy wavy look with your extensions?
    Also, Herbal Essences is all alcohol and sulfates, I wouldn’t recommend you using it lol.

  10. Lauryn makes bank and she is is pure integrity when it comes to recommending things, sponsored or not . My Aussie volume shampoo sits right next to my 40 dollar bottle of keihls, its not like she suggested a shampoo made from baby deer corpses, GMO baby deer corpses covered in carbs

    1. And changing products could be the secret to your gorgeous hair. Can you share your thoughts on the best product you used so far?

  11. Hey! Have you used clip-in extensions or extensions of any kind? Where do you get them from? Do they feel super heavy and do you recommend them for people with fine hair?
    Love your blog!

  12. Hi Lauryn I’ll definitely say that you have an amazing hair care story. You look so very beautiful and your hair is just amazing. Keep sharing and inspiring other beauty lovers. Good Job

  13. Yeah I have to agree w. the comments above. This doesn’t seem very “on-brand” with TSC. Also – is it just me.. but why are there no photos of the Herbal Essences product??

  14. You can also try wrapping a hot towel to your hair after oiling it. The extra heat in the towel really makes the oil work and the results is just amazing. Just make sure the towel isn’t insanely hot cuz that’ll just burn your scalp and all…

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