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Hair Stylist Superstar, Chris Dylan

Lauryn Evarts talks to Chris Dylan about hair tips, tricks, and easy at home remedies.

Not gonna lie, I’m insanely jealous of Chris Dylan’s fabulous, Rapunzel-esque hair. Like, I really want to chop it off while he’s sleeping. Creepy? ; )

Interviewing Chris was soooo exciting because anyone who takes one look at his hippie-chic locks, wants to know who, what, where, when, why, how he achieved that mane of loveliness. I die over him- his locks look like they come directly from the God of hair.

Oh, & BTW, Chris also says not to wash your hair everyday {!!!}. Yayyyy!

Check him out:

+ Introduce yourself and tell us all about your hair background.

Chris Dylan: As cliche as it sounds, I have always been interested in hair. I can remember styling Barbie’s hair as a kid & putting hair extensions in for all high school girlfriends. Soon after I picked up a liking to fashion & attended FIDM in Los Angeles for college. While getting my degree in Fashion Merchandise Marketing I assisted a makeup artist & realized I needed to do hair to be happy. I ended up at cosmetology school from there & here I am now!

Lauryn Evarts talks to Chris Dylan about hair tips, tricks, and easy at home remedies.

+ Worst thing to do to for your hair?

CD: The worst thing you can do for your hair is play at-home hair dresser. The chemicals used to color/straighten/perm/etc. your hair can be extremely damaging if they’re not used properly. So basically you’ll end up ruining your hair, which means you’ll need a hair stylist to fix it.

Always make sure your hair is in the care of a licensed professional!

+ I’m dying to know how you make your hair so shiny and beautiful? I’m obsessed!

CD: I use Pureology Super Straight shampoo and conditioner. It leaves my hair super glossy and feels/smells like I just left a salon. Whenever my hair feels dry or tangled I use Agadir Argan Oil Spray. It’s not the best smelling but it’s one of the few oils I’ve used that doesn’t leave my hair feeling heavy & greasy. At night I ALWAYS make sure to brush & braid my hair; I make this just as important as brushing my teeth, haha.

+ What healthy foods do you eat to strengthen you hair?

CD: I make sure to eat foods high in iron to strengthen my hair such as chicken, tofu, flaxseed, & lots of sunflower seeds. I also eat a ton of almonds which have a high Zinc content to help prevent hair loss. I love almonds! Sebum is your hair’s natural conditioner; without Vitamins A & C your body cannot produce it, so I make sure to keep things like fruit, cheese, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, etc. on my mind when writing my grocery list.

+ Drinks that promote healthy hair?

CDWATER!!! Water, obviously, is very hydrating to the body. If your body isn’t hydrated, your hair isn’t going to be hydrated, leaving you with dry, brittle, damaged hair. So drink water! At least eight glasses a day!

Lauryn Evarts talks to Chris Dylan about hair tips, tricks, and easy at home remedies.

+ Loving natural beach waves…any tips?

CD: An easy way to get natural beach waves in six steps:

1.] First dampen your hair & section it into four sections [ use more sections for shorter hair ].

2.] Twist each section the direction you want your hair to curl & then pin it into a coiled bun.

3.] Blow dry each bun until it’s dry

4.] Take out dried coiled buns. Gently pull apart twists.

5.] Scrunch your hair & you’re left with natural beach waves!

6.] Touch up with a curling iron/rod to perfect!

+ Hottest hair style for Fall 2012?

Unique braids & twists. They are a simple/easy way to add interest & texture to your hair.

Lauryn Evarts talks to Chris Dylan about hair tips, tricks, and easy at home remedies.

+ Best hair product from the grocery store?

CDL’Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray. It smells incredible & has a strong hold that won’t leave your hair feeling heavy & sticky. You can run your fingers through your hair & it still keep the hold.

+ Product to invest in?

CD: Hands down, Kérastase Chronologiste. Referred to as hair caviar, this is a pricey yet rich product that, I think, has absolutely no competition. If you have dry or color damaged hair, or even just damaged hair in general, Kérastase Chronologiste will totally transform & renew your hair.

+ How often should you shampoo your hair [ << uhhh, because I barely wash mine ]?

CD: Ideally you should wait two-three days to shampoo your hair. If you can wait until the third day, even better. Using shampoo too frequently can strip & dry your hair out. If you are in between two to three days and feel like you HAVE to wash your hair, just rinse and condition for a quick fix!

+ Natural at home, beauty remedy?

CD: I’m not really a fan of at home remedies because of my busy schedule, but one that I do use is avocado. I naturally have frizzy unruly hair, so I use the avocado for its oils & proteins. All you do is mash up an avocado and massage it into clean damp hair. I usually leave it on for about thirty minutes then rinse it out.

For those who have extensions & get build up around your scalp, try making a thick paste out of baking soda and water. Massage into damp hair then rinse out after about fifteen minutes.

+ For more hair tips, follow Chris on Twitter [ @Chris_Dylan ] & on Insta [ @Chris_Dylan ].

Lauryn Evarts talks to Chris Dylan about hair tips, tricks, and easy at home remedies.

  1. I don’t wash my hair everyday but I also don’t use dry shampoo because I was thinking, isn’t using dry shampoo an equivalent to washing it with regular shampoo? I would love your thoughts on this because I wash my hair every other day and would like to get away with an extra day without washing it!!

    p.s. your hair AND his hair is gorgeous!!

  2. Thanks to my sons interview i just learned some things i did not know. Thank you honey i am going to try some of these things

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