The Hack That Will Make Your Candles Last Way Longer

Let me introduce you to something that every basic bitch on the planet needs. A candle wick trimmer. This is so efficient & not only something to trim your candle wicks with, but it also looks so chic in your house. I have a gold one sitting in front of my candles & I absolutely love it.

This may sound weird but I’m a big fan of highs & lows when it comes to decor. ESP candles. Different heights & dimensions makes any room look good ( my wedding was all about different candle heights & dimensions ).

So in my kitchen I have all my different sized candles on a white marble slab & then my candle wick trimmer laying by the candles. It looks really nice & very aesthetically pleasing. Really great to have in drafty areas in the house.


♡ you’ll get a clean burn, meaning no smoke.

♡ the glass holders won’t get black soot at the top.

♡ your candles will last longer.

Sidenote: It’s important to trim those longer wicks before you light a candle when the wax is at room temperature, not after you blow out the flame when it’s burning hot wax.

You want the wick to be 1/8 of an inch at all times. You know when you burn a candle & the wick gets that big black bulb that creates a smokey flame? Well you want to cut that off.

The best thing about this little tool is for sure to extend the life of your candle. & it’s especially nice if you like to buy higher end candles. This way they won’t go to waste.

Why can’t you just use normal scissors? Because a candle wick trimmer is angled perfectly for trimming a wick. It’ll keep your candle looking so chic & beautiful without getting all smokey.

My grandma is the one who first introduced me to a candle wick trimmer. She always had one on hand & was very specific about trimming her candle wicks.

This is a quality tool that everyone in the universe needs. It’s a very cute housewarming gift that you could totally give with some Palo Santo & a nice candle, you can’t go wrong. If you’re a fan of cathedral candles or pillar candles, they can be difficult because they’re so tall & skinny so this is ideal for those.

A candle wick trimmer is just one of those things you never knew you needed until you have one. You’ll become hooked. The angle of it is perfect, whereas a normal pair of scissors are too straight.


♡ trim the wick every time!

♡ keep the flame away from moving air (like an open window)

♡ let the melted wax all the way across the top layer (to avoid uneven burning)

♡ use table salt to slow down the wax melting. An alternative is to put your candle in the freezer

♡ be sure to have a pool of wax on top of the candle before you extinguish the flame

& while we’re on the subject of candles, let’s talk about my favorite ones.

♡ Cire Trudon

When I went to Glossier in NYC, there was this smell throughout the entire building. I NEEDED to know what the smell was- it was sooooo good. I tracked down the girl at the front desk & she said it’s this special candle that everyone loves. Everyone asks what the smell is when they walk in. It was this Cire Trudon Basil candle, almost burned down to its last little drop.

It’s described as a mint tea, gingery, peppery scent but seriously… it’s basil.

It’s a little expensive but makes a great gift. The scent is so beautiful- not too strong, not too sweet. It’s the most perfect smell and I swear everyone will like.

I highly recommend wrapping this up in a super cute way & giving it with a mini bottle of pink champagne. I think it’s such a chic gift.

♡ Capri Blue

These candles are so #TBT. They remind me of high school in every single way- so nostalgic. Not only do they smell good, they have this matte white one that is huge & looks so cute in the middle of the table. Their candles also have longer burn time!

They’re super affordable & great to give for bridal showers & baby showers. Gift this with a chic gold wick trimmer & you’re good to go.

♡ Taja Collection

I’ve talked about these ones before, & how I like to get them personalized. The ones we had done for my sister-in-law’s baby shower were so cute. This is one of my favorite candle brands because of their customization. They’re out of control with how gnarly they customize. If you’re looking for a brand that really takes it to the next level, then this is the brand for you. I cannot recommend them enough when it comes to candle customization.

As I said, any of these scented candles with a candle wick trimmer & some Palo Santo would make a great housewarming gift. Be sure to get these things for yourself too- & if you wanna get extra like me, you can even get a candle snuffer too ( another gift from my grandma & something we’ll have to talk about in another post ).

Candle tools are kind of a fun thing that could be passed on to your daughter. I feel like it’s such a vintage thing that everyone needs.

Throw that orange pair of scissors away & grab your candle wick trimmer. You’re basically Suzy Fucking Homemaker. Would love to know some random accessory you have in your house that you didn’t know you needed until you got it.

Lots of love,


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  1. Excellent Post! Probably my Fav because is so many options out there for get candles aka addicted and i never know which one to get !!! Thanks Lauryn, xo