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Habits of a Successful Entrepreneur

Habits of a Successful Entrepreneur

At The Skinny Confidential we love habits. Small, big, morning, night, business, productivity – you get it. We want them all.

Lauryn and Michael always talk about their habits whether it’s for exercise, wellness or work.

So today we’re welcoming back Hannah Huante to talk all about her habits as a successful entrepreneur. You may have met Hannah in her first blog post about the best gifts to give.

If you have yet to meet Hannah, she is a content creator who focuses on mental health. The subject is still taboo, but so important – especially in this day and age of social media, and heavy comparisons. She’s a total boss who has grown a dedicated following on her Instagram and is the host of a podcast where she dives deeper into mental health, but also shares beauty and wellness tips.

With that, let’s get into Hannah’s advice on balancing hustle culture and the zen way of being a business woman.

Habits of a Successful Entrepreneur


HOWHANSEESIT was born with the intention to inspire my community to show up authentically and unapologetically to their life each day. I spent a lot of my younger years and early twenties questioning my intuition. I didn’t feel confident, I was facing a lot of self-doubt in, quite frankly, all areas of my life, and I wasn’t living in alignment, especially as a young entrepreneur.

From my point of view, there’s a split between the entrepreneur community. Half of us are team hustle; work as much as you can, say yes to everything, and grind until you can’t stop grinding. The other half sits oppositely— balance is key, work smarter not harder, and quality over quantity.

I started my business 6 years ago and I would be lying if I didn’t admit to a pendulum swinging back and forth between the communities. A lot of my 20s has been spent in “team hustle.” I don’t have a lot of work-life balance, and, at times, I have felt shamed by others for doing so. With others (even other entrepreneurs) quickly jumping to the conclusions surrounding what true “wellness” in business looks like. To their point, the downside of leaning too far into “team hustle” is that you burn out, quickly. But, at the same time, I found difficulty in trying to implement a zen approach to business that prioritized rest and a slower pace. I had a lot of anxiety and down time, and didn’t feel as inspired.

I do TRULY thrive in the grind. 

Especially as someone embedded in the social media world, I caught myself scrolling through tips and tricks that contradicted one another and I was stumped, and frustrated. As a result, I finally threw in the towel and chose “team Switzerland.”

I realized that there wasn’t a right way to run a business, scale a company, or execute my to-do list and that the ONLY RIGHT WAY, was the way that allowed me to show up as my best self— mentally, efficiently, and authentically, which happened to be somewhere in the middle. A lot of people will ask me for motivation and business tips… I would say trial and error as much as you can so you can figure out, intuitively, what team you are (or maybe you’re somewhere in the middle like me)! Here are ways I have trusted my intuition and set my own narratives in business:

Hannah Huante’s Habits of a Successful Entrepreneur

+ I plan out my week on Sundays, and my work days the night before each day.

I once heard that a successful day starts the night before (I am pretty sure on The HIM & HER Show) and implementing this has made me more efficient. 

+ If I’m having a low energy week, I take some time to recharge and make a to-do list for the weekend.

This goes against “team balance” but I have found that on the weeks my cup is close to empty, working slower is more efficient and showing up for my business a bit over the weekend allows me to show up better for the week.

+ Listening to motivational/entrepreneurial podcasts.

I try to constantly listen to motivational/entrepreneurial podcasts if I am feeling low inspiration (The HIM & HER Show & Ed Mylett are my faves. And shameless plug, listen to How I See It for motivation), and if I am feeling overwhelmed, I listen to lighter, comedic podcasts (I love the Ride podcast) if I am feeling a bit drained or emotionally exhausted from my own podcast interviews. Listening to my intuition in these moments is key.

+ I have to stay consistent with my commitments outside of my work.

Things like running club, book club, Pilates, my sunset walks, playing piano, and friend dates. I found that if I lose sight of my life outside my business, I burn out quick and, most importantly, I’m not as happy or inspired. 

+ I don’t stick to one way.

What I mean is, sometimes my schedule and business strategy evolves and THAT’S OKAY. I stopped shaming myself for team hopping. Some days I do want to be a part of “team hustle” and other weeks… I am running to “team balance.” I realized the last couple years that as long as I am aligned with what feels right, intuitively, I will be able to execute at the same level. 

+ What works for me, might not work for you, which is my point.

A lot of times, we listen too much to outside noise rather than our own intuition. Don’t be scared to try different things, and above all, trust yourself. 

x, Hannah Huante


We hope you loved these tips, especially if you’re a hustler feeling burnt out. Be sure to listen to Hannah’s podcast and follow her on Instagram for beauty, fashion and lifestyle tips.

x, The Skinny Confidential team

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