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GTFOOTS Podcast: Mimi Bouchard On Manifesting for Clearer Skin, Botox for TMJ, Reaching Orgasmic Levels During Meditation, A Game-changing Hack For Clear Skin, & How Your Glow Comes from Within

Today on GTFOOTS Podcast our guest is the QUEEN of good energy, Mimi Bouchard. She is the CEO & founder of the Superhuman App which has some of the best guided meditations!

Mimi went through a 6 year personal development journey where she changed her mind, body & diet. She was actually able to manifest beautiful, glowing skin through meditations. She is the perfect example of how you can balance Botox and filler with a clean, holistic diet to create a lifestyle that works for YOU.

Also — Mimi has FLAWLESS skin so you know we needed to get her secrets. In In this episode we get into: the best mental state to be in if/when you decide to do cosmetic procedures, experiencing orgasmic levels during meditation, how to manifest clearer skin, Botox to alleviate TMJ/lock jaw symptoms, SPF application tips, how she cleared up Keratosis pilaris, her morning routine, & the ultimate game-changing, FREE skincare hack.

Be sure to listen to Mimi’s full episode on the limited series so for all her super zen secrets that lead to glowing skin PLUS details for a fun giveaway.

Products mentioned:

Gua sha tools

NuFace Micro Current Device



Magnesium & Zinc

Victoria Radford Skincare

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

Skinceuticals CE Ferulic

Coola SPF

Codes for you to shop:

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Be sure to enter the Mimi Bouchard x Superhuman App giveaway!

Mimi is giving away 15 monthly memberships & all you have to do is follow @mimibouchard & @superhumanapp on Instagram. You guys will love her app, my favorite is the Legs Up Meditation, try it & trust me.

Cheers !

x, lauryn

+ check out other episodes in the limited podcast series.

++ stalk my new book GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE SUN.


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