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GTFOOTS Podcast: Lauryn Evarts Bosstick On What She’s Learned From Experts, Community Questions, & Why You Need To Get The Fuck Out of The Sun

The GTFOOTS limited series podcast wrapped up last week.

THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR AMAZING GUESTS! In the final episode we get into why I decided to do this limited series podcast. Like….

I take you all the way back to the beginning — back to my introduction to SPF, my very first facial experience, & how an identity crisis from jaw surgery inspired the creation of The Skinny Confidential products.

I also answer community questions from you guys. We cover all things retinol – how often to use it each week, the best time of day to apply & how to get started with it, my tips for popping pimples ( IF YOU MUST – last resort always ), my spirulina smoothie recipe for GLOWY skin, things you probably already have in your pantry to help get your skin clear & PLUMP, affordable hacks for strong, lengthy lashes, how to get rid of under eye bags, wrinkles & dark circles, dermaplaning – the benefits, best practices & misconceptions AND plastic surgery.

We get into it, so be sure to listen.

Products mentioned:

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Cheers !

x, lauryn

+ check out other episodes in the limited podcast series.

++ scope more tips & tricks in my new book, GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE SUN.


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