GTFOOTS Podcast: Arielle Lorre on Plastic Surgery Transparency, Cosmetic Procedures, Fat Transfers & Micro Habits for Everyday Wellness

GTFOOTS Podcast: Arielle Lorre

The 3rd episode of the GTFOOTS podcast came out on Wednesday. 

This episode featured Arielle Lorre & did not dissapoint.

Arielle is one of the most transparent people out there when it comes to beauty treatments & procedures she’s had done. She is also one of the most well-versed & knowledgeable beauty influencers out there. Which is EXACTLY why she had to be featured in my book, GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE SUN.

Arielle was “treating her body like a dumpster” — baking in tanning booths, never sleeping & smoking a pack a day — but after hitting rock bottom & almost losing her battle against addiction, she decided to turn her life around by relentlessly pursuing health & happiness & found her passion in being a creator.

She has a blog & podcast called The Blonde Files where she covers everything from fitness to fashion to wellness. She has interviewed the coolest people in the beauty & skincare industries & knows every single product, procedure & game-changing hack out there.

This interview was AMAZING because she is so open with everything she has tried ( the good & the bad ) and she spills everything from her very first Botox appointment, to her biggest beauty regret, to how the doctor chooses where to pull fat from for a fat transfer. We also get into whether celebrities and influencers should be more transparent in general about whether or not they’ve had work done, PRP facials, microneedling, & micro wellness habits to incorporate into your everyday routine.

GTFOOTS Podcast: Arielle Lorre

GTFOOTS Podcast: Arielle Lorre

Products mentioned:

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AlphaRet by SkinBetter

Skinceuticals C E Ferulic

Elta MD Face Sunscreen

Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer

Laura Mercier Secret Concealer

Hourglass Bronzer

Sephora Sink or Suede Lip Liner

♡ Babor Two-Step Cleansing System ( HY-ÖL & cleanser )

Skinceuticals Neck Repair

BioDerma Micellar Water

La Roche Posay

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Be sure to listen to Arielle’s full episode wherever you listen to podcasts. If you want major specifics on plastic surgery & procedures, this is one you’ll want to hear.

& if you want more of Arielle’s skin faves, pick up a copy of GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE SUNIt’s cute, it’s pink & FULL insider tips & tricks. 

Happy listening !

x, lauryn



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