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My Grocery List

The Skinny Confidential talks groceries.

You guys have asked for a healthy grocery list soooooo TA-DA!! It’s here!

Keep in mind this is what I buy when I’m trying to eat VERY HEALTHY.

Don’t get all Judge Judy on me here & say it’s all healthy foods & I need to live a little BECAUSE I do live a little ( the In & Out burger, protein style with a small fries last week is an example ).

When it comes to stocking my fridge, I like to only keep healthy foods on hand.

If I have a craving for something that’s not so good, I will order something ( like a Cali burrito, Postmates style ) or go grab chips/salsa/guac/margs from the local Mexican restaurant.

I find when I keep crap in my house, I eat crap.

For instance, I bought a bunch of dark chocolate M&M’s for Halloween and ended up eating way too many.

For me having fresh foods on hand that are healthy, keep me eating healthy.

Watch the video for more details:

Here’s my quick list to use as a reference too ( obviously I don’t buy all this at once, this is just a general guide ):

The Skinny Confidential Grocery List

Annie’s Mac & Cheese
Ezekiel cereal
Ezekiel toast
Rudi’s English muffins ( FAV!! )
Plain spelt rice cakes
Kombucha ( mint is my favorite flavor )

Suja Juice
Sparkling water ( I love Pellegrino )
Cage free eggs
Chia seeds
Hemp seeds
Flax seeds
Bee pollen
Fresh Parmesan cheese
Organic cottage cheese
Organic 0% Greek yogurt
Oatmeal ( real oats or Holy Crap oatmeal!! )

Almond milk or hemp milk
Cold brew coffee
Green grapes
Watermelon chucks
Raspberries ( FAVORITE! )
Apple slices
Nut butters ( real, raw nut butter )

Almonds or cashews ( raw )
Kerry Gold unsalted butter
Wild salmon ( I like the lox kind )
Turkey ( no added sodium )
Hot House cucumbers

Ginger root
Romaine lettuce
Spicy carrots
Red onion
Cinnamon ( ground & sticks )
Fresh herbs ( favorites: mint, basil, cilantro, &/or rosemary )
Real hummus
Country mustard
Himalayan pink salt

Chile flakes
Cayenne powder
Coconut oil
Red wine vinegar
Apple cider vinegar, raw & unfiltered
Extra virgin olive oil

Rao’s spicy pasta sauce
Brown rice pasta
Green mint tea
This rice pea protein powder
Champagne…dryyyyy champagne…because shit, sometimes you gotta celebrate

Anything I’m missing? Weigh in!

– Lauryn, xx

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  1. I agree about how when you have junk food in the house, thats what you’re most likely going to reach for. I eat quite a healthy diet because I can’t have a lot of sugar, wheat and dairy and I hate it when people say what I eat is so boring or I need to eat some proper food. I much prefer the taste of healthy food and i definitely prefer how my body feels when I eat healthy.

  2. × leaks
    × tomatoes
    × feta cheese
    × roasted salsa
    × shrimp
    × yellow bell peppers
    × gluten-free bread
    × ginger root
    × queinoa
    × green and lavender tea
    × yellow apples
    × organic-lightly-salted popcorn
    × fresh salmon
    × chard, spinach, kale
    × kimchi (lads and loads of it)
    × strawberries, blackberries
    × goat or sheep milk

    Where do you buy your hemp milk Lauryn?

  3. Oops! I meant, which greek yogurt? fage? Also which sparkling water? Sorry, just woke up!:)

  4. my grocery list looks very similar. i fully agree on the champagne — my house is never, ever without a chilled bottle of bubbles in frig. a few years ago i went on a trip to champagne with my dad and now i love popping open a bottle to celebrate the every day.

  5. Great grocery list lady, looks pretty similar to mine! I am however not a cook at all, so the condiments and spices are never on there (I buy them once and they last forever!). I do however throw together healthy quick “meals” by chopping veggies and hardboiled eggs to mix with dressing, or making yummy veggie omelettes. Let’s not forget oatmeal with frozen berries!!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Hi Lauryn! I was wondering if you could do a post of what a typical day of eating is for you and maybe a typical day of eating on the weekend? I think that would be something all us readers would LOVE! 🙂

    Love your blog,
    xoxo Natalie

  7. I would love to hear more about why you don’t do soy. I can’t have dairy so I switched to soy or almond. I would love to know your thoughts thank you.

  8. I know you’ve said cheese its are your guilty pleasure, but I had those Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies recently, and Oh EM GEE they were so good! If you haven’t tried them, you definitely should!

    Sensibly Sharp

  9. I’m the same way about cottage cheese! One recipe you should try is a piece of toast (I use canyon bakehouse gluten free, but ezekiel would be good too!) with cottage cheese, maple syrup, and cinnamon. It sounds seriously weird but it tastes like a yummy danish or something!

    What kind of not-so-crap-filled cookies do you like to buy? Cookie junkie as well 😉


  10. Awesome list! So healthy and yummy! I love frozen melon chunks to snack on and frozen shrimp to eat for dinner if I’m too lazy to cook anything! xx

  11. Awesome post!! I love learning about new products to look for in the grocery store! Thanks for this!! I can’t wait to try a lot of this stuff! I also recently discovered Raw Revolution bars, have you ever tried them? They’re delicious! I actually wrote into them and they gave me the coupon code “Contact” for 20% off their website if anyone wants to check it out!

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