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Weight loss market list

Normally, I am a fan of Jimbo’s, Sprouts Farmer’s Market or Trader Joe’s, but when I am in a bind I’ll settle for Ralph’s. When my friend, Brittany, recommended that I share my personal picks from a regular grocery store chain, I got excited!

I try & tackle my grocery shopping after I’ve eaten, otherwise I end up buying way toooo much food. My personal favorite in the cart? Jalapeño hummus [ which goes perf with Belgian Endive lettuce instead of chips ].

Lose weight fast

Grocery list for weight loss

Loss weight quick

Loss weight quick

What to buy at the grocery store for weight loss


Lauryn’s Grocery Store List

  • + Pirate’s Veggie Booty
  • + Light butter with canola oil by Land’s O’Lakes
  • + Heineken Light beer
  • + Horizon organic non-fat milk and/or Rice Milk
  • + Greek yogurt 0%
  • + Ezekiel low sodium bread and/or Oasis bread
  • + Gluten-free Bisquick pancake mix
  • + Sunflower seed buter [ just like peanut butter ]
  • + Jalapeño hummus
  • + Ready Snack Packs: pretzels, light cheese, grapes & hummus
  • + Strawberries
  • + A mini watermelon
  • + Blueberries
  • + Raspberries
  • + Organic apples
  • + Bananas
  • + Baby carrots
  • + Baby spinach leaves
  • + Broccoli
  • + An array of bell peppers
  • + Pouilly-Fuissé white wine [ a must try! ]
  • + Perrier grapefruit sparkling water
  • + Smart waters
  • + Mighty Leaf green tea tropical
  • + Simply Orange juice w/ vitamin D & calcium






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4 replies to “Grocery Essentials”

  1. Cucumbers, carrots and bell peppers go perfectly with hummus as well. Your grocery list is almost identical to mine sans bananas, pancake mix and bread. If you’re looking for a low cal nut butter, try better n’butter peanut butter from Trader Joes (they have a low sodium version).

    1. You’re right! Yum! Thank you for your recommendations- I’ll have to try that : ).