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Green Chlorophyll Water Is Just The Healthiest

healthy quick green water by the skinny confidential

“Chlorophyll! More like borophyll! Borophyll!”

But remember that quote from Adam Sandler’s Billy Madison? Too good. It’s NOT borophyll though. It’s actually very much legit.

Ya, ya so we’ve discussed Chlorophyll before but I really want to film a video on my love for this random, green, magical potion.

I was first introduced to CHLOROPHYLL water by a TSC reader, Erika of Urban Chiqueness. I had major altitude sickness & was bitching about it on Snapchat. She told me that chlorophyll in water would REALLY help the altitude sickness. Basically it helps you capture oxygen in your lungs- so it’s a real WIN when you’re skiing Aspen. AND IT CURED MY ALTITUDE SICKNESS IMMEDIATELY ( IN FACT I EVEN TRIED IT IN A BEER? LOL ).

Video below on all the details, but first:


powder or capsule form, daily ( << this isn’t my preference though )

+ LIQUID form is my preference. You can easily throw chlorophyll DROPS in your morning smoothie or take it with other vitamins. I prefer to take mine in liquid form like an instant green juice! I drink it when I can in a water bottle with a bunch of ice & water. ( Val who works with The Skinny Confidential LOVES IT in her water too- she swears by it! ).

OH & in true TSC spirit: to liven it up you can also add in a sprinkle ( or half the bottle in my case ) of cayenne pepper. Chlorophyll has a slightly minty taste that’s refreshing AND cooling. Kind of like spa water. If you want to go crazy add a few drops to TSC Pink Detox Drink…or your vodka soda?



+ chlorophyll
+ liquid b12 complex


+ b12 benefits
+ chlorophyll benefits
+ spicy spa water
+ sparkling water

chlorophyll green water | by the skinny confidential


+ 8 ounces warm water

+ 1 tsp liquid chlorophyll

+ lemon juice, to taste

+ dash of cayenne pepper

+ directions: mix all ingredients in glass. Drinky-drink.

…Or be efficient like me & add a few drops to your daily water bottle. EASY, PEASY.

chlorophyll breakdown 3 | by the skinny confidential

Do you have any festive ways you spice up your water that I need to know about?

I hope you all have a productive Saturday. I am off to do a 6 hour TSC brainstorm with my mentor, Steve. If you haven’t listened to him on the podcast– LISTEN. It’s a good one. After that we are headed to dinner in West Hollywood ( any recommendations? Looking for something retirement-y- bonus points if it has a fabulous bread dip & a good wedge salad ).

See you tomorrow guys- gulpy gulp that chlorophyll ( I’m legit drinking mine as we speak, at the hair salon- I feel like my stylist thinks I’m a nut ). Just obsessed with the Sakara Life Detox Drops. You can use code SKINNY for 20% off too!

x, lauryn

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  1. Hi! This is intriguing. Do you have any sources you can point to that support these claims? Thank you in advancey-vance 😉

  2. I was reading up on this stuff when I was in park City, Utah! I was told of the Altitude sickness and totally remembered you talking about it! <3 

  3. Hi Lauryn,

    Do you have any reccomendations or blogs you have done on vitamin D?! I just found out I have a deficiency and want to start adding it into my routine!
    I am definitely going to pick these up from Amazon too.

  4. Hi Lauryn,
    I am anemic and don’t do well with iron supplements. I have read that chlorophyll can help with this, but I have also read some reports that this isn’t true. What is your take?

    PS love all the stuff you post, and the fact that you don’t post about something unless you have really tested it out!

  5. What an interesting recipe, Layryn! A great alternative for people who care about their health, but do not have time or an opportunity to play around with juicers. I really liked the idea of ​​using liquid chlorophyll. I will definitely try to make this beverage.

  6. Just passing by, so wanted to say thanks for the post, Lauryn! I’ve never heard about this drink before, but now – after I’ve tried it – I can tell that’s really something. I have problems with drinking the pure water, so it seems to be a good solution for me. Also it looks so cool.
    – Reg

  7. Absolutely loved the ‘One Piece, Three Ways: Leather Jacket’ segment! The style combinations were on point, and the tips on versatility were super helpful. Can’t wait to try out some new looks with my leather jacket. Keep the fashion inspiration coming!

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