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Last week Michael & I visited Greece for the first time ( !!! ). It was easily one of my favorite trips so far. Mainly because of the people!

We stayed on a boat & took some time to disconnect. As in the WiFi was horrific. I was expecting a French vibe but Greece had a much more quaint & charming feel. Plus it was filled with bees & cats! I know that’s super random, but it was. The cats really added to feel. I don’t know why but it did. Also the little streets filled with color & character were so fun to roam when we were off the boat.

WITH THAT, let’s talk outfits. I got some major DM’s this trip so I want to make sure I cover all questions in one post:



EVERYONE needs one of these bathing suits. This orange swimsuit is made from the most flattering fabric ever. It reminds me of those stretchy shirts girls used to wear in the 90’s. Pair it with a printed kimono as a chic coverup. Add in some oversized sunnies & hoops to complete the look and you’ll be ready to lounge…or hang out with cats.

swimsuit | sunnies | kimono | hoops

If you want to wear bright, eye-catching colors, Greece is the place. Bright yellow was everywhere. This maxi skirt was really festive because of the sheer-ness. It was perfect with a bikini top- especially the white one. The cut, I’m telling you. Really, I can’t get over the cut on this top.

maxi skirt ( similar ) | top


Usually I don’t wear heavy patterns like this but it was refreshing to wear something different. This felt very Versace. For this night I kept the rest of my look sleek & simple so the jacket would be the star. A ponytail, especially after your hair is dirty AF, is the perfect addtion too.

jacket ( similar here too- this one is $19.99! )

Let’s talk about this bathing suit for a second. SUSPENDERS. This suit was definitely something else. It’s a unique take on a bikini/one-piece and is incredibly flattering. It’s also extra supportive which is great for the girls. Does this not remind you of the 80’s in the BEST possible way?

suspender suit ( similar here too– I WANT )


Another little black dress? YA YA YA. Once you wear this dress you will never go back. Made from the same fabric as the orange swimsuit it really sucks you in. It’s stretchy and reminds me of Spanx…& also the 80’s. And if you’re looking at my scarf, it was a fake $3 dollar moment we picked up in one of the little towns on the trip. LOL.

dress | sunnies

I love a good set. They’re playful & perfect for vacation. This blazer with these shorts was a real show stopper. Keep it light by showing some skin- I wore a simple white crop underneath. EASY & effortless. The shoes are under $20 bucks- I found them at Marshall’s but they’re also avail here.

blazer | shorts | shoes

This trip was a very different experience for us since we went with a large group of friends in close quarters BUT we loved it. Greece was a real dream- if you’ve been: what’s your favorite area?

Talk soon, lauryn x


  1. I love the fact that you change your outfits depending on the places you visit! Greece seems like a hoot!!

  2. Girl this trip made me SO HAPPY because you seemed like you seriously took a vacation. SO PROUD!

    Love it!

  3. What you pack is really determined by what kind of trip you’re taking. If you’re planning to really get out there and explore, you want to be comfortable. If it’s more about socializing- the more fashionable you’ll want to be 🙂

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