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Floral Farms 3 | The Skinny ConfidentialFloral Farms 5 | The Skinny Confidential

YO. I feel like it’s time for a Mini DeLites- it’s been a minute.

This one is something that’s been on my mind for a while: VIBESSSS.

So everyone in the world goes completely bananas over good vibes. Really though, who doesn’t love good vibes? If there is someone out there who doesn’t love that good energy life, please let me know.

I for one, live for good vibes.

( At one point in my life, I even tried to COMPLETELY avoid any kind of negative energy. Which didn’t exactly work out because you’re bound to come across a sprinkle of it here & there. This however, is a whole different blog post, but just wanted to throw that out there ).

Where were we?

Ahh yes, good vibes.

Everyday I am on the hunt for these vibes. Someone with a smile who radiates good energy ( I met some girls on Sunday at the Bridal Bootcamp SD meet-up who had the BEST energy ), a routine filled with calmness ( morning oils, meditation music, a good book, hot mint tea, ETC. ), or a restaurant that creates a relaxing dining experience ( I’m talking to you, Flora Farms ).

SPECIFICALLY going to dive into Flora Farms here.

Like I said I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while. Reason being is because we all have a space or place that we just love. Of course I have a few but I’ve really wanted to share with you this gem of a spot that you NEED ( need, NEED ) to go to if you’re ever in Cabo. & if you haven’t been to Cabo, GO. Trust me- if you trust me on anything, let it be this.

Floral Farms 2 | The Skinny Confidential

{ outfit ( similar ) | white shoes ( similar) | clutch }

I just like this spot so much.

But let’s really examine why this place, Flora Farms, eludes ‘good vibes.’

Have you ever just gone to a spot & it’s just right.

Like the energy is flowing.

( Energy, by the way, is real. It’s a VERY real thing…even if it’s invisible ).

Anyway, this spot in Cabo is hard to find. You’ll need to take a car down a dirt road so it is sort of a mission to get there. There you are in the van, bumping around, thinking “where the hell are we going?

But ohhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh, ohhhh is it worth it.

Immediately upon arrival you take it in: 10 acres of an incredible organic farm…& immediately you get it.

A vintage ice cream stand is proudly displayed in the front of the farm. Flavors like raw honeycomb, lavender lemon, & basil ice cream are showcased. Greenery is everywhere- head to toe in greens & herbs. Rescue dogs run free with their tongues hanging out- almost smiling really…because they’re so grateful that the farm has saved their lives. There’s little charming shops everywhere with olive oil soaps, raw honey, coconut lotions, delicious wines, & vanilla bean candles. Animals are at every turn- chickens & pigs specifically. No surprise, the game choice of the farm is croquet. As for the veggies: no pesticides, no genetically modified seeds, & no hormones. The menu is perfection: lemon ricotta pancakes, beet carpaccio ( BEET NOT BEEF! ), cucumber/almond gazapacho, veggie chips, & a juicy cheeseburger- to name a few. There is A LIVE BAND that frequently plays Bossanova. Lastly don’t forget about the grocery store which is stocked like a Farmer’s Market on crack, of course. It’s a medley of fresh cheeses, meats, herbs, big bright veggies, pickled delights, & sunflowers- & I mean tons of sunflowers. PURE MAGIC.

All things are wellness-like except the only acceptable thing: heirloom carrot ginger margaritas…which technicially ARE slightly wellness-y if you really think about it. I feel like carrot sort of cancels out the tequila.

Floral Farms 4 | The Skinny Confidential

I should mention the pizza, an ARUGULA pizza — wait for it! — that’s made out of the farm’s homemade dough decorated with veggies & herbs fresh from their garden. That’s right. Jose, the on-site baker, arrives at 4 AM everyday to fire up the wood oven. Working with sourdough cultures he makes fresh baguettes, herb breads, & ciabatta. Do you die?

Worth mentioning: all meats are free of hormones & antibiotics and come from the ranch down the street.

Just heaven really. BUT DOES LIFE GET BETTER GUYS? The Nanz would have loved it.

Back to the reason I wrote this post: lately I have been REALLY trying to meditate. When I meditate I like to go somewhere. And for some reason every time I go back to Flora Farm. Where it’s all good vibes.

( I KNOW, I KNOW you’re ‘supposed’ to clear your mind when you mediate but screw that- I am doing it my own way ).

“Visualize the most peaceful place,” I think to myself every morning. Meanwhile my Relaxing Melodies App is playing on noise canceling headphones. And guys, it works. It kickstarts my day off right even if only for a few minutes. Maybe I’m not Ghandi yet but at least I’m a WIP ( = work in progress ).

And good news: you can go to your happy place for five minutes too! Just pick a place, any place. Wake up, open eyes, do not reach for your phone, put on headphones, ok maybe reach for your phone to turn on the Relaxing Melodies App, put phone away, close eyes, go to happy place for five, or ten, or even fifteen if you’re extra disciplined. I swear this works. At least for me does.

To be real, I just couldn’t do the whole roll over & pick up my phone dance forever.

It’s like The Backstreet Boys, it got old.

DSC00979-gtFloral Farms 6 | The Skinny Confidential

Times are changing…& my meditation Flora Farm method weirdness is working for me.

Your turn: do you have a place or space that radiates good vibes? Come on, tell me- where’s your happy place? Get weird.

I’m going to try to fall asleep now. It’s 10:30 pm exactly & I’m really, sincerely trying to get to bed early…I mean, as if I would be able to fall asleep right now…regardless- giving it a shot. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get 10 minutes instead of 5 at Flora Farm.

Happy Monday, lauryn x

+ be sure to listen to the latest podcast– we had a holistic chef on & she knows her shit!

++ also I’ve been wearing these mala beads a lot that reader, Carolyn, sent me- I like them a lot for meditation. They’re soooo pretty ( I have white Howlite- known for calming the mind & emotions ).

+++ erica’s outfit ( similar ): maxi skirt | bodysuit 

floral farm | by the skinny confidential


  1. YES to good vibes and happy places. Honestly, my happy places are either in the barre3 studio or in my home – I made sure that when I designed my home (especially my bedroom), it’d be 100% MY space. No stress, truly my sanctuary.

  2. There is a national park only an hour from me, Waterton Lakes National Park (located in Alberta, Canada), and anyone who has been there says it gives off this vibe, this magical feeling. I have been there so many times over the years and yet every time I pull into the park a wave of good vibes washes over me. It has a Hawaii-esque vibe. 🙂

  3. YES!! Positive mind, positive vibe, positive life! <3 My happy place is the bath tub- just taking the time to soak and relax. It's my go-to for cleansing my mind and renewal!

  4. YES!Good vibes I started doing yoga everyday to have some time to myself & think positive thoughts!

  5. Good vibes, always! A place I love to go to (besides the mountains bc I live in Denver) is the local farmers market every Wednesday & Saturday! I absolutely love every little thing about it- fresh & organic fruits/veggies, pups everywhere, an ice cream stand that also does lavender ice cream (!!!), the cutest coffee stands, the people who go there, the fact that A LOT of people ride their bike there & they have the little carrying rack on the back, everyone is carrying around their own bag (no plastic bags), I love the location of it, & there’s also a solo person or a small band playing their music, and you can tell they aren’t there to just get money, they just actually love playing live music for people. It’s the most charming place ever, to me!!

  6. Wow, I’ve been to Cabo many times but have never been to this place! I definitely want to check it out during my next trip!

  7. Hey, thank you for sharing with us this place, it looked awesome… I would say that I can feel the good vibes everywhere in the countryside, or in the mountains, I don’t really have one place in particular, or maybe Japan… By the way, I just checked this article about spiritual places in the Hamptons and I thought you can be interested:

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