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  1. thanks very much for showing me this website! I’ve been totally fangirling over it ever since you suggested it! <3

  2. Looking forward to your newsletter because I know you put so much effort into each product you put out. Love your obsession. PS avocado toast is amazeballs I drizzle a tiny tiny bit of raw honey (health benefits) with chili flakes (copied it from a NYC cafe/bakery similar Le Pain Quotien) did it

  3. LOVE this post! I’ve been reading The Newsette for about a year now and I am so happy you have collaborated with them again and again! You both are essential to my morning routine. xx

  4. I love that you keep your newsletter relevant & valuable! I’m always excited when I get it in my inbox. OFF TOPIC but I had to comment about that Koffeestraw (??) in the top image. I know you did a post on them a while back but I had NO IDEA that you can drink it with hot beverages (legit stalked it on Amazon as soon as I saw the pic)! My teeth are getting stained bad (too much coffee & red wine but I ain’t quitting anytime soon) so def ordering these. That’s seriously the coolest find ever! Happy Monday xx SS

  5. I just love this article you shared the best knowledge and what I like most in this article is that you shared the clean and best images according to this content.

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