Good Morning, Monster: From Book To Podcast

Good Morning, Monster: From Book To Podcast

Could not be more excited to make this announcement official on the blog.

It’s something so new for me, a REAL plot twist actually.

Just so fucking happy to share that I’m going to be the executive producer of one of my favorite books ever: Good Morning, Monster by Catherine Gildiner. Eek!

The memoir is going to be adapted into a podcast ( in collab with Dear Media, of course ) & eventually it’ll be turned into film & TV too. Fun right?! I’ll be behind the scenes the whole time & I just can’t wait.

Good Morning, Monster: From Book To Podcast

A little backstory:

When Glennon Doyle came on the podcast she told me about Good Morning, Monster. It’s a New York Times Bestseller & MY GOD it didn’t disappoint. If you only ever take one of my recommendations, let this be it. TRUST ME IT’S SO GOOD.

Anyway, in the book Catherine covers 5 cases from her 25 years of being a top psychologist. These are 5 cases that have stuck with her, people who have overcome INSANE, life-changing, childhood trauma ( like molestation, narcissistic parents, death, severe abuse & more ).

Good Morning, Monster: From Book To Podcast{ art by @thetooned }

To get you super excited, here’s the captivating book description from Amazon:

In this fascinating narrative, therapist Catherine Gildiner’s presents five of what she calls her most heroic and memorable patients. Among them: a successful, first generation Chinese immigrant musician suffering sexual dysfunction; a young woman whose father abandoned her at age nine with her younger siblings in an isolated cottage in the depth of winter; and a glamorous workaholic whose narcissistic, negligent mother greeted her each morning of her childhood with “Good morning, Monster.” 

Each patient presents a mystery, one that will only be unpacked over years. They seek Gildiner’s help to overcome an immediate challenge in their lives, but discover that the source of their suffering has been long buried.

So season 1 of the podcast will cover one of the patient’s road to healing & I promise this will not be a bore. Let me explain: if you love audiobooks as much as I do you know that they can be a real snorefest if there aren’t any sound effects, music, good dialogue etc. So Dear Media is really looking forward to shaking up the space with some book-inspired podcasts.

The launch will happen in early 2023 & I cannot wait for you guys to hear it. Producing this book into a podcast series is a DREAM because I’m such a fan of the book.


It’s literally so so so so good. Catherine Gildiner has written other amazing books too, specifically Too Close To The Falls. Scope all her others here.

Are there any books you guys love that you think would be perfect for a podcast series? Let me know below.

AND Stay tuned for a fun book blog post coming soon.

x, lauryn

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