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ALRIGHT you guys, I told you we were going to talk ALLLL about shaving & today’s topic has to do with shaving…your flower.

Bikini line, flower, lady parts, whatever you want to call it — there are a lot of different ways to get rid of hair ( if you even want to get rid of hair ). I’m going to share what’s worked for me…but at the end of the day, it’s your vagina so you should do what works for you, you know?

On that note, let’s get right into it, shall we?

As I mentioned before, I am most definitely NOT a waxer or laser girl. Let me tell you why…it’s a fun story.

Ok so when I first started blogging, this is like probably 5 years ago, a waxing company reached out & said they would LOVE to give me a free wax ( reason #3495723947 why I don’t accept free products to share on The Skinny Confidential ). A free wax, I thought? Sounds interesting. I’d never waxed down there before, just shaved, so the whole prospect of someone down THERE was hmm, interesting.

But as you know, I’ll try anything really.


Even though the whole process only took 20 minutes, it was still one of the most uncomfortable experiences of my life. But hey, hindsight is always 20/20, right? Anyway! I’m so glad ( you could even say #blessed ) that I can always count on my Hot Shave Razor to get the oh-so-smooth results I want.

Also just to note: there were leftover hairs that I had to shave. Um, please TELL ME WHAT IS THE POINT OF GETTING WAXED IF THERE ARE LEFTOVER HAIRS???? Please!!!

So that’s why I don’t wax. And honestly I’m not going to start now. That’s right, I’m perfectly FINE with just shaving. And I feel like I have the whole shaving my bikini line DOWN TO A T.


Tips? Glad you asked. Here we go:

+ ALWAYS, AND I MEAN ALWAYS shave after you’ve been in a warm shower or bath for at least 10 minutes to warm up the skin.

+ Keep the area lubricated with shaving cream ( I’m an EOS fan! ), or a fabulous shower gel.

+ Make sure your razor isn’t from 1999. The better the razor, the better the shave. I love BIC Soleil’s yellow & pink razors because they’re strong razors. I like a STRONG ( & cute ) razor. The exact one I use is the BIC® Soleil Shine™.

+ Remove the hair with downward strokes in the direction of the hair growth.

+ Shave it how you want it. Some people like to keep more hair, some people like a full shave. Do whatever works for you. But if you’re in a bikini make sure you shave the sides ( kind of like almost on your legs ) to prevent little hairs from popping out of your bikini.

+ Take care of the razor you’re using! Clean it when you’re done. I LOVE a clean razor when I’m shaving – none of that dirty BS touching my flower — THANKS.

+ Kind of stretch your skin during the shave. Pull the skin taut & upwards towards your navel while you’re shaving. Makes a big difference, trust me.

+ I always put on one of my favorites, coconut oil, on my vay-jay-jay after shaving ( post-shower ). It ensures that I don’t get nasty razor burn.

+ Shave slowly & gently. The worst thing on the planet is being rushed while you’re shaving your flower. GO SLOW. It’s delicate down there.

+ Use tweezers afterwards. To ensure there’s no leftover stray hairs, use tweezers post-shower to clean up the area. I usually end up tweezing 3 to 4 hairs I missed while shaving.

+ Typically, I’ll shave this area twice a week, sometimes once a week if I’m lazy. Having a lot of hair down there doesn’t work for me because I workout all the time.


We sort of got down & dirty today but A LOT of you guys have asked questions in regards to the bikini area.

Happy to answer any questions below, ask away.

Is there anything that any of you do that’s been a GAME-CHANGER when it comes to your bikini line? I feel like some of you have some tips up your sleeve on this subject?

As promised, I’ll be continuing this little TSC Shaving Series. It’s kind of fun to compare notes on SUCH a feminine subject.

Men just don’t get it; it’s cute that they shave their face but shaving your flower is really a whole different thing.

Talk soon!

lauryn x

+ other shaving posts: legs & arms/toes/etc.

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  1. This post is SO cute lol. Only you could make shaving the vajayjay a pretty story about “flowers”. But srsly thank you!!! I look forward to your posts. I’ve been waxing for years and just recently went back to shaving because, well, its just so much easier!! these tips were perfect. xo

  2. Yay Lauryn! Thank you! Do you have any tips for doing a “brazilian” type shave? I’m sick of waxing but would be delighted if I could recreate the same effect myself.

    Also a tip for you, TendSkin works wonders to prevent redness and ingrown hairs between hair removals. I get the big blue bottle and decant it into the little travel roll-on glass containers from the Container Store.

  3. I don’t even bother with buying shaving cream! A girl’s got to save where she can. Just like u mentioned in the post I use shower gel, gives a nice smooth glide. I prefer to use a man’s razor though bc it’s usually built for thick beard hair. I use the Gillette Fusion Proglide, it has 5 blades and I swear it’s the best. I also pull my skin taut while shaving whether it’s pulling it up towarda the belly button, or pulling it towards my leg when doing the groin area! It’s DEF a game changer for getting a smoother shave. I also go in all directions, meaning against the way the hair grows, side to side, and down. It helps get any extra stragglers that grow CRAZY directions. If you’re only shaving your bikini line, this may not make sense but I shave it all. So this helps in that department, no judgey judgey ladies lol! Another trick that has helped me fight any razor burn, is deodorant. Lauryn I know you ARE NOT a fan of using it, and that’s ok. For anyone else that uses regular deodorant, I use Dove Original scent. Not only does it smell amazing for your arm pits, but it helps protect against razor burn. I don’t think I’ve had razor burn in years tbh. So I started using it down there after I was done shaving. Don’t worry, I only use it on the front, you don’t want to get deo on any sensitive parts! It totally protects the follicles, and I hate natural deodorant so I’m not sure if that wld work the same at all. Anyways, just thought I’d share my personal tricks. We ladies need to stick together! Lauryn, you’ve been hitting is hard with posts the past cpl days! I love it! Xoxo

  4. I get razor bumps no matter what I do before/during/after. My skin down there is just super sensitive and can’t take any razor to it. I’ve been using Nair for years now instead and it’s so simple! Just slather is on, leave for 10 min, and I remove it (with paper towels and trash them so I don’t clog my bath tub). It’s completely painless. Any opinions on using Nair instead?

  5. the biggest game changer for me has been EXFOLIATING before I shave!!! It gets rid of any dead skin so the area is smooth – no nicks! Plus it seems to make for fewer ingrowns.
    Glad to hear I’m not the only one resisting the waxing movement!

  6. Omg! This post is sent from heaven for me. I used to do waxing but it was always horrible and there was hair left. And now I got back to shaving [home is best] but the problem is I get bumps. Any remedies for those? That will be super helpful. Thanks:)

  7. I never liked getting waxed either, especially because I’d rather save time doing it myself. Also one time an esthetician told me that witch hazel helps with ingrown hairs just as an extra tip. Thanks for sharing tips, love the blog!

  8. Exfoliate before shaving is really helpful to smooth the skin and prevent razor burn. I also exfoliate in between shaving days. This helps prevent ingrown hairs. I use the lavender sugar scrub from Trader Joe’s. Rub it on the front and sides/inner thigh. Nothing in the sensitive zone. The oils in the scrub also leave my skin hydrated.

  9. I always use a salicylic acid scrub after shaving to exfoliate and prevent ingrown – seriously makes such a difference when I forget to do this! I also use coconut oil after like you. Love this post!

  10. Oh I didn’t know the Soleil razors now have 5 blades! They’re my favorite disposable ones but now they’re prob extra awesome with the extra blades, haha. I’ll have to try them out next time and also try your coconut oil post-shave trick. Oh, and pulling the skin taut. I never tried that, either.

  11. Hi Lauryn.
    So you said “Remove the hair with downward strokes in the direction of the hair growth.”
    I’ve always heard the opposite in regards to shaving. Maybe that’s for your legs and armpits only? What is the reason to go with the direction of the hair? I tend to get ingrowns and am now thinking it may be because I’m shaving in the wrong direction or at least have a little to do with it. Thoughts? xx

  12. I experienced a bad wax one year ago. I am continuing to fight off a bacterial infection from the inexpensive wax. The dermatologist says it’s folliculitis which has to now be cured with antibiotics. I have red bumps that appear every month or so that itch and don’t look pleasant. My skin is so sensitive down there I always get bad razor burn so I stick to having short hair down there. Not all women can shave/wax without being more prone to infection. Now I know there is a reason why a good wax is $100 a session. Lesson learned, my hair is there for a reason.

  13. I also use coconut oil after I shave my flower. But I usually get a better, smoother shave when I go against the grain. But I definitely have to make sure the skin is warm, lathered, and taught. Thanks for the post, I absolutely adore you!

  14. Thank your for sharing your experience Lauryn! I used to shave a lot before but now I carry a bikini trimmer too for a quick clean up! Don’t expect the same smoothness with a razor though ..I always get a warm shower before ..Never tried coconut oil till now.. wud luv to try it!

  15. The hair removing creams have a similar effect to shaving. They are ideal for widespread areas, but can be tricky when used on the face because they irritate the skin and usually do not remove all of the hairs.

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