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Goal Setting Worksheet + Free Printable

the skinny confidential free printable goal setting worksheet

Goals are cute but what’s even cuter are systems to get to those goals.

This worksheet is for anyone out there who’s looking to take it up a notch, go out there & EXECUTE.

“If systems aren’t put in place, it’s very hard to keep everything organized and consistent. To achieve a goal, consistency is very important. We have all set out to do something, only to get off track. We’ll remember a couple weeks later and try starting it up again, but it never works that way. A year later you think about what could have been. Finding a system to make it stick is the key.” { via }

It’s difficult to figure out exactly what you want & how to actually get there- you know? What works best for me is actually writing it down & seeing it visually. BUT writing down your goals isn’t enough- YOU NEED TO HAVE A PLAN TO GET YOU THERE.

Let’s get down to business: USE THIS WORKSHEET TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. Literally use it to create & design your future. Your goals can be anything- friendships, relationships, business ideas, big picture ideas, a book you want to write- whatever. Just write it down.

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Let’s REALLY dissect the worksheet.

Write down one of your goals. Really get specific here. What do you want to achieve? This can be big or small, about business or a relationship or personal growth. Your goals are YOURS- they can be about anything.

The WHY:
Dig deep & explain WHY the GOAL is important to you. Intention is everything. It’s an energy we all put forward. It’s our thoughts, our feelings, our vibes. Focus goes where energy flows.

What is the smallest step you can take to get one step closer? Start small, think big. It’s important to write out realistic, measurable steps to achieve your goals. This section is hard, but necessary. Take your time & really map it out.

When will you begin? In my opinion, waiting til Monday, or January 1st doesn’t work, BUT you do you. Maybe you need to finish a big project at work to free up time & energy to really start on your goals, or wait until your kids go back to school to really focus. Whatever it is, set a date & stick to it.

When do you plan on achieving your goal? This doesn’t necessarily have to be a date. Your deadline could be when you start to feel a certain way, or when you see a small, measurable success that shows you your steps are working. You might decide to keep doing what you’re doing, revise your steps a little to kick it up a notch or totally pivot into another goal.

This section is for you to be truly honest with yourself. What excuses are you making? Are these real blockages or just plain old excuses. I mean we all know they’re like assholes- everyone’s got one. HA! Write down the things stopping you from completing your steps ( to reach the goal ) & figure out creative solutions.

ALRIGHT- to print these out: simply save them to your desktop ( by right clicking ) & print them out. If you want to go balls to the walls, take them to Kinko’s or Staples & have them print this out for you on fancy thick paper & in color. FUN. To be honest, that’s what I did! Really, it’s true! I used my own worksheet.

If you guys like free printables be sure to check out Seth Godin’s two lists, the strategic future worksheet, & the one inspired by Lorna Jane.

Happy planning!

x, lauryn

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  1. Great idea! Writing things down is a great way to hold yourself accountable. Getting to be earlier is my first goal!

    Angela at Blush & Pearls

  2. I’d really like to download this but can’t seem to find the download button. I’m really a smart person but I cannot find it- Thank you!

  3. I love this, Lauren. I’m a student and sometimes goal setting is my biggest struggle because I get flustered with all of my to-do lists. Big thank you !! Hopefully this helps !

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