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GIVEAWAY…& Let’s Talk Fitness Playlists


As you guys know I am a HUGE fan of sharing playlists with you guys!!

Ever since I created The Skinny Confidential Bombshell Body Guide, I’ve been adding walking & running to my off days. If you follow me on Snapchat you already know this though.

Pretty much, I make it my mission to hop on the Treadmill at least 4 times a week.

My walking/running routine goes like this:

30 minutes of intervals. I walk 2 minutes at 3.5 on 3.0 incline & then run 1 minute at 6.0 on 3.0 incline.

And then sometimes I just walk at a brisk 3.5 on 3.0 incline if I have too many e-mails to return. Returning e-mails on the Treadmill is my favorite thing in the WORLD, by the way. I feel so productive. I absolutely love it. Sometimes if I’m overwhelmed with a flooded inbox, I’ll walk for an hour & just return a bunch of e-mails. HEAVEN. I get off feeling like a weight is lifted off my shoulders: a sweat & a million e-mails!

So anyway, I’m either doing intervals or doing a quick walk.

BUT. I CANNOT do walk/run/fly/glide without my playlist. Like, don’t even think about me getting near a Treadmill without a playlist, k?

You guys know you can access my favorite fitness playlists via Spotify so when I heard they recently launched ‘Spotify Running,’ I nearly died.

Basically you can choose music from a wide range of genres. Some playlist examples include country, throwbacks, rap music, and so many more ( I admittedly love smooth jazz, lol ). The feature will match the music tempo to your running pace. Every beat matches every step.

Here’s why I’m obsessed: if I’m doing intervals the music goes perfectly and if I want to just walk & e-mail, the music goes perfectly.

Music can make or break a workout. The worst thing ever is if you’re sweating at the gym & some totally off country song starts to play, you know? No thanks.

On that note, Spotify & I are hosting a giveaway for YOU GUYS to inspire you to run, run, run, we’ll be giving away:

One year Premium subscription to Spotify

One pair of Bose SoundSport in-ear headphones

One $75 Nike Gift Card

Healthy Gourmet Snacks

One signed copy of The Skinny Confidential Book


To enter, follow & comment on my latest Instagram post naming your favorite Spotify Running playlist or genre & mention why you absolutely HAVE to win.

For extra credit follow @theskinnyconfidential on Bloglovin’ & comment below sharing why you have to win!

Good luck! The winner will be picked later next week. Must be 18 or older & a USA resident to be eligible to enter.

Basically this whole package is a REAL fitness game changer AKA a swift kick in the ass. ARE YOU READY TO RUN? Let’s do this!

Next up? I’m thinking of sharing my favorite Brazilian lounge/Bossa Nova playlist— thoughts?

Good luck guys!

Chat soon, lauryn

+ In partnership with Spotify; all opinions are my own.The prize ( Spotify Premium Subscription, Bose SoundSport in-ear headphones, $75 Nike Gift card, healthy gourmet snacks ) was provided by Spotify, but Spotify and its agents and representatives are not a sponsor, administrator, or involved in any other way with this giveaway.

  1. I would love to win–it has been a rough hear with divorce, new Job, and a move, and music has gotten me through, this would be amazing to win and use for working out and for therapy!

  2. I need to checkout Spotify running! I am obsessed with spotify πŸ™‚ I am on week 3 of the TSC guide (loving it so much btw), and I have been doing some yoga and walking on my off days. Thanks so much for the awesome inspiration!

  3. I LOVE your blog, and I LOVE spotify’s morning run playlist to help me get motivated because I don’t love running. I would also love to win the signed copy of your book to help give me some more motivation!

  4. Hi Lauryn! I am in love with this giveaway right now! I commented on your Insta of course and followed you on Bloglovin for that maybe extra lil oomph? Anyway I would love to win because I am trying really hard to pursue a healthier lifestyle since I am in dire need of it. I love reading your blog it is so real and personal on some level as if you are talking to me like a friend and I love that. You’re amazing and a person I look up to and admire so thank you for hosting this giveaway! xoxo Chandler Hennelly

  5. I would love to win this to get the premium Spotify membership and the Nike gift card! Thanks so much for doing this giveaway! Love it!

  6. I just started running again after having knee surgery and will be moving a lot slower than I’m used to–it would be great to have the spotify running playlist match my beat! I also love Nike apparel and have been wanting a copy of your book!

  7. I have to win because I am obsessed with Spotify playlists and love to use them while working out! Premium membership would be the best because I love to handpick tunes while I run that don’t necessarity shuffle and download them so I can run to them without WiFi. I will have to check out your playlists on Spotify as well! Thank you for considering me! xoxo-AM

  8. Like I mentioned in my Instagram comment, I love running to classical music and would absolutely die to win this prize package because I’m currently training to run an 80k ultra marathon. Everything included would be so helpful!

  9. Would LOVE to win this! I read your blog everyday and love your whole tone, realness and love for a healthy lifestyle. Its so rare to find bloggers who get down and dirty on their site and I love that about you! I would love to win simply because fitness is a huge part of my life. Ever since I started dancing I have become a whole different person. I make sure I carve time out in my day to make the classes I need to get to, to keep me sane. Spotify also helps make NYC seem like a place I can manage. When my favorite playlists fill my ears as I am walking down the street, I can’t help but smile!

    Thanks again for such a great opportunity!



  10. Would love for you to share your playlist since I can’t seem to find Brazillian Lounge music on Pandora?! (Not sure what I’m doing wrong)

  11. Hey Lauryn!!
    I’d die if I won this giveaway!!! I never win stuff but there is a first time for everything. I use my elliptical everyday and it certainly gets mundane without great music. I love how Spotify fixes any of that even on an elliptical!
    Keep up the great work, girl, I love you and your blog!!!

  12. Hi Lauryn!

    I’ve been following your blog for over a year now and absolutely LOVE all of the advice you provide to your readers. I’ve been in a bit of a rut over the last few months–a combo of trying to pass the CPA exam, graduate grad school, and starting a new job. Your words of encouragement over the last few months have been one reason I’ve kept working towards keeping and improving my healthy lifestyle. You’ve kept going, so I can too!

    I would love nothing more than to win this package to keep me motivated and going strong over the next few months!

  13. Hey Lauryn!

    This giveaway is genius! I recently discovered the Spotify running feature and am OBSESSED. Since moving to San Francisco I’ve been doing a ton of walking around the city over the weekends, and running in the mornings during the weekdays. Getting a subscription to Spotify Premium would be AMAZING and so beneficial to my every day life style!!

    Keep up the amazing work. Hope the VS Fashion Show was incredible – your snaps looked amazing!

  14. Why do I need to win? So I can get off my ass and onto the treadmill! Love your playlists and the workout inspiration ?

  15. Hi! I commented on your Insta, liked your bloglovin’ and capping it all off with why I should win here! Well, I don’t even have Spotify (new user!), but I have been trying to get back into an active lifestyle and like you I couldn’t even think about working out without music!!! My favorite genre I’d say is pop because say what you want, it gets you moving. Currently my favorite song is “Something I need” by One Republic. Once the chorus kicks in my running, singing, dancing and feeling like an overall badass. This is a great giveaway and no matter who wins, I just love all the tips and tricks you share with us on your blog! You’re a huge inspiration for me!

    xo Annie

  16. I would love to win! I used to absolutely hate running because I felt like most playlists don’t match up to the pace I’m trying to go and I get so bored. That changed when I found the young and free running playlist on spotify and now I’m obsessed!! I would be so incredibly happy if I won! I’m a senior in college and just landed a job to join the Teach for America corps in Houston and now that I’m less stressed about school, I’m now trying to focus time getting back into shape and also saving money for my move to Houston. Winning this would really put a little extra motivation in my step

  17. I followed also on Blog Lovin (Megan Zuchowski) and I would absolutely love to win because money is really tight and to be able to use this to help me with my workouts would be incredible. It would just really be coming at a great time. You look awesome, thanks for the chance to win!

  18. Recently discovered this blog and I’m loving it. It is helping me get motivated to go work out. Would love to win to get a little extra encouragement!

  19. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win because I listened to the Legally Blonde the Musical on spotify all throughout law school (cheesey, but I swear it helped). Now that I graduated, I still listen to spotify’s musicals playlists to train for my upcoming marathon!

  20. Hi Lauryn!
    I would love to win this amazing giveaway! Fitness is a part of my daily life, no matter how busy or tired I am after a long day of work, fitting in even 30 minutes of a workout makes me more productive and feel great. One of the main things that pushes me to work harder in a workout is the music, having the right songs can really be a huge motivator. I love when a song I’m really into at the moment comes on during a tough part of one of my classes at The Barre Code and it honestly pushes me to hold that chair pose longer or to squeeze those tucks harder. I also LOVE to way Spotify allows you to create and collaborate on playlists, and especially learn about new artists and songs everyday. Love your blog!

  21. I’ve followed you on bloglovin ever since I’ve had a bloglovin!! While you’ve gotten me downright obsessed with Brazilian lounge/bossa nova, I must admit that if I’m gonna stick to what works for workouts for me, it’s EDM and rap.

  22. I would absolutely love to win this giveaway!! I run all the time on the beach in La Jolla and run the stairs! This giveaway will give me that extra boost and motivation! Also my wedding is in 6 months so I’ve been training even harder! Hope I win!

  23. hello beauty! i would love to win because i have a child that loves to share my spotify so having her own account would be legit! #yourhilar

  24. Music is my entire life and I’m obsessed with those earphones soooo
    But rlly my workout playlist includes anything from R&B or gangster rap – jazz like Diana Krall or even reggae. I’m allll over the place. I NEED to win this giveaway because I hit the gym almost every day and I’m in major need of some extra motivation!??????????

  25. I would literally squeal with delight and jump for joy if I won. I mean who doesn’t love to win? However, I would share my winnings to further motivate my students that attend my weekly yoga classes. I hand pick playlists currently on Spotify to motivate my yoga pals in my power flow and restorative classes. There are yoga playlists but I like to mix in Chill. Out. Brain. , and Sleep, Hit the gym hard, Autumn Acoustics, Feel Good Indie playlists. I adore music and its ability to instantly shift our perspective and mood.
    I could really use new sneakers as my furry friend Olivia ate my running shoes ?. After recovering from a back injury I would like to start running again. Yoga is an excellent compliment to running and I will be working with a women’s running group in the new year. More opportunities to share the good of a healthy mind and body with others.
    Thank you for sharing all your tips and tricks on living life to the fullest and fanciest ?

  26. I HAVE to win because this would be such a great motivator in the right direction. I’ve had a hard time staying consistent with working out and eating right, but sometimes the smallest thing can make the difference!

  27. I would love to win this because I just recovered from a back injury. I am getting my energy, strength, and swagger back finally. This would inspire me and keep me going!

  28. OMG would love to win! Need some new Nike Free runs so a gift card would come in handy, and some bomb new headphones wouldn’t hurt either πŸ™‚

  29. Slacked off on my bikini body a bit this summer… now my goal is rockin a NYE LBD bod!! Love your vibe, girl! Always a motivator πŸ™‚

  30. Girl, instagramming, emailing, and researching on the internet are my favorite elliptical activities LOL…also CONGRATULATIONS on your VS backstage pass, and I cannot WAIT to read your post on it – I know you’ll have asked some great questions.

  31. I’d LOVE to win this because I’ve been wanting to get Premium Spotify for a while now but haven’t pulled the trigger. New jams and playlist is exactly what I need for my daily workouts! And of course Bose headphones and Nike Gift Card would rock my world. I have my eye on some new Nike kicks. I have your book already but would love a signed copy!

  32. As I said when I posted on your latest Instagram, I just graduated from college and I am in such a transition in my life. I am searching for a job, a place to live, trying to make ends meet in San Diego where I grew up, as you know it is SOO god damn expensive here. Anyway, I would love for one thing to be stable and that is my workout/all around wellness routine and keeping myself in mental and physical shape. Winning would be so awesome and would boost my motivation immensely. I would love to read your book as well!

  33. I would loooove to win!! And please do a Brazilian Lounge/Bossa Nova playlist bc I love listening to it ever since I read about it on your site! However, I’ve literally just been searching ‘brazilian lounge’ on youtube and sometimes the songs that pop up don’t really flow together so it would be awesome to have a playlist of your picks! πŸ™‚ Plus with the winter months coming (when I need extra motivation to stop eating sweets and get my butt off the couch) it would be fun to have lots of new music to choose from with no commercials! <3

  34. I have to win because I’m getting married in March and I’m having such a hard time getting motivated to workout. I recently hurt my ankle and got lazy. Now I’m good to go but just can’t get it going! Let’s not forget that only one ear bud two pairs of headphones is working. One pair the left ear works and the other pair the right ear!! Sniff sniff. This would seriously be the most perfect way to back in the gym and in style!! I have actually never used spotify. I’ve only used Pandora, gasp, but would love to try it out!!

  35. Absolutely love this blog! Have learned so much ❀️ Already have Spotify premium and love the running option. Really speeds up my runs and keeps me focused #spotify – being from the UK I absolutely love Fearne Cotton’s (best known currently for being a radio one presenter #fearnecotton and celbrity juice co-host) I love the mixture of genres she uses and the songs are always feel good and keep me extremely motivated. Plus if a slow song is on her play list my running feature helps to speed it up and slow it down like you say!! It’s great. I would love to win this comp because I am a fitness freak at the moment – I have my fit bit HR, gym membership and go long distance running. Tonight I did 6k plus a 30 min gym session. I needed my temple spa body set to soothe aching muscles afterwards!! ❀️❀️❀️

  36. I’m going to go with the holiday playlist, ’tis the season! Would love the guide and gifts to keep active during the season. Have just been following your blog for about 4 months and love your honesty. Safe travels and thanks for sharing.

  37. I have to win because I’m getting married in March and I’m having such a hard time getting motivated to workout. I’m stress eating more then anything. Let’s not forget that only one ear bud in two pairs of headphones is working. One pair the left ear works and the other pair the right ear!! Sniff sniff. This would seriously be the most perfect way to back in the gym and in style!! I have actually never used spotify. I’ve only used Pandora, gasp, but would love to try it out!!

  38. Hi Lauren! I need to win because a. absolutely love you and your blog, b. would LOVE to try a new workout program and c. my Bose headphones were stolen last week! πŸ™

  39. Would love to win to get some extra workout motivation, been cooped up all week with sick kiddos makes me thankful for my usual exercise routine … Dreaming of it now!
    Would listen to old school rap & am going to try out the Jazz ? You are usually right on?? Love your posts!

  40. I follow on bloglovin!

    I’d love to win this giveaway… my headphones just broke and my daily walks have been not as fun!

  41. Omg love this giveaway and totally need to win!! Thank you for even hosting this wonderful chance to win! I NEED to win because I’m a runner and just ran my first half and am training for a full marathon (my first ever!) and cannot run a half a mile without music! I found Spotify running and am OBSESSED with the 90s playlist. I’m a 90s baby and every tune I hear just gets me pumped up, encourages me to run faster and stronger AND makes the run go by faster! It keeps me motivated and determined to accomplish my goals. Music is definitely the best way for me to rock my workout and I agree it makes or breaks it!! Thanks for keeping me motivated, I LOVE your blog and aspire to be a healthy blogger just like you!! Xox

  42. I cannot begin to describe how excited I am for this contest. Working out and music is such a great outlet for those who suffer from anxiety & panic disorders. Growing up I was always a very active child, teen, and young adult. I worked at a gym for over 5 years and once I started sitting at a desk all day it really started to take a toll on me. Music is a great outlet to help uplift moods and relieve anxiousness. We all know music does wonders with one’s mood. Also, new headphones, NIKE (who doesn’t love NIKE), healthy snacks, and The Skinny Confidential, are all great tools I could use to really help keep me on that positive healthy track I need to be on.

  43. Hi Lauryn! This giveaway is TOTALLY amazing and I would be super pumped if I won it! First of all, I’m a very positive person who meditates, goes after what she wants and works really hard, but I never win anything! Not quite sure why…need to work on my luck or something πŸ™‚ but I’d love to win this because of that! And also because I’m training for my first full marathon! I can’t workout without any type of music and I’ve tried Spotify running and absolutely became obsessed with the 90s feed! I’m a 90s baby so any and all songs I heard just motivate me during my runs to push through, stay determined and work hard to accomplish my goals. Mind over matter and music helps that so much!!

    Love everything on your blog, keep all your amazing articles coming. It’s the highlight of my day when I check your blog because I know I’m learning something that’s of interest to me. Keep it up! Xox

  44. No instagram.. but I would love to win so i could get some extra motivation I need to exercise and stay fit in the winter when I would much rather curl up in bed than run πŸ™‚

  45. Yayyyy! I have been dying to have Spotify for my runs, but I am trying to keep my workout finances in check! I’m ready to get hooked!

  46. Hi Lauryn,

    I just commented on the instagram post but forgot to mention my favorite running playlist. My favorite genre when I work out would definitely be house, electro and surprisingly to cool down I love classical music. Its a nice contrast; upbeat tempo pumped and then rewind slow down.

    I love what music can do to enhance your workout and mood πŸ™‚

    The headphones are so pretty I’d use them when I walk to around school campus or just during the weekend organizing my itunes or checking emails!

    With the gift card I will save it until I hit my desired weight goal and reward myself with clothes :))

    And with your book, it will give me insight how to use nutrition and balance an active lifestyle.

    Thank you for inspiring me on a daily basis! When I’m sad or I need to find motivation I look up to your blog a lot!

  47. After knee surgery, I need some musical inspiration to get me in the running mood. I would LOVE to win this giveaway. <3

  48. This package would be a great addition with TSC Bombshell Body Guide that I just started ❀️ Thanks for the constant inspiration and motivation!

  49. I love anything pop or R&B on Spotify. Anything upbeat to keep me motivated!! I abdolutely have to win because this year I went into an extremely deep depression and it’s taken me a long time to start coming out of it and now that I am I’m trying to get back to eating better, losing the weight I gained and getting rid of all the negative influences you spoke about in your recent blog (people, my job) that contributed to helping me get to such a dark place. I’m glad to be making the needed changes and am ready for a new positive way of life. I’d love to win. Thank you for the opportunity Lauryn!!! I love your blog!!!

  50. I want to win to to keep my journey of being active and healthy on the right path! What more of an inspiration do I need than The Skinny Confidential and her amazing advice and swag ✌?️

  51. Omg this is awesome!!!!! I HAVE to win because I just got a gym membership again after almost two years without one and I am making myself lose those pesky last 10 lbs. This would help so much!

  52. I love Katy Perry, Daft Punk and Pharrell, and Ellie Goulding b/c it’s super high-energy and keeps me motivated! I’m also following on BL as Laura Royal.

  53. I would absolutely LOVE to win this giveaway. I have been so out of the loop – fitness wise – and I think this would be the perfect way to amp myself back up before the new year.

    And if I’m being totally honest, I really just want the autographed copy of your book. If I don’t win this, I’m definitely getting your book for Christmas!

  54. I would love to win because I recently lost weight through fitness and nothing fits anymore! that $75 nike card would be clutch!

    Also PLEASE post your bossa nova playlist! I follow you on snapchat and always wish I could shazam it when you and michael are in the car, LOL

  55. I’ve been studying abroad in Europe and taking the “treat yourself” concept a bit too far… LOL. Returning home to the U.S. next week and it’s time to get my ass back in shape! Love all things TSC and this would be the perfect start!

    Sooo I HAVE to have this!

    Emma xx

  56. I absolutely HAVE to win!! I’ve been in a workout/life funk lately, and this is exactly the good news and kick in the ass I need to get my life back on a healthy track! Ahh this would be so wonderful!

  57. I follow you on bloglovin and I need to win! Spotify is the best thing to happen to my workouts. In fact, I’m about to head down to the gym now and use it for my music!

  58. I changed my lifestyle completely about two years ago, from what I was eating, to even how much I was sleeping. I went from not working out AT ALL to working out everyday, choosing a banana over a bag of Doritos and starting to sleep six to eight hours at night (thing that I feel incredibly blessed to be able to do so ?). All of this happened because of people like you that are constantly inspiring others to become their best self.

    When it comes to music I love Spotify playlists that bring me energy to workout like Burn with TiΓ«sto songs. LOVE IT! It has a weird positive outflow of energy that helps me to stay active.

    Although I still love my Doritos once in a while, and sometimes I am a little lazy to workout, I always find inspiration and energy when I listen to music and when I see other people who’s lifestyle resembles to mine, so winning would be amazing!

  59. Hi Lauryn –

    Great idea for a giveaway! Just in time for keeping active during the holidays. I need to win because I walk 3 -4 miles every day during my lunch hour. Gives me a time to let go and pause in the middle of the day and catch up on social media. πŸ˜‰ I use spotify literally every day, so having a free year would be great! For working out… I am a big fan of more EDM and hip hop type mixes. I need a mix that will keep me going!

  60. I am broke, just moved to LA, and miss my spotify subscription dearly! I used to always use it while working out but can’t use it offline anymore πŸ™ also need new running shoes!

  61. I need to win! This will help me get the jump start I need to kick my ass in gear. I always feel so guilty about spending money on myself, now there will be no excuses. My husband is a country musician, but my play list would normally be a bit more eclectic πŸ™‚

  62. I have to win because I know my gym time can be better spent with your TSC Bombshell Body Guide. I entered on IG and here for a little boost! Pick me please!! Also, I love and subscribe to your YouTube account. <3

  63. I love running to Spotify’s Power Workout, nothing better than a solid beat! I’ve been tackling 5K after 5K this year and next year I will complete a half marathon and would love to win to kick off training!

  64. Lauren,

    I just started my fitness journey and I am already seeing improvements but I always need a little motivation and as soon as I read this post I knew I had to win! I am so inspired by your busy schedule and how you maintain a healthy lifestyle! Pick me pick me! Oh and I love rap…like a little too much!

  65. Ahh! This is incredible! Would love to win this to help keep my ass moving during the holiday season & plus those headphones (OMG) and your book has been on my Christmas list for quite some time now! Would love to win it πŸ™‚

  66. This giveaway is AMAZEBALLS! I just started a new job that has me up super early, and as someone who always used to work out in the morning, I need to find a new motivation to get my ass to the gym after work. I also LOVE music for everything I do: working out, getting dressed, cooking, commuting, at the office, etc. Music and feeling good drives my day, your blog is a huge inspiration to me, and I would love to join the Spotify world. xo

  67. I would love to win this package! I am just getting into running and am finding it hard to love, because it’s difficult for me. I’m slow and have to take frequent walking breaks. This package would definitely make it a hell of a lot more fun while I’m easing into increasing my mileage and speed!

  68. I would be so thrilled to win because I just entered the working world and am adjusting to making time to workout regularly. This giveaway would be the perfect jumpstart to my motivation. Thank you for the best blog ever! πŸ™‚

  69. I could really use jumpstart from this. The stress from my job has caused me to make some really unhealthy choices in the past few months. I’m following on bloglovin and Instagram!

  70. Spotify is the best!! I would love to win this so I can get back into a cardio routine. I have steered away from running/elliptical work because I was getting so bored, but I think this could be the ticket to getting back into it again!

  71. I love the Spotify cardio playlist because it keeps me going throughout my workout sesh! I NEED to win because I’m obsessed with Spotify and using headphones for my workouts in the gym so I feel confident while lifting weights with the boys

  72. I have been following you for 3 years now and I read every post and see every instagram post. I have your book and would be soon thrilled to win this and continue living the skinny life! You are such an inspiration to me and I honestly look back on old posts and recipes all the time! Please pick me to win this package! I’d be honored!

  73. I would love❀️ to win this giveaway because I just started trying to get back into shape after a couple of rough months emotionally and physically. I could really use the inspiration and guidance that your guide would provide! ??

  74. Living in the Northeast & weathering Nor’easters takes a toll on my spirit & motivation to get outside & workout! I’m a Summertime girl at heart! It would be a thrill to win your generous Skinny Confidential & Spotify give-away along with the great gifts! I love to walk & run at intervals & truly feel it’s the best workout for me, too. I love dance music from all genres like The Weeknd’s “I Can’t Feel My Face,” Pitbull, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez & retro dance music like Patrice Rushen “Forget Me Nots” so your Brazilian Lounge/Bossa Nova Spotify playlist would be fun!!! Music that makes me want to “twirl” around in circles is the best! Thank you!

  75. I really need to win this because I am really trying to kick start my health routine and get fit to help me feel more comfortable taking pictures and making videos for my blog and Youtube channel.

  76. I’m currently an AD/PR major and learning a lot about ethics and law developing over social media and blogging. It’s an interesting time to be a student in all of this because a precedent hasn’t really been set in stone yet, although FTC guidelines for it exist. I just wanted to say how impressive it is that you are so great about sharing what is sponsored content and what isn’t and always sharing your own opinions on things!

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