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Giveaway TIME! HUGE $2500 Beauty & Wellness TSC GIVEAWAY

BEAUTY AND WELLNESS GIVEAWAY 2b by the skinny confidentialBEAUTY AND WELLNESS GIVEAWAY 16 by the skinny confidentialBEAUTY AND WELLNESS GIVEAWAY 4 by the skinny confidential

Since you guys are giveaway lovers, I’m kind of making this a theme. Do you like? This one is VERY similar to the last because it’s $2500 dollars ( YES, YES, YES ) worth of all my favorite beauty products again, The Skinny Confidential Bookthe Bombshell Body Guide, ANDDDDD WAIT FOR IT… a baby blue Clarisonic MIA AND a Lilac Nuface Toning Kit!

Not to go all cheesy on you but it’s VERY important for me to say THANK YOU to YOU because literally The Skinny Confidential wouldn’t be TSC without all of you. A giveaway is a fun way to give back to TSC Readers each month.

I like to make each one chic, fresh, & different so I hope you love, love, love all these products. Really kind of going psycho making sure each one is SASSY.

BEAUTY AND WELLNESS GIVEAWAY 14 by the skinny confidential
BEAUTY AND WELLNESS GIVEAWAY 9 by the skinny confidential
BEAUTY AND WELLNESS GIVEAWAY 18 by the skinny confidential


Clarisonic MIA
Burts Bee’s Cleansing Oil
Kérastase Hair product
BLNDN hair goodies
Skinfix Moisturizer
Loreal Hair products
CLEAN products
Kenra Blow Dry Kit
Haskincare c20 Serum
Limited Edition Lilac Bloom Trinity Facial Toning Device ( GREAT FOR lympathic drainage! )
The Estée Edit makeup
Vital Collagen Beauty Greens
Revelations RX Anti Aging products
Aveda Nourishing Hair Products
Kopari Scrub
Fusion Beauty Eye Kit
NARS Makeup
Style Sepia Makeup
Invoke Natural Deodorant
Touch In Soul Products
Loreal Tanning
My favorite CC CREAM (literally on the planet)
1 Month Free of TSC Bombshell Body Guide
Buxom Lip Gloss
Colorscience blush
Hot Shave Razor
Bite Lipstick
Garnier Skin Active
.em palette
Urban Decay Lip Goods
Hourglass Lip Goods
Simple Micellar Wipes
The Skinny Confidential Book, signed
Goop Moisturizer
Briogeo Blow Dry Spray


BEAUTY AND WELLNESS GIVEAWAY 12 by the skinny confidentialBEAUTY AND WELLNESS GIVEAWAY 15 by the skinny confidential






BEAUTY AND WELLNESS GIVEAWAY 6 by the skinny confidential

BEAUTY AND WELLNESS GIVEAWAY 8 by the skinny confidential

BEAUTY AND WELLNESS GIVEAWAY 13 by the skinny confidential

As always for giveaways, no one is sponsoring this — it’s just a THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR READING. Also, just because, I’m giving three runners up a free month of TSC Bombshell Body Guide because I fucking love you guys. Every single day, I look forward to connecting, chatting, & exchanging tips and tricks. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t love what I do because of YOU. Can’t say it enough.

Good luck guys! Thanks for being so amazing—!!!

Happy Thursday,

lauryn x

+ anyone is eligible to enter | winners announced 7/15/16.

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BEAUTY AND WELLNESS GIVEAWAY 1 by the skinny confidentialBEAUTY AND WELLNESS GIVEAWAY 3 by the skinny confidential

  1. oh my goodness Lauryn, this giveaway is amazing! so excited 🙂 i’d absolutely love to win, obviously 😉
    i recently moved into my own apartment after a rough breakup and i’m trying to be responsible with my money so i’m not out buying all kinds of products right now. that’s why i’d be over the moon to win such awesome products!
    thanks for being so generous <3 muchos love from Switzerland <3

    1. Hi Lauryn!

      I’m Marissa and I’m a current college senior right at University of Tennessee in Knoxville and I also work part time at the university’s hospital. I have been ~obsessed~ with your blog for a little over a year now and wanted to share a few reasons WHY I DESERVE TO WIN. To put it very simply, I L-O-V-E your blog. You have mastered the ability to be able to have a sense of individualism that your readers can really sense from you. Every time I read a new blog, you are truly authentic and that’s one of the things I always tell people about when they ask what I’m reading. So I’m uber loyal and in a lot of your blog posts, you talk about the hard realities of college and your struggles which really hits home for me because I’m trying to prepare myself for life after college, and I truly think you help medo sift through some of the details of life after college without a since of worry or panic lol.

      And for that I greatly appreciate you.

      Xx the sincerely broke and loyal college student

  2. This is an awesome giveaway! So many of these products are on my to get list too! That collagen powder is definitely on there, I have been using it for RA and it’s surprisingly helpful. I have seen you mention this brand, so I wanted to try 🙂 I would love to win because I would love to try out all of these amazing products. My husband is a disabled marine…so we don’t have much extra money right now (why I work so hard to grow my blog 🙂 ). And I would love to share full reviews on! You have definitely inspired my path as a blogger. I took my chemistry degree and turned into something that would help other people live more healthy! I reviewed your podcast, which I LOVE! Name AlexisRoch and I commented on your latest IG @alexis.roch Thanks for having so much great information!!

  3. I would love this giveaway because I am so not good at figuring out what products are good and what aren’t. It’s also been a stressful couple months, so having the Bombshell body guide to get me back in shape would be absolutely incredible and take the stress off trying to figure out what to do for my workouts! Thanks also for all the great product reviews and blog tips. I’m just now working on starting my own company and it’s definitely been a whole new beast to get a website and social media presence going.

  4. I have to win because I’ve been a loyal reader for years! I even got my best friend and boyfriend to read some of your posts! I haven’t comment to often (even though I really should start!) but I read your blog in the morning while drinking my cup of coffee to help wake me up! Love you and your content and I can’t wait to see how this blog/brand grows in the years to come xx Kait

  5. It’s really refreshing to see that you genuinely want to give back to your audience. It’s no wonder we keep coming back for more! Love all of your content, I’m a long time reader of the blog and new convert to the podcast, which I love. You and Michael work your butts off and it’s very inspiring! Thanks for being a role model to us ladies!

  6. I would LOVE to win this giveaway for many reasons. 1). Who wouldn’t want to copy what Lauryn uses? 2). Who wouldn’t want to use what Lauryn uses to LOOK like Lauryn!? 3). In the midst of a beauty product crisis and would love to have some options to try out!!! Thank you so much this would be an amazing win! xo

    1. oh my god you are too sweet Amylou!! Thank you SO much for your support with TSC and for entering!! Good luck

  7. I read your blog every day! You have inspired me to focus more on my health, and treating my body better! I love all of your tips and tricks!!

  8. I’d love to win because you are seriously such an inspiration! I have been religiously following your posts for the past two years and can’t even tell you how many of your tips and ideas that I’ve put into practice! xoxo!

  9. So fun!! I so want to win this because I already buy like every product you ever recommend 🙂 But I’ve got my eye on that clarisonic! I’ve always wanted to try it but it hasn’t been in my budget. xo

  10. What an intense giveaway, so amazing! I would love to win this bag full of goodies because I am about to be a new mom (less than two weeks!) and haven’t really purchased any treats for myself that weren’t baby related. As much fun as buying nursing bras, nipple creams and belly balms are, it would sure be lovely to have some products that make me feel like a human being again.

    1. AH congratulations Amy!! That is so so so exciting! What are you expecting? Good luck and thanks for reading

  11. Yeaasssssssssssss! I NEED to win this amazing giveaway beeecause : I ALWAYS check out all the stuff you recommend and 9 out of 10 the products are not available in the Netherlands or the shipping price is through the roof (I can’t order Zella live in leggings because the shipping and duty costs are insane! :'( I also can’t buy anything on Amazon, they almost never ship to the Netherlands so I buy dupes all the time but it’s just never as good as the brands you recommend. I searched days and days for gelatin from the brand great lakes but ended up with Jacob Hooy and it’s just not the same!!!!! I hope I win, but the content/advice you give your readers every day is thank you enough 🙂 xo ries

  12. I LOVE your site.. It’s embarrassing how much I look at it a day… while I should be working :(. I would love to win this because I am dying for some new stuff in my life!

  13. Such an amazing giveaway! I would love to win because I rarely splurge on these types of products for myself and try to stick to the bare minimum as we are on a tight budget lately. This would be amazing!

  14. After recently getting married and moving, I recently went through and got rid of all of my expired beauty products. Winning this giveaway would help me save tons of money which can go towards the remaining wedding expenses that need to be paid off. All of the products look amazing and I love the variety of brands – the top things to catch my eye were the Mia fit and the TSC gear! I’ve been a long time fan of the blog, and now of the recently launched podcast, and think this is an awesome way to give back. Thanks for putting together such a stellar giveaway Lauryn!

  15. Ah! I would LOVE to win this giveaway! I buy almost all of the products you recommend and have loved most of them so this would be a real treat! 🙂

  16. Hey Lauryn!! I am so excited about this blog post and I would be so thankful and happy to win!!! I think I would be a great contest winner because I am very interested and passionate about my health. I love researching new products to try out but I have always had a hard time getting my hands on the products because of the prices.As a 20 year old college student, I am just now starting to really take care of my skin. I have never had issues until now and I realize I need to pay more attention to what products I’m using on my body. I also never know which products to believe in because there are so many out there! You really never know what is sponsored. So, when it comes to the skinny confidential I get so excited for these opportunities! I would love to try out all of these items and it would be the perfect birthday surprise for me on JULY 17th 😉
    xo Heidi

  17. I would love to win because A) This stuff looks awesome and I wouldn’t need to hit up WalGreens for a straight year haha. And B) I’m a devoted fan! I have been reading every blog post for a couple years now and regularly tell my husband, “Well Lauryn does cryotherapy and I think we should try it”. 😉 I am always inspired and motivated by the content you share. Thank you for being you! 🙂

  18. I’m dying to try the Nuface! My mom had a facial recently and they used it. Also, the collagen greens look AWESOME! I started reading more about it after you posted it, and I would love to try them personally. I appreciate that you always share with your readers! <3

  19. Hi Lauryn! I HAVE TO WIN your amazing giveaway, because, well, I’M GETTING MARRIED! Yes, yes, I am getting married in September and so the countdown to gorge is ON! I am in love with the Burts Bees Cleansing Oil because of you, along with gelatin (which I have been taking for a month now and OMG, my skin, my hair, my nails!) and I just HAVE to HAVE the TSC Bombshell Body Guide to sculpt my body, and all of these awesome products to make my skin, hair, lips, cheeks, EVERYTHING as pretty as it can be for the most wonderful day of my life! Not mention the fact that weddings are EXPENSIVE as all heck, lol. A girl can use all the help she can get at this time, am I right?! Please please please! Thx! Love you & Michael! <3

  20. Oh my god. I need this. No really, I NEED THIS. Just graduated Uni, and spent this last semester writing my thesis. Needless to say, I have not paid ANY attention to my outer self in months. Please help me, help myself get my face and bod back on track!

    Love, Julia

  21. OMG I have to win this. My face is is need of some new products and I’m so bad with trying out new things in my own. This would be the PERFECT way to try some new things and hopefully find new favorites!

  22. Would love to hear more about wedding planning and an update on how you’re liking Vital Proteins collagen – have you noticed a huge difference?

  23. Hi Lauryn! I have to win! I love love LOVE when you do these giveaways! I’m waiting on my second son to be born- due tomorrow, come on baby!- and lord knows I’ve let pampering and all my beauty care fall to the wayside during this pregnancy. Especially because I have a 22 month old busy little boy to love on and chase every day. Winning this would be just the motivation I need to take care of myself again. Mama doesn’t have a lot of time to focus on herself anymore and I know it will be even harder with a whole new life to take care of, but having all of these wonderful tools and products at my fingertips would be just what I need to keep me as a priority! When you take care of yourself it’s better for everyone around you! 🙂 Thanks for being such an inspiration to women!

  24. Whoa! Amazing giveaway. I already follow on instagram and subscribe/reviewed the podcast (which I love btw!) can’t wait for next weeks episode =) hope you have a great weekend!! <3

  25. ahhhhh! I have to win this!!! So many amazing brands I love and brands I want to try! I love your blog, instagram, snapchat AND podcast! You and Susan are amazing and make my car rides so much more fun and inspiring!! Thank you for all you do to inspire us and inform us! You’re amazing!

  26. This giveaway is out of this world, and I would LOVE/HAVE to win! I check your blog on the daily and am constantly trying out different health and beauty products and/or cute clothes that you recommend. My Amazon Prime and Nordstrom accounts have taken a beating (my husband kind of dislikes you – JK). I love your vibe, style, and how you market yourself.

  27. This giveaway is amazing! I would love to win because there are so many products I’ve been dying to try. I’ve been saving up forever for a Clarisonic. Also you have me totally convinced to start adding collagen to my daily green smoothies!

  28. Hi Lauryn ! Great Giveaway, per usual ! I would just love to win, of course ALL the products are great but I especially would love to win the Clarisonic & the Kerastase products! Those are two of the products I just have such a hard time saving up for yet they are so important considering the amount of money spent on high-lights and skin care !!! Thanks again for doing these 🙂

  29. This looks incredible! What an amazing way to try so many new products. I’m drooling!

  30. You are always so generous with giveaways–readers definitely appreciate it I promise–at least I do! 🙂 I read your posts literally every single day, and when I have extra time, I’m browsing through older posts to get more info! I just got diagnosed with a hypothyroidism (not fun) so i’m doing everything thing I can (literally) to drain my lymphatic system and a ton of these products would be perfect! Especially with summer here, it’s so important to take care of your face and body. I would love to win this to help gain some confidence back from what has transpired in the past few months with my thyroid and get back to being me! xoxoxoxo thank you again!

  31. Hi Lauryn!
    I would love to win this giveaway! I just started yet another semester of school, and with working full time and maintaining an active fit lifestyle, I would love to have these products to maintain health and beauty as well! As a woman it can be tough to juggle a bunch of things at once, and still look presentable (hahaha). I’d love to win this giveaway for my nights in when I wanna pamper myself and for overall well being. especially the vital collagens! yes please!

    Thank you for your awesome posts, love reading them!
    Hope to win 🙂 🙂

  32. Wow Lauryn, thank you this giveaway is just awsome! Of course I NEED to win this, I mean, can I live any longer without all of this goodness?? Jokes aside, I live in Italy and it is so hard for me to find most of the brands/products that you talk about, except if you’re willing to pay a lot in custom fees to have them shipped here. So it would be GREAT to just win all of this. Oh, and those collagen supplements!
    Keeping my fingers crossed! XX Fede

  33. This is absolutely amazing. On one of the recent podcasts, you guys talked all about breakups and when they are likely the “right” thing to do. I am also in the midst of a breakup (living together, trying to work through things, stress, stress, stress), and those words meant so much! It’s always helpful to be reminded that you are worth more and if someone doesn’t want to be with you 100%… then BYE. I think Naked Cucumber was a tad in the denial stage, and honestly, so was I. Anyways, health/beauty/wellness are my safe place. Trying new products and treating my body well are what keep me sane! I would TOTALLY LOSE MY MIND if I won, but like, in the best way possible. Thank you for the many amazing giveaways and all of the great tips/advice. Cheers 🙂

  34. hey! Can we comment/subscribe to it another way if we aren’t an i Tunes user?

    Why I’d be over the moon to win: definitely needing a little self-care lately. I’m hustling hard to try and make my career do big things, but sometimes it is so frustrating watching other people seemingly get lucky before you — especially in the nonprofit industry, where’s it’s all about being in the right time at the right place. Having some sassy new goodies to help remind myself to BREATH and believe in myself would be super great.

  35. Lauryn, thank you thank you thank you for doing another giveaway! I want to win because I religiously check your blog/insta/snap everyday because you literally give out the best advice on living chic and stylishly! You’re the reason #lifegoals exist! Plus, I never seem to win anything so winning this would be EVERYTHING!!!

  36. Hey Lauryn,

    I am launching into the second quarter of my life this year and getting married in 5 weeks (8/6). I would love to have some amazingly curated health and beauty items so that after the madness that is planning/executing a wedding, I can invest some time in myself. I’ve also discovered my ride or die personal care essential through you (helllllooo, rosehip oil) and would absolutely love to be introduced to the other items you swear by! 🙂

  37. Would LOVE to win this because you have inspired me to take much better care of my skin. I seriously use to lay out for hours without sunscreen to get that perfect tan. Now…I’m all about hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, oils…etc and would love to experiment with these awesome products!

  38. It would be so fantastic to win such a generous and incredible giveaway! I’ve become obsessed with reading your blog and now the podcasts. I find myself with a steady stream of Amazon packages arriving on the reg with your recommendations!
    Adding in new elements from your posts to my morning and nightly routines have really helped me with taking a moment to breathe, unwinding, and just plain taking care of myself. I look far less dull/stressed/haggard these days hahah!
    I would love to be your July winner because based on all the amazing products I’ve already tried – this lot looks like it would just amp up my ‘ageless beauty’ game like crazy! 😉 Thanks for always walking your talk lady!

  39. Such an exciting giveaway! I’d love to win because yesterday I went to get cupping (by the way, I completely get why people get obsessed with their bruises after – I wish it was more appropriate for me to show them to everybody I see) and said “I know this girl Lauryn who swears by cupping and lymphatic draining massages” (insert crying face emoji). I couldn’t bring myself to describe you as just a blogger, because you make TSC feel like such a community!

  40. I NEED NEED NEED the NuFace Trinity, I’ve been stalking this online for years but haven’t been able to afford it. I appreciate all your give-aways, even though they are not necessary, i think everyone would still follow you – but they are GREATLY appreciated. Besides the NuFace, I would love the Nars products, can never get enough and the Revelations RX anti aging products. I’ve heard amazing things and would love to try them out!!

    Thanks again 🙂 Ill be following on Snap.

  41. Thanks for the giveaway!! This is seriously amazing and would love to try all of those products. I also really enjoy listening to the Podcast. Great extension to your blog.

  42. This is the best! As a long time reader, I’m super pumped to see your blog and brand grow. I love the podcast and can’t wait to see where it takes you guys. I have to win because after taking care of the people in my life intensely lately, it’s time for me to get a treat! 🙂 Much love to you!

  43. Thank you for this giveaway Lauren!!

    I am recent fan, I found your podcast and love the interaction between you and Michael. It has grown in so many ways already, keep it up! I would love to win this giveaway because you always have the best products but they can add up in price. I don’t have a lot of money to put into myself right now but know it would be the best moral boost. 🙂

  44. I want to win this because it”s the ultimate get your shit together starter pack and it’s definitely calling my name 😉

  45. Instagram: collifornia
    I neeed to win because these are all such AMAZING products that I couldn’t afford otherwise!

  46. I would LOVE to win this. I’m such a beauty junkie and got really into taking care of myself and making my nighttime routine a ritual that I love. You have amazing taste in products so this would be a dream to receive!

  47. Hoping I win the giveaway! I’ll be having a baby in a couple of months and it would be sooo so so nice to have all the goodies to pamper myself with! Loving your blog and podcast and I creep on your Instagram like twice a day haha I’m @somekindofadventure on there

    1. Congratulations on your baby Kristi!! What an exciting time for you! Good luck and thanks for your support

  48. This giveaway is jaw-dropping! I need to win because there are soooo many things I’ve been dying to try in here, but the budget just doesn’t allow for it. Here’s my chance!

    Seriously, I love TSC so much. I’ve been following since the beginning and it just keeps getting better. Congratulations on your success and hard work, Lauryn!

    1. Thanks for all of your support along the way Chelsea!! I wouldn’t be here without YOU!!! Good luck babe

  49. I would love to win because my beauty cabinet is in much need of an update! (My boyfriend will disagree, ha!). I absolutely want to try the collagen powder and the Burts Bees facial stuff! I read your posts on both and am hooked!! ???? your blog inspired me to start mine, so keep doing what you’re doing! Xo

  50. I want to win because all of this stuff is freaking amazing! and so is your blog!!! Also I am a college student and cannot afford all of this stuff, it would be so amazing to win! <3

  51. Lauryn, this is BEYOND amazing! I love following along every single day on Insta, the blog, and snapchat. You are so good at what you do. I want to win this SO BADLY because I just started working on my own side hustle and am putting lots of funds that used to go to beauty towards that, so I’m missing it desperately! I would love to hear more about what you eat on the regular- having a hard time with stomach pain and could use some tips on what to eat to calm that down. Thanks for all you do!

  52. I’d love to win mostly because I have a love of trying new beauty products and reviewing them on my blog, but also because I’m a broke college kid and wouldn’t be able to afford all of these things anyway lol ?

  53. I would love to win so that I can give a facelift to my blah skincare routine. I’ve started getting adult acne and need to find the root of the problem. I really look forward to reading your blog and value your opinions. This would be so amazing to win! Thank you for doing this giveaway!!!

  54. I would like to win because I have been following your blog from the very start, and it’s grown to be a necessity in my life. Waking up, making coffee, sitting down with a big of chocolate and reading your latest blog post is how I start every morning. I listen to every podcast, and as loser-ish as this sounds, you and Michael feel like family to me. I got evacuated from a fire in the city I lived in, and now in a totally new place, out of my comfort zone…( and extremely broke haha). Winning all these amazing products would give me such a mood boost and really, really help me out! Xxx

  55. I would love to win this give away! I am a huge fan. I started reading your blog while I was student teaching and working 2 jobs! It was super stressful, but your articles pushed me to keep going or helped me relax and take a break from all of the lesson planning I was doing! I honestly think your blog helped play a role in securing my high school teaching job that I accepted before graduation! I am 22 and super goal oriented, and I think you are totally inspiring. I am also a huge beauty, health, and goals fan! I would absolutely love to win your awesome, generous give away!

  56. Holy guacamole this giveaway is ridiculously INCREDIBLE. You are always doing so much & it’s so inspirational and motivating, I just love you. Is that weird? To win this would be pretty perfect timing…. I just got myself out of a bad bad bad relationship and moved to a new city on my own ( exciting and SCARY ) but anyways, trying not spend too much $$$ on myself, so to win these products would be soo nice to be able to treat myself to something & not feel all the guilt, ya know? xxxxx, love from Texas!


  57. Hi Lauryn! I would love love love to win this! I have had a horrible sinus cold for the past couple of weeks, have labral tissue tears in my hips (ouch!), and through out my back last week. I’m only 32! I would be ecstatic to win and treat my body and mind to a bit of pampering. Loyal every day reader since 2012!

  58. I absolutely love how interactive you are with your readers. Asking what we want to hear about, learn about etc. I also LOVE listening to the both of you on the podcast! Working with your S.O. is soooo crazy and I love hearing about it. Naturally I know all these awesome products have been tested and approved by you, would love to try every single one of them! I recently starting using the Burt’s Bees cleansing oil and I am IN LOVE!

  59. This is an amazing giveaway! I would love to win so I can try all the products you speak so highly of! I bought the boob cream after reading your post and love it, wish I could try them all!

  60. This is the most amazing giveaway ever!!! I’m currently trying to figure out how to deal with my skin during the summer months and also how much my skin as changed since I’ve turned 34. Need to look amazing as I age and all these products would be amazing to try!!! I just want to win so I can pamper myself!

  61. I would LOVE to win! I am always working and recently discovered I am pregnant and now more than EVER I must learn to take a little time and treat myself and all of these goodies would help. Plus, I know how seriously you vet your products so I know most if not all of this would be safe more me unlike LOTS of stuff out there. 🙂

  62. Thank you for doing this giveaway Lauryn!

    I’ve only been following you for a little while but already, I’m hooked. I appreciate the content and value that you are providing for this little “tribe” of yours.

    I’m an island girl, wife and mommy of 4. I’ve been following you on Snapchat and subscribed to your podcast because it allowed me to connect with you & I love what I’m learning so far. I already see you as a trusted advisor & value your opinion. So I’d love to win the giveaway to be able to pamper myself with the things you recommend or are using yourself !! Regardless, I feel like I’ve made a new friend (weird I know) and I’m always looking forward to your next podcast, snap or blog. Thanks for all that you do!

  63. I love reading TSC because even though I don’t know what the next post will be about I know it will become my newest obsession. Reading your blog is like watching your favorite TV show, you don’t really know what the next episode will be but you know it’ll be good. You have inspired me so much through your blog and podcast, inspiring me to create my own. I always make sure to give you 5 stars on the podcast because the podcast world needs more people who are just straight up real and so fuxking funny like you and Michael. And thanks to you and Michael I’ve gotten a lot of my friends hooked! I’m really excited you’re giving away all the beauty goodness, is it weird I was drawn to it by the collagen?? LOL I was next to my sister and was like hold on she’s giving away her favorite collagen!! Once I looked closer I was like ooh, yas yas yaas (to all of the other products). I think the most valuable thing I’ve learned from you is to be your authentic self 100% all the time, from TSC to the Gary Vee podcast, your voice shines through and people notice and recognize that. I think that’s why everything you do is so successful because your authentic self is so present. Thank you for showing me (and all of your readers) that as a blogger or even just in business being yourself is your strongest asset. Xo.

  64. I would love to win because I am new reader and have literally purchased every product u have recommended since I started reading. And all are great! This prize looks amaz ?

  65. I would love to win this amazing giveaway!! I am always interested in trying out new products, and am especially interested in ones you are a fan of 🙂 I haven’t used the majority of the items in this giveaway before, so I would love love love to win! Thanks for doing such great giveaways, it’s nice to see how much you appreciate your readers!

  66. It would be so amazing to win this giveaway! You are continually my favorite blogger and someone who really inspires me. Had a bit of trouble subscribing to the podcast on iTunes but I reviewed and rated it as I am a huge fan of it as well. Thank you for everything you do!

  67. I would obviously love to win because it’s an incredible giveaway, thank you so much for doing these! My boyfriend and I are both students so it’s definitely hard to splurge on beauty products and live a healthy lifestyle but we do our best and this giveaway would be so amazing to receive. I love that you don’t just push high end products but have a mix of everything that makes healthy living more approachable. You’re my go to when there’s a new trend – I always search to see what you think!

  68. I love love love your blog! It’s seriously the only one I follow and have the app 🙂 I feel like we live such parallel lives and all the topics you talk about are so relevant in my life! Your posts are practical and helpful, not just overpriced clothing lol. I love it, and I seriously say at least once a day “well the skinny confidential does this” or I need this from Amazon because you have it! I really hope I can win this amazing giveaway!! Xoxo

  69. This is an incredible giveaway! WOW!!! I would love to win because you have never steered me wrong on a product recommendation. It truly shows that you actually use the products you post about. I love reading your blog and your podcast is what I listen to when I’m on the treadmill. Thanks for all you do!

  70. I’ve figured out why I connect so well with Lauryn and why TSC is the first thing I read each morning: Lauryn’s tips, tricks, and real-talk advice make me feel like I actually have a sister whom I look up to and learn from, and I absorb everything like a sponge. Seriously… ask me about my jade roller, cryotherapy experiences, and Aztec clay mask. But actually don’t because Lauryn explains it better than I could.

    Thanks for taking care of your readers and giving back!

  71. I HAVE to win because I desperately need a new beauty routine and this would allow me to try different products and figure out what’s the best for me!

  72. I want to hear more about how to be independent within a relationship, and how to work through conflict. Also, would love to hear more about healthy recipes you eat on a regular basis, and ‘day-in-the-life’ type stuff. I have to win because I’m a student on a budget and I LOVE all your product recommendation, but I can’t afford to put the cash down for the whole sha-bang! This would really jumpstart my beauty collection!


  73. Oh my gosh I remember seeing this is your snaps a week or so ago and its finally here! You keep killing it with the giveaways, love the variety of products! I would love to win it and throw a girls de-stress night for all my gal pals who are balancing college/internships/work and oh yea of course life:) Also who couldn’t turn down some cool new beauty products!

  74. Hi Lauryn, I would love to win this post for my sister! She is getting married this year and refuses to spend any money on herself. Shes asked me to help her with a new skincare routine and I would be so delighted to be able to give all this to her so she can look her absolute best on her day!! As always thanks for doing these giveaways and for your enjoyable posts!

  75. I would absolutely love to win this! My family has had an extremely difficult year, financially and health-wise, and this would be just the thing to cheer me up. Winning this would give me hope that good things do come to people after all. 🙂 Thanks for the great opportunity!

  76. Would love to win, because even though it’s officially summer according to the calendar, my beauty routine is stuck in a spring rut.

  77. hi TSC! i need to win because TSC is becoming my bible. living and breathing it lol, and spending wayy too much $$ on amazon from lauryn’s recommendations.

  78. I need to win because I was just a personal attendant in my friend’s wedding (rough one) while my floors were being redone, causing me to need to sleep in the kitchen with my dog, with a broken washing machine and a basement water leak. True story. Ugh. In DIRE need of some good news!

  79. I would love to win all these! Most of those products I could only dream of buying myself. I just stumbled on your blog about a week ago. Holy hell, what a life saver! I’ve been going through everything on your blog. Especially the wellness section. I just moved into an apartment on my own and have been trying to take care of my body better. Your blog is super helpful with everything. Neat tips for cleaning my place, food, and how to relax after a hectic day. Your podcasts are also super great to listen to when I’m running errands or I need some advice. I’m almost done with college and trying to sort my life out. Your blog is so great and helpful. Even if I don’t win, your blog is fantastic and I’ll always be reading it!

  80. Hi Lauryn!

    Funny story….I have literally purchased and now added to my beauty regime all of your fav beauty products/tips. I even had all my girlfriends go out and buy their own dry brush/ice roller/under eye masks/burts bees cleanser because I couldn’t stop talking about how amazing they were. I truly love all of your recommendations and this giveaway would be amazing to try even more of your favorites.

    Side note- I look forward to reading TSC blog/listen to you and Susan on the podcast/stalk you guys on Snap daily 🙂 I work full time and it’s a nice pretty escape throughout my day. Thanks for being so real and adding a TON of refreshing positivity to my life.


  81. I have to win because my bathroom cabinets already look like this but not nearly as AWESOME. Also, love your blog. I like how you’re honest about your body, who you are and what you’re into. I RAVE about your pine nut, spaghetti squash, rosemary, goat cheese, and pomegranate dish all the time. It was soooo delish. I don’t care if I win because your blog is one of my favorites (but I would be oh so happy if I did win). Keep it coming!!!

  82. I need to win because…
    1. I’ve been wanting to try the Estee Edit
    2. I love Burt’s Bees products
    3. I’ve been wanting to try the Clarisonic

    Love your blog!

  83. Thanks for the giveaway Lauryn! My bestie in San Diego recommended your blog 3 years ago when I was prepping for my wedding and I’ve been following along every since ( I own your book too). I really want that NuFace gadget, mostly because it will confuse and mystify my husband will think it’s not for my face, lol. Thanks again and happy 4th! Insta: @johnsabby

  84. Hi lauryn!!

    I would love love to win this giveaway because as a recent grad I’ve been trying to spend less on beauty products (it really kills me to have to do so) to start saving money for an emergency fund. I’ve always been obsessed with all things beauty and skincare and winning this giveaway would mean I’d be set in the beauty department for a long while. Also who can say no to that amazing gold bar cart?!?

  85. Lauryn, I would love to win this giveaway as I am starting medical school (ahhhhh!) in August. I know it will be super time consuming and stressful. Having an arsenal of skin and beauty products, particularly the NuFace and collagen greens, will help me to look and feel my best and present my best self to my teachers, peers, and patients. xx

  86. Would LOVE to win this giveaway!! For one thing, I have skin issues, so I think the clarisonic would be SUPER helpful. I’m also about to start grad school, so splurging on myself is on the back burner.

  87. Lauryn! Happy 4th of July! I would be so fucking excited to win this booty! Totally a product junkie and I’m always asked for my suggestions and advice on skin care, make up, wellness, etc. I can’ t buy it all, so getting the chance to try all of these awesome products would benefit the greater good : ) Love you!!!

  88. Would love to win because I’m about to start my dissertation and could use a little excuse to pamper myself!

  89. Pretty much every product that I’ve bought after your recommendation has been a staple in my beauty and wellness arsenal. I am tight on money after finishing grad school so I’d love to win this giveaway!

  90. Ahhhh, what an amazing, amazing giveaway! I would be SOOO excited to win this giveaway. I am obsessed with all things TSC, especially Lauryn! Lauryn, you are such an inspiration for me as I begin my own blog. I always keep your tips and tricks in mind as I move forward. I LOVE that you respond on Snapchat too! The best. I would love to win this giveaway because I love to try out products that you use, and all of the products I have tried thus far that have been on your site have been products I’ve fallen in love with! I would be so very grateful and thrilled to win this giveaway. Thank you for always giving so much to your readers. We should be thanking you! Love, love, love TSC.

  91. I am a HUGE Fan of yours all the way from Nigeria. I check out your Blog all the way from Africa, Even with my limited internet connection sometimes, I put in the extra effort to read the Blog. I will love to win the package(giveaway) as I am getting married this August 13th and I need all the help I can get in getting my skin together. Also I will be in the US this summer and I believe this will be a beautiful icing on the the sweet cake, which is an amazing summer planned. I love love love your Blog. LAURYN. I PRAY I WIN

  92. I’ve been reading TSC for the past 4 years! I’ve always wanted to try most of the products posted, but as a state employee it’s not always possible. Winning the giveaway would be such a rewarding way to acknowledge my commitment to staying healthy and natural when it’s been tough at times.

  93. Omgosh! I would LOVE to win this giveaway. I am getting married this month…July 23, and all these amazing beauty products would be a dream to help me feel my absolute best on the big day. I love your blog and check it daily and love all your posts on beauty and health. I love all the products you are offering and I would be so lucky and thrilled to win this giveaway!! xoxo thank you thank you!

  94. AHHH!! Lauryn this giveaway is amazing! It would be a thrill to win and own all these amazing products, most of which I’ve been dying to try, and give myself some much needed pampering! Love you and thank you so much for all the inspiration and knowledge you’ve bestowed upon me <3
    Insta: virginiavancouver
    reviewed podcast: Ginzstarr

  95. This giveaway is amazing! I’m a SAHM and rarely get to pamper myself or try new products so this would be absolutely wonderful!

  96. I LOVE Bite lipsticks! They are the absolute best texture and stay on so well. I love seeing that others use them too. You have great taste and I love all your beauty advice.

  97. I have to win because I am tired of the old beauty products I am using! I am hoping to try new ones out, and this giveaway is INSANE. I would love to use every single thing here up to my beauty and wellness game. Thank you!!

  98. Lauryn, I’m so freaking excited about this giveaway! I’m an avid follower (blog, Insta, Snapchat, now podcast). I even got my boyfriend to be a follower of yours and Susan’s and we’ve been using your house as inspiration for our home improvement projects. I love that you reply to your followers. Once I snapped you our organized closest and also asked about your workout bun and I thought it was awesome when you replied! Anyway, I’m a struggling intern and don’t get to treat myself with fun beauty products, usually just the basics, so this giveaway would be an awesome treat. 🙂

  99. I would really like to win this giveaway because I’m currently in college and don’t have much money to purchase nice luxury products! I’ve been following your blog since the beginning! I just started my own makeup youtube channel and I was inspired by you to do so! I would love to do a first impressions video with the products in this giveaway! Please pick me, I would be so grateful Xoxo

  100. Hey Lauryn!I’m a relatively new reader on your blog, but I really enjoy all of your advice on using social media effectively but also on your health posts! I’m getting married soon and I am really trying to get my skin into tip-top shape for all of those pictures! (ack! I hate having my photo taken!) Winning this would be such a help!

  101. Want it, want all of it! A vast collection of natural and healing beauty products hand picked by your knowledgeable self??! Yaaas.

  102. Lauryn! Thanks for such an amazing giveaway! Dying to try all of these products. Xo! I’ve been loving your blog since the beginning and I love seeing your empire grow!

  103. Amazing give away Lauryn!!! ❤️❤️ I’d love to win this because I’m constantly trying to keep up with my beauty products but it gets so expensive for an entrepreneur trying working on her own company with her husband. This would a huge help!!! Thanks Lauryn! Love from NM!

  104. I LOVE extra credit! So as I mentioned in my insta comment- I’m on a fitness journey. I’m down 45 lbs. feeling so much better but it’s still a struggle. I’m learning to love myself and leaning in worth it. Worth what? All of it! Ok jk but it’s hard but I’m getting there. I should totally win because I have not allowed myself to purchase new skin/ makeup products since I started. Decided to cleanse myself of clutter and use up everything I already have. Needless to say I am hurting for new products!! Plus I want to fee beautiful ❤️ Love your blog btw- such an inspiration. Keep on keeping on! You help people like me so much!

  105. As a new mom I’ve had a hard time keeping my beauty and personal wellness up to my old standards, these products would be a giant leap in the right direction! Plus my skin has gone crazy after having my baby and would LOVE the added help! (I entered as @madisonmuir on insta ?)

  106. Your blog inspires me to try new products, and I have fallen in love with many! This would be a great opportunity to gain an appreciation for so many more brands! I loyally check your blog and Instagram for beauty/wellness tips! This would be such an honor to win!?

  107. I am moving to a new state and I have had to purge so many products!! This would be the most amazing, perfect refresh of my beauty supplies!!

  108. Omgggg I would dieee if I won this!! I HAVE to win because 1. Yesterday was my birthday !! And 2. I’m literally having daily meltdowns about aging and these products would help me look/feel my best and sassy AF . ❤️❤️❤️ XO

  109. Hi Lauryn! I love your blog and have been a big fan for awhile now! I’d love to win this killer giveaway because I’m getting married next month and I’d love to use these products for my beauty prep! Thank you! xo

  110. A busy mom of two little ones over here!! Would love to feel pampered for a night or two! 🙂

  111. I would LOVE to win all of this because I am currently looking for a new healthy skin care/lifestyle routine. I haven’t used any of these products and would love to try them all. They look amazing!

  112. I would love to win cuz you’re my favorite IG and snap account! I just love how you interact with everyone and all the tips you give. I actually get excited when you post a snap!

  113. I’d like to win because I literally enter every single giveaway you do, talk about patience in trying to win SOMETHING! 😉 No, but seriously I absolutely love the relationship you have with your followers, not to mention Michael and the way you tease him (I do the same to my fiancé, now I know I’m not SO cruel ;)). You’re insights to beauty, recipes ect are everything! So here’s to waiting patiently once again! *fingers crossed*

  114. This giveaway is AMAZING! Having flawless summer, sun kissed skin has always been a dream of mine – and I feel like all of these products scream beauty and SUMMER! I have never tried a Clairsonic – but have always wanted to, so this would be a great start! I am also a loyal listener of your podcast – I especially love the work/life balance, and how you have used social media and blogging your career topics.

  115. Is it possible to enter into this even if I do not have an instagram? I would absolutely love to win this giveaway. I have been following your blog since 2012 and have watched it grow into something truly amazing and inspirational. I look through it on a daily basis and it has helped me change my life in healthier and more beneficial way. Although I don’t have an instagram I really hope you see this and consider me for the giveaway because I basically buy all the things you talk about on your blog and would love to get some for free, my wallet would really thank me for it! 😉

  116. Here is the deal… since your podcast launched I’ve taken your business advice to heart. I’m a fan of what you have built here and deeply appreciate your transparency. I have followed a lot of your advice and it has really projected me forward in so many ways. I bought out my business partner at my salon, hired new staff that “gets it” streamlined my social media game, got on snapchat! And launched my blog (even though it’s not “ready”) the one part of my life that feels unbalanced it that I usually would make time for ME.
    Well I had a baby in January so that literally has not happened. I am missing me time. I need a face mask, makeup, exfoliation pronto!
    Anyway, this giveaway is badass. Thanks for all you do xoxo

  117. What a great selection of incredible products! I’m definitely a beauty junkie (who often shares with her man) and would LOVE to try out some great new products, and products that you can’t live without lady! Thanks doll xx (wishing to win!!)

  118. I would love love love to win because I recently got into working out, and I have gotten really in shape which is good for me physically and mentally but has taken a toll on my skin! I find myself breaking out and I try many different products and it only seems to be getting worse! I’m a graduate school student and I don’t have a ton of money to spend on my skin and this would be an absolute lifesaver!

  119. Why should I win??…. Because I could totally drive my husband bat shit crazy with nowhere to put all of it!!
    Not to mention everything you suggest (give away) is FUCKING awesome… oops, can I say that here??? Keep up the good work Lauryn! Muah.. 😉

  120. Would love to win to really kick up my health and beauty regimine. These things look awesome!

  121. I HAVE to win because I am obsessed with skincare and everything TSC! You are the only blogger I follow consistently. I have the app, check your snaps and blog like religion, and keep up with you on all social media. Also regularly listen to the podcast!!!

  122. Because I’ve been following you since the beginning! Love your unique voice & dedication to providing content that readers are actually interested 🙂

  123. I am completely obsessed with skin care. I always wanted to try the clarisonic to see what all the hype is about but it’s so $$$! So instead I’ve been trying a sheet face mask EVERY DAY to try and see if I can get the same result :/ I would love love love to win so I can finally try that clarisonic!! I love you and all your posts by the way! And your podcasts are so entertaining!

  124. Hey – I normally cannot bring myself to write “why you should win” comments bc I always feel completely fake and a lot more girly than I truly am in real life but I’m going to give it a go! I recently got engaged to the greatest GREATEST guy in the entire world. Look – I know everyone says it but I just cannot put it into words. He loves his family and does EVERYTHING he can to keep them/me happy. Okay so getting to the point – with getting engaged has come tons of excitement but also a ton of anxiety around money, weight (hello body dismorphic disorder) everything. I’ve been struggling to keep it all together and he has been my complete rock in it all but I can feel it weighing on us. I know it sounds superficial but this giveaway would just be a fvcking fantastic light at the end of this tunnel right now (and my skin would rejoice to the extreme). You know what I mean? Well anyways – I really love your blog, I love the no bullshit attitude #preach and I love the relationship you have with your #1 (Susan, obvs) so keep grinding and I’ll keep reading/watching/listening! Instagram:

  125. I HAVE to win because I am expecting my first baby any day now and I am feeling so ginormous and am in desperate need of some beautifying and pampering! 🙂 <3

  126. Oh man where do I begin? I absolutely love all of your advice on EVERYTHING, especially skin products. I want them all!!! I work hard and listen to the pod casts on my lunch and it makes my day so much better ! I am a huge fan and would be over joyed to win such an amazing giveaway!!

  127. Lauryn I absolutely love your blog! These products are so amazing and would really take my beauty routine to the next level. I read your posts all the time and I’ve started incorporating some of your many tips into my life!

  128. This giveaway looks even more amazing that the others. Beauty Collagen Greens ? I haven’t tried them yet but regular collagen happening on the daily! Please pick me!

  129. Oh yeah! Love this giveaway! I love your blog and honesty on it. I’m a mom to 2 little kids and could use some help in the beauty department! Love love love! (Side note I love that you guys live in San Diego like me! I get great tips on food/drink places from you!)

  130. My skincare game needs a revival! After turning the dirty thirty my face is showing all the fun I’ve had in the sun. It all snuck up on me!!! This kit would be the ultimate lifesaver!
    Thanks for sharing your expertise

  131. I need to win because : your skin is perfection, and I’m gonna need mine to look like that, like yesterday ?

  132. I want to win because I am a beauty addict, the minute I seen your post about relaxing at home I was itching to get home from work to do the same, so all these goodies would help out with that!! Xx

  133. Hi doll!
    Being a full time student as well as working full time and living in my own plays a serious toll on my body and my skin. Not to mention my bank account. Winning an incredible contest like this would make help me better take care of my body, in turn making me feel more confident and alive going into my twelve hour school or work days. I believe if you work hard you will be rewarded big, and the hard work will pay off >> and winning this would mean the absolute world to me, as I am sure it would to many other amazing and lovely ladies who have also entered, all of which are equally as deserving as I am. Thanks again for the inspiration and direction, everyday! xx

  134. Oooh lawd I wanna win this fat giveaway! You should pick me because I am poor but reaaaally like expensive things.

  135. Ever since moving out to weho since turning 23 this girls bank account has been drained. But, I must say quality of living has gone up so I must say I’m blessed in that sense. Sadly that means I have no funds for anything other than rent so skin care is a thing of the past. Would love to get back in the swing of things with these goodies. You are the best for these giveaways!! Good luck to everyone ! ?❤️

  136. Always want to try the products you recommend, but can’t always justify them all of course. Would love a taste of your fav products and brands to see if they work for me as well. And of course who doesn’t love new goodies! Amazing as always Lauryn!

  137. I need to win because I am a broke college girl just trying to have healthy skin … What more could you ask for?!

  138. This poor AF college kid would love some new goodies:) Thanks so much for always being the most genuine person I’ve come across on the internet. Your podcast always brightens my day, and I’d love to see longer and more frequent episodes!

  139. I’m getting married next year and in full blown panic mode about my current skin care routine. I’m dying over all of these infrared face treatments, skin brighteners, and anti aging treatments. I’ve legit had a NuFace in my Sephora shopping cart for weeks. Also need to start shredding for the wedding ASAP! The Bombshell Guide would be perfect. Love it!

  140. Lauryn! I have been a fan of you and your blog for about 4 years now and become a bigger fan of every new post, snapchat, and video. When I receive and email saying you have a new post, I can’t wait to read it! I think your brand is so real, honest and amazing. Thank you for all your tips, suggestion and thoughts on various beauty, hone, health products. Your confidence and positivory is contagious 🙂

  141. Following & commented on Instagram (@rainesmom) and subscribed to podcast & left review (@kimpcole).
    Would LOVE to win!!!

  142. I just left my corporate job of 9 years to #GIRLBOSS the shit out of life. Officially an entrepreneur and I’m terrified so a little wellness and beauty would be a nice treat as I start my journey!! Plus I follow literally all yours and Michaels stuff because you guys are killing it.

  143. I would love to win because I am a college student who loves TSC (and Michael)!! I follow you and live for your app but am on a budget for a lot of things. To win these products would be unreal since I only can buy so many of the products you suggest ( and the ones I have bought I LOVE!!) my friends and I love you guys!! I would love to win and would be so appreciated especially since I know you guys have built your empire on your own!!

  144. I should say I deserve to win because I’m a good person, I follow your instagram, I’m subscribed to your podcasts, and I’ve rated it with 5 stars because I loved it 🙂 but the truth is, I want to win because I have to admit I’m a product junkie and I’m dying to try some of the products included that I’ve never used before. Either way, thanks for all the awsome advice, tips, and info shared on social media, and most of all for being so real, it’s all really interesting and helpful, I love it!!!

  145. Amazing!!! I have been following your blog for a few months now and love the topics you write about! Always so interesting! Love the giveaway!

  146. Amazing giveaway! I love reading your blog and have discovered so many new products based on your suggestions. Keep me coming!!!

  147. AHHHH one of these days I’ll win!!! Hoping luck is on my side!!

    I would DIE to win because I’m a broke nursing student who needs some joy in her life and this would be it!! I definitely would share it all with my friends too. 🙂 I got all my friends hooked on your blog and our life would not be the same without you!

  148. I’d LOVE to win these products!! I am from Cali but currently living in Sydney Australia with my husband & sister for a year to explore and travel! Me and my sister always listen to your podcast and read your blog before bed! Our fav posts are beauty posts and we learn so much from you! I’d love to receive these products because all of them I NEED (duh 😉 ) what girl doesn’t! Lol! But some of these products I can’t find in Australia 🙁 xoxo

  149. I would love to win because I just turned 30 last month! 🙁 Mid-thirties now! ugg. I never thought I would see the day! I have 3 littles and its been a rough last year and its showing! I love beauty makeup and fashion and I am always on the lookout to try new products and help improve my skin and body! You are gorgeous! You look flawless so I would definitely trust your judgment on recommendations especially your favorite products! This would be amazing! Thank you for the chance! Happy 4th!

  150. Lauren, you are so nice to do this. I would love to win because those all seem like incredible products and they would be great to try! Thank you for being such a great blogger & giving back in a BIG way!

  151. I read your blog every day! What a awesome giveaway. I am trying to get my skin ready for my upcoming wedding. But don’t have a ton of my money to spend due to financial restraints. This would be awesome to win.

  152. WOW this is so amazeee! I’ve never had a bad recommendation from TSC–always on point–and this giveaway covers all the bases! In a month, I am leaving beautiful San Diego to start a new adventure with my fiance in Washington, DC, where I’m joining an amazing startup! It takes courage to choose a riskier small business over a cookie cutter “brand name” career, but your realness and advice on building your brand and persevering through the bullshit definitely inspired me to take the leap and just do it. This sassy giveaway would be the perfect going away present!

  153. I have to win this because I trust any product you’ve added to this give away and you are simply a beauty and health genius. I follow you on all social media and am a subscriber/member to BBG. I am the best version of myself right now and I can thank a lot of that being from reading your blog and what you teach us! You are the best of the best!

  154. Ive entered probably a gazillion contest, been a skinny confidential fan for years, but besides that i need to win, this single 32 year old is far from even close to a relationship so currently being a broke adult who has a job, I never get to pamper myself. So life, basically including my hair, skin is a disaster. Give a girl a break. P.s. love ya lauryn x

  155. I’m obsessed with skincare and I love that you share the same love of a youthful healthy glow! I’m due in September and this pregnancy has presented more than just a belly but skin that’s aging and its needs help!!! Keep on girl, love your posts ?

  156. I love starting my day by reading your blog! Your ideas are fresh and I love how you manage to be honest, clever, and glam all at the same time! I would absolutely love to win these beauty products. I’m in graduate school currently and wish I had the luxury to spoil myself more! Thanks!

  157. I would LOVE to win this! It would honestly give me so so much joy! I have been an avid reader and follower since the beginning and have loved every bit of the transformation along the way! Seriously make many life decisions based on your advice/reviews/mantras/all of it.
    Thank you for creating this amazing community for us.

  158. Love your recommendations! Even got a jade roller and it changed my life. I NEED the facial toner bad! ????? @nickinewts

  159. Because I love every product you recommend! You have cost me lots of money buying every you suggest! ?

  160. I’m a single mom working 12 hours per day with hospice patients,my daughters dad is away in Iraq and I sure could use some great new products to take better care of myself. I think you’re great and love following you! I hope you choose me, FYI I just found your podcasts and I love them!

  161. Hi Lauryn!! I recently came across your blog and I’ve never seen anything like it! It’s so great to hear/read about new health/lifestyle/beauty ideas and findings in such a funny, personable way:) I’m a college student and don’t exactly have the resources and finances to try new, amazing products like the ones in this giveaway. I would be so grateful if chosen for this giveaway! I absolutely love your blog and hope you continue to grow and reach new people! You are truly an inspiration to myself and all women who dream of running their own companies and having successful careers. To anyone reading my this, Lauryn has a lot of great advice on health, anti-aging, beauty and just general life advice. I highly recommend following her blog and podcasts:)

  162. I hope to (HAVE TO) win because I’m a bride-to-be in need of some beauty and wellness faves to try before the big day!

  163. Following you doesn’t have to be only for the 20 somethings… I fine beauty tips and inspiration daily on your site Instagram….throw an old girl a bone… Could use all the help I can get! 3❤️

  164. I HAVE to win.. duh. I mostly have to because I dedicate every time I am at work to your podcast, I am proudly subscribed! I follow your blog and I think you are such an inspiration with your blog, your lifestyle and your drive to be a successful business woman! And I really really have to win because I told my boyfriend than we have to be the next Lauryn and Michael and I have him listen to the Him and Her podcast with me 🙂

  165. Okay so first, this giveaway is absolutely amazing and you’re so sweet for continuously doing these giveaways for your readers! I started following you about 2 years ago and have become consistently more impressed and in love with all that you do and have to share. You have helped me deal with situations in different ways through your advice (shoutout to the Nanz too) and I am forever appreciative.

    SO I have to win this giveaway because you have changed the way I view at life and I am a complete noob to how to properly take care of my face/body topically so this would be prime.

    instagram: laurenfitzp

  166. I would love to see more recipe posts, love all your ideas. I would love and cherish this giveaway, it is truly amazing!

  167. Hi Lauryn! You are by far my favorite blogger, I check it evvvverrryday. I wish I had a blog, and you are inspiring me to start one on Skin Care! You are hilar, and I would absolutely love to try these products you suggest. Hope you have a fantastic fri— yayyyyyy : )!

  168. I have been following your podcast since day one and as a new blogger I truly forward to your and Michaels advice. I have tried many products that you’ve suggested, and I’ve loved everything so far. I would love to try more things because it’s hard to find a blogger that has the same expectations for products/ tries to keep things as simple and organic as possible.

  169. What an A M A Z I N G giveaway. I would love to win because I am obsessed with your blog and live by your words- haha! Seriously it’s so sweet of you to do such a nice giveaway and so generous too! Much love and would absolutely love to win.

  170. What a great idea (I think it’s really cool this isn’t sponsored. I think it goes without saying why I would love to win this giveaway. Pretty much all of your suggestions I fine useful so this gift would be a godsend! As I’ve commented on your podcast, the reason I love your content is because it is genuine–it’s why I actually trust your opinion on products and life advice. So many blogs today are filled with sponsored content that it is hard to trust the opinions of people. Keep up the great work 🙂

  171. Love you! I would love to win! All of these products I have been dying to try, as a college student I have to watch the budget haha. Thank you for being such a sweet heart and giving me advice I trust!

  172. I would love to win. I love all of your recommendation. I follow you on Snapchat, Instagram, and have the Appw/ exclusive content. I look forward to all of your posts. I hope I win!!

  173. I don’t know if it’s the midnight frozen Oreos or what, but this post just gave me a sugar rush. It’s like a vibrant amalgamation of your site. Anywho, as an aspiring lifestyle/ media mogul, aka hectically busy intern, I don’t exactly have time or resources for a day at the spa. Multi-laxing (multitasking and relaxing) is my after-work life. I would love nothing more than to be able to treat myself with skincare revamp while answering emails and reading your latest post. Thanks for the always lovely advice, pointers and giveaway!

  174. Because I am a beauty product junkie and since finding your blog I feel like there are so many products I want to try! Also I’m in my late 20s and have been super frustrated with my skin lately, it seems to be changing. Trying some new things would be amazing!

  175. This giveaway is AMAZEBALLS. I would I would freak out if I won. I’m a grad student and wouldn’t be cle to get this without the giveaway. I love that you care about your readers ?

  176. I have to win because I need all of those things in my life. All of those things!! … And if I don’t you’re still my blonde spirit animal. ?

  177. Lauryn, you are amazing and have inspired me so much when I feel alone and misunderstood. I am very friendly and love to help others, but I do not have many friends where I live. I have turned to planning, decorating and learning about new beauty and health products for pleasure as I am pursuing a profession as a registered dietitian. You have inspired me to help others in a holistic way beyond just the food aspect. This care package would enable me to learn all about the health benefits they have without breaking the bank as I am also paying for school. Love you and Michael xoxox

  178. Hi Lauryn!! I don’t even know where to begin. I’ve been reading the blog since high school and I’m about to be a junior this fall at the University of Miami, FL. I couldn’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done for me. Checking the blog has become a staple in my everyday life. It always brightens my day more and I feel like I’m chatting with a refreshing like minded friend. It’s taught me to always think about my choices health related. Being in college can be a struggle to maintain a healthy life which is why I feel such a strong connection with your blog it’s about balance! Besides helping me obtain a well rounded healthful life I’ve also felt pushed to work more towards achieving my passions. It’s easy to fall into an everyday job but your podcasts, snapchats, insta etc. continue to push me to not settle for anything in life. It’s hard to fit everything I’ve taken away from reading your blog but I could not appreciate more all the hard work you put in! xo Katie

  179. This such an incredible giveaway! I would love to win for so many reasons (who wouldn’t)! I absolutley love your blog, podcast, instagram, and of course snapchat!! Knowing that you use all of these amazing products makes it even better because I’m never sure what to buy myself. I just wanted to say thank you for everything you do and the impact you have had on my life!! <3 xxxx

  180. Following on Instagram! I’m a new reader of TSC and you’re now on my daily to read blog list! I would love to see a daily in the life eats in insta please

  181. Soo excited about this giveaway!
    I’ve been trying to get in the habit of placing more importance on taking care of myself outside of work more in terms of balance in health and good habits for skin and body. I need this giveaway so it can get me started on all the amazing product I should have in my life to be the best me!

  182. @L- I need to win this. Like majorly. I’m always so impressed with how you’ve put yourself together and I know your beauty regimen plays a big part- if I win you’ve ticked a big chunk off my list!! 🙂 thanks babe!! ❤️❤️❤️

    1. & @lauryn, just curious, how often do you use nuface? I’ve been having some tension in my neck which has led to lymphatic pressure and Ive been thinking about trying it to help with that… I’d love your thoughts! xx

  183. Lauryn, love, you are so generous and so sweet! We are all super lucky to have you! I swear? I would be so thankful and grateful to be chosen for this, as I am sure anyone would be!
    I’m a new mom, I have a new born baby girl!
    Mom life is very new to me! Haha my husband is in the Air Force and he works 16+ hour nights so the nights are super long with the baby(: haha my pampering/beauty products have taken a huge hit! Everything costs so much but so do diapers! Haha this would seriously give me the boost I need. I am learning to balance taking care or myself with taking care of my family!❤️
    Even if I am not chosen you are still so sweet and generous! Much love to you!?
    Xoxo, Becca!

  184. I just love reading and seeing everything TSC. Your realness is so refreshing! I’m a proud mother of 4 (1 biological and 3 bonus) and my husband is a firefighter and owns his own company. Recently I decided to go back to school (nursing) and boy do I feel like the old lady in the classroom! Between mine and my husband schedules it is very difficult to find some “me” time so winning this giveaway would be everything! I was just talking to my bonus kids’ mom the other day (we have an amazing relationship sharing these beautiful Littles) and we both agreed taking time for yourself is so important for mom’s but most neglect to do so. Thank you for being you and giving me a little relief in my day reading all you have to say!

  185. Hi! Love your blog|vlog|insta, etc. I admire you’re honesty and realness that you provide with all of your posts because it makes it all more raw and organic. I would love to win this giveaway because 1.) it’s a lot of moisturizer and hair care and since I split time between Phoenix and San Diego my hair gets v confused on its environment and the moisturizer will help my skin go from hot as hell desert to beautiful San Diego more smoothly. And 2.) because my moms bday is coming up and since she’s already the most beautiful person inside, I’d love to shower her with gifts because our moms deserve much more than we can ever give them! Ciao! Xx

  186. This is one of the best giveaways I have ever seen. I usually don’t try my luck with entering because the chance I may win is so small. However. I am getting married this year and we are on an extremely tight budget. I have to pay for most of it myself so I have little that I can spend on myself (like pampering and products to make me look and feel great). It has always been my dream to have a range of fantastic products because I really love looking after myself. I am also a teacher, so self-care is really important to me as I have to give myself to my little kids all day, all the time. It is tiresome and draining. To be able to come home and be able to spoil myself after a long day would be a dream come true. I am so inspired by where you go, how you dress and the lifestyle you promote. I aspire to have a kitchen and cook like you and be a healthy couple too (me and my future husband are already quite health conscious).
    This is the best giveaway I have ever seen (which is why I’m repeating myself ?) and I would semi literally die of happiness if I won.

  187. Hi Lauryn,
    First of all- this is the most amazing giveaway i have EVER seen! I am very passionate about Beauty and skincare but as i am still in university i could never afford to buy all those products! It would be so so so amazing to win (also bc i have never won anything EVER haha) and would totally make my summer! Lots of Love from Austria

  188. Hi Lauryn,
    first of all – this is the most amazing giveaway i have ever seen!! I’m really passionate about beauty and skincare and definitely know and have wanted some of those products for quite a time. As i am still in university and recently started my own business, i can’t afford to spend all my money on beauty (as much as i would like to haha) also, i have never won anything in my life so this would totally make my summer and make me so so happy!
    Lots of Love from Austria,

  189. Left that 5-star rating after the first episode- listened on my way home from New York to Boston. Love love love TSC and cannot get enough. I absolutely have to win because I’m a broke-ass college student who needs to get her shit together!! Insta:

  190. Hi Lauryn,
    This is the third comment i’m writing bc somehow they don’t show up.. if you do see them though, i’m sorry! I’m really into beauty and skincare and have been wanting some of those products for a long time! As i am still in university and just started my own business with a friend, i have to spend my money responsibly (unfortunately haha). Also i have never ever won anything in my life and this would really make my summer 🙂 thank you & lots of love from Austria! <3

  191. I am obsessed with the CC cream, too! It is th best! I need to win so I can try out the nuface. And the collagen powder. You chose so many great products. 🙂

  192. I’d love to win because this year I decided that this year is about me. I wanted to invest in myself in every aspect of my life. I’m in my first year of Uni and I’m trying to figure out the whole ‘adult/student’ life thing.

  193. This is maybe the most incredible giveaway I have seen! 🙂 I love your blog and style. You are just so flawless and authentic, I feel anything you recommend is worth a try. I am currently staring my own business and it has been so chaotic I feel I haven’t been taking care of myself the way I should. I would really looove to win these amazing beauty products. Good luck and keep doing what you do! Love to read your blog <3 <3

  194. You have the most amazing giveaways! This would be a great one to win. By the way (totally off subject) your Grams is the cutest. I’m a fan of you and all your crew. Thank you for sharing with the world your intelligence and creativeness. I personally have learned so much from you. I read your blogs religiously and love it.

  195. Okay so I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this blog, reading it has become like a hobby I can’t stop. Always interesting to read the next blog and I honestly love the advice here. It’s so honest, heartfelt and you can practically feel all the hard work, love and warmth Lauryn gives into it for us just by reading between the lines! Tbh there were so many products tips and tricks I was confused and unsure about but this has helped me out so much. I definitely know for a fact that if these are all Lauryns favourites then I NEED them, she’s a role model and inspo in so many ways, why wouldn’t I wanna look up to her! Looking at those pics is melting my heart into pools of confetti! The struggle is real financially, getting back up on your feet is so tough, but I hope to have my luck up in this competition, I’d be flabbergasted if I won. Best of luck everyone! Much love

  196. This is the most amazing giveaway! I have to win so I can try some of the great things you’ve recommended! I love trying new things but I can’t always but everything so I would love to win!

  197. Lauryn this is an awesome giveaway!! I have read your blog for years and have adapted so many of your ideas/tricks into my own life. I just graduated college and am still in the stage of getting on my feet so winning this giveaway would be SO helpful and amazing.
    You’re the reason I drink green juice and eat banana/egg pancakes 🙂

  198. I would love to win because there is no way in hell I could afford all those goodies! I’m a single mom, just worked my ass off to buy a house for my daughter and I. I also went back to school so I can start teaching -two semesters left and straight A’s! Your blog is an inspiration for working hard and never thinking anything is out of reach. At one point I thought I would never get ahead but part of what I get from you is to never give up, keep moving forward, take care of yourself, and take joy in the mini delites in your life. I’d love to win this to pamper myself and celebrate all my hard work.

  199. Umm I have to win because All this stuff will make my boyfriend crazy, and I live to annoy him. On a serious note, I can’t afford any of this good stuff because I have a ton of student loans I have to pay off, and I have been dying to try the new Clarisonic, Nuface, and the vital collagen that you mix in your vitamin c drink(which I bought and love!)

  200. You are So generous..I love that about you. I spy the Vital Proteins collagen and so many other goodies. Girl on a budget would love to win over here!! ??

  201. Lauryn this is SO awesome of you to do this giveaway! I could def use this… Being a busy mom, I have pretty much no time to myself and never treat myself to these type of things anymore.

  202. Hey lovely lady! Super excited about another giveaway here on the Skinny Confidential! I’ve used a lot of your tips over the past few years and passed your name on to so many other girls I know and they love you as much as I do! I would absolutely love to win this giveaway. I’m sure there are other people who could use the boost up right now much more than I need it, but if I could win it I would be super thankful. There’s also a few things in her I would absolutely love to share with my mom. It’s gotten to a point in my life where I can finally start giving back just a tiny amount of what my parents have given me so I would sure love the giveaway for that reason. I hope your Fourth of July weekend is wonderful, I’m spending my Canada Day weekend in Chicago so it’s exciting to see how jazzed Americas get about 4th of July 🙂 xo b

  203. I have to win because I’m obsessed with your blog and I want everything you ever mention! Hahaha

  204. I have to win because I’m almost a new momma who could really use some pampering and motivation to get back into shape! ???

  205. I have to win because I have been following your blog for years and I absolutely love what it has turned into! You are killing it and I trust all of your recommendations. Everything about this blog is a bright spot in my day. And on a side note, I have had a rough couple of months including my car getting totaled #life. SO! This would be amazing to win.

  206. You are such an inspiration! I look to you for fashion and beauty advice EVERYDAY! That being said, I am a young art teacher who is getting married in October. All of these products would be so AMAZING for beauty prep before the wedding, especially since I could never afford all of this on a Wisconsin teacher’s salary :/ Thanks for everything you do!!

  207. So many goodies, this is incredible!!
    Oh la la, I like the looks of the facial toning kit and clarisonic!
    And the collagen <3

  208. Lauren this is an amazing giveaway! I would absolutely love to win it but I am so excited for anyone to be able to scoop up all of these products we have all been reading about! I found your blog earlier this year while I was looking around for information and inspiration to be in better shape and to take care of myself as best I can. Being all natural and getting rid of chemicals and crap from my family’s diet and products we use has been something I have been conscience of since they were babies. I love that you are so passionate about this too and really what keeps me forwarding your blog on to my family and friends. I have learned a ton and love your dedication and humor. My 14 year old daughter has been trying some of the things I am learning (exercises, oil pulling, face masks, green juice, etc….) I would love to think she could start being aware of how to take the best care of herself so young. Thank you ❤️ Keep up the awesome work!

    1. That is AWESOME Casey!! I’m so flattered you have been enjoying everything. Thanks for the support

  209. Holy Crap there are a lot of comments on this post!!! haha. I really have been wanting to try the clarasonic for FOREVER but I am a poor girl who acts like a rich girl so I really cant afford that. Like i said in my insta comment I want to see you use your platform to talk about more social issues that apply to you and your brand! I love that you did a water conservation post recently. Keep those kinds of posts coming!

  210. Hey Lauryn! I would love to win because I’m a student living on loans (ugh) and being treated to some serious beauty luxury would make my YEAR. I totally relate whenever you talk about the years before your blog took off, while you were bartending, and knowing that you figured your shit out eases my anxiety when I’m worried that I won’t be able to make it as a creative (I’m a writer). You have amazing taste and anything I’ve ever tried on your recommendation has been SO worth it. Side notes: 1) I love the podcast – I listen to it while I’m cleaning the apartment or during my commute and it really inspires me, 2) I’ve never tried egg salad before making the Nanz recipe and it’s now a staple, 3) Thank you for always being so interactive with your readers!

  211. This giveaway is amazing!!!! Thank you for putting this together <3

    Love from France


  212. I know that all these products have been expertly edited by you as I have been reading your amazing book and following your Instagram! Plus, I ❤️ The way you ❤️ Your grandmother!

  213. I have to win because I follow you on all social media accounts. I love following you and reading all your posts!

  214. I’ve used so many of your products that you have suggested and beauty tips. Love them all! The ice roller has been a blessing with this summer heat. And you have totally changed my skin game…I basically only use oils now and my skin has never been softer (who would have thought putting oil on an oily face would actually help it be less oily?). I would love to win because you know the right products to make us all be better versions of ourselves. Xoxox

  215. This giveaway looks amazing! I had a friend recently introduce me to your blog (and all things Skinny Confidential) and I was INSTANTLY obsessed with all of your tips and advice! I have spent hours looking at every single post you have done…this is the first blog I have ever consistently paid attention to. You are so authentic, which I love, plus your tips and product recommendations are AMAZING! Thank you so much for giving me a kick start to actually getting my life in gear and live the healthy lifestyle I’ve always wanted 🙂 Keep doing what you are doing, I look forward to your posts everyday!

  216. I would LOVE to win these products 🙂 I religiously keep up with you and all of your channels. While I don’t have a crazy back-story on why I deserve to win, I am an avid reader of TSC and love sharing your site/brand with all of my friends! This is so nice of you to give back to your readers and this is just another reason to add the long list of why I think you are amazing!!!

  217. I desperately HAVE to win this Lauryn!! I have to win this because I recently quit my safe elementary school teaching gig to follow my dream job which is not so safe and predictable! I have to win because I won’t be getting that regular teacher baller money to support my beauty product habits and just so happens my last guaranteed check is July 15. I have to win because reading your blog is expensive:) I’ve bought just about everything you recommend for example ice roller, vital proteins, striped cup with heart on it, essential oils, drybar 100 proof oil, alligator clips, (I tell everyone about your blog and the sleep bun) magic of tidying up book, instanatural rosehip seed oil, boobtube, detox water and I know there’s more. I even bought a jacket from you off tradesy which I love, i feel like i own a celebrity item. My husband always knows when I’ve been catching up on your blog when numerous boxes start showing up on the porch. However all that is about to end as my beauty budget is about to take a hit while I get my business going. I’m in my mid thirties so now is not the time to cut back on my skincare routine. I hope, hope, hope I win because this will be an awesome boost for me and help with my budget transition while I change directions in my career. I’m still trying to figure out how to rate your podcast, already subscribed though. Lauryn I hope I win this and if not I’ll keep trying and still be a faithful reader/follower because I freaking love all your amazing tips that you freely share!

  218. This giveaway looks incredible and it definitely showcases your dedication to the blog!! Whenever I have a beauty or health question this is the first place I turn to

  219. Hi Lauryn! I’m new to TSC but I’ve been very inspired by your posts so far, especially by your personal style and your mindset regarding safe, organic products! I was wondering–I know you’re not a big deoderant fan, but have you tried any organic deoderant brands? I’m trying to figure out if they’re truly safer and as effective as the chemically ones. Same with toothpaste. Please let me know! Thanks so much <3

  220. I have to win because I love everything about you blog – you writing, the content, Susan and the Nanz, everything! You’re my favorite blogger because you come across as so real. This giveaway looks awesome and it’d be so cool to win! Thanks Lauryn!

  221. Well I have to win because I’ve been following Skinny Confidential for YEARS. I just realized this. It’s crazy for me! I can be pretty non-committal with blogs and get turned off to a bloggers voice real quick. I haven’t followed any other blog for this long.. I think it is simply because I love everything that Lauryn posts. It’s interesting and fun and has impacted my day to day routine. She also has connected me to some other great bloggers and inspirations. Thank you Lauryn!!!

  222. as always, thank you so much for the giveaway!
    i’d love to win because you always have the complete DEETS on the best products (health, beauty, wellness) and i completely trust your onion!

  223. I’d love to win because I travel for work every week and could use these beauty products to focus on me 🙂

  224. Lauryn!

    This give away is incredible!!! I love how wonderful and dedicated you are to your fans/ followers, you’re kind of the best! I have to win because I was recently chosen to potentially be on a tv show and broadcasting myself to the world is stressful and I could use some wellness and beauty help from you! You always look so flawless in all of your photos and videos and I could use some help from the pro!
    Love you so much and everything you do!


  225. I need this! I’m a forest fire fighter but love being a girl too! I’m just getting off a 14 day assignment in Colorado. I need some love and pampering. This would be PERFECT!!

  226. Another amazing giveaway! I’d love to win because I absolutely love your taste, blog, book and podcast! You and Michael make my Tuesday morning commute something to look forward to. 🙂 Being that I’m moving into my first apartment without roommates, and paying an arm and a leg here in SF, this would make for a great win, at the best timing. Regardless, love you & the blog! So happy to have discovered it years ago & it’s so great to watch it evolve to so much more!

  227. I need this because I am at my wits end with my skin! I’ve tried everything to help my face but nothing has worked! I’ve wanted the Mia for a long time but can’t afford it 🙁

  228. This is an amazing giveaway!
    I’d like to win because I’ve been having some skin issues lately with acne and trying new quality products would be really helpful. I also very much enjoy pampering myself (who doesn’t?!) 😀

  229. This giveaway looks insane, and I would be so stoked to win it! The list of brands and products is amazing and I would love to discover new products I hadn’t tried before. Also receiving the bombshell body guide would be a dream as I’m someone who is super busy and I feel like these workouts would suit my routine perfectly!

    Sending my love from Switzerland! x

  230. If you aren’t capable of running the world, I don’t know who else can. It seems like every women looks up to you and I’d love your honesty and powerful demeanor just through social media! I would love to win a bundle of product you recommend and love so I wouldn’t have to step foot in Sephora for a year (just kidding probably for a week).

  231. This is an amazing “giveaway”, and best of luck to all! I found this because I bought the Vital Proteins Marine Collagen supplement, and I’m enjoying it in my smoothies. Today, I was looking for a few recommendations for a “green” powder. Great site… keep it coming, please.

  232. Such an amazing giveaway, and soo many products you have listed here that I’ve been dying to try! I have been a TSC reader for a while now, and have found all of your tips and suggestions to be so on point (some even life changing…). Honestly, pretty much everyone on here could be deserving of this giveaway, so whoever does win is going to be one lucky girl! Thanks so much for the consideration!! XO

  233. I have to win because I am obsessed with beauty products! Your blog is amazing! Great work, Lauryn!

  234. I would die for this giveaway. I’m a first time mom and have literally given up my entire beauty regimine trying to balance motherhood and life. Winning this giveaway would seriously just complete me . It would help me so much with just feeling like me again. Love you and everything your promote and blog about. You are seriously ALWAYS talked about with my group of girlfriends, your advice, tips, tricks, reviews etc is always a hot topic with us. You are amazing and I really appreciate everything you do! Thank you, and please never ever stop?.

  235. Wow! What an amazing giveaway! I read all your blog posts and you have taught me so much about health, beauty and things I didn’t even know I wanted to know? I would love to win because I am obsessed with health and beauty products but living in North Dakota I don’t have much access to a lot of amazing brands.

  236. I need to win because I just got fired and I am in a really bad place, so that would cheer me up 🙂
    love what you do here and I’m happy you started with podcasts – I’m obsessed with them!

  237. would love to win this giveaway it looks amazing, i never miss a blog and have been a very loyal leader, i love all your favourite products and would absolutely love to try them out as i see you using them so much, it would be a dream to try them all out, i am interested in starting a blog and these new products would be the fitting piece in to me beggining my blog, you have been my inspiration and i would adore to win this giveaway, i never miss a giveaway and always enter this has been my favourite one yet and would loveeeee to win!

  238. would love to win this giveaway and these look llike amazing products, as i type i am listening to your latest podcast and i just love it its so great, would love to win and have done all the criteria to enter, please conside!

  239. Wowzers what a fab giveaway! I know that any product you use is the absolute best! Your blog is always my go to, when looking for new and fun products. I want it all!!!!!?

  240. Hi. I really need to win this for my neice. She has such a great sense of style and loves her beauty supplies….she is in tremendous debt and can not afford any of these goodies. I have been buying for her…..this would really help her out tremendously! Thanks so much for considering us!!

  241. For starters, I’ve been following the TSC insta & addicted to your podcast since y’all started. I love the business and life advice from both you and Michael. I’m always listening to the newest episode while putting on my makeup in the morning! Also, I’m always super excited to try some of your favorites because I know you don’t endorse things/brands that you don’t already fully believe in. I’ve also always wanted to try the bombshell body guide, and this is the perfect excuse to get started. Even if I don’t win, thank you for giving us all the chance to win some great products!

  242. First, thank YOU for all of the heart and soul you put into this blog. I’ve been a reader since the beginning! & OMG this giveaway… I need it all! I never buy nice beauty products for myself, so this would totally be a game changer for me! I’m especially excited about the lip products. Xoxo

  243. Hey!! I follow you religiously but this is the first time I’ve tried to enter a giveaway because I never win anything (I know everyone says that)! I would LOVE to win this giveaway because honestly, I could really use some help and good news! I don’t have any extra money to ever get any type of extras for myself like this since my husband lost his job…and really before that. Just DYING to pamper myself. Love you, keep the amazing content coming! And tell Susan hi ??

  244. I would loveeee to win this fabulous giveaway because you always recommend the best products! This would be like a gift basket specially curated by you!

  245. I started reading your blog about a month ago after watching you take over Drew Binsky’s travel snapchat. You and Michael were in Italy I think and I just loved how genuine and real you two seemed! So now I’m hooked and read like every blog post you have now and have started drinking apple cider vinegar in my morning tea. LOVE that you only collab with brands you genuinely recommend as I’m forever not knowing which ones are actually worth a try!

  246. I have been a loyal reader of TSC and Lauryn for 5 years and I love everything that you say and do! You’re such a great role model for young women and I love reading about your life and ambitions ! I am a poor college grad and would love to feel a little luxurious if I won this giveaway, especially the beauty products! Pick me Lauryn! xoxox

  247. This is such a great opportunity and incredible giveaway! I would love to win this giveaway because I have currently started my own blog and trees product would be such great items to test and use out on myself as well as be able to learn from one of the best bloggers out there, like yourself!

  248. I would LOVE to win because I think you are a boss and so awesome and would love to try some of your fav products! so inspiring thanks girl!!

  249. I would love to win! I’m currently a broke phd student and have been skimping in the self-care department. Love listening to your podcast & reading your blogs. I’m a huge podcast fan and have been loving how your voice translates to that format.

  250. This giveaway is AMAZING! I’m going to be honest I just recently was told about you and the TSC from a friend and have been obsessed since then. I love your writing style along with the content on your blog. I am from San Diego so I especially love that you’re local, I feel like it connects me more to you as a reader! I reviewed the podcast and commented on your IG post (@sophiacarrdona). I would love to win this giveaway for a few reasons 1. The products are to die for, but anyone can see that 2. I’m a college student and balling on a budget would be an #understatement (I go to the University of Arizona) 3. I’m only 19 so I really really want to invest in products that will benefit my skin later on. Thanks for offering all of these amazing products! xo

  251. Umm…do I have to explain myself? Any girl would die if she won this giveaway! I need it! <3

  252. Being a new mum…I’m out of the loop (though, since finding you, I have found the light ?) and overhwlemed with everything on the market! Winning your fav goodies would be so amazing to share with my small (yet growing) mum readership!

  253. I would LOVE to win this giveaway because I feel it will really help me realize that I am beautiful and that I can be confident, even after my wreck (where I had a couple lacerations to my face). I think these products would give me the extra push I need to believe in myself and help make a healthier, positive change to my lifestyle! XOXO -Meleah B.

  254. I need to win because all of these products would be soooooo useful for me as well as serving as presents for friends/family. Also my birthday is coming up really soon and this would be such an awesome present! 🙂

  255. Thus is an amazing giveaway. I have been wantung to try some if these products!!!! Thank you for offering it, you are amazing…..

  256. I love it!! I have never won anything and this would be a dream come true!! On another note, thank you Lauryn for always providing the awesome, real content! I just started reading your blog and following a few months ago. I live in Nebraska and am busting my ass to try and make it big in business and life! There are some days where I feel like I’m doing it all for nothing and you inspire me to keep going. Thank you!

  257. First off, you are awesome! Love love love your brand, and it’s so cool how entrepreneurial and hard working you are. Love that you built your business from scratch all by yourself! Also, You have basically taught me how to do makeup, and I love reading about which products to get, book recommendations, how to make the most of social media, and listening to your podcasts! I would really really like to win this getaway- there are so many products here that I’m dying to try, but since I’m living in NYC and working my first job I can’t really afford right now. I’d really appreciate it 🙂

  258. WHY I WANT TO BE A RUNNER-UP: Seriously! I’m currently living in a college dorm and although the products you are giving away are amazing I have zero room for all of the goodies (and my roommate would kill me lol). BUT I have been dying to read your book so getting a free month of TSC Bombshell Body Guide would be a dream! Also, this past year in college I gained 30 pounds. I was stressed and sad so I ate anything and everything. I didn’t even realize how much weight I gained until about 8 months into this horrible pattern. However, I caught myself before it was too late and now I am focusing on not only being a better person mentally & spiritually but also physically. So far, I’ve been working out four days a week (I hope to get up to daily) and I know The TSC Bombshell Body Guide will give me the additional tools I need not only to lose those 30 pounds but to continue to live a healthy lifestyle after.

  259. I am so obsessed with all of your posts and blogs. I read every single one. I just subscribed to you guy’s podcast. Because I love Michael’s take on everything also. I really need to win this giveaway because I am about to be moving out of state with my boyfriend, and these products will really help me out. I can’t wait! This is so exciting

  260. I’ve been feeling blah lately, especially my skin. These products would be amazing to win! Thanks for the giveaway!

  261. I would love love love to win this partially just because I trust your say on what’s good in beauty, but also my skin would be so thankful lol there’s no way I could acquire this products in my own so it would be amazing to win them?

  262. Lauryn this is such an amazing way to show your appreciation to your followers! I personally would love to win this as I literally hang onto your every word 😉 I’ve been an avid reader (although a quiet reader) of yours for years and I find so much value in the things that you recommend and share with us. You’re authentic and I know that you would only ever share products or ideas with us that you TRULY believe in, and for that reason I know that every single thing in this giveaway is BOMB! I think that every follower of yours deserves to win this and I can only hope that I might be one of them 😉 xx

  263. These are all super cool products. I’d love to share them with our beautiful girls in our foster home placements. I know they’d really appreciate and be grateful for products they’d never think of being
    able to use or purchase.

  264. Because I am a college student that could use some help bulking up her beauty collection!!!!! Thanks for doing such a fun giveaway!! ✨✨✨✨

  265. Amazinggggg!! So generous…. I’ve never tried a single one of these products…. but I would seriously love to! 🙂

  266. Oh my gosh this is amazing! Thank you so much for having this giveaway! I’d obviously love to win 😉 It would be so fun to try new products that someone who’s opinion I trust already loves!

  267. I should win because I am a stay at home mom to an adorable 11 month old and get no time to myself! My beauty routine has slacked, I need a hair cut, my nails are a mess… I’d love some new products to kick start my focus back on me!!

  268. Huge fan of your blog and how entertaining/ informative it is! I’m trying to start my own korean skincare blog and am currently doing a ton of research on non-korean products to compare/contrast in my reviews. Would love the chance to start off w/ some of these. To see that you’ve literally created this empire from the ground up is so inspirational! #womyn #boss

  269. This is sweet of you to offer and very generous. Would enjoy to win and try these products between me and my friends.
    Thanks for thinking of everyone !

  270. Your giveaways are so perfect! They are always things you want and need! I have/ would love to win because I just just graduated, doing the whole transition thing, moving to a new place and picking myself back up. I struggle with anxiety and life is a little chaotic for my anxiety. Using a lot of your methods to deal from your blog, book and snaps. I’m rallying through but it would definitely brighten my day to win your giveaway. Your blog is always my go too, for health, fitness, fashion, food, advice and mental health xx Commented on your latest gram 🙂

  271. I would BE ON CLOUD NINE if I won this!!!! I have suffered with a terrible rashes on my face for years due to what we believe is an autoimmune disease. I have finally gotten my diet & lifestyle to a point where these are minimal in my life now, however my face is terribly scarred from past rashes … I could use so many of these products to help improve the condition of my skin! I would be blessed to win this!!!

  272. I would love these beauty products to help enhance my beauty routine for my upcoming wedding!

  273. Hola Lauryn,

    I’m Madeleine from Melbourne Australia. Big fan of you and Susan and following you guys and your travels. I would love consideration in your giveaway as my poochie Colby has been diagnosed with lymphoma (he isn’t in any pain, thank god) but unfortunately there is not much they can do to help him. We currently have commenced chemotherapy for him and obviously it is super expensive (around $600 Aud) a week. I will always do anything for my little man even if this means me cutting back on my products and lifestyle to keep him as comfortable as possible.

    Side note: love the podcast and you guys and your realness… Really want to both to come to aus and we can whip up some skinny margeritas! Much love, Madeleine (& Colby – woof) ?

  274. I’d LOVE to win this package – I get so lost and confused when going to buy products that I usually just give up since I don’t know what will go together. It would be amazing to get this package full of things you’ve tried & loved!

  275. You are a lady b-o-double dollar sign (BO$$). I’m inspired by you completely! Currently, 24, the director of marketing for a group of 8 companies and you can say i’ve got some wide eyes.. sometimes clueless but always motivate to take on more.

    I see myself in you! I trust your recommendations and blindly trust your judgement on product selection. I would totally love to get the opportunity to explore these products ! xx keep doin what you’re doin. It motivates me to keep on movin.

  276. Another giveaway?!!! This is the perfect birthday present which is in a week!!! I have to win because I’m optimistic enough to believe I’m going to win one! I’ve been saving and abstaining from buying anything this past year which is hard for a beauty junkie like myself! I’d love to try out every single thing. You are the best!

  277. Hi Lauryn!

    My name is Ashley, and I am a devoted follower of your blog, instagram, and snapchat (whoops). If I win, I would be excited about all of the products, but most of all the bombshell body guide. My goal this year is to become a healthier person-mentally and physically. It would mean the world to me to win the giveaway and would definitely lay the foundation to healthier living and actually taking care of myself. You are such an inspiration and the advice you give throughout your blog posts seems like it is coming from a “real” person, instead of someone who is doing it for the money. Thank you for all of your insight.

  278. Hello, i’m turning 40 next February and i’m kind of preparing for a new phase of my life. I have never had issues with my age but 40 seems like a big number which have to be prepared for – not to waste my next 40 years like I did with the previous ones. I’m a single mother of two beautyful young daughters and it also gives me responsibility to be a good role model for them and to also teach them rather through example than words. A healthy lifestsyle with a positive mindset and courosity for the word may not seem to much but I know from my own experience that this is the basis for a well spent life. This huge giveaway would be a wonderful contribution to reinventing myself and preparing for the big number, and your blog posts and advises do this on the motivation and lifestyle level.

  279. Hey Lauryn! I love your blog so much because it’s real, the contents are awesome, and you are a self-effacing influencer unlike other bloggers who only talk about themselves. Your blog inspires change, it motivates, and is very informative. I’ve been a fan of yours ever since I stumbled upon your blog and I do deserve to win because 1. I love the products you recommend! I’m also into the super healthy, witchy, organic, herbal kind of beauty and health products. 2. I’m moving to a new home and have tossed most of my unhealthy, not-so good beauty and health products and will be swapping to the healthy ones and it will be very timely if I get to win those supplements and beauty goodies you are giving away 🙂 Thanks Lauryn, and keep inspiring us all! <3

  280. Thanks for your Giveaway ??? i have to Windows cause i’m from France and we don’t have most of the products in your Giveaway and i’m dying to try them obvs. Love ya??!

  281. This is amazing! I cant imagine actually winning all these goodies!!! Its so hard for me to splurge on beauty items and there are so many I want to try (hellllo collagen!)

  282. I would love to win because these products look amazing. What an amazing giveaway. Thanks for giving us the chance to win!

  283. Winning this giveaway would be everything! I need to win bc I die for every single one of these products and who doesn’t love free shit?! Thanks again xx

  284. Oh my goodness this giveaway is a dream!

    I am currently a college student at the University of Minnesota and an avid reader of your blog. Between working, internships, and school I don’t have much time to explore different beauty products so I look to your advice when making my selections. I love listening to your hilarious yet insightful podcasts with Susan 😉 and reading all your tips and tricks. (Hello coconut oil for skin, hair, and lube) This giveaway would be amazing for me considering I’m ballin’ on a college budget. Thanks for being awesome and caring so much about your readers, it really makes a difference!

  285. I love your giveaways because of your detailed focus on the QUALITY of the giveaway items and the way that they are good for us / good for the planet! This giveaway is so so generous and FULL of items that most girls would love to try, and that I’d love to share with my friends and family and also feature on my blog! xxx

  286. Amazing giveaway! Love your blog! Your honesty is refreshing. I’ve used so many of your tips and tricks!
    I need this giveaway because……this worn out Mom is starting to look as tired as I feel! Help me!

  287. Winning this giveaway would be like winning the lottery—game changer!!!! Your choice of gifts and products are so dreamy and perfect. It’s a total collection of so many things I love and would love to try. Plus, how great would it be to win this as I begin my final semester of college?!

  288. I would absolutely love to win this giveaway because you are such an inspiration to me! Whether it is boyfriend, beauty, or health advice I know that I can always look to the Skinny Confidential to be inspired. Thank you for creating TSC because it has become my go-to blog to life. As a young business student I admire your tenacity and drive for success. I’ve got my fingers crossed for this one! I need a Clarisonic in my life. XX

  289. Hi Lauryn! I have to win because I am super pumped to try so many of the products you swear by! The collagen, the drug-store loves, the clarisonic! AND the bombshell l guide. If I don’t win the main giveaway, I would love to at least give the Bombshell guide a go!

  290. What a spicy-filled giveaway! So many good products to choose from. I would love to try all of these products. I take great value in the care of my body and skin and there are so many great options here. I just graduated from college so I do not have a TON of extra spending money on products such as these. Thanks Lauryn!

  291. I’d love to hear you tackle more reviews of beauty services! Chemical peels (yay or nay?), i-Lipo, dental health, etc. etc. There are so many offerings for beauty and wellness services right now!

    As for why I have to win? Girl, I need some self-care in my life. Busy bee always on the road over here! I’m budgeting hard right now (SO responsible) and am not spending money on things like facials and mani pedis. I need a total health and beauty staycation, ASAP.

  292. I have to win because I need so much help in the beauty routine department! I’ve been picking up some of your tips and tricks along the way, and it would be fabulous to add your products to the mix as well!

  293. Hi Lauryn! This giveaway is a dream come true! It would be amazing to win it. I have started my own blog and would love to use these beauty products so I could review them and apply them to my blog. I am always looking for new products that other people love and use. I hope to win this giveaway it would be so so amazing! Thank you so much for being a great inspiration!

  294. I would love to win because I die for this stuff and I’m a devoted fan! I read every blog post I am always inspired. You have changed my skin. I am now addicted to oils and a million other things. I also live in San Diego and have been asking everyone I know about cupping. This site dominates a lot of my conversations now. Happy to spread the brand and help you grow to girl power domination! Lol keep it up girl!

  295. I HAVE to win because I’ve been following you since like day one. The Skinny Confidential is my go-to fav blog for major realness. PLUS it’s my birthday this month 🙂

  296. Obsessed in the least creepy way possible. I’ve told all my friends about the blog and pretty much force them to watch snapchats, too, lol! TSC is like a best friend in blog form. I love the realness. Thank YOU for doing what you do!

  297. I would love to win!! I love all of you recommendations and the products you have in this giveaway are some of my favorites! Thank you for doing this giveaway and I hope I can win as I would love to try everything in it!

  298. I NEED to win because I’m a poor college student on a budget, but beauty and self care is still SO important to me!! By the way, I love your blog and the TSC podcast. I listen to you guys on my walk to work!! I love all the motivational, no bull-shit tips you and Michael have. Also, you should definitely feature the Nans more often!! xoxo

  299. Love love love your giveaways!!! Everything on here is awesome and I’d love to win… especially been eyeing that vital protein collagen hiding in the back ?

  300. Your giveaways are amazing! One day I’ll get lucky and win – hoping this one is it! I’m a HUGE fan and have been following you since you were a Pure Barre teacher back in the day. Now I’m one 🙂 Ive been a loyal and dedicated fan and seriously look forward to all of your content that you put out. I learn so much from you in so many different ways that I feel like your blog has allowed me to grow in my career and find my passion. I’m not sure where I’d be without it!!! You rock!!! xox

  301. I LOVE beauty products and wish I could go to nordstrom, Ulta and Sephora on the regular and buy everything that I want but that is not realistic for me… Winning this Giveaway would be AMAZING!!! Thank you for being so generous this is a GREAT Giveaway and whoever wins will be very lucky! You are so much fun to follow on Snapchat!!!

  302. I have to win because I am OBSESSED with the Podcast/have been following you for years.

    It’s been a rough year for me but following your great advice and laughing along to you and Michael makes me hopeful.

  303. This is the most amazing giveaway and I love that it’s not sponsored because it’s full of shit you actually like. I NEED the Clarisonic Mia to help with this dry, summer skin and the rest of everything would be the bonus of a lifetime! xoxo.

  304. I’ve been really trying to get back on track … physically, mentally/emotionally, career-wise, relationships, YOU NAME IT! (: I would love to win because HEY! I just cannot try too many new products. I’ve been following you for a looong time now and I just can’t walk away! Love reading your blog posts, watching videos, seeing your IG posts. It’s always so interesting to read about new things or see what other people have to say about different beauty/health trends.

  305. I love your give aways!!

    I have to win because I am an avid follower, you’re such a bomb ass babe and so motivational to me! I’m always telling my husband how inspiring you are as a female entrepreneur!! Love everything you do! Xo

    1. Also, I just had a baby so this would be like treating myself without being selfish 🙂 🙂

  306. because recently turning 30 means trying out lots and lots of skin care regiments and you seem to have it mastered 🙂

  307. I HAVE to win because your product recommendations are always right up my alley! You never steer me in the wrong direction and I can’t get enough xox

  308. Lauren, you have single handedly inspired me to revamp my blog and I have learned so much from your posts already! You also inspired me to get into the podcast game and find ever-more ways to increase my knowledge, and I’ve back-read everything you wrote, sometimes multiple times. I’d love to win to have a reminder to keep working towards my dreams and fulfilling myself creatively and at work – it’s a worthwhile investment and even if I feel tired or burned out, it’s worth building something for ME and owning it, rather than working for someone else. I’d love to create a platform that gives me freedom to choose my own projects and to give back to the community, just like you. Winning would help me feel I’m on my way 🙂

  309. I would LOVE to win this giveaway! I really look to you for health and beauty advice and it would be absolutely amazing to be using all of your fave products. Plus, I’m a college student and this would make the shop for stuff to bring to school in the fall infinitely easier!

  310. love this giveaway!!! I *must* win because I just moved to LA and your posts here have really inspired me to try new things! I have only been here for a month (right out of school) and have had a hard time adjusting to the new job, making friends and sticking to a schedule, so this giveaway would help me get in a good routine of things and take care of myself more! Would be forever grateful <3

  311. Hey Lauryn! SOOO EXCITED ABOUT THIS GIVEAWAY!!!! I would love to win and be able to try all of the products you love and use! Everything excites me about this giveaway LITERALLY EVERYTHING but mostly pumped about the free month of the TSC guide (hello beach bod), the clarisonic (holy crap!) and the vital proteins!

    I have to be completely honest…not only do I want to win because I totally value your opinion in everything beauty wellness fitness lifestyle etc, but I am also a babe on a budget (hello grad school loans). This giveaway would really allow me to experiment with all of your favorite things, without forking out $$$!!

    I also NEED to win because I am ready to revamp my beauty wellness routine and this is THE BEST way to start 🙂

    SO thrilled and thankful for you to be putting out such a generous giveaway! Thanks for being the best blog ever and giving me something forward to every morning while drinking my morning coffee (with a dash of cinnamon 😉 )

    Mackenzie Smith
    instagram- kenzsmith

  312. Lauryn – fellow Lauren here (in San Diego!) I have to win because I LOVE product and looking at the layout there are a million things I’ve truly been wanting to try! Plus it’s summer and there is nothing better to make you feel fresh and confident than some new additions to your beauty routine. Side note I have been on what seems like a trillion bad dates lately and could seriously use a pick-me-up! Lastly… a small side note – I am waiting to find out if I will be appearing on a TV show with quite a few other ladies and I can use all the help I can get!

  313. This is awesome ! I’d love to win this giveaway because most of these products are on my to-try list, and I have been saving up for ages to splurge on these ! I am an avid reader of your blog, I listen to your podcast, and follow all your beauty tips and tricks. It would be incredible to get a peek at the products you use to stay looking so beautiful and radiant. Sending you good vibes <3 x

  314. Oh Lauryn,

    I would love to win because I can’t afford to buy them.I’m a disabled mom on a very tight budget. I don’t really get much for myself. I would love this thank you for the chance..I’m following you on ig too.

  315. Hi! I would love to win this because I’m a college student working two jobs. Winning this would help out greatly because I don’t have a ton of time to shop around for products. Thanks for the opportunity to win such an amazing giveaway!

  316. Hi Lauryn! The giveaway is fantastic! I recognize so many of the products from your posts on Instagram or your SnapChat stories, and seeing them always makes me want to try them out ASAP. I just moved into my own apartment, so ALL of my money goes toward rent and bills now. I’d love to win this giveaway so I can throw all my The Dollar Store beauty supplies in the garbage, because they’re reeking havoc on my skin and hair. Any advice on how to undo the damage of shitty products?

  317. I have to win!!!! Because I’m a 1. Lauryn junkie 2. Beauty junkie 3. I need the bombshell body guide in my life 4. I look forward to your podcast every week and have subscribed and rated 5 stars cause I’m so not a bridge troll 😉

    I need this stuff n my life because I just moved home, and other than being driven crazy by my parents … I’m going crazy with unpacking old beauty products that really need to be thrown away. Time to start fresh!!
    I love your giveaways Lauryn you just get IT. xx

  319. I would love to win this giveaway! I am preggo and haven’t been feeling very pretty. I hope getting some new beauty stuff will up my game!

  320. Ive been following you on insta for years and last time i subscribed to your podcast but i would LOOOOOOVE to win because i LOOVE this blog and you obvs. These giveaways are literally crazy, thanks for sharing !

  321. I would love to win and start getting my regimen on point when it comes to skincare. The facial toning is what I have my eyes set on!! Ahh! My skin is so horrible right now and with all the different products I can figure out which one suits my skin. Thanks!

  322. Besides being a total babe, youre such a #GIRLBOSS and you have inspired me in so many ways! (Literally had a dream about brushing my eyebrows up… casual) I’ve been playing around with starting my blog/freelance project for 5EVA (over a year now, opps.) and ever since I started listening to your podcast I’m finally taking the steps to get it going and to build momentum, thank you!!

    I would love to win your giveaway because my skin and hair are both majorly DISTRESSED and i desperately need some help and I’ve been wanting to buy the BBG forever (ugh would die for the intervals and meal plan)!

    come to SF, our foggy city needs a little SoCal love!


  323. I’m no better than the next person to win this giveaway but to win it would just be the icing on my summer. It would just be so fucking cool!!!

  324. There are five of us in our family(+ two Havanese dogs <3) and I love to read your blog, insta, look at your snapchat etc. Keeps me "hip" 😉 My 16 year old daughter is amazed how much I know what's going on. As there are five of us this giveaway would be amazing to win. All of us would benefit from the things you have in it. Thanks again for an amazing blog!

  325. This. Is. Incredible. I loveee the content of your blog, but wouldn’t mind seeing more day-in-the-life/what-I-ate posts. 🙂

    1. Also struggling through a quarter life crisis and feel like I could really use a makeover/reset. These products all sound great! Love having your Insta/podcasts/blog to keep me sane.

  326. i would love to win this giveaway, it looks amazing, i have been reading the skinny confidential ever since it begun and am a number one fan, your tips and tricks have helped me to live a happier and healthier life and i adore listening to your him and her podcast rating it was a breeze! as said in my comment on your instagram photo i would like to see more healthy lifestyle tips as these are my favourites i am inspired to start a blog of my own and having these products would motivate me and definitely be my first blog post as this would be such an experience, i would love to win as i enter every giveaway and love these products i would love to test out your favourite products because i don’t get these types of luxury often so i would appreciate it a lot if i was to win, please consider me as i am your number one biggest fan!!!

  327. i would love to win this giveaway, it looks amazing, as said in my comment on your instagram photo i would like to see more healthy lifestyle tips as these are my favourites i am inspired to start a blog of my own and having these products would motivate me and definitely be my first blog post as this would be such an experience, i would love to win as i enter every giveaway and love these products i would love to test out your favourite products because i don’t get these types of luxury often so i would appreciate it a lot if i was to win, please consider me as i am your number one biggest fan!!!

  328. It’s that time for me to do a little it of a beauty overhaul. Out with the old and in the new if ya know what I mean. Would love to try out some new products and what better what to do that than winning a GIVEAWAY! Love everything you do! Thanks for inspiring me!

  329. I HAVE to win this giveaway because I recently became a mom and feel like I am totally out of the game. I focus most of my energy on the baby and have let go of my own self care routine. The budget is also a lot tighter these days! I need some new products!

  330. I would love to win this because I am an avid reader always interested in the products you suggest but also a broke graduate student! I am in school for holistic therapy and would love to try a few of these products to be able to recommend to future clients at my practice! (also, I mean who wouldn’t want to experiment with all of this?!… duh)
    Win or lose I will always love this blog/podcast and can’t wait to continue reading for years to come!

  331. Your blog has been inspiring. I used to be do hair at a funky salon in San Francisco while going to college and just being rad all around 😉 but I got married, moved to Corona, CA with husband…..2 step kids and two babies later, I’m like what happened? Hello bun all day and PJs. Your blog has motivated me to put on some makeup again and some clothes without stains and get it together again. Thanks. Keep doing what you do.

  332. I would absolutely love to win because I LOVE trying new products, I’ve been trying so many new things since I started reading your blog and its not only fun but super beneficial! This would be the ultimate to be able to try all these new products and brag to my friends how awesome they are!! Thanks for being my go-to blog!!!

  333. I don’t have to win but i would LOVE to win because I am currently finishing up my PhD and i have never felt more unattractive (working 7 days a week and having zero time for me is probably not helping).

  334. Hi Lauryn!

    Wow, this is an amazing giveaway! And the fact that it is not sponsored, you are doing this just to thank your loyal readers – AMAZING! I love that about you! You are so genuine and have been so transparent about your journey with TSC. This giveaway would be a new beginning for me. I am 27 and have struggled for the past few years financially and emotionally. I have been dying to try the bombshell body guide – I really need help kicking my ass into gear. Any time you rave about a product, I research it and add it to my wish list!! The one product I have splurged on is the Vital Proteins collagen – WOW!! I love this stuff. I could go on and on – but winning this giveaway would be HUGE for me. Regardless, thank you for all that you do – your readers are loyal for a reason!!

    xx, Emily

    PS – Absolutely loving the podcast – I look forward to it every week. xx

  335. Listening/reading all the products and Lauryns secrets is one of my favorite things to do. And Michaels advice motivates me all the time, I’m so excited to start my junior year of college with a different and more motivated mindset than last year and would love to be able to win this massive giveaway!! Please keep doing what you’re doing on the blog, snap , insta and the podcast. I look forward to learning more !!

  336. Would love to win this! Being a mom that doesn’t have much time to here self I would love to have these awesome products to pamper myself and make me feel beautiful and confident!!!

  337. Wow what an awesome giveaway, thank you for doing this!! Fingers crossed – you’ve seriously brought so many great products into my life!

  338. You rock! This is the most awesome give away I’ve ever seen! I’d be thrilled to win!! I buy almost all the products and what not that you talk about on here, insta, and snap, but I am always interested in trying new ones! I def wanna try more of the products that you talked about on your post about collagen, as well as new makeup brands! XOXO

  339. Hi Lauryn! Love the post and would absolutely LOVE to win these fab products! I discovered your blog years ago when you were featured on my friend Arantha’s blog.. and I’ve been hooked ever since 🙂 I love what you’re doing and you have inspired me in so many ways (to go for that new venture, to give a shit less about what others think, to eat better and…. to ‘rally’ when needed!) I could go on and on about how much I adore TSC, but put simply, I’d love to win these products because I’m getting married in 3 months and want nothing less than to look & feel beautiful…so thank you for taking the time to read xoxo ~ Ashley Wentz from NM 🙂

  340. Hi Lauryn! Thank you so much for this giveaway opportunity! I listen to TSC podcasts every week at work and it honestly brightens up my day. You two seem so genuinely obsessed with each other and the work you do and it’s really inspiring! I also have tried so many of your product recommendations, shout out to CALM magnesium because it’s been a game changer for me. So I would love the giveaway for obvious reasons- I want to continue to try all of your favorites! Thanks again!!

  341. I have to win because I’ve been suffering I mean SUFFERING with Hell’s Itch. If you don’t know what that is, google it. And then do a post about it. And how pale little biddies can stay out and enjoy the sun without wanting to shrivel up and literally die! But yes, THAT is why I neeeeed these products!

  342. Lauryn, Lauryn, Lauryn.. you never fail to amaze me more and more with all of your kindness and the love that you give to your readers/ support. I have been an avid reader for so long now that it’s like my daily visit just as checking my email is. The information and tips for life you have taught me along the years is beyond what I could ever thank you for or show you enough love. I am so happy for you and Michael and I completely admire your relationship. Plus your totes couple #GOALS 🙂 I would really love this as this year has been horrible for me. I have always lived with my precious Nana but this year took a turn for the worse with illness, and injuries for her. Just 14 days shy of her 81st birthday she passed suddenly at her sons house. The pain is completely unbearable at times and this would be such an awesome opportunity to boost my self confidence and motivation. Thanks for the absolutely amazing opportunity- who ever wins I will be so happy for, and again- you are completely amazing.. keep pushing for the stars! iTunes email: // insta: _ifancythat

  343. Hi Lauryn! I absolutely love the podcast you and Michael are doing. I have to say I was a little uncertain when you first announced it because you cover so many awesome topics in the blog– I was wondering how ya’ll could dream up even more. I absolutely love the informal, authentic, discussion-style way you guys handle it, it’s perfect to listen to while doing chores (yawn) and doing cardio.

    Anyways, I would absolutely love to win because 1) you obviously have great taste and killer rec’s. 2) While I love makeup and feeling pretty, I am exceptionally bad at picking out the right products. It doesn’t help that I’m literally in the most remote town that’s 2 hours from the closest city (hi, Burns, Oregon). Amazon has become my best friend here.

    Anyways, it’s been a pleasure watching your blog grow into a remarkable brand. It’s definitely inspiring me to hustle on my own site.

  344. Lauryn,
    I HAVE to win because…
    A) I’m a weekly reader of TSC since college (Beardown!)
    B) I ice roll my face and dry brush daily thanks to you
    C) The giveaway is the most amazing one yet and I love all the products included
    D) I’m a full time PR gal in Seattle who deserves a little TLC

  345. hey thanks for the giveaway! i would like to read more about your everyday health and wellness routines, as well as business tips and advice. thanks Lauryn! x

  346. I can’t EVEN tell you how much I would appreciate this! I have been wanting to try literally almost all these products as I have been a blog follower of yours… however with expenses it’s hard to do! I love your blog and it’s always inspiring to learn about new products and tricks. (currently drinking a detox drink :)) Not to be too fan girl but I listen to your podcast every morning while getting ready, I’ve been settling in my career and it’s my daily motivation to not let that F-ing be my story. Pretty pretty please pick me! You don’t know how much it would mean to me! Thank you!! xoxo

  347. I am a first time Mom and there is nothing I need more than to feel confident in my skin and be skinny!!!!! I love your blog and all of the health tips you give but the best thing is your brutal honestly about everything- so refreshing!!!

  348. first of all, after just reading a few of your posts i knew you were a woman after my own heart so i know i’d def LOVE products recommended by you! I’ve already tried quite a few that i die for so, thanks! i absolutely love how diverse your blog is. my fave posts are from your business, wellness and of course REAL SHIT sections. I’ve been in quite a funk for some time now since graduating from college and your blog has inspired me and just lifted my spirits in general. You’ve introduce me to Nicole Lapin and her audio book which has impacted my life so much since listening! SOO, getting to try all these dope products would just be cherry on top! i’m definitely in need of new beauty products to try!!

    xxx LG

  349. I’d love to win a giveaway! I’m a newly 30 club member, mom of a toddler and a real mess. I could use all the help I can I get! Xo

  350. Oh my Lauryn, this giveaway is amazing!!! I would absolutely die if I won, well not literally! I seriously love you, your blog, all your advice, snaps, posts & I could just go on! Your blog is honestly the only blog that I read, you are so genuine & real it’s truely refreshing! I have tried some of the things you recommend, (gelatin, mascara, probiotics) & I have a running list for things to get in the future! I am a single mama raising a 7 year old who is going on 21 ? & I can’t afford to do it all at once!!! I’ve been in a major rut lately & would love a jump start to get back on that wagon with your Bombshell body guide!!! Not to mention allll the other amazing things your giving away!!! Thank you for Alll you do for your readers & thank you for being you & letting us all in to your life!! Xoxo


  351. Lauren, your blog is amazing. I admire you for your drive to get this off the ground and build it into something big. You are constantly introducing me to new things and going in depth about your love for them.
    It’s awesome that your doing this giveaway as a special thank you to your readers and I have been a loyal reader since the beginning. Cheers.

  352. Hi Lauryn!

    Thanks for always hosting great giveways for your readers/subscribers! I have to win because I really want to try the beach wave spray by the tone it up girls (love them!), the buxom lip gloss (keep hearing bomb things) and most importantly I want to try the collagen!I love that you say it helps you stay young–a coworker of mine also swore by it!

    thanks for considering me 🙂

  353. Done, done and done! Thank you so much for this amazing giveaway. Been reading your blog for years & love seeing your progression throughout the years.

  354. I’d love to win because well let’s be honest everything is AMAZING! Especially the TSC Bombshell Guide! Have been during Pure Barre for 10 months now and while I LOVE the results it’s becoming too expensive so I would love a new way to help get into better shape. And your body goals so anything to look the slightest bit like you would be amazing!!

  355. Hey Lauryn,
    I would be so excited to win this! I have only recently stumbled upon your blog, and i do not have an Instagram or Facebook, but i do have Snapchat! I think i would greatly benefit from this giveaway for a myriad of reasons. I currently work in healthcare, and was recently promoted to a management position. Unfortunately , this comes with the tragedy of giving bad news to some patients almost every day. I was struggling with depression & anxiety from it, initially. I think i am on a more positive journey with it now, but i think this would help me put my best face forward every morning. Thank you for being so generous with your giveaway

  356. I listened to podcast but can’t figure out how to rate and review. I did share it. So dumb me doesn’t get entered in giveaway. Then I try to post this comment and it says I’m posting too quickly, what?? Oh well.

  357. Hi Lauryn! I would absolutely love to win this giveaway- My mom and I are both nurses and I would be sharing this giveaway with her- we would love the portability of some of these products to keep in our lockers at work to keep us feeling and looking fresh and beautiful as we take care of others during our long shifts! Love your blog and all that you do!

  358. I am growing out a pixie cut and my hair looks fucking heinous, if I win this giveaway I might actually feel cute for once 🙂

  359. Hi Lauryn,

    Thank you for the generous giveaway! Seems like the cherry on top of all this amazing content that drives me to your blog every day. So for the extra credit…I currently live in the standard NYC apartment for a mid twenty year old in marketing…aka a shoebox. A lovely shoebox, but a shoebox nonetheless. To make this shoebox even more interesting, its my boyfriends shoebox with his two roommates…now I know how you and Michael feel about sharing his or her apartment and not your own, but we’re moving into our own space in August (thank god). That being said, I would love to win this giveaway to help spruce up our new apartment and put a distinctly feminine touch to our new shared space (as I feel is beyond fair considering my time spent in a man cave whose living room currently consists of a card table piled high with booze…nuff said). Def in need of a man cave detox. Not to mention that I’ve been dying to try the majority of products your giving away (I’m looking at you – collagen supplements!) Can’t wait for the winner to be announced, off to read your latest post!


  360. Hi Lauryn, I’m such a big fan of yours and I absolutely neeeeeed to win this! I would be the happiest clam on the beach. You’ve inspired me so much and not a day goes by where I don’t use a tip from you in some way, from alligator clips to cc cream, colorful reusable straws, watermelon jerky, cold roller on my face, almond milk ice cubes in my iced coffee — the list goes on and on! Hearing your podcast makes my commute enjoyable and I have recently signed up for power yoga teacher training upon hearing you and Michael talking about pursuing your side hustle. I’m so excited! Thanks for giving me the push I needed. I would be so overjoyed to win this contest as I’ve been inspired and shared your blog with everyone and would love to share my prize as well! Thanks so much for all that you do and keep it up.

  361. I HAVE to win because as a medical student, being pooped all the time is my game… I stumbled upon your blog a few months ago and fell in love with TSC lifestyle after following yours snaps. Your spa water tips keep my energy levels up, your podcasts are the perfect company on a lonely night shift (I know, depressing), and ICE ROLLING is the shit. You rock, Lauryn.

  362. This giveaway is incredible and so generous! I would love to win because so many of those things are on my list to try. I’ve become hooked on several things you have recommended and I appreciate that you actually TRY everything before telling us readers about them. I am a happy busy mom/student with two jobs and some time experimenting with those products seems like heaven. I would totally invite all of my sisters over so we could have some girl time and relax.

    Thanks for your hard work and excellent blog!

  363. I HAVE to win because I’ve been wanting to try out the collagen, the miaFIT and pretty much all the rest of it!! I love listening and reading what you and Michael have to say and I’ve been reading your blog for a few years 🙂 I’m in college and I couldn’t even dream of buying all of these goods. Regardless of whether I win or not, I love that you give back generously to your readers, it really does mean a lot and it’s a fun and interactive way for us, so don’t stop!



  364. Uhm, HELLO incredible giveaway! Seriously Lauryn, I HAVE to win because everything I’ve tried via the blog I have LOVED so I know what you are offering up is going to be GOOD! Haha But seriously, this is an amazing giveaway. LOVE!

  365. Seriously love the podcast!! Can’t believe I hadn’t reviewed it sooner – I am obsessed with listening to you guys – you never know where the podcast will go next, great great great fun! I’d love to win to try out some more of your favourite things (currently letting the TSC workout plan kick my ass every damn morning – FYI the pink detox drink is THE BOMB I ran out of cayenne yesterday and subbed some fresh jalapeño ??? Summer is here!) thanks for moving my life forward in the right direction – tequila and all!

  366. Follow Instagram: Check!
    Comment on Instagram: Check!
    Rate Podcast: Check!
    Comment: I would love to win all these products for many reasons. I’m a big fan of NARS makeup, I’ve been wanting to try the K&K Beach Waves spray, love anything Burt’s Bees. Just so much goodness in this giveaway. More than anything I really really really want a clarisonic!! I’ve been wanting to get one for about a year now but I can’t bring myself to splurge on myself, although I’m sure it’d be a worthy investment 🙂

  367. Would love to win to be introduced to new brands! Love your honesty and writing style. Keep up the great work.

  368. Lauryn! I absolutely love your outlook on life. You have no doubt inspired me to become a better version of ME in all areas of life. Your “don’t give an F” attitude ESPECIALLY, since I tend to worry about other peoples’ opinions too much! Thank you for showing women everywhere how to be loud, proud and in charge. You’re bad ass and so is this giveaway 🙂 Also- would love to learn more about your nutrition certification in a new post! xo

  369. Ok so why I have to win…I am in grad school working toward my doctorate, struggling through my dissertation, working as a school psychologist, am poor and blah blah blah blah everyone has stuff. Why I think I should win is because I have learned so much from TSC and I share it all with my girlfriends. We all have our TSC Detox Drinks now, lemons are having a huge moment in our lives now and we walk everywhere. And we all share our own little tips with each other too now and its so fun! You’ve just inspired myself and my girlfriends so much, so thanks.. And thanks for the dope giveaways.

  370. First of all, I have been listening to the podcast episodes at the gym and want to say thank you for making the time fly by so quickly … aaaand making me laugh out loud on the treadmill and have everyone look over. You guys are doing amazing! I entered the giveaway because I just moved to Chicago from San Diego, and I need a serious beauty reboot. I feel like I’m in this weird slump, and I feel like beauty trends out here just … aren’t the same. Everything in this giveaway is amazing, and makes me want to sit in the bathroom for hours and try it all at once. It is incredibly nice of you to just do this for your readers and subscribers!

    PS You and Nanc have really motivated me to get all of my ish moving (finally finishing my site and pushing it live) and not care what everyone else thinks. Thank you for that, seriously.

  371. I would love to win because my skin has been bananas since my little boy was born in March, and I totally trust your opinions and recommendations when it comes to the #1 products!

  372. I need to win because I need a boost! I had a biopsy yesterday and I’m stressed out beyond belief about it and won’t learn the results until the 19th. So winning this would make me so happy it would help take my mind off of this! (And I followed all the other instructions as asked). Cheers!

  373. Ok Lauryn, I NEED this in my life ASAP! I have to win this giveaway! Im currently a dental student and I don’t know if you are familiar with it at all but we go through 4 years of constant stress (as in after college it’s another 4 years of intense school – yeah -_-). It is also one of the most expensive graduate educations to have so you can imagine with stress + being so in debt, I hardly have time (or money) to take care of myself. It is literally amazing to see pictures of me and my classmates before starting school and during school. The aging process is real. Yes, I signed up for it and I absolutely love what I’m doing but in terms of my overall beauty routine, it is definitely lacking. This is THE perfect package for me and I would most definitely have to share some of it with some of my classmates/roommates because we are babies in this beauty world and I think this would be the perfect start to preventing ourselves from aging as fast as we currently are lol. I love TSC and follow it religiously. Anytime I have a beauty question I already know to search it under your blog and I’ll find a post on it. Thank you for being so open with everything, I love that! ps still dying to try cryotherapy ($$).

  374. I want to win so badly!!! I am getting married this year and really could use some of these beauty products for preparation! The Skinny Confidential is my go to for everything! Almost every tip you give I try and there has never been one that I haven’t loved. I tell everyone I know to follow you (I even give your books for birthday presents sometimes ha!) . PICK ME PICK ME!!! XX

  375. Like so many other people winning this giveaway would be fucking amazing for my wallet, and therefore my sanity; so aka I need to win for mental health reasons. But seriously, I found your blog through a friend a few months ago, and it’s totally changed my outlook on not only health + wellness but also what I want to do with my life, etc. (deep, I know). I feel like every summer I have this reoccurring to lose weight, feel better, the whole usual thing- but I’ve never felt good about what I was doing. Your blog has helped me realize that what should come first is *feeling* good, and after that, your weight, skin, or whatever “problem” you think you have. Not like I dropped a billion pounds or my whole life changed or anything, but adding some of your recipes/general thoughts to my daily routine has largely helped the way I feel about myself. And, you responded to my Snapchat chat the other day which I think was a huge moment in our path to becoming best friends. Kidding, sort of- not really at all. P.S. I need this collagen in my life but have had to forgo Amazon prime-ing it in order to feed my dog; Pros and cons to everything I guess ya know?

  376. This is an amazing giveaway and YOU are such an inspiring person. I have been following your blog since 2014 as a way to decompress and relax after stressful days after work. I am a special education teacher in PA who works with 5-8th grade students with a range of different significant disabilities. September 2014 was my first year being employed as a public school teacher, (at 23 years old), and I remember crying everyday from September until December because I could not deal with my stress and anxiety in a healthy way. I would spend my lunch breaks and end of the day prep time on your blog as a way to try and fuel my stress and anxiety into something that was positive and made me happy. Three school years later, I still follow this same routine to get through my most stressful days. If the hits couldn’t keep coming, earlier this year I was seriously injured by a student and was out of work for a month with traumatic brain injury, I thought I hit rock bottom in my career and I did not want to go back to work. I spent the 10 minutes of allowed time on the computer split between your blog and my teacher website. I can safely and confidently say that your blog has acted as an outlet for my anxiety and stress. It has allowed me to manage my insecurities and imperfections. Thank you <3

  377. I think I should win the giveaway because I’m terrible at keeping up with beauty products. I have 5 brothers and no sisters so as you can imagine, I grew up a tomboy! I follow your blog to learn about beauty and health and it would be awesome to get some of the products to start out with!! Especially since I’m a student and don’t have the money to try out tons of different products! ❤️❤️

  378. I haveeee to win because I’ve really enjoyed reading this blog for the past few years and following along on the journey via snapchat, the app, & now podcast! You have such an authentic voice and offer busy girls a fresh perspective on living a healthy, balanced life while also having fun. As a college student working 2 jobs this blog has has served as a source of inspiration for me as well as a place to pick up tips and tricks for living my best life and being my best self! Would die to win and try out some of these amazing products, especially the Bombshell Body Guide..did the trial and loved it! xx Emma

  379. I would love to win because all these prizes are amazing. I would really benefit from all of these prizes. I need them it would be such a blessing to win.

  380. I would love to win because a. who doesn’t love to win goodies?! but b. because being in my late 20s with an autoimmune condition is really hard on the body and mind. I was never too into beauty products before I got sick, just really minimalistic. However, I’ve learned that when you feel so bad on the inside, it’s nice to make the outside look good! Makeup, skin care, all of it just really goes a long way in making me feel better when I feel really bad. Medical bills are quite high, so I don’t have a lot of spare cash to spend on products, so this would truly be a huge treat for me and mean so much!!

    1. Meant to say that I’m not sure how my subscription/review comes across on the podcast, but I used my iTunes account as my same email I subscribe to here (that I commented with!) and the name Emily Weeks. I just go by Emma on social platforms/at home 🙂

  381. Hi! I would love love love to win! Obviously because this is an incredible giveaway, but also because I’m a college student and I’m ballin on a budget. I love your blog, podcast and instagrams-I tell all of my friends and now they’re all addicted too! All of these are products I’ve had my eye on but obviously cannot afford lol. Winning all of this would seriously make my life.

  382. I just love the plethora of beauty products in this giveaway and I have to win because I can imagine the fun and excitement of trying all the different prizes. Also I would be sharing with my daughter who absolutely loves trying out different products but she can not afford certain items such as Clarisonic Mia so that would definitely be hers.

  383. I HAVE to win this because with two daughters in college, I can’t afford all those wonderful products!!!

  384. Lauryn! I have to win because I don’t get to buy myself anything but in December ( Christmas, birthday 12/29) . I have a lot of health problems so I can’t work but I would be sooooooo appreciative to win. I am having a very bad time with my back and left leg that I am going to need another epidural steroid injection and I am in the process of moving and I can’t help move or pack I feel bad so I would share with my mom! Thanks for this chance it would make my day!!

  385. I Listened to the podcast after work today, my first podcast ever. I love that I can listen and surf online! The only problem…i dont know if i was able to subscribe, I hit subscribe (a few times) but i dont know if that did anything, but I did give the podcast 5stars:) lol zima!

    I really love to win because I love trying beauty products and I haven’t tried those beauty tools yet like the Clarisonic and Nuface I just started showing the type of products I’m using on Instagram @meeh.ow

  386. I want to win this giveaway so bad!! Ever since your last one I have been determined to try and win the next one!! There are so many products that you have reviewed that I have went out and purchased and would love to win a few to try as well in this giveaway! Thanks so much Lauryn <3

  387. I follow you on instagram. I listened to your podcast on podomatic, Great info social media and branding. Peking duck story lol! I’d love to win of course to try all the amazing stuff especially Nuface.

  388. This is so incredible Lauryn! Amazing to see you always giving back! I would love to win this because it would give me a full year ++ of not buying cosmetics/makeup. I recently moved out of my NYC apartment and back to my parents (1.5 hr commute each way) to save money so I can move to LA next year. Financial diet ($$$ starvation) xxx 10000. Ha. I’ve pretty much nixed all of the non necessities and this would be a nice treat (lets say the ice cream to my diet lol).

  389. I would love to win because I have been so stressed recently with my work and personal life and my face is really showing how I feel, let’s just say breakout city right now. So winning would really turn things around in more than one way, great skin and great feelings! ♥ your blog and you, Lauryn!


  390. I would love to win this giveaway because it truly has the best products on the market! And I have been dying to get my hands on that collagen beauty greens container! Love you so much Lauryn! 🙂

  391. WOW! What an amazing giveaway. I absolutely love reading your blog everyday – I always find it super helpful and you seem so . I am a rising premed senior at the University of Richmond. For the last couple of months my skin has been terrible (stress/breakup/death in family) and I could really use a pick me up! I just finished taking my MCAT (on my 21st birthday!) and this would be an amazing 21st BIRTHDAY gift 😀 Either way I love your blog – keep it up! <3

  392. Hey, I’m Lyric and I’m a senior at Texas Tech, I’m a communications major and I always seemed to miss the chance to meet you when you did your blo bar meet ups! I love your blog and you’ve inspired me to live a healthy life in and out of the gym! You’ve inspired me to start my own blog and your story behind the skinny confidential makes me think I can do the same! I listen to your podcasts when I’m working on school work and homework and it keeps me motivated to keep going, I’d love to win this giveaway and it’d definitely help give me new products to do flat lay photography and write a post on them! Thank you for keeping me motivated and having an awesome blog!!

  393. Hi Lauryn! I’m Elena. This giveaway is absolutely amazing! I love all of the products and companies and I also think it’s amazing you spent money and took the time to compile such a large amount of beauty products for your readers… I read your posts religiously and I think it would be such an honor to win. Thank you!

  394. I’m a twenty year old college student (I could probably just stop there) who is also a certified private pilot and is in training to one day fly commercial planes all over the world. I live and thrive in a mans world. In most of my classes I am the only female. I often feel over whelmed and alone because I am one of the few people who practice a healthy, holistic lifestyle while sticking to a strict budget. It is NOT a simple task and often I have to give in to lower quality brands because organic, high quality brands are either out of my price range or located at stores to far to drive to. That all being said, I am extremely grateful for bloggers like you keeping me up to date on what is good for my body and what I should be avoiding. It keeps me aware and alert in a college town full of people who have no idea what they are doing to their bodies.(It also keeps me sane to know I am not the only one who thinks putting cayenne pepper in almost everything is acceptable) $2,500 worth of prizes would be life changing to a college student like me. Even the Bombshell Body Guide alone would be such a blessing coming from the girl that has done Week 1 through Week 24 of Kayla Itsines Beach Body Guide three separate times!!

  395. Ooooh I would love to hear more about your daily skin routine! Your eyebrows are to die for maybe your secrets on those too!

  396. Hi there,
    This is absolutely an amazing giveaway, and there are so many people who would be lucky to receive all these goodies. I have been following your blog for awhile and always try to use your helpful articles and advice to better myself in my everyday life. The reason I am commenting on this giveaway, is not for me, but for my mom. My mom had cancer and was really sick with other ailments due to this disease, and just recently has been able to recover. Your blog has given such hope and insight and was something that my mom and I could share together when she was sick. Though I may not be picked for these awesome prizes, I do have to say that it is wonderful that you are giving someone the opportunity to take care of themselves and to be the best possible them they can be.


  397. Oh emm geee! This prize is EVERYTHING!! And I’m so happy that it brought me to your blog and allowed me to discover your podcast. Great content and I can’t wait to read and hear more. Plus, back to the prize, I may never have to go shopping for anything ever again! Protein powder?!? Makeup?!? A candle?!? Reading material??? Drop me off on a deserted island alreadyyyyy!!

  398. I’m super excited about this giveaway that will make one girl super happy!! I am a lic Esthetician and one thing I get asked daily is ‘What products should I use for my skin type’? What do you recommend? It makes me feel so much more confident when I try the product on myself. That way I can tell my clients how awesome they are and why they absolutely have to get them. Thanks for the opportunity !!

  399. So many amazing goodies!!! I would love to pamper myself with facials and new makeup! I want my skin to glow!

  400. What an amazing way to give back! I love your blog and I appreciate your efforts to improve health. As a soon to be senior in college majoring in dietetics, I love all things health. I believe in a holistic view of health and this includes self care! Since most of my money has to go toward my education, I don’t have much to spend on these beauty and self care products that I would love to try! It’s important to splurge every once in a while, but this giveaway would help me practice what I preach revolving self care and overall health.

  401. Hello My name is Ana I’m 18 yrs old who is currently going to Advance beauty college to become an esthician which you inspired me to really look into my skin care routine because i don’t have one but i figured out how do i start if i dont even know my skin type eventually later in school i will know but when i saw your instagram on your giveaway i thought to my self this would be such a big chance to help me later with my skin .and when i saw nuface mini was one of the items your giving away i thought of my mom because she been wanting something to help her repair her dermis an I have a feeling it will help her and for the rest of the product I am looking forward to help me with my appearance to help me with my confidence when I go out I want to embrace my skin but it’s hard for me I must hide my scars and hyperpigmention and acne scars and sun damage spots because I feel insecure with my skin that’s why I wear makeup to cover it and I feel a bit of confidence but I just want to stop doing that I want a radiance skin .I really really hope to win this will my world 100x way better !sorry I didn’t subscribe and rate on your broadcast on iTunes so I totally loose to win the giveaway I would of totally done it but sadly I don’t have an idea tune account but I decided to make one but then it asked for your credit card and that’s when I started to cry because I don’t have a bank account or credit card what so ever so I’m really trying to get a job to save up money in order to have a credit card sorry I let you down!??I really really tried .I love you so much !!!??❤

  402. I follow you on Instagram. I would love to win this it seems this year my skin has changes a lot and I have developed a lot of wrinkles. I have been trying different things to help my skin and wrinkles but have not found anything to help yet if I had these things maybe I could find something to help me with my skin and wrinkles

  403. I want to win because im getting ready for my wedding and all of this would be amazeballs to add to the beauty routine ??

  404. G’day Lauren from down unda! No, unfortunatley I don’t have an amazing Aussie accent as I just moved from the states to Aus but I what I DO have is a love for your blog! I moved to Aus about a month ago with only a backpack (crazy, right?) so I currently have about 1 beauty product. I would say I just about need to win in hopes of showing my new Aussie friends my best face! Your inspiring posts have been gracing my Instagram and Pinterest for YEARS. Thank you so much for using social media in a positive way by helping fellow girls bosses stay motivated to be the best version of themselves. Cheers, Ashley

  405. I love your giveaways and that they aren’t sponsored is so freakin real and honest! I am a beauty junkie and have been following your blog for years!
    Some topics I’d love to hear discussed would be the real deal things beautiful people are doing but not admitting to. Obviously botox, fillers, laser treatments, coolsculpting, surgery, eye lash extensions, teeth whitening….the list goes on! I’m all for it and do a few myself, but let’s get real!

  406. Lauryn! Love your Instagram account! Your beautiful, funny, and inspiring! Thanks for all the tips! I simply would love to be lucky enough win your giveaway! Your TSC girl in Michigan, Michelle

  407. Hi! I read TSC all the time and love it! I think I should win because after 2 long years of post partum depression and the loss of someone very close to me I finally feel like I am finally starting to find myself. After having my daughter I had a really difficult time adjusting to life as a mother and struggled with depression and intense anxiety for about 18 months. I finally started to overcome it and get back to myself when my grandfather, who was genuninely my best friend, suddenly became sick and passed away. The past 2 years have been a long struggle for me but I feel like I am finally finding myself again and overcoming the pain. I think winning this contest would really be a great last step in conquering all the difficulties and pain of the past 2 years. Thanks so much for providing a great platform for women to enjoy! Reading this blog always cheers me up and has given me something to look forward too!

  408. As a struggling grad school student in New York I work three jobs and go to school full time. I always try to follow all of your tips and tricks but sometimes it is out of my budget. This would be an awesome way for me to kick start a new beauty regimen! Also I love love love you blog, Podcast and the book!!!! You’re amazing!!!

  409. Hey Lauryn! Just subscribed and rated your podcast! Love it. I neeeed to win this contest because I’m obsessed with beauty and beauty products and I am always looking for new things to try! I’m in college, so I like to limit my beauty splurges as much as possible (even though sometimes I sacrifice gas money to buy that new face mask at Sephora. Don’t tell my mom). This would be amazzzzzzing!!!!!! Love ya

  410. So now entering towards late 30s is scary enough, the regrets and mistreatment of my skin in my youth is rearing it’s ugly head! 🙁 I’ve been especially wanting to try the Nuface toning device, but it’s rather pricey. I love beauty care and wish I had been better versed in my youth. I can only try to reverse and maintain now and your lovely giveaway would definitely aid my skin!

  411. Instagram follow- check
    Fav beauty product comment on Insta- check (EcoTan pink Himalayan salt scrub is life altering)
    Subscribed to podcast (can’t wait for this botox one!)

    This giveaway would literally be my life blood..As a beauty/ product junkie, adding these items to my repertoire would be like Christmas in July. I’ve recently lost weight and am finally starting to feel like my “old self” again. Because when I wasn’t feeling like that person, things like clothes & appearance fall to the waist-side. Now that I’m back in my groove, I’m investing in beauty products to make me feel alive & pretty again! (Veuve Cliquot taste on a PBR budget) I’m also totally not the kind of person that shares like that, but in the spirit of putting it all out there in true TSC fashion, why the h not?!


  412. Thanks so much for this giveaway Lauryn. I am in love with your podcast and got my bf hooked on your podcast as well. I love whenever you guys answer relationship questions and love your bickering as well. Haha. Still a FT college student so this giveaway would be AMAZING!

  413. How Lauryn! I have to say, this post brought me to complete tears once I realized it’s a giveaway. I was so in love with the cart to begin with.. Lol.. I know,probably not the 1st thing most check out.. But I thought it was so cute and exactly what I need for my little bathroom.Then I was checking out all the totally beyond amazing products on the cart, and started daydreaming of what it would be like to have even a few. Needless to say, as soon as I saw that you were being so so so extremely generous, and were simply giving everything away with such easy requirements, I started crying.. Being a young now stay at home mother due to a on the job injury of breaking and tearing all the ligaments and tendons on in my ankle, plus having 2 surgeries on it in the past 11mo and awaiting another next, plus taking care of my 3 amazing children, 8,7 & 5.5, and having them with me, attached to my side all day and night for that matter.. Lol!! Because I chose to homeschool and be the best mother I can be to them, and also trying to start up my own small mobile new and used high end clothing boutique. I find myself having less and less time for myself, not working full time has definitely changed finances, and I would give the world to my kids and find myself alway putting things for myself back to get things for them when out shopping, or selling things I don’t really need if they’re in need and the budget doesn’t cover it. So having so many amazing products would be such a INCREDIBLE, AMAZING and LOVED. Being able to feel beautiful again and do something for myself, a true BLESSING! I’d be telling everyone I know and could possibly see, to follow you!!!!

  414. Lauren, you have been one of my top 3 favorites and you have inspired me for quite some time. I have had difficulty with acceptance of myself, more so unacceptance from many of life’s unfortunate occurrences, and you help me to pick my head up daily and move past those. I recently have had a stream of bad luck, from losing my job to my losing my home to a house fire that ended up a total loss. My biggest loss was my collection of makeup, skin care (various) and all of the things I had that made me feel beautiful. There was much more that I lost in the fire, that most people will never understand. I feel like a part of me died in that house, and haven’t been the same since. I am trying to rebuild both my confidence, my finances, and sadly am still looking for work and more. I have been actively doing rating & reviewing with hopes of being lucky to be be selected to win some of my favorites, but it hasn’t happened yet, to my dismay. I want to win so badly, but will be happy for whoever that person ends up being. You are an awesome person, and this giveaway displays your kind heart and I could go on forever, but I will end my statement by saying that the only thing that could make this any better would be by meeting you in person one day.

  415. Hi Lauryn!

    First off, I wanted to start by saying thank you for having such an informative and fun blog. A friends girlfriend told me about your blog and ever since it has been one of my favorite things to read (also a great way to procrastinate at work because it looks like I’m v busy when in reality i’m looking at your blog and online shopping).
    A little about myself, I am a 23 year old working in the healthcare industry. I travel around the country interviewing patients with different illnesses to help understand from a patient perspective what their experiences have been. I take incredibly great care of my skin, but sadly many of the best products are very expensive. I would be forever grateful if I could win all these magnificent things you have for the giveaway! I’ve bought several products off of your recommendations (everything and anything Mario Badescu, as well as the “ice roller” to use on skin at night ). Please pick me! keep on being awesome, i love the blog!! xoxox- Siobhan

  416. I would like to read about the best anti-aging skincare products because I am 62-years old. Also best hair care products for dry, colored and fine hair.
    More about comfortable clothes designs.

  417. I would love to win the giveaway! They are all top of the line products. Some are exspence products I wouldn’t try unless I could have liberal large free samples. I really want to win all the products. Best giveaway ever. It would be a dream come true to win.

  418. I am not sure my last post posted so I am doing it again. I am following you on Instagram @bloomover50. I think I should win because I would never be able to afford all the top of the line products. I love them all.! It would be a dream come true to win.

  419. Entered! Thank you for hosting such a wonderful giveaway. I would love to win as a) the products all look amazing but b) more importantly, I have been experiencing a tough go right now after my cat and my grandma passed away in the same week. I hear bad things happen in threes, but I am hoping that perhaps this will break that cycle!

    Thank you again for your generosity & being so thoughtful towards your readers. We really do appreciate it!

  420. Hi! I’m really exited about your giveaway I had never enter one before, but I absoloutly LOVE the site and just everything about it, every single post is just so random and interesting, sometimes not even relevant to what I need or to what I’m looking for, but I just love them all! Haha. I also love the fact that everyone is elegible because there’s usually so many restrictions. I really hope to win this, but anyway I hope I’m not to late for this but either way I wanted to post my coment :). Love you, and love the blog! Hope I have a chance!!!

  421. OMG!! I love reading your blog and your giveaways are amazing!!!
    It would be great if I win this giveaway because all the products are amazing, really WOW and I think they would help me to look and feel better. Love reading You. Keep the great job ??

  422. Hey Lauryn!

    I’ve loved watching your blog grow into the amazing brand it is now over the past 4 years. I still remember when I was 17 and my now obsessive love for fitness was beginning to develop. I’d turn to your blog for playlists, beauty, motivation, and everything in between. As I now enter my fourth and final year at business school, the direction you’ve taken TSC resonates with me even more – I still turn to your content for motivation and advice, but now even more with regards to building dream career and pursuing it relentlessly.

    I recently came home from 5 months of studying abroad in Vienna, Austria, featuring lots and lots of travel (actually followed a similar rout in Italy as you and Michael – loved following it on Snapchat). This means that my heart is full, but sadly, my bank account is not. A little special treat to myself in my beauty routine makes me feel every girl like Beyonce – I’m more confident in all other aspects of my life when I feel and look good. But, I pride myself on managing my money well and have been incredibly frugal as of late. This means that little things I’d often to treat myself to have been sacrificed – no mani/pedis, massages, makeup splurges, buying nail polish.

    I’d love to get this pack to get me feeling like myself again – a little refresh can go a long effing way if you catch my vibe. Thank you for even giving your followers the opportunity to get such an awesome gift!


  423. I die for this giveaway. Thank you for encouraging me to start a blog and release some of my creative energy that’s been suppressed! I have so many ideas already and began writing and organizing last night 🙂 Like you said, the most important thing is just STARTING. It would be dope to test out these amazing products and write a post on what I thought of them. BTW, the sound on the podcast since you started with Postcast One is top notch!

  424. Hi lauryn! Well I’m a little bit late for this but here we go. First I’m from Casablanca in Morocco and I’m just soo in love with ur blog and actually the reason why I think I really want this giveaway is because I don’t want it for myself I actually want to win it for my best friend who’s a huuuuuge fan btw and who’s suffering from cancer. I really hope you’ll see this and I really love you ❤️

  425. Hi Lauryn! My name is Jessica and I am a 23 year old SoCal girl obsessed with your blog/snapchat/podcast …currently in the middle of trying to figure it all out…you especially and your blog have really given me a kind of mental break from all that and given me some real motivation. This blog gives me major inspo and I’m obsessed. I would love to win this giveaway because honestly what 23 year old wouldn’t.

    Oh and I’m all about that collagen and Clarisonic Mia.

    Thanks beauty!

  426. I would love to win this giveaway because I haven’t been feeling very confident about myself and I would love to get back on track with a beauty and fitness plan so I can bring the best me to my new marriage (I just got married in May – and good luck with wedding planning, I know you will make it an absolutely beautiful day!) Thanks for the opportunity to win all of this amazing loot! <3

  427. Hi, this has been a really hard year, between huge challenges at work (and totally rising to that occasion!), taking care of my mom and my critically ill roommate/bestie. I’ve realized that I need to take better care of myself if I’m going to be able to take care of everyone else too. So I’d love to win the giveaway. There are a ton of great brands and products and I would love to own a NuFace Trinity. I’ve been following them for a while and I need to keep up the immortal look I’ve got going on. So thanks for the listen. I’ll keep spreading the good karma. 🙂

  428. Why wouldn’t anyone want to win this giveaway I mean really! This has so many fantastic brands that I’ve been following and love a ton, I love to enter these even though up to date I’ve never won one but pay no mind. Either way I love the website girl so keep doing what you’re doing! <3<3

  429. I would love to win this giveaway. Thank you so much! I would share with my sister, and my daughter. There are so many things that I would like us all to have and try.

  430. Lauryn I’m one of yours new followers. I have been reading some of your latest articles following you on instagram & tiwtter. Your content is Always detailed, unique & informative in a time when almost everyone is just providing something that lacks enough info just quickly written to fill pages.
    I admire you and I think you are one of the fewest most amazing bloggers out there. God bless you & keep going ❤

  431. I’m really inspired by the way you live your life so honestly. Its very refreshing to find someone that is so relatable! I’m working on spending more time taking care of my skin and body and a lot of the things you recommend are super helpful. Winning this giveaway would be awesome but even if I don’t thank you for being a great role model.

  432. This giveaway is SO perfect. I would LOVE to win because I’m a babe on a budget! These are products that I couldn’t really afford to buy myself. I will be a senior in college come August, so student loans are approaching super fast (EWW). Also, the products that I have bought because you posted about them on your blog have NEVER disappointed. Which means these products could not disappoint either! How lucky would I be if I got to have the same products Lauryn Evarts uses!? ;)& the boob tube was just too good of a purchase. Another reason I would LOVE to win is because some of these things would be perfect X-mas gifts. Since I already have your book, I’d give this book to my mom or my best friend to read. Like how perfect, right!? This giveaway is everything. I love that you give back to your readers, it shows the type of person you are. Thank you for being you, and making this blog your life, because it gives me life!! BTW, you’re the reason I started my blog 6 months ago <3 <3 <3

  433. I need to win because I am a total mess beauty wise and need a complete rehaul!! This would be the perfect kickstart to my new regime!

  434. You are my absolute favorite! I would die to win this amazing giveaway! Thank you for always constantly inspiring me and being such a light <3 You truly make an impact on the lives of others and I so appreciate the heart and soul you put into everything you talk about. I could literally go on and on about how I love you/ TSC/ the podcast/ everything you touch! I am a huge wellness and beauty junkie but am trying to be good as my current job right out of college doesn't make much! I am the girl whose favorite thing ever is learning new beauty/ wellness tips and would seriously die to win all of this amazing stuff. Overall I just wanted to drop in and share some love because you are amazing! Thanks for everything!

  435. Please pick me!!! Baby #2 is on the way very soon! Would love to change up my beauty regime!

  436. Ah, I’ve been dying to get a clarisonic! I just graduated college and I’m temporarily moving home to save up some money (which also means I’m not taking myself on any shopping trips either!), so winning this would definitely be a nice graduation gift as well as take my mind off of the downsides of moving back in with my parents lol.

  437. Love you, your blog and your realness so so much!!! I would love to win because… who wouldn’t?! You have the best recommendations, and everything I’ve tried that you have blogged about I’m obsessed with! Xo

  438. Thank you for being so honest with your followers. In a world full of “fake peeps”, you are the “real deal” missy! I enjoy all your social media posts and I totally try all the products your promote. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Ex Oh, Ex Oh! ~Denise

  439. I love trying new products that someone I know recommends! It makes stepping out of my comfort zone so much easier when a girlfriend says they are legit!

  440. I have to win because I am going back to school in the fall [September] and I am a commuter student living off campus. The expenses are pretty high as of now and I’ve been working incredibly hard this summer to save up. I’ve ultimately had to sacrifice a lot of great opportunities including an unpaid internship because I had to work so hard. This opportunity would allow me to stop neglecting myself and put me first! That is why I think I deserve to win! Good luck girls !

  441. I honestly HAVE to win this giveaway because all of these products are things that I have seen posts about and they seem like awesome products. I would love to get to see what you love so much about them!

  442. I would love to win this giveaway because I have been an avid fan of your blog for over 4 years and I know I would love all the goodies you recommend. It’s so cool when I find out you are into the same stuff I am. I have been drinking a version of the skinny detox drink for years and since you blogged about it, I’ve made it a daily habit. Your wellness tips keep me on track on what resonates for me and my body. 🙂

  443. Oh my goodness this kit is AMAZING! I’m a new makeup artist and LOVE your blog, tips on beauty & an overall healthy lifestyle. I would love to win this because it will help me get started (like massively help) and I also want to see why you love these products so much (hopefully I’m not sounding like too much of a fangirl here..). You have so much passion and it comes through in your writing & videos. Weather I win or not, thank you for doing what you do & best of luck to everyone else who entered :).

  444. This giveaway looks incredible!! I would love to win because I am such a product junkie and want to try all of these! Plus my friend keeps talking to me about your bombshell body guide and I would love to check that out 🙂
    Thanks Lauryn!

  445. I absolutly love your blog and the main reason why I’d live to won is because in my family we don’t make extra money for neauty products and all but I truly am passioned about beauty so wining this would gine me the opportunity of improving my knowledge by practicing and trying products. Who knows, strating from there maybe I could become a beauty blogger or something aaand I could have a better skin ?
    Love you make me win ?

  446. I’ve been watching and reading your blogs no -stop for days it seems.. Lol! I’m so in love with everything you post.I love how REAL you are!! But I’m dying to find out who won???? Please let us know!! Lol…

  447. I just have to win this because all of these things are literally MY LIFEEEEE!!!!??winning this will make my little heart melt 1,000×10

  448. I would like to win all of theses products because i don’t have them and i would try them and share them with my mom that i love, we can’t get them our self because it cost too much.. I hope we win them! I love you?

  449. I couldn’t believe how huge this giveaway is when I saw it! Maybe it’s the champagne? LOL. Jk. But really, this is awesome. I would love to win this giveaway because I’m also a blogger and am always trying to better my blog and get inspiration. I’m 22 years old work a 9-5 everyday, pay for everything by myself and in the mean time I am trying to succeed in the blog world, I even had to take money out of my savings to buy my domain and theme! I take this so seriously and would love to win this giveaway to keep me going! You are such an inspiration! Love your podcasts with Susan as always 😉

    Xoxo, Darian

  450. I couldn’t believe how huge this giveaway is when I saw it! Maybe it’s the champagne? LOL. Jk. But really, this is awesome. I would love to win this giveaway because I’m also a blogger and am always trying to better my blog and get inspiration. I’m 22 years old work a 9-5 everyday, pay for everything by myself and in the mean time I am trying to succeed in the blog world, I even had to take money out of my savings to buy my domain and theme! I take this so seriously and would love to win this giveaway to keep me going! You are such an inspiration! Love your podcasts with Susan as always ?

    Xoxo, Darian

  451. Lauryn, this giveaway is unreal! I am currently planning a wedding, and need serious help! You and Michael seem so down to earth, and I feel the same as you do about planning a wedding! All that to say, penny pinching for the big day doesn’t leave me many funds for beauty products, and lawd knows I need it. Any help would be so appreciated; the body guide would be a lifesaver! Oh, and my birthday is August 22nd :). Good luck on the rest of your wedding planning, I love reading your updates (even sort of updates)!

  452. Lauryn~ I adore Skinny Confidential & your inner & outer beauty! You are lovely! As a 12 year breast cancer survivor my breast cancer has recently progressed. Since my priorities may shift toward supplements & secondarily on beauty products throughout my long-term, life-long treatment on my tight budget I would be blessed & lucky to be gifted your special give-away especially the many beauty products in particular. I would be thrilled & over-joyed to receive your generous give-away which will brighten my spirit as I continue to embrace life with every “extra” special day! You are a ray of sunshine & so generous with your heart & soul~ I would love the Clarisonic Mia, Vital Collagen Beauty Greens & especially the many make-up products! All the other gifts are “wants & “needs,” too~ giggle Thank you from the bottom of my heart~ yours & Michael’s podcasts & You Tube videos bring a smile to my face since you both clearly care for your Skinny Confidential devotees’ lives, health & happiness with your down-to-earth, fun personalities & generous “high-end” advice, expectations, fashion, lifestyle & travel with humble hearts for all! Thank you for sharing your beloved Skinny Confidential always, Lauryn! I would love to receive a signed copy of your book, The Skinny Confidential! Blessings~ Melinda

  453. Hi Lauryn,

    Firstly, I’m a big fan of everything you and your brand stands for. I also have secret “couple goals” with you and your man. The absolute sweetest pair ever.

    The reason I’d be grateful to win this giveaway: I’m moving to a brand new city/country and this would be the perfect, and extremely helpful “house warming” package to help settle in, relieve some face/body stress & try out some new must-haves for the start of a ‘new life’.

    Thanks and good luck to everyone !


  454. Wow Lauryn! This is so amazing, thank you for another chance at a giveaway! I’ve been following you for over a year now (btw love your snaps) and you are the most interactive and consistent blogger I’ve seen to date! You’ve inspired me to try new things such as your recipes and products, and I’ve never been disappointed! On why I WANT to win: I’m on the verge of losing my job and to say the least, trying to stay positive. Coming home and reading your blog uplifts my spirits and allows me to take my mind off of everything. However, I won’t be salty if I don’t win! Everyone loves your blog just as much as I do and we’re all humbled at your generosity! Xoxo

  455. I am such a huge advocate for healthy living and holistic beauty! So many of these products represent a change from the status quo and are really good for you and work! I would use them, recommend them, enjoy them and send some to my sister and friend 🙂 Just dreaming of upping my routine and following in your delightful footsteps.

  456. I just would LOVE to win this giveaway so badly. I am so inspired by you and really am trying to begin a lifestyle that is balanced, healthy, organized, and overall enhance my mind and body wellbeing. I look to TSC as such a great resource that has given me motivation and inspiration to do this in my life. Winning this giveaway would mean the world to me and I would win so many products that I would not normally be able to purchase all at once. Lauryn, you’re seriously amazing and I’m so thankful for the day I stumbled upon your Instagram page because honestly, my life has changed since that moment!

    Xx Allison

  457. Would absolutely lose it if I won the Beauty and Wellness giveaway! I am expecting a baby in 4 weeks and let’s just say this mama will need a little sprucing up after my little sprout is born. So excited to try these new products in some of my spare time! Love your blog, love what you do! You just get it Lauryn!

  458. I enjoy you so very much, I would love to win but I’m happy for anyone out there that will get this amazing package!!!! Wishing you all the best and much love! XOXO, Jenny

  459. Love love love TSC. What an evolution from a few years ago, same great content but stepped up a notch. Amazing to see the continued creativity post after post.

  460. Because you are the shit and whatever products you use are obviously amazing because you are flawless! Thanks for all the laughs, insight, and advice- couldn’t get through the week without it!

  461. I am a skincare junkie and would be in HEAVEN to win all these fabulous products – especially because I’m gettin’ hitched in 4 months and they could really up my skincare game for the big day!

  462. I would love to win this giveaway because I am turning 33 on the 27th, and it is my goal to greatly improve my skin in my 30’s. I am a mother of 4 and my last pregnancy has taken a toll on my body. I know i will be able to succeed in my goal, but this giveaway would definitely help this girl out!:)

  463. I enjoyed reading your post very much and am in the process of putting together a Beauty and Wellness basked to be auctioned off at work. I work and King County in Seattle WA and they host several non-profit organizations that we as employees can raise money for. This years theme is Women who were involved in sex trafficking and have been helped by king county. Anything you have that I can promote in my basket would be great. If not, that is okay too. Please keep blogging, it is fun to read.

  464. I would love to win this because I am super insecure about my skin, I have hyperpigmentation and some acne here and there. I saw loads of awesome skincare that might help. There is also loads of great beauty products which is something I am also into. At any rate, I wish everybody who is entering the best, and I hope this prize makes the winner’s day and broadens their smile. Thank you for this opportunity and best of wishes.

  465. Hello!! How are you?? I love love love all of these products this is my favorite give away yet! I swear they just keep getting better! I have done all of the requirements! I am only 15 but I have a mom who loves loves loves makeup and skincare. She is going threw menopause right now so her face is breaking out pretty bad and it is very important to her that she alway has the best products for herself and it can honestly be pretty pricy. This would be perfect because it is actually her birthday next month (sept 17) she is turning 46! Thank you so much! Good luck everyone

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