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Give Yourself a Total Mouth Makeover

Give Yourself a Total Mouth Makeover

Have you heard?

Oral care is all the rage.

From taking care of your mouth’s microbiome by properly flossing and brushing, to strengthening your jaw and sculpting your face by nasal breathing, it’s ALL CONNECTED.

In this post we’re sharing Lauryn’s favorite products and practices for ultimate oral health. Think, teeth, tongue, jaw and lips – a 360 approach if you will.

Why is Proper Oral Care So Important?

Taking care of our mouth and jaw affects so many aspects of our lives. Eating, speaking, breathing, and yes, the way we look. It’s safe to say everyone is interested in good breath, white teeth, a sculpted jawline and a bacteria free mouth.

Even more, your gums are super important too. They protect your teeth from disease by creating a tight seal, to keep your teeth strong and healthy. No matter how often you brush our teeth, tongue scrape or floss, your mouth will always have bacteria in it. And just like your gut, some is bad and some is good.

With that, let’s get into how Lauryn takes care of her mouth.

Give Yourself a Total Mouth Makeover

Tongue Scraper:

The very first thing Lauryn does in the morning is tongue scrape. It’s become a non-negotiable. It removes gross bacteria and build up from your tongue and is a KEY practice before drinking or eating anything. You won’t believe what comes off your tongue. She loves the one by Wellnesse or this copper one. For more on why tongue scraping is so important, read this post.

Wellnesse Toothpaste:

This CLEAN toothpaste whitens, remineralizes using hydroxyapatite instead of fluoride and tastes amazing. It’s a product you can feel good about having in your home, and your body. Boka is another good one to try too.

Hot Tip: If you have kids, try the Wellnesse children’s strawberry toothpaste. Zaza and Townes are obsessed.


Lauryn and Michael are both big fans of Cocofloss and water flossers. So many dental flosses are made with plastics and synthetics that are unhealthy for your mouth and entire body. Cocofloss is clean, safe and made with coconut oil while water flossers only use the power of water to clean between your teeth. This water flosser in particular is perfect for travel too.


Lots of traditional mouth washes are also toxic. Shocking, we know. As we said, there is some good bacteria in your mouth that you need and a lot of common mouth washes eradicate all of it. Here are some healthier options when it comes to mouth wash:

+ Boka

+ Hello

+ Modere

Mouth Tape:

Beauty and health benefits while you sleep? What more could we want. After using mouth tape for years, the transformation is noticeable. Deeper sleep, more energy, sculpted jaw, stronger chin. Highly recommend the subscription.

TSC mouth tape

Lip Scrub:

Everyone is exfoliating their body (hey Butter Brush) but remember your lips too. This scrub buffs and smooths flaky lips creating the perfect canvas for your lip color. 

Lip Oil:

This honey-infused lip oil is so hydrating. The packaging is on point, plus it’s plumping, but not sticky. Lauryn is also obsessed with the Lawless lip mask in birthday cake.

Other things you can do for a healthy mouth:

+ see your dentist every 6 months

+ don’t smoke

+ eat whole, healthy foods

+ avoid sugar and carbs before bed

+ rinse your mouth or brush your teeth after having coffee, dessert or candy

You should also know the Dr. Dennis Gross red light lip mask is like instant lip filler. Lauryn uses it almost every day and notices a huge difference in her lips right away. Think plump, smooth and juicy in just a few minutes. Plus, our new Mint Roller is perfect for chiseling your jawline on the go. The V side of the double-sided roller was made to perfectly fit your jaw and cheekbones, while the smooth side depuffs your under eyes and forehead.

What are your oral health tips? Let us know below.

In the meantime you can find us water flossing before applying our Mouth Tape for the night. Chisel chisel.

x, The Skinny Confidential team

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