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holiday gift ideas by the skinny confidential

If Black Friday didn’t wear you WELL THEN AREN’T YOU A TROOPER.

SO today we’re covering the juicy, JUICY gifts.

Yesterday was all about affordable gift ideas but today we’re going to talk splurges. The good, good splurges. You know what I mean? Like the things we buy for other people but actually want for ourselves? HA!

I feel like they need to be able to stand up to wear & tear with constant use. SO I PICKED THE IT GIRL ITEMS. The items we all need/want/have to have but also like to give.

You ready? Mmmkay!



Black jeans are a staple for pretty much everyone right? You can dress them up or down depending on the event. They’re incredibly versatile. Add a white tee for running errands then take that look to drinks by throwing on a blazer with a hot, red lip. They are the perfect base. This pair is the blackest black & fit like a glove- I actually wore them to Thanksgiving with a red bodysuit. They’re almost like a legging. You won’t want to take them off- TRUST ME.


Skin is in. I know, I know- I say it every second. BUT. It is. Take care of your skin now & thank me ( or TSC ) later. The Clarisonic smart profile uplift is a staple in my life. My face literally craves it at least twice a day. Facial massage drains your face, tightens the skin & reduces wrinkles. Add a hydrating serum– & you’re just good to go, really. LIKE!! Your skin will be glowing sans makeup.


A quality bag is an investment. However when you’re running around from city to city & meeting to meeting you need a quality bag that will hold up AND is stylish. After searching for A VERY LONG TIME I found this YSL nude tote. Sure, it’s pricey but the leather is as soft as butter & it’s great for carrying all of your essentials. It can fit your laptop, snacks, & even an extra pair of shoes. I use it daily.


Comfort is essential & these loafers are IT. I’ve had them for years- they’re my GO-TO shoes when traveling. I feel like you know that if you’ve followed along for a while. I wore them all throughout NYC, Greece, France, you name it. They’re ideal for walking around cities. Plus they’re super chic. I can’t get enough of white shoes. The worst thing is complaining that you’re feet hurt when you’re trying to explore a new city. Michael can tell you that first hand. Before these shoes, I was QUITE the complainer.


This Sony camera is the perfect gift. Typically I use my iPhone but when it’s time to step it up I grab this. I mean it’s white which is super cute & it’s also VERY portable. The quality is unreal plus it’s loaded with insane features. You can share instantly to your Smartphone which is great if you’re trying to Instagram ( which we all are! ). It can also record video, which is ideal because VIDEO IS QUEEN.

ANYWAY! I’d rather buy one pair of incredible shoes that lasts me years than 10 pairs of cheap, uncomfortable shoes I need to keep replacing. Is anyone with me on this?

YOUR TURN: what are the items you’re holding out for this year? What’s your splurge? Give me the deets.

x, lauryn

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  1. Hi! I order the Clarisonic massagerand cant wait to use it! Will you do a full post on how you use it? Do you use the same serums on your face and neck as you do on your chest?? Just want to make sure I’m using it and the oils properly and gettin the most for my skin out of it! Thanks for all of you helpful tips!

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