3 Chic, Bougie, Amazing GIFTS to Get Your Girlfriends

 HO HO HO. Happy holidays !!! CRAZY that the time is here to get gifts right?

Since everyone is busy & my whole entire platform is about saving YOU time, I figured I’d give you 3 products that you can order in bulk for you girlfriends. One is a little pricier ( $88 ), while the other 2 are under $10 ( what up $9.97 honey-filled cleanser ).

Randomly, I like to buy products for my friends in tens so that I can have things wrapped & ready to go. IN HOT PINK SHIMMER OF COURSE. You can even utilize the bottle of one of these items ( HELLO sparkly nail polish ) & tie a gift card around it if you want to add some extra flair.

( TSC HOT TIP: always have some cute, sparkly ribbon on hand to keep it cute ).

If you’re really strapped for cash you can do what I used to do in college & make my grandma’s pecans for everyone. You just whip up the nuts & buy some cute pink boxes to gift them in- this is such a good way to gift your friends something affordable & DELICIOUS. 

Anyway, here are 3 gifts all of your friends are sure to be obsessed with. Rest assured these are ones The Skinny Confidential team tried & LOVED too:

3 Chic, Bougie Gifts To Give Your Girlfriends

♡ Kiwi Botanicals Cleansers:

First off, you should know I discovered these when I was sent a sample to try. As you know, The Skinny Confidential team tries so many different products, so when one stands out at an AFFORDABLE price I have to share it with you guys. Especially when it makes your skin all dewy.  SO: this particular one stands out because of its ‘buzzy’ ingredient. 

That’s right- buzzy.

These cleansers are made with Manuka honey. Now if you haven’t heard of Manuka honey, you need to get on board ( I’ve been putting it in my tea for the last 5 years & let me tell you not only is it delicious, it’s also full of benefits ). Anyway, Manuka honey has antibacterial & anti-inflammatory benefits. 

Here’s the clincher: IT’S ONLY $9.97 at Walmart & on Walmart.com which is WILD. It smells just right & is THE IDEAL gift for your girlfriends. Especially the one who loves skin care ( so like all of them right ! ).

After looking into the product I discovered their Manuka honey is SUPER high quality. It’s also gentle on your face. You guys know I can’t stand a makeup wipe ( drags the face down in my opinion ), so when I find a cleanser that’s slimy or balmy, I get REAL excited. 

The honey melt facial cleansers go from a really soft, jiggly, smooth-like gel, into a foamy, honey, milky wash. 

SO there you have it  if you’re planning to pick up a gift for your girlfriends, definitely pick up one of these:

nourishing honey melt facial cleanser

purifying honey melt facial cleanser

brightening honey melt facial cleanser

A huge plus with this brand is that the Manuka honey is sustainably sourced & cruelty free. You should know that Manuka honey has been used in skin care in New Zealand for more than 2000 years & it’s full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes & amino acids.

ANOTHER FUN FACT:  Kiwi Botanicals has a giveaway where you can enter for a chance to win a once in a lifetime trip for 2 to New Zealand. Click here for all the details to enter.

So if you’re like me, YOU WILL BE including these $9.97 in gifts for my friends. 

♡ Skin Care Case:

What better to put your Manuka honey facial cleanser in than a skin care CASE. Especially when it’s pink. I take finding a skin care case very seriously. You don’t just want any case for your products, you know what I mean? You need a case where you can see what you’re dealing with, one that keeps your products upright, one that’s efficient for travel & of course, also looks good on the Instagram feed.


I found this one while perusing Instagram & immediately fell in love with its millennial pink aesthetic. I fell even more in love when I realized my cleanser, toner & oils fit perfectly in the case. 

It kept my products upright so they weren’t spilling everywhere too- the perfect thing to throw in a big bag then hop on an airplane. You can see right through it so you always know what you’re working with ( AKA, perfect for the lazy girl ). 

How cute to get one of these for your girlfriend & fill it with tons of cool stuff – like the Kiwi Botanicals cleansers? Perhaps some pecans? Maybe a gift card? So point: this specific case is called ‘The Clarity Jetset Case’ & it’s all about keeping things all organized how we like it. 

♡ Glitter Nail Polish:

I spotted this polish in a local beauty store & just thought they were such a FESTIVE gift. This is such a FAB stocking stuffer but is also the perfect gift if you tie a little pink bow around the bottle. You could do what I do & add in a gift card to hang off the bottle too ( I like to give Drybar gift cards- you know people love to save time ! ).  

I even have a little tutorial for you on how to paint your nails with sparkly polish. { via }

♡ apply base coat or color coat.

♡ if you’re a pro, apply some liquid latex paint around your nail so you don’t get glitter on your skin.

♡ apply glitter polish to the edge of a makeup sponge.

♡ dab the sponge onto your nail ( this is the trick !! the sponge soaks up most of the polish, just leaving the glitter behind so the glitter will go on dense ).

♡ peel off liquid latex, if you used it.

♡ admire your gorgeous, FESTIVE nails.

( I like to use a cherry red with gold glitter on top. ) PLUS, the nail polish fits perfectly in the skin care case above.

So there you have it. 

THREE products that your friends will love. Like, I said, if you’re on a budget, these pecans are the way to go- trust me. LIKE I AM CRAVING THEM RN.


& HAPPY shopping of course.

x, lauryn

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++ scope some superfoods that will make your skin glow.

* this post is in collaboration with Kiwi Botanicals. as always, all opinions are my own.



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  1. Lauryn,

    I LOVE all of your gift ideas here and on your latest podcast! You have such cute ideas for enhancing a gift… and making it easy!
    <3 xo Melissa