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Gifts on a Budget: Cool, Affordable Gift Ideas FOR YOU

natural flavored lube massage oil for women

Hello, hello! How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Hopefully festive with a lot of GOOD FOOD.

Michael & I had 3 Thanksgivings so it was quite the whirlwind. My family, his family, & our godparents’ for a little.

AND since it’s Black Friday I figured it was time to share some gift ideas?? A lot of you have been Snapping me about gift ideas so I figured one post would get the job done.

These are the perfect holiday gifts…so much so in fact that I own each and every one of them. HA. No really, I do.

The holidays can be a stressful & expensive time so today we’re starting with babes on a budget. I mean I’ve been there. When I was a bartender I had like $20 bucks for each of my family members. But it was the ideal time to get creative, you know?

Once you choose your gift make sure to include a handwritten note with cute ( PINK?! ) wrapping paper. Maybe even a bow? Or sometimes I like to tie those mini bottles of alcohol from BevMo on the gift.

You should know my theme this year is hot pink paper with black velvet bows. Alright, enough about the wrapping, let’s get into the gift ideas:


SKINCARE | $23.28

For the beauty obsessed, give the gift of magical skin. Younger by Dr. Lancer details his groundbreaking 3 step method to maintain a radiant complexion & how to reverse the signs of aging. You know I’m ALL about prevention so definitively check out this book. Complete the set by pairing it with apricot oil. You know oils are my ride or die for glowing skin. For an added bonus, when writing your card tell them about facial massage. SKIN IS IN.

WELLNESS | $38.38

For the person that needs a little more zen ( DON’T WE ALL ) in their life, essential oils are FAB. Give the gift of relaxation, calmness, & bliss. Every morning I use a diffuser to set the mood. Ambiance is key. Lately I’ve been loving peppermint mixed with tangerine to stimulate the senses/wake me up. At night I love pairing lavender with lemongrass to help wind down. The options here are really endless.

You can find a full breakdown of  why I’m obsessed here & an even further breakdown from my sister here.  PLUS essential oils are also AMAZING if you’re trying to combat brain fog.

TECH | $57.75

We live in a mobile world which means you always need to be prepared. A portable charger is a MUST for anyone on the go. Especially for someone like me whose phone dies every second.

It’s the worst when you’re trying to share a funny snap or respond to emails & your phone just dies. I feel like everyone can relate? This charger has saved my ass multiple times.

& obviously you need a quality phone case. Chances are you’re going to drop your phone at some point. Make sure it’s protected with this phone case. It features two layers of protection- a hard shell exterior and a soft inner layer. AND HOW CAN you resist unicorn glitter.

PLAY | $29.95

Coconut massage oil. YES PLZ. You guys have heard me talk about the best natural lube for years AND FINALLY there’s a quality version out there. WOO is 100% organic & natural, contains no harmful chemicals, & smells GREAT ( PLUS IT IS COCONUT FLAVORED LUBE ). Imagine sex, even better. Believe me- WINKY, WINK. Tested & TSC approved. This makes the perfect stocking stuffer for your partner…it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

HUSTLE | $45.70

Books are some of my favorite gifts to receive. There’s nothing quite like snuggling up on your couch with some mulled wine & a good book. This year if you’ve got someone who’s ready to hustle, start them off with these three books: The Brand Gap, Relentless & The One Thing. Let’s call this THE HUSTLE PACKAGE. Such a fun gift for the hustler, right.

Each of these books have been HUGE for providing inspiration and guidance in my career & life. You can check out my Sparknotes on The Brand Gap here for a sneak peek. Recently I wrote on post on Relentless since it’s become one of my favorite terms. Tim Grover just gets it. If you’re ready to be a badass, this one is for you. Everyone from your co-worker to younger cousin will enjoy this. It’s applicable to EVERYONE no matter where you are in life. It’s JUST one of the most important questions you can ask to move yourself forward.

And of course! Another great gift idea is something that is homemade. It can be as simple as some homemade almond butter sugar cookies wrapped up with a sweet note or if you’re artistic maybe a painting. Get creative with wrapping, K?

Whether it’s almond butter sugar cookies or an expensive leather jacket it’s the thought that counts. Include a handwritten note expressing why that person is valuable to you & you’ll be set. Cheers!

x, lauryn

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  1. Essential oils give me life! I have a cold right now & I’ve been diffusing eucalyptus & tea tree – it helps me breathe better. LOVE!

  2. I am honestly obsessed with all of these! #theskinnyconfidential always does the best gift guides!

    What male skincare products do you recommend??

    xo, Josh

  3. Really …..Skin care products are affordable gift ides!
    Skincare products are available in &30 🙂
    Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing tutorial!
    Check out my recent post: Experiment 4: Choosing my marketing orientation between Bing Ads and Google Ads

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