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What To Gift The Man In Your Life

What To Gift The Man In Your Life

Some guys are so hard to buy for, am I right? But don’t worry, I have you covered I have all the cool gadgets & gizmos aplenty. These are all things that I know Michael loves or would love, so I wanted to share them you.

Whether you need to buy for your dad, cousin, friend, husband, boyfriend, brother in law, WHATEVER- hopefully this list helps you out.

What To Gift The Man In Your Life: The Skinny Confidential Men’s Gift Guide

Manscaped Perfect Package 3.0

Every guy needs their balls & pubes looking on fleek. This holiday season Manscaped has you covered. This set includes a waterproof trimmer, ball deodorant & ball toner. Yes, you read that right. Michael has been using this kit for a while & I cannot recommend this enough to every single person who has balls.

Use code SKINNY for 20% off and free shipping!

Wireless Charging Station

Michael recently got rid of all his cords & chargers. He was so sick of them all over the place so he invested in this & LOVES it. As soon as I saw it I knew it had to be on the gift guide for men.

This one is compatible with almost every type of phone & wireless headphones, super sleek & thin, weighted with non-slip surface, & comes in a variety of colors – huge bonus that it’s Italian pebbled leather. Chic.

♡ Beer Dispenser

Obviously if you’re with someone who loves beer, this a great gift. This works with any type of beer & all different cans & bottles up to 750 ml. So what you do is pop the can or bottle inside, then pour into a glass like you’re getting a draft at your favorite bar. You can plug it into the wall or use 2 AA batteries so it’s portable. Such a win. 

Classic Nintendo

Michael & I are huge fans of Nintendo, especially this classic, nostalgic one. When we first met in 6th grade, we used to play Mario together so it’s super special. This one is a ‘mini’ edition that comes with 30 pre-loaded games including Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros, PAC-Man & Final Fantasy.

You should know that this comes with one controller so you might want to grab another one. Plus you’ll also need a 5V 1A power adapter for the TV. A lot of the reviews say to get extenders for the controls too.

Spiced Bitters

Michael has been super big on whiskey lately & he fucking loves bitters. He’s constantly making Old Fashioneds. These bitters are delicious & even have me drinking his cocktails. If you’re into fresh herbs for your cocktails, stay tuned…

Indoor Hydroponic Garden

This is for the guy who knows the importance of fresh herbs. You can grow parsley to spice up your spaghetti, mint to add a zing to your cocktails & basil to sex up your margherita pizza. This indoor garden comes with a back of seeds to start growing your herbs. I think this is a really fun gift because you can actually use it, plus it’s super interactive.

The control panel is so helpful because it tells you when to water it, add food ( it comes with plant food ), & automatically turns the growing system ( lights ) on & off.

Like I said, I hope this helps you with a couple gift ideas for a man your life. Selfishly thinking of the indoor herb garden ‘for Michael.’

x, lauryn

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