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Him Gift Guide | by Michael

HIM gift guide by Michael | by the skinny confidential

Hey Guys,

Michael here! I have been receiving some messages via email and snap asking about gifts for this holiday season. I thought I would put together a quick list to help give you all some gift ideas for the men in your life. I use all of these items on a regular, if not daily, basis. I tried to recommend things that get daily or weekly use, or things that would help the men in your life be more productive. Happy Holidays!

HIM gift guide by Michael | by the skinny confidential

1 FIND THE H&M Easy Iron Shirt { HERE }:

I go through white shirts like I go through paper towels. I buy 10 of these at a time and they last me 6 months. I swear Lauryn and Mimi are hiding them or giving them away. Great shirts.

2 FIND the Moleskine Classic Notebook { HERE }:

I carry one of these in my briefcase every time I travel or go into the office. I like to keep my crazy ideas and thoughts in here. It’s also therapeutic to write notes in it when I read or need to get something off my chest.

3 FIND the sleep Master Sleep Mask { HERE }:

I heard about this sleep Mask listening to Tim Ferriss’s podcast and was skeptical because you look like an asshole in a sleep mask. Well now I look like an asshole. Best. Mask. Ever.

HIM gift guide by Michael | by the skinny confidential

1 FIND the tools of the Titans { HERE }:

I would have a hard time not including a book in my holiday gift guide. Tools of the Titans by Tim Ferriss is an awesome book. He compiled pages and pages of tactics, routines, and habits of some of the world’s most successful performers. There is so much value in this book.

2 FIND the step Invisible Cotton-Blend Socks by Falke { HERE }:

If your man isn’t wearing these when he’s doing the no sock look he’s a savage and you should leave him. Do him a favor and grab him these so he can show some ankle properly.

3 FIND the Kiruto Rocks Glass { HERE }:

Sometimes women can go a little crazy in relationships. Sometimes that crazy comes out in a big confusing way. Get your man a nice rocks glass so he can wash away the pain and confusion with a nice warm glass of whiskey.


1 FIND THE IPhone 7 Smart Battery Case White { HERE }: 

This might be the best purchase I made in 2016. I use it every day, I never run out of battery, (even with the constant snapping) it lasts hours and hours. Now he can never make the excuse that his phone was off!

2 FIND THE Usagi Cobbler Shaker { HERE }:

It’s a big gold cocktail shaker… what more do I need to say?!

3 FIND THE Bose SoundSport in-ear Headphones { HERE }:

For 100 bones these are a steal. I use these in the gym every time I go and so far they are the best gym headphones I have found.

4 FIND THE Sorel Men’s Boot { HERE }:

Sorel still makes the best men’s snowboots on the market. If you are planning on heading to the mountains make sure your man takes off his dress loafers and wears a proper boot.


1 FIND THE Breville Variable-Temperature Kettle { HERE }:

Lauryn got me really into tea over the last year and I drink it throughout the day in the office. I keep this kettle in my office and constantly use it to drink my tea. It gives me an excuse to stay hydrated and caffeinated! I like this one because there are different temperatures based on the tea you want to drink.

2 FIND THE Lounge Trousers by Derek Rose { HERE }:

The most comfortable lounge/sleep pants. I wear these in the long or short version almost every night. Not the same pair of course… but you get the point!

3 FIND The Amazon Kindle – Paperweight { HERE }:

In my opinion this is still the best e-reader on the market. It’s so small and easy to carry. I bring it with me every time we travel and just leave it in my bag when I’m on the go.

4 FIND THE Art of Shaving – Sandalwood Kit { HERE }:

This is the shaving kit I used most of the time this year with the best results. The sandalwood scent smells like you just fought a grizzly bear after tearing down a tree with your bare hands. Masculine.


1 FIND THE Tom Ford Mandarino Di Amalfi Eau De Parfum { HERE }:

I wear this cologne on a regular basis and it’s legit. 3 of my friends have copied me and almost ruined it. Thankfully Lauryn isn’t smelling them… hopefully.

2 FIND THE Broken Homme Tydus Boots { HERE }:

Ok I may be biased here. Background, I started wearing this exact boot 3-4 years ago, and loved them so much that I contacted the guys at Broken Homme to invest in their brand. I have now been an investor and advisor to the Broken Homme team for the last 3 years. The boots will not disappoint. I still have my same first pair and wear them everywhere!

I hope you all have a great holiday season.

If you’re on the hunt for more gift ideas, check out Lauryn’s HUGE ASS GIFT GUIDE Part 1 & 2.


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