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Remember Bagel Bites? I feel like I ate them after 632 margaritas in college at 3 AM. They were so good. I mean who knows what was in them- the point was: too much alcohol + 3 AM + hunger pains= BAGEL BITES.

But here’s the thing: I’m boring now & need something to replace them…at 8 PM. Time’s have changed, man.

So after hanging with Tanya of The F-Factor Diet ( if you haven’t listened to her episode of the podcast you’re seriously missing out. She is just fucking fabulous & so smart ), I found out the importance of fiber.

Tanya is a HUGEEEEE fan of fiber. And a huge fan of mini pizzas before dinner.

That’s right, she actually said that. And she’s a gnarly dietitian. Her logic is basically: ruin your appetite before dinner. So she eats these GG pizzas. She gave me the recipe & I figured I’d share it with you. The main reason is every time I make the “recipe” on Snap or IG Stories you guys want to know the “recipe.”

And it’s not even a recipe. It’s embarrassing how easy is it. Try it & I feel like you will immediately get what I”m talking about. I mean see?



+ RAO’S spicy pizza sauce
GG bran crackers
+ vegan cheese OR goat cheese OR cottage cheese
+ fresh basil
+ chili flakes

+ directions: plop it on the cracker ( you know the sauce & cheese ), broil at 325 degrees for like 2 to 4 minutes, & let cool for a second. Pull it out of the oven. Then add basil, chili flakes, and lemon. Option to add peperoncini.

These pizzas are filled with fiber & protein from the cheese ( just choose your cheese wisely! ). They’re the ideal snack to keep you satisfied. Especially during the holidays.

You should know I’m very much about this sauce- the sauce really makes the whole situation. Rao’s always comes thru for me- their sauce has minimal ingredients. It’s kind of like that friend you love who’s straight to the point? That’s Rao’s. I’m into their spicy sauce, pizza sauce, & roasted garlic sauce. You kind of can’t go wrong here.

Basil. You have to go fresh. Don’t do fake basil. Dried doesn’t work either. Basil is such a good staple. It’s on my weekly list. First of all, it’s so good in Kombucha with lemon & a little turmeric. In a weird way it’s like a cocktail, but not. Basil is queen- use it in smoothies, pastas, on GG pizzas, & in your sparkling water. It’s just one of those things that adds flair to any situation. Mint is another one of those herbs that’s fab for spicing something up, but I feel like that’s a different story.

OK! So that’s my latest GG cracker go-to.

If you’re confused on what GG’s are, read this post. AND PLEASE! Listen to the podcast with Tanya. It is life-changing.

You have to try GG French toast too— LIKE IT’S SO GOOD.

fiber filled vegan quick pizza recipe | by the skinny confidential

It’s almost 1 AM so I probably should get off the computer to spare my eyes, right? Going to take my makeup off ( with grape seed oil! ), change into my Justin Bieber tour sweater, & climb into bed to read.

Sounds like heaven to me. Wish I had a plate of GG Pizza though? It would bring back memories of Bagel Bite nights. IT’S JUST 1 INSTEAD OF 3 AM!


x lauryn

+ outfit details: top | hoops

++ for more healthy videos: STALK TSC YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

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  1. I just got my first order of gg crackers in the mail!

  2. these look so good & i love how easy they are. Rao’s is my FAVE too – I’ve only had the pasta sauce but this pizza sauce looks & sounds divine! I will def give these a try, esp bc I’m alwaysssss looking for savory 2 second munchies. 🙂 x Shannon

  3. LAURYN – I had to stop by to let you know how much a I am LOVING the laid back nature of your video content lately. Seeing you get silly, talk to people off camera, and be self-deprecating makes your videos such a delight to watch. Not that your more formal videos weren’t also great, they were, but this shows a side of you that is just charming. Brava.

  4. I just got the raisin GG’s. When I first took a plain bite I was dissapointed. This morning I topped them with pineapple cottage cheese and loved it! Looking forward to trying more topping!

  5. I’m in love with your blog and how you work it!! I also love that you share everything, from the GG Crackers to your top and hoops (which I LOVE!) I love when bloggers share everything, because you are an influencer; and if your fan wants to know where you got something; you share! I LOVE TSC & the TSC group. I’m behind on podcasts but I’m glad I’m listening to the Tanya today!

  6. I just finished my first pack of GG crackers and I have to say I’m hooked! At first they had a bit of a cardboard taste, but with this sauce, some vegan cheese, and red pepper I’m in heaven! Thanks for the tips, I seem to buy and love everything you post!

  7. Guuuurrrl, the way you hold that knife has got me feeling all kinda ways! This recipe looks great, but there’s no way I’m cutting Giordano’s pizza out of my life…or his sausage *wink wink*

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