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Getting Ready ♥

elizabeth arden | by the skinny confidentialelizabeth arden | by the skinny confidentialelizabeth arden | by the skinny confidential

When I’m not completely crazed & have some time to actually put some effort into getting ready, I like to make it an experience.

Like a pretty, girly, glamorous experience.

This incredibly girly experience involves: French jazz, candles, CHAMPAGNE & ROSE GUMMY BEARS (I swear they’re in every room in my house), lots of makeup, Pixy, the right skin products, & pink champagne.

Seriously though, getting ready for a night out is so much more relaxing & fun this way.

Instead of feeling rushed out the door ( ahem, Michael— you guys know from Snapchat that he LOVES to rush me out the door ), I get to really enjoy the process of prepping for a night out.

I will start a lavender bubble bath & turn on some relaxing music. GIRL TIME. If I’m feeling crazy, I will even wash my hair ( this is so rare though, it’s kind of pathetic ). Post shower, I dim the lights & start my pampered experience.

Oh, & by the way, if you’re drinking champagne while prepping you NEED ( like need, need ) to have a bowl of champagne/rose gummy bears close by. They go together like peanut butter & jelly. Trust me on this one.

elizabeth arden | by the skinny confidential

elizabeth arden 4 | by the skinny confidential

Which brings me to my next step: skin care. You guys already know about my skincare ( I blogged about it here  & here ). As you know, I use Elizabeth Arden’s SUPERSTART Skin Renewal Booster & PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Daily Serum ( these go together like champagne & gummy bears too— they’re just the ideal pair ). SUPERSTART holistically restores the healthy appearance of skin’s surface layer and boosts the effectiveness of your skincare products while giving it a plump, dewey look & makes my skin feel radiant.

I first apply SUPERSTART to my skin and then I layer on my PREVAGE® serum before putting makeup on & I ALWAYS make sure to put it on my neck. Can I just say that I’m SUCH a neck freak. Protecting the integrity of my neck & hands is JUST as important to me as protecting my face.

SUPERSTART has a probiotic complex in it ( you guys know how I feel about probiotics ) so it’s very fitting for me. PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Daily Serum reduces the look of wrinkles, sun damage, & uneven skin texture ( goodbye mustache! ).

When it comes to applying makeup, I prefer to take my time.

This definitely involves blending, contouring, fake eyelashes, & maybe a little lip brushing. If I’m going out, I really step it up a notch on the whole makeup look because typically during the day I just wear sunscreen, tinted moisturizer, & some brow powder.

elizabeth arden 2 | by the skinny confidentialelizabeth arden 6 | by the skinny confidential

Also, when I have an extra 1/2 hour to get ready, I’ll straighten my hair, put frozen cucumbers over my eyes pre-makeup, add a top coat of clear nail polish to my nails, slather my body in coconut oil, & hell, maybe even get CRAZY & shave my legs ( shaving is the most annoying thing ever ).

And obviously this whole process is much more fun with a little bubbly & champagne gummy bears.

Is anyone else with me on this: having actual time to get ready is kind of, sort of fun?

…Even though, for me, it happens rarely because of Michael’s ‘let’s go, we got to go, we’re running late’ Panicky Susan personality.

x lauryn

+ red dress avail here.

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elizabeth arden 3 | by the skinny confidential

  1. Ooh French jazz? I’d like to check that out. Any recommendations?
    I have heard of Prevage but bever tried it before. I might get some at Sephora later
    Thanks for the rec Lauryn! PS.
    I love your step moms blog! You don’t mention your mom does she support what you do?

    1. Hi Anita! Play Stan Getz radio or dinner jazz radio on pandora or Spotify :)) My step Mom is SO supportive! We collaborate all the time Julie is so talented!

  2. You’re just like me when I get ready – I like taking my time. I always have to have a cup of hot tea sitting next to me.

    I love Elizabeth Arden’s Superstart. It’s starting to become a necessity in my skincare routine!

    -Ashlee Michelle

    1. Hi Ashlee :)) Tea while getting ready is SO relaxing. Glad you like Elizabeth Arden as much as I do. Thanks for reading!

  3. I love it to do my makeup before I go somewhere partyish/ funnish. It take me like an hour to perfection it. So, contouring, good eye makeup, bold or nude lips, foundation, highlighter, blush… Like you I mostly only wear like eyebrow powder and concealer.

    1. Hi Rosa, love it! What are your favorite products for contouring?? Do you have any specific products you can recommend? Thanks for reading! xx

  4. I also like to take my time getting ready and make it fun. My husband is similar to Michael in that he likes to be punctual all the time and he gets anxious if we are late. So it’s better if I take enough time to get ready and do it myself. I to wear a short silk robe, pour some wine or bubbly, and good jazz, like some John Coltrane, when I am getting ready. You mentioned French candles-do you mean Dyptique? Are they worth the money I wanted to ask you about what candles you burn indoors and what brands you recommend for that! Happy Weekend Lauryn! 🙂

    1. Hi Jesse, I have tons of different candle brands around the house! I’m currently loving this brand:

      LMK what you think. Thanks for reading

  5. I was JUST saying to my husband this morning that I like having my time to get ready for our Saturday nights out, because it’s a fun time for me. I usually have my puppy on the bed, a little music playing and a glass of Chardonnay. It starts the night out right. I guess I’m missing the gummy bears though … CHEERS, Lauryn! 🙂

    1. Hi Ashley! Love the puppy on the bed! Boone & Pixy are always around while I’m getting ready. They LOVE smooth jazz too! Thanks for reading and CHEERS to you too babe! xx

  6. I am completely agree with this! When you have the time, why not spend some extra time pampering yourself to feel good! Love it. Although, you always do talk about how you don’t wash your hair. Not sure if there was already a post about it but I am very eager about how you don’t and your hair still looking fantastic!

    1. Hi Jennifer! Yes, it’s true… I don’t wash my hair every day. You can read all about my hair care HERE:

      Thanks for reading xx!

  7. This sounds like the perfect way to get ready for a night out! You actually made me wish I had a opportunity to get ready just now. Bubble baths ans munching on champagne gummi bears.. What more is there to wish for? 🙂

  8. Yup! If I know I have a night out in advance and have an hour or two to get ready, I always pour myself a drink, blast the music and sit down with my entire ridiculous makeup kit. I probably dance around my apartment a lot, too.

    1. Hi Laura, I seriously cherish my getting ready time. It sounds like you do too! What kind of music do you listen to? Thanks for reading

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