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Getting AWKWARD…Arm Hair, Toe Flyaways, & All That Other Random, Annoying Fuzz

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Getting AWKWARD...Arm Hair, Toe Flyaways, & All That Other Random, Annoying Fuzz

Oh me, oh my…the weird places we shave…that aren’t our legs.

Or our arm pits.

…or our bikini line?

Eer, well let’s hop right into it, shall we?

I’ve shaved my toes before. Yes, my toes. There’s little stray hairs on them that popped up circa 1999.

Puberty is just annoying & so is toe hair.

If you have time to wax your toe hair, well then I’ll just call you #GOALS, but if you’re like every other girl on the planet: thoughts on this?

Unfortunately, with the horrific tiny toe hairs popping up, I have no option here — you know? They gotta go.

So for pesky toe hairs, I shave UP towards the heel of my foot. & no, it’s never grown back darker or more coarse.

Getting AWKWARD...Arm Hair, Toe Flyaways, & All That Other Random, Annoying FuzzGetting AWKWARD...Arm Hair, Toe Flyaways, & All That Other Random, Annoying Fuzz

Which by the way, I feel like people just say that. Personally, I’ve shaved my whole life & I still don’t see the “darker, thicker hair” people are talking about. Old wives tale? Thoughts?

Ok so, a big part of this is the razor you use. If you use a rusty razor, don’t expect amazing results. As you know, I use a Hot Shave Razor ( which I’ve raved about in MANY posts ). The reason I prefer Hot Shave Razor is because it’s a women’s razor that is strong enough to shave even the thickest hair. Pretty much, I don’t have time or energy for a bad razor. I need something that gets the job done the first time around.

Shaving the stomach? Ya, ya, ya, I shave a LITTLE right under my belly button. Kind of by the pubic line. You know the little happy trail area?

Not a fan. I want it silky smooth. One flick of the wrist & those tiny tummy hairs are GONE.

It’s just too satisfying.

This is especially satisfying in the summer time, the stray black hairs just don’t go with a neon pink bikini.

Started from the bottom now we’re here. That’s right ARMS. Do YOU shave your arms? This is such a preference.

Personally I didn’t shave my arms for 22 years, & then I decided: what the hell? Let’s give it a go.

I’m a fan now. A tried & true believer in arm shaving.


Simple tips for this: always use shaving cream. The shave is just closer. ALSO go up, go up, go up. Start from the wrist & go up towards the elbow. Afterwards, I throw some of my all-time favorite, coconut oil, on my arms & I’m good to go.

Obviously it’s very important to shave last so the warm water can kind of seep into the skin. I’m a HOT water girl, which is good for shaving, thank God. HOWEVER, when I end my shower, I turn on the FREEZING cold water to kind of seal my shave. This may sound strange but after a 15-minute shower / dry brush / shave, a good freezing cold minute really finishes it off.

As I said, I’ve been using Hot Shave Razor lately because I like my razors how I like my men: STRONG. HAHA…of course I also like them cute & pretty.

You guys know my shower’s aesthetic means a lot to me. HA. SO typical coming from me, but no surprise. Hot Shave Razor has the best razors on the market for women, hands down.

Getting AWKWARD...Arm Hair, Toe Flyaways, & All That Other Random, Annoying Fuzz

That’s all.

Just thought it was valid to discuss toe hair since we’ve discussed weirder.

Alright, off to watch some trashy TV & throw on a sheet mask.

Talk soon, lauryn x

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Getting AWKWARD...Arm Hair, Toe Flyaways, & All That Other Random, Annoying Fuzz

  1. Don’t worry Lauryn, I also shave my random toe hairs for at least 15 years lol. I shave my tummy area, AND the small of my back. It’s not that I need to, the hairs are blonde, I just HATE hair! I shaved my arms for about 5 years, and then cldnt keep up with it after awhile. It grew back in the same as it always was, thin and blonde… THANK GODDD! I agree with you that shaving will NOT make your hair grow in any different. It’s a complete myth! Bottom line hair is gross to me for some reason, it’s very time consuming to keep up with, but worth it. I don’t like my men hairy either. I was fortunate enough to fall in love with someone who’s not very hairy yayy! So yeah shaving basically everything over here?!

    1. Couldn’t agree more. I just love being smooth! I wonder who started that myth LOL. Thanks for all of the support Monique! xx

  2. This is my favourite post ever because yes to all of this except arms. I’ve got dark hair BUT everyone always tells me how silly smooth my arms are so I’m afraid to ruin it.

  3. Ooh I am so glad you discussed this. You always know somewhere in your mind that you can’t possibly be the only one, but never heard someone said it before.
    And I’m a very dark haired girl, so errr…. yeah. Stray hair, dark stray hair everywhere.

  4. I have never seen this shaving cream before I need to give it a try. I love these razors though I get them all the time.I’m afraid to shave my arms but shave my toes all the time. Thanks for sharing

    1. The shaving cream is a total game changer! It’s a must. If you shave your arms let me know how it goes : ) xx

  5. Tips for shaving arm pits? I feel like everyone but me is walking around with super smooth pits.

    1. I share some arm pit tip here: Hope these help Ashley : ) xx

  6. That’s it. I’ve finally worked up the courage to shave my arms. And I’m a long – time toe shaver. Feels good to admit it ?

  7. My foot doctor says that toe hair means you have good circulation, so even if it’s annoying it’s a sign of good circulation 🙂

  8. Ugh… body hair the worst, right?! Mine totally grows back thick and dark…haha! It’s so black you can see it under the skin even if I’ve just shaved– That’s why I do a full body wax every 2-3 months… keeps it softer, thinner, and blonder. In between waxes though, yeah, totes shaving my toes. I’ll pass on my arms. My showers are already on the longish side as it is! lol

  9. Do you shave the whole arm? How far up do you go? I have had them waxed a couple times but it hurt (even more than a Brazilian) so thinking of shaving again but don’t want an awkward stopping point haha

  10. Do you have special tips in regard to shaving pubic hair, Lauryn? I find it challenging. Thank you!

    1. YES Melinda!! Check out my post here:

  11. Lauryn I just discovered your blog and I have to say I am obsessed! Like no joke. You are way too funny and I love how real you are! I feel like I have you in front of me and can totally picture you talking this way. its awesome! Love what your doing and this post ahhh. I’m a toe shaver too. hate random hair. think you just convinced me to go for the arms. I’ve always wanted to but somehow shied away from it thinking it might make it worse. total myth

  12. I have been made fun of for shaving my arms for yearssss. And then I always look more toned and sleek in pictures with my friends and they complain. Choice is yours ladies! 😉

  13. Felt good to read this article. Thanks for this great post, I find it very interesting and very well thought out and put together. I look forward to reading your work in the future.

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