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Get The Fuck Out Of The Sun is HERE!!!

Get The Fuck Out of the Sun by The Skinny Confidential


The Skinny Confidential’s GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE SUN is available in all major book stores & small book stores!

This book as been 2 years in the making & an idea for 3 years.

From the proposal, to doing my outline, to choosing influencers, celebrities, & doctors, to gathering information, to studying, to photos shoots & marketing to shipping…..IT’S FUCKING HERE.

Get The Fuck Out Of The Sun is HERE!!!

Here are some major book retailers where you can buy your copy of GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE SUN:

Barnes & Noble



!ndigo ( if you’re in Canada )

That’s right- 100+ of the top-tier influencers, celebrities, podcasters, doctors, & experts ARE GIVING US THE JUICE. But wait, that’s not all- it will be like we’re at a boozy brunch together- seriously I spill every HOT TIP I’ve picked up over the last 11 years in this industry. SO MANY SKINCARE SECRETS, MY GOD.

Not only will you bookmark the fuck out of the book, you will want it on your coffee table too. It’s cute, it’s bubblegum pink, it looks hot on your instagram feed…& LIKE IT’S FULL OF VALUE. Here’s a little sneak peek for ya…

Get The Fuck Out Of The Sun is HERE

Get The Fuck Out Of The Sun book sneak peek Lauryn Evarts Bosstick

AND again, I wanted to invited you all to a very exciting q&a I’m doing with Alex Snodgrass of The Defined Dish. If you haven’t heard of The Defined Dish & Alex, let me fill you in:

Alex is a bestselling author of The Defined Dish Cookbook, mom, wife, & skincare enthusiast. Cause, skin is in, right?

And on June 15th, we’re going to be talking all things Get The Fuck Out Of The Sun.

Alex & I sit down to discuss the whole process of writing a book, what it was like to compile the tips & tricks of top influencers & well-known doctors, plus my tips for how to write your own book if that’s something you want to do. We’re going to cover it all.

get the fuck out of the sun book people by the skinny confidential

The best part is you don’t even need to be in Austin, Texas.

It’s all via Zoom & you can access the q&a session from anywhere in the world. The whole virtual event is presented by Book People who are one of the largest independent book stores in Texas. It’s located in the heart of Austin & it’s a must-see if you come to the area.

You should know that this is a pre-recorded q&a session. We actualy filmed it a few days ago at the Commodore Perry Estate which is just the chicest resort ever. Like, the garden & patio situation you guys? My god.

Be sure to buy your ticket at Eventbrite, & you can even order a book Get The Fuck Out Of The Sun ( personally signed by moi ) at the same time if you like.


get your ticket here

This book has been like birthing a child. I kid, I kid, but it’s similar ( LOL ) so I hope you can all make it to the virtual book tour. If you have ordered your copy already – THANK YOU THANK YOU.

You have no idea how much YOU influenced the writing of this book. It wouldn’t have happened without this community & I’m so grateful that you’re all part of it.

Happy reading.

xo, lauryn

+ for more on the virtual book event, check out this post.

++ scope The Skinny Confidential HOT MESS ice roller here


  1. Hi! Ordered the book for my friend’s bday – any great product recommendations from the book that I could include with the gift?

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