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How To Get Your Steps In During Quarantine

How To Get Your Steps In During Quarantine

Have you ever heard of the Xiser? Well, I was gifted this contraption & I just couldn’t shut the fuck up about it.

Still can’t, clearly.

Every single person I know had to hear about this stepper. It’s portable, so easy to use, gives a great workout ( especially for your ass ) & is just the perfect thing to have when you’re spending more time at home. Looking at you, 2020.

How To Get Your Steps In During Quarantine

Ok, so I invited Aleana on the blog to talk all about this stepper. Her grandfather invented it & she knows everything there is to know about it. In this post you’ll hear about the history of the Xiser, why it’s so effective, & how to use it.

Fun fact: Aleana & I met YEARS ago in San Diego. We used to work at the same restaurant. Cool right?!

Anyway, let’s get into all the benefits of this little stepper & why it’s perfect for getting extra steps in during quarantine.

Introduce yourself & tell the audience your story. The more the better!

Aleana Zaldana-Terauds: Hi Peeps! I’m Aleana & my grandpa is the inventor of the very first stepping machine. The stepping machine has been in my life ever since I was born & is now a consistent part of my life. I use it all the time & tell everyone about this little compact stepper that packs a serious punch.

Lauryn & I actually go way back to when she was bartending & I was bussing tables at the same restaurant in San Diego. Even back then, I could tell she was gonna make it big somehow! Fast forward to now, & I work at a large tech company with a brand new side hustle of posting travel recs on my new IG account @bizluxtravel. I love gaining new experiences & using my Xiser to stay fit along the way.

My grandpa Juris invented the Xiser back in the 1980s after doing EXTENSIVE research at the University of Alberta.

He was obsessed with learning about the way that the human body works & how to optimize movement after falling in love with javelin throwing.

Because of this, he earned a PhD in biomechanics & became a professor of biomechanics, teaching all over the world. This list of his accomplishments is actually insane but here are a few: He was an Olympic level javelin thrower & is in the DuBuque hall of fame still maintaining the record for javelin. He was the first to digitize athletic performance using high speed cinematography. He has invented so much, including: a tennis racquet to combat tennis elbow, a javelin gun that enabled the study of javelin aerodynamics &  flight characteristics, solar desalination plant designs, high efficiency walking shoes & of course, the Xiser.

When the company started, the Xiser was first known as The Super Step back in the 1980s. Fun fact, my grandpa worked to analyze Bruce Jenner’s athletic performance in the 1976 Olympic games through high speed cinematography. Bruce also worked with my grandpa on an infomercial for the original stepper, The Super Step. That infomercial is here.

Funner fact, Kris Kardashian is ALSO in that infomercial, saying her fave thing about the stepping machine is that it is so portable & that she can use it in any room in the house.

The Super Step evolved into the Xiser, the machine that it is today! 

How To Get Your Steps In During Quarantine How To Get Your Steps In During Quarantine

What is the X-iser & how was it invented?

AZT: The Xiser is a compact high intensity training ( HIT ) stepping machine that is portable, lightweight, & does not require electricity that is made in the USA. 

The Xiser was invented because my grandfather was an expert in biomechanics & wanted to develop a machine to work out on that would be effective & easy to use. He would say, “No matter how beneficial a workout may be, it is worthless when not done.

A worn out excuse for not working out is, “I just don’t have the time.” So, he wanted to build something of the highest quality that would be easy to transport & could accommodate an exhaustive workout in minutes. 

A lot of people have been trying to get steps in during quarantine. Why is this the way to solve that?

AZT: The Xiser is an excellent solution for getting steps in during quarantine because you can set it up anywhere in your house & multitask as you step! You can step while you watch TV, step while you work at your standing desk, or step as you read or podcast, even if it’s too hot or cold to go outside. 

This machine was built for high-intensity interval training, but if you want to step leisurely, this machine is great for that too. 

Why is getting your steps in so important?

AZT: Movement is incredibly important for your health. Diet alone cannot sculpt a body or yield optimum physical & mental health. However, through high intensity training ( HIT ) we gain to improve fitness by building muscle & burning fat. Done regularly, it can boost metabolism, fight depression, reduce stress, eliminate insomnia, improve memory, improve posture, strengthen our immune system & halt signs of aging like osteoporosis.

As a result, those who choose the anaerobic HIT exercise with Xiser are rewarded with a more positive body image, increased confidence, energy, healthier sex drive & overall wellness.

Without exercise we surrender our bodies to grow old at a brutal rate. With mild aerobic exercise we feel a bit better, but the physical aging process marches on as before. However, with very short & vigorous anaerobic exercise like High Intensity Training ( HIT ), High Intensity Interval Training ( HIIT ) that can be done on the Xiser, we can immensely slow physical aging.

Perhaps the greatest single benefit from high intensity training is the production of human growth hormone ( HGH ), which does not get produced with aerobic exercise alone. As HGH is produced, it goes to all parts of our body rebuilding whatever needs to be repaired, making our body younger.

With HGH you look younger, your muscle mass increases, your bones increase in density, your nails & hair become healthy looking, all of your internal organs receive a boost of health, & even your eyes get brighter. In particular, for aging persons, human growth hormone is magic.

I’ve been using this a lot during quarantine & my butt is totally getting tighter. Tell us about the sculpt?

AZT: You can think of the Xiser as the “butt machine, ass master, booty booster” – take your pick! If you’re trying to work your butt, this machine is perfect. The machine is engineered to work your massive gluteal & leg muscles without a negative impact on your knees.

Since there is continuous force on both feet, lactic acid is accumulated through blood flow restriction to the muscles, which means that you are burning energy more efficiently. The lack of handles for support helps you to work harder to maintain balance, thereby stabilizing muscles & engaging the nervous system. 

Aleana Zaldana-Terauds Aleana Zaldana-Terauds

Why is this good for someone who spends a lot of time in the house?

AZT: Workouts can feel like a chore. Making it a priority amid daily demands can be a challenge. Joining a gym, an expensive ongoing commitment, & scheduling in fitness classes are not always convenient.

For these reasons, exercise equipment for the home gym has become a popular workout alternative. Yet most fitness machines are cumbersome, target specific muscle groups, wear on joints, or fail to offer the muscle-building, fat-burning benefits of high intensity training ( HIT ).

Xiser can help you lose weight, burn fat, reduce blood sugar & achieve your fitness goals. Used on its own or with hand weights, there’s no simpler, more convenient home & office workout.

What are some tips & tricks to using it?

AZT: 60 seconds of high intensity sprint training a day or every second day. Without the use of handles to rely on for balance, our mini stepper engages core muscles. Ideal for achieving toned abs in addition to stronger, leaner legs, & firmer more youthful butt. Performed correctly, your body will burn extra calories & burn fat even hours after your quick workout has ended.

When I show people the stepper the first thing they do wrong is step by shifting their weight back & forth & letting the pedals hit the base. People should use their leg muscles to move the pedals & not let the step touch the base. I always tell people to keep their head steady & their core engaged. Do not bob up & down & do not hit the base. 

Share some success stories with us. 

AZT: There are so many! Check out the testimonials section on my grandpa’s website to read more.

I love this machine because it’s compact & you can stick in a corner of your house. What do other people love about it?

AZT: I personally love that it’s soooo portable. You can take it with you anywhere & move it anywhere in your house. When I am not using it for sprint training, I love to just leisurely step while watching trash TV or while I am in Zoom meetings off camera, LOL. It’s also so great for when it’s raining outside & I just dont want to leave my house. 20 min on the stepper & I feel like I have actually done something great for my body! 

ALSO, I am traveling all the time so when I am going somewhere that might not have a gym, I can easily bring it with me! No electricity is required & it’s super portable! 

Where can everyone find you? Pimp yourself out!

AZT: People can find the Xiser on:

+ – Use code: TSC30 for $30 off any new trainer

+ Instagram – @xiserindustries

+ Amazon

+ People can find me: @bizluxtravel on IG 🙂

Be sure to check out the Xiser – I promise this little thing will kick your ass & make you SWEAT.

x, lauryn

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++ check out these easy, healthy recipes, perfect for cold weather.


  1. I’ve got a question about the various models. There seem to be two separate websites, and they sell different things. First, there’s, which sells the Personal Trainer and the Pro Trainer. Second, there’s, which sells the Xiser Commercial Mini. Are these the same brands? The links in the Blogpost take you to different products – the takes you to the Personal Trainer and Pro Trainer, and takes you to a link for the (more expensive) Commercial Mini Trainer. Why the discrepancy? And what is the difference between the Commercial Mini Trainer and the other two except for unit weight?

    1. Hi Kristin! Yes these are all the same brands. We have been experimenting with a different look and feel for each site but please just stick to Sorry for the confusion! The commercial trainer is meant for gyms and for people to be on it all the time and has slightly bigger cylinders. For home use the personal trainer is great! You can use BIZLUX30 or TSC30 at checkout at to get $30 off the stepper of your choosing. 🙂

  2. As much as i want to support female businesses ..this is a device that has been around for years and at 1/10th of the price

    1. Hey Sophie! This is actually the very first stepper ever invented. 🙂 Its a little more expensive because it has a lifetime warranty and its made from the best quality parts in the USA.

  3. Such a cool contraption Lauryn! I really hope to get one soon as I’m moving into a new apartment and this would be perfect for those cold winter days when you don’t feel like going out! Thanks for sharing this 🙂

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