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GOODBYE Zits: Quick, Easy Tips To Rid Pimples


Yeah, yeah we know what to do when the sun mustache comes around but what about a zit?


Luckily I brought everything I needed in my luggage. JUST 3 tiny tools.

And actually, to be quite honest, the three products I brought are just…EASY. I’ve been using all three of them for years & they ACTUALLY TREAT A ZIT.

That’s right, I’m not blowing smoke up your ass.

These three simple, easy products actually truly solve the problem. I feel like everyone makes it harder than it is but treating a zit is really to the point ( literally? ).

You should know the idea of this post came to me when I was on INSTAGRAM LIVE the other day. Someone asked me how I get rid of blackheads. & well shit, I get rid of them easily & efficiently…with a blackhead popper. I’ve been using this handy-dandy tool since I was in high school. And let me tell you- it works.

Here’s the thing: if you pop a zit the juice of the zit is what spreads the pimple. Whenever I pop anything I make sure not to get any of the residue on my skin. If you do get some of the ‘zit juice’ around the zit, YOU CAN COUNT ON THE ZIT SPREADING. That’s right guys, bacteria spreads. And it doesn’t give a shit. In fact it’s relentless- it goes everywhere. Which is why when you get a zit & pop it, more zits pop up.

Anyway, here’s my actual zit cure.

I take this very seriously because I’ve very much perfected this over the years. In fact, it’s kind of a magical cure..


FIRST OFF: a good zit clay. Zit clay is essential. It’s nothing avant-garde. Quite simple really. It’s this clay that’s “not regular clay. It infuses minerals that minimize oil production & significantly increase healing times up to 5X’s faster than water based acne products. It contains NO dyes, synthetic or added chemicals. It also clears acne, pimples, rashes, bug bites, itchiness, ingrown hair, blackheads, & much more. Basically it pulls out remaining impurities, preventing potential scarring. Individual pimples will heal and clear up faster with spot treatments.”

This zit clay was recommended by my favorite esthetician, Lindsay. It’s from Sweden & has so much praise. Plus it has two flipping ingredients: TWO !!! One of them being WATER. And with no dyes or synthetic additives.

I have used this FOREVER. The stuff works ASAP, immediately. I’ve never seen anything so magical.

Here’s the main secret though: the directions say to leave it on for ten minutes…I leave it on the zit overnight. So I sleep with the clay on the pimple. Works like a charm.

Ok on to the black head remover. The little $3.99 Rite-Aid tool I talked about on INSTAGRAM LIVE.

Here’s what it does:

♡ One end is a loop tip for pressing & extracting, the other sharp end is for piercing or poking.

♡ To minimize damage to your skin, the needle is an effective way to remove blackheads, acne, or pimples.

♡ Using the remover is a safer way to clear your pores than squeezing blackheads using your fingernails.

 ♡ With the help of these needles you will lessen trauma to the surrounding skin.

I found mine at Rite-Aid. It’s nothing special but BOY OH BOY does it get the job done. So much better than popping anything with your dirty fingernails. I like to use this after I get out of the shower because my skin is soft.

If you don’t have a black head remover…check out this breakdown to pop a zit: “When you get out of the shower, wipe your face with a clean, never-been-used, freshly washed towel. Cover your fingers with a tissue. Even after showering, your hands and nails have bacteria that can infect your about-to-be-popped pimple. To do this, fold a tissue in half and wrap it around your index finger. Repeat with your other hand. Consider yourself prepped for zit surgery.”

And if you’re looking for a preventative serum, USE THIS. TRUST ME. It’s the best ever.

OK SO TO SPOT TREAT during the day use: TEA TREE OIL. Because it:

Heals cuts and burns: it’s a natural antiseptic, meaning it can be used to help treat wounds & burns. Tea tree oil has also been known to treat bacterial infections— love it! Use a dime size amount of tea tree oil to heal razor burns, small cuts, & even sunburns ( although, I’m hoping everyone avoids the sun like the plague ). If you want you can add some water to the oil too : ).

Kills blemishes: this oil is known for getting rid of pimples. Recently a study found that the oil offers similar results to a 5 percent benzoyl peroxide. Next time you’re on Aunt Flow & have a zit, throw some tea tree oil on it! I use it before I apply makeup because you can’t see it. It’s just like a light oil that coats the skin before primer. It’s kind of the ideal zit healer no?

READ MORE ABOUT tea tree oil here.

TA-DA. Keep it easy. There’s nothing worse than someone trying to over-complicate a zit. A zit is easy to solve. I use these three tips every time & they’ve never steered me in the wrong direction. The clay spot treatment mask is a real lifesaver. Just bear with me because the directions may be in Swedish- but it’s worth it. The black head remover is something I’ve talked about on live streaming AND IT IS SO efficient. Really to the point & something to use when you’re out of the shower. Lastly if you’re treating a pimple during the day: TEA TREE OIL. I use it whenever I feel a zit coming & post zit-picking.

There’s nothing fancy here. Just simple tips.

Also very much loving this silver, sassy peel off mask. I can’t stop with it. I think I’m addicted? It really tightens & pumps the face. Best ever.

If you have any tips or tricks: PLZZZZZ SHARE. I need all the zit cure inside info I can get. Thanks guys!

x lauryn

TSC Skin Care Tips & Tricks:

  1. Love these tips. I use zit clay & tea tree oil, too (also recommended by my esthetician). But I also go to her probably once every other month to do a deep-clean acne facial (even if I don’t have any acne), because it really just cleans everything out. Ever since I have started doing that, I have had little to no breakouts in the last 3 years!

  2. I noticed the only ingredients in Lerosett are organic clay and distilled water, so you could also probably make it yourself!

  3. Great post! I recently bought a little at-home face steamer off Amazon and it has been a great addition to my skin care regiment. Besides opening up my pores, there are so many other benefits like stress relief and a natural glow, and it was only like $25! Highly recommend one 🙂

  4. The best product I’ve ever used for pimples (and I’ve tried literally everything under the sun, including prescription creams) is Burt’s Bees Herbal Blemish Stick. It only has 10 ingredients and they’re all completely natural oils (lemon, fennel, tea tree, parsley, etc.). One of my ride or diet beauty products no doubt.

  5. This post came just at the right time-I’m having the worst breakout that I’ve had in years right now. Literally just ordered all 4 of these products from Amazon. You always have the best tips, thank you!

  6. I just have to say that blackhead tools double as weapons when needed… literally thought someone was breaking into my apartment recently so that was the first thing I grabbed to fend off a possible intruder. LOL

  7. I’ve been on the hunt for one of those extractors for a LONG time. This one you linked is perfect and I love the fine needle, not to mention the price. 😉 A q-tip with a little ACV & tea-tree oil helps me out too for an impromptu spot treatment!! xx

  8. Wow – I’ve never heard of *any* of these! Will have to try. I’ve been using Juice Beauty blemish clearing serum for years and it works really well for pimples.

    Will need to try your blackhead solution next time they pop up (pun totally intended).

  9. Obsessed with your content. Absolutely obsessed. Out of all the other bloggers I follow, you are probably the most unique–you dare to stand out and be yourself. Which I LOVE. Also, awesome tips in this post! Your whole blog is inspiring to me 🙂

  10. Yesss, I’ve found my regular routine that keeps the little ones at bay but I get those blind pimples (red guys) like you’re tlaking about. I hate when they sit around waiting to come up but I find products with sulpher help draw it to the surface. Then I hit it with Benzol, though I’ve never heard of Zapzyt. Could be great!

  11. Does the zit cream help with cystic acne?
    My blemishes come once a month and can be more than just a regular pimple !

  12. I’m totally going to try this! Do you have any recs for wrinkles around the eyes? I’m 25 and have a ton of wrinkles 🙁 I’m all about preventing now, but how do I get rid of what I have??

  13. i recently read somewhere that apple cider vinegar works wonders for acne!! i plan to try that soon

  14. I love that you talked about leaving the clay on overnight instead of a set time period. My son is getting older but his acne isn’t getting any better so we are trying to find the best ways to help him. I’ll share your experiences and tips with him as we look for ways to help clear his skin.

  15. Biologique Recherche P50 is my go-to for blemishes – it kills the bacteria deep down and restarts the pore. If I ever mess with a blemish, I’ll use this immediately after – soak a cotton pad and press down on the blemish for a few minutes. I also love the Masque Vivant for targeting blemishes – I leave it on overnight. Also, the Peach Slices Acne Patches work well for me and they’re so cheap (under $5 at CVS). Another tool to check out – Skin Gym High Frequency zit zapper.

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