get buzzed in your pajamas gift guide | by the skinny confidential

Between the wedding, the holidays & traveling to NYC and London you could say I’m a little exhausted. Don’t get me wrong, it’s all been a blast but I’m more than ready for a relaxing weekend at home.

My first weekend back I plan to take it easy.  Stay in my pajamas, turn on the Bossanova and watch How The Grinch Stole Christmas with a little bubbly.

Doesn’t that sound SO relaxing??

Since the holidays are pretty much crazy for everyone, I figured some boozy & cozy gifts are PERFECT for the special people in your life. Why not give the gifts that help people take a load off. Am I right?

Lets get right to it.

Here’s a few BOOZY & COZY gift ideas that are PERFECT for getting buzzed in your pajamas.

get buzzed in your pajamas gift guide | by the skinny confidential


There is absolutely ZERO reason to drink basic cocktails. It doesn’t matter if your out & about or at home getting buzzed in your pajamas. Life is TOO short to drink bad alcohol. Right? This cocktail book makes a great gift. It’s full of old school, real deal, classically cool cocktail recipes. You can also whip up this skinny apple fizz cocktail if that’s more your style. Add a pixy straw to any drink you make and you’re all set.


Lets face it, sometimes it’s fun to get festive with your drinks & add a few sparkly touches. This cocktail kit is perfect for traveling, or just hanging at home getting buzzed in your pajamas. I actually snagged this kit for New Years Eve. Looks fun, right?


Honestly it is SUCH a shame if you make a great cocktail & throw it in a basic, boring glass. Definitely a missed opportunity. Invest in gifting your friends some cute, unique glassware so you never miss an instagrammable cocktail moment.


This shaker though!! I would be SO grateful if a friend gifted me this, hinty hint to any of my friends reading. It’s super bougie, plus would make a great prop for any blog posts about cocktails or dinner parties. You really can’t go wrong with a gift that is both chic & functional.

get buzzed in your pajamas gift guide | by the skinny confidential


I am SO over the whole old t-shirt & gym shorts in bed vibe. Anybody with me? Pajamas make the perfect gifts for friends because for some reason people don’t tend to buy their own. Have a boozy pajama party with your girls & look cute while doing it. There are tons of adorable pajamas HERE & HERE, my two favorites are these easy striped pajamas & this super silky rose print set.


A luxurious throw blanket in a home is a MUST. Honestly I don’t think you can ever have too many blankets. This light pink faux fur blanket is so soft and adds the perfect texture to your home. Definitely a great gift.


Cute & cozy slippers & socks are often overlooked. These are a MUST for lounging around your home. Why walk around on the cold hard floor when you can wear these fun pom pink slipper booties & feel like you’re walking on clouds. Can’t wait to rock these with a silky pajama set.


I LOVE sleep. If I could sleep 9 hours every night I would. If you’re going to have a fun boozy day you want to make sure you are well rested first. Sleep masks are perfect for blocking out any extra light so you can get your beauty sleep uninterrupted.

get buzzed in your pajamas gift guide | by the skinny confidential


Macarons are the PERFECT complement to dry & crisp champagne. There’s a reason you find both all over France. All of the guests at our couple’s shower enjoyed dark chocolate & raspberry macarons with champagne.


Almonds are a great snack when you’re drinking. Eat a handful of these & help prevent your hangover while enjoying a tasty treat. I love how they look like martini olives. These are especially great for the friend that likes to drink because they look so chic in a white bowl on your bar cart.


There’s something nostalgic about crispy treats that I can’t get enough of. Bring everyone back to their childhood with the updated version of this classic treat. Not only are these adorable treats covered in white, milk & dark chocolate with sprinkles but they taste SO good. Good thing they’re mini!


If you follow along on Snapchat you know I LOVE wearing my collagen eye masks every morning. Well now I have something even better for you. SHEET MASKS! Sheet masks go on your entire face & are perfect for when you’re on the go. These will help keep you looking fresh especially if you end up drinking a little more bubbly than you intended. 

If you’re looking for some gift ideas I’ve got everyone covered. Check out part one of my huge ass gift guide & follow the holiday gift idea boards for the kidsthe bougie babethe workaholicthe bombshell babe and the friend that likes to drink on Pinterest. Part two is coming next week!



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