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Get On Board with Collagen, Collagen, Collagen

Vital Proteins Marine Collagen has so many benefits! Lauryn of The Skinny Confidential explains why she uses it daily for health, skin, beauty, and overall wellness.Vital Proteins Marine Collagen has so many benefits! Lauryn of The Skinny Confidential explains why she uses it daily for health, skin, beauty, and overall wellness.

I’ve said it once & I’ll say it again: collagen is QUEEN.

THAT’S RIGHT. I live for collagen.

You know this because I’ve done a post on supermodels’ best kept secrets BUT I’ve had so many questions on the topic that I feel like it deserves another moment.

I mean name one woman who doesn’t want to prevent &/or REVERSE signs of aging, improve digestion… & strengthen her hair & nails? SHIT, sign me up, right?

Before I ever recommend products, I test them on myself.

Call me a guinea pig because I’ve been using Vital Proteins Marine Collagen & just LOVING all the benefits. I throw a scoop in my smoothie OR down it in hot water in the AM and PM. Why I like this brand: it’s non-GMO, no BS, wild caught, & unflavored. SIMPLE. ONE ingredient.

Beware because after doing some research I’ve seen a lot of collagen brands on the market that are full of filler. If you’re buying collagen, MAKE SURE TO CHECK THE INGREDIENTS.

Let’s explore the benefits deeper because THEY ARE TOO INSANE.

Vital Proteins Marine Collagen has so many benefits! Lauryn of The Skinny Confidential explains why she uses it daily for health, skin, beauty, and overall wellness.

Here’s why every woman should be drinking their daily collagen:

1. Prevents the onset signs of aging: by increasing skin moisture levels, the development of lines and wrinkles diminish. Weirdly enough, this allows your makeup to sit better. Kind of like a primer. YES PLZ.

2. Reverses the signs of aging: not only does collagen prevent the signs of aging, it can actually reverse some signs such as fine lines, deep wrinkles, & reduced elasticity. This is MAJOR.

3. Improves digestion – two ways collagen helps digestion: 1.) it supports hydrochloric acid production in our stomach, which makes digestion easier & 2.) collagen helps to repair the sensitive lining & infrastructure of the stomach, & small/large intestines. Improving digestion has also been known to improve skin issues such as acne, eczema, & rosacea. It’s even helped with my leg rash.

4. Strengthens hair & nails: collagen protein is the foundation of hair & nails. Loyal collagen consumers notice that their hair and nails grow faster, stronger, & more luscious. This is often the first noticeable benefit of many from regular collagen intake. Kind of like Biotin on crack.

5. Helps with cellulite: Collagen is the protein that forms the connective tissue in your skin, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels. Structural changes in the skin such as weakened collagen can make cellulite more apparent because the skin thins, loses shape, and is less able to conceal the irregularities below the surface. Collagen has got your back, literally.

best collagen to take 2 | by the skinny confidentialVital Proteins Marine Collagen has so many benefits! Lauryn of The Skinny Confidential explains why she uses it daily for health, skin, beauty, and overall wellness.

Anything for hair growth, no wrinkles, & improved digestion! Especially when it’s easy, accessible, & painless. No needles is a PLUS.

OH! Did I mention there’s 11 grams of protein in a scoop? Sort of a no brainer guys. Is anyone else a collagen fan? I cannot explain my excitement over COLLAGEN. Two scoops a day keeps the wrinkles away.


– lauryn x

Vital Proteins Marine Collagen has so many benefits! Lauryn of The Skinny Confidential explains why she uses it daily for health, skin, beauty, and overall wellness.


  1. Hey so I know before this you were using Great Lakes. Do you still like that? Is either good? Please give honest opinion. That ones a bit more affordable so I’m hoping that one is still good… Thanks

    1. As a blogger, I’m trying new things ALL the time. Some I like, some I hate, some are OK. The Great Lakes brand I finished so now I’m trying this one. They’re both awesome. I would say I like the taste of this one ( Vital Proteins ) more than Great Lakes.

    1. A bunch of sources can be found by Googling ‘collagen benefits.’ Here’s a great read on collagen.

  2. I’ve been adding gelatin to my smoothies for a few years now and I will say my skin is plumper and my joints/muscles recover much quicker! Thanks for sharing this brand, I will have to upgrade mine to this 🙂 Thanks!

  3. After reading all of the pros, I definitely want to get on the collagen train !!
    Does this collagen powder have any sort of taste?
    Also, what is your favorite collagen pill/capsule?
    Thanks so much Lauryn! : )

    1. I love this collagen pill: It has a hint of a taste. It’s not bad at all. I use it my smoothies & you can’t even tell. xx

  4. Yessss – I actually put collagen in my coffees every morning (drinking one now!) but I like what you said about 1 ingredient. Now I’m thinking the one I use is full of fillers bc there are a ton of ingreds! This marine collagen looks incredible – buying some right now. I also love the protein aspect and I’m intrigued with the beauty greens. Thank you for sharing! Have a great weekend! x S

    1. It’s so important to check the ingredients! I LOVE this brand. I hope you enjoy it Shannon! I love that coffee idea : ) xx

  5. Thanks so much for sharing! I’ve heard so many mixed reviews about adding collagen into your diet that it’s nice to actually hear the positives from a trusted source. One question though: is it truly unflavored? Can you add it to smoothies and drinks without altering the taste?

    1. I find that if I add it to a smoothie or juice, I don’t notice it, but if I add it to coffee or plain water, it does have a mild, salty-ish flavor. Nothing major and 100% worth all of the benefits!! xo Ruthie (@tortuga_travels)

  6. I’ve been wanting to try collagen for a while, actually, because of its amazing health benefits! Do you really feel and notice a different when using it, Lauryn?

    1. OH YA! The benefits are endless. Stronger nails & my hair definitely grows faster. Also, I notice my skin is plumper.

    1. I liked it a lot! As a blogger, I’m trying new things ALL the time. Some I like, some I hate, some are OK. The Great Lakes brand I finished so now I’m trying this one. They’re both awesome. I would say I like the taste of this one ( Vital Proteins ) more than Great Lakes.

    2. I have used Great Lakes! I ran out so now I’m trying this. They’re both good. I like this one more, taste-wise.

    3. Oops, Lauryn. I asked the same thing about Great Lakes before reading others’ comments. Please disregard my question.

  7. Lauryn,
    First off – I’m one of your biggest fans. Seriously, been following you for years. Aka eating up everything you say and all your product recommendations & buying tons of them. But I’ve been doing so much purging fromm my bathroom lately and I still feel like a total hoarder. So, can you provide any guidance on your must haves as far as health and skincare?

    1. Collagen, ice roller, probiotics, rose hip oil, coconut oil, eyebrow brushes, & Nippies are ALWAYS in my bathroom! Those are my must-haves : ) x

  8. Hi Lauryn! Quick question. Would you take this collagen supplement in addition to gelatin as well? Or skip the gelatin and just supplement with this collagen? Thanks!!

    1. I take a gelatin capsule a couple times of week. I take this everyday (sometimes I use their green mixture too in my smoothie!).

  9. Gotta go so some googling! I’ve been so curious about collagen ever since you mentioned it a few posts ago!


    Tamara –

  10. I bought the collagen you had posted about a while ago, the Great Lakes one. It tasted so awful I was gagging! It turned into an awful consistency and usual I am not picky when it comes to comfort vs. health. How do you recommend to consume collagen? Maybe I was taking too much? I tried putting it in my smoothies to hide it but it basically ruined my breakfast. It sounds like it really helps so I want to take it daily. Thanks!! -xoxo

    1. Try it in a smoothie! Just a half of scoop. Start very small. If that doesn’t work, try it in peppermint tea & kind of shot it down. If all else fails try the gelatin capsules!

    2. I think the recommendation was linked to the gelatin collagen from Great Lakes (which isn’t water soluble) – there is another one from the brand (Collagen Hydrolysate) that is water soluble and dissolves quickly in water. Tastes kind of like licking a leather boot…but it’s easy to chug quickly!

    3. ok so what CAPSULES are you talking about? ..because, the Youtheory ones you linked is a tablet…

      <3 thank you!!!

  11. I have been using this and love it. I noticed a difference in my skin in like three days.

    Have you tried the Greens or Beef version? I am wondering is the Beef is a good everyday substitute for bone broth?


    1. Yes! Getting enough collagen while pregnant is critical because it provides essential proteins that our bodies utilize daily and that promote optimal health for a growing baby. Collagen helps to build and repair our bones, joint surfaces, skin, teeth, eyes, arteries, intervertebral disks, and much more. Collagen is needed to ensure a strong body and to help you to continually heal. Although, we always recommend speaking with your physician regarding your specific health needs while pregnant and nursing.

  12. Totally obsessed!! I’ve been using the bovine collagen (simply because I wasn’t aware of the options when I purchased) for about 6 months now and I can totally see a difference!! My nails grow strong now (never happened before) and my friend recently commented/gushed over the fact that I have absolutely no wrinkles, not even crows feet (I am only 30 and wear sunscreen Anyway, I couldn’t agree more that this product is definitely worth adding to your life!

  13. This is sooo informative, I’m definitely going to get my hands on some! Will collagen help with acne? If it won’t, do you have any recommendations on tips and tricks to help with acne? I feel like I’m in a losing battle constantly with my skin so I’m open to any and all suggestions you might have 🙂 x

  14. Yup yup! Into this one – i usually take it as a pill but I love this form too.

    Love that you recommend this because its a game changer!

  15. Love it! I use the same brand and am a huge fan of it… I put a scoop in my coffee or tea and can’t taste it at all. However, I do find that if I try stirring it into cold drinks that it ends up making a bit of a paste and doesn’t dissolve as well… a tip for anyone trying it out! 🙂

  16. This is SO helpful!!! I’ve been dealing with a bad bout of acid reflux, and most of my research has shown me that it’s actually a lack of hydrochloric acid in the stomach that causes it. Also, since it’s been going on for months, my poor stomach & esophagus are very inflamed… I’m ordering this ASAP! THANK YOU

  17. LOVE Vital Proteins! I’ve used their Collagen Peptides for a couple years now. I haven’t tried their Marine Collagen though. Could you explain the difference between their Collagen Peptides and Marine Collagen? Is there a huge difference in quality or effectiveness?

  18. Ahhh, I’m with you on “collagen is QUEEN” haha. I recently discovered collagen and have been crazy about it as well.
    I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin (so glowy) and also my joints. My knees used to hurt a lot after leg day and running, but since I’ve introduced collagen in my daily diet knee pain has seemingly magically disappeared!
    xx, R @ the girl in polka dots

    1. I use the collagen peptides from Vital Proteins and just add it to hot water and a squeeze of half a lemon. Any other way I tried grossed me out.

  19. Hey Lauryn! I just bought collagen but am struggling to incorporate it into my daily life. When you put it in hot water does it taste bad? Do you take it like a shot? I drink tea at least 2x a day so I want to add it but I’m afraid it will ruin the taste. thanks!

    1. It has a hint of a taste if you just add it to water. It’s not bad at all. If you put it in a smoothie you can’t even tell! xx

  20. Are there any weird side effects from taking collagen? Also, would collagen replace biotin supplements if I currently take those?

  21. Do you take the collagen in pill form too or just in powder form? I need to start taking this!!

  22. I can’t wait to try this version as I have been using the Great Lakes version! I’ve been doing some reading and found that marine/fish collagen is better for hair, skin and nails as it is a type 1 collagen. Bovine collagen isn’t considered as affective as the fish. Thank you for this follow up post!

  23. I have read that collagen is best consumed on an empty stomach. I do that so I receive the full benefits!

  24. Hi! What made you choose the Marine Collagen (teal package) vs. the Collagen Peptides (blue package)? Any additional benefits with using the Marine? Thanks!

  25. Hi Lauryn! I am very interested in purchasing Collagen Peptide Powder and want to know which one is best for mixing in with coffee AND a smoothie? I know some are better with cold water rather than hot…any suggestions would be great! I am hooked on your website and am OBSESSED with all the natural products you suggest. Please let me know which one I should purchase for that perfect “glow”! Thanks so much!! xoxo

  26. Hi Lauren!

    I was wondering if the collagen was made from the scales or the fish skin of the marine product?


  27. Fingernails and hair are actually not made up of collagen – they’re made up of keratin. Just FYI 😉

  28. I don’t know whether it’s just me or if perhaps everyone else experiencing issues with your site.
    It looks like some of the text within your posts are running off the screen. Can somebody else please comment and let me
    know if this is happening to them as well? This could be a issue with my
    web browser because I’ve had this happen before.
    Thank you

    1. I read, your blog and I also read your comment, I got lots of tactics to use collagen. This means it’s a lot for me.
      Thanks for commenting and writing such a nice blog.

  29. Hi ! This is very informative & interesting article. Nice to read your blog post first time ever. I really appreciate this post. Thanks for sharing this awesome post.

    1. I definitely want to get on the collagen train !! I read lots of positive comments and posts.
      But after some research, I found TCI collagen is too good. what you say, Guys

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