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Get Acquainted With The NANZ (A Total 360 From Yesterday)

the nanz 3 | by the skinny confidential37-CTM_3336

Let’s pretend we’re driving down the street, k?

Well there’s a huge fork in the road.

Last night we went LEFT, I mean last night we literally got down & dirty, we were so far left.

So now we’re going to steer the car completely RIGHT.


Because. We’re talking to my grandma today.

That’s right, THE NANZ.

How we go from yesterday’s post to this, I don’t know, but regardless get excited because you get to get to know my favorite person EVER.

If you don’t know about The NANZ, there’s a few things you should know before reading her interview on TSC: 1.) she loves Snapchat. 2.) she loves smooth jazz. 3.) she loves Whispering Angel rosé, caviar, & cheese ( Gruyère cheese specifically, she’s known to cause scenes at Ralph’s if it’s not the right kind of Gruyère ). 4.) she has a best friend named BJ…I can’t make this up. 5.) she’s a badass.

So badass that I can literally call her at 4:45 PM on a Friday & tell her to meet me outside in 10 because we’re getting skinny margaritas & chips and salsa ( she wears her gold-rimmed sunglasses inside, like me, so who cares if she’s wearing no makeup? HA ).

When I first started blogging, she had no idea what a blog was. Fast forward to today & you can find her with her chihuahua named Slipper in a grocery cart secretly moving The Skinny Confidential Books to the front of Barnes & Noble’s new release section. You should know she brings her grocery cart everywhere. If you see someone at DryBar or Home Goods or somewhere random with a chihuahua in a grocery cart, go say hi because that’s MOST definitely The Nanz.

She’s honest as can be, rolls her eyes constantly at my perverted sense of humor, & calls Uber, UHH-BOR ( one time when I called her an UHH-BOR she thought the driver was a sick-o creep because he took the long way, asked her too many questions, & played country music— for the record he was just being nice ).

Again, can’t make this up.

Ok now, without further ado, meet my best friend EVER. I really hope you love her as much as I do:

the nanz 2 | by the skinny confidential

| OK NANA, who are you? Like, introduce yourself to my readers, tell us about yourself |:

Mary Evarts/The NANZ: My name is Mary Evarts, I’m Lauryn’s grandmother. Sometimes called by Lauryn & her friends, The NANZ. I’m the mother of a son named Brad ( Lauryn’s dad ) and a daughter, Candy. I have a chihuahua dog named Slipper. I’m active in charities & my church and I have a good attitude on life. I love life.

I love my family and my friends very much. They are all very important to me.

I consider tennis a gift I gave myself in my 30’s. I’ve loved to play for years. Singles, doubles, mixed double, whatever. I belonged to 3 different tennis clubs.

I love to read. I love to learn information about what other people are doing. I love biographies especially.

I love to have fun. I love to ice skate, go to parties, & dance.

I always try to be honest & straight-forward with my friends, family, & faith.

| Advice for young people, be real, don’t sugar coat, ok? |:

TN: My one important piece of advice to young people: regularly save money each month to be secure when you’re older. You should always have a savings program.

| Top 3 things you wish you knew when you were in your 20’s |:

1. ) Prepare for your later years. Have a regular savings program.

2. ) Be healthy. Eat the right foods. I did know this but I think it’s important to be very concerned to wash your fruits and vegetables before you eat them because they’re full of pestisides. Lettuce, string beans, blueberries. Diet & food intake are important for a healthy, long life.

3. ) Attitude. Be happy, love your friends & family. How you conduct yourself when you’re out among people is important. Put a smile on your face, throw your shoulders back, stay clean, and be prepared. Have some style ( you don’t have to follow what everyone else does, create your own style ).


| What’s the best age? Give me something juicy |:

TN: In my opinion the best age was my 30’s. I loved being married, I loved having my children, I loved everything about raising them & getting them off to school. I love the people you meet through your children. In connection with that, you should sit down together as a family with nothing else on and talk among yourselves. Talk about your experiences. Having dinner together is very important. I liked the 40’s too.

| FOOD! What’s your favorite? I mean I know your favorite but tell TSC readers |:

TN: A New York cheesecake. It has to be NYC. It can’t be the fluffy cheesecake, it has to be thicker. On a healthier note, I love strawberries. I like them with cottage cheese or sometimes a little whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

| Ok, favorite snack even though I already know this one! |:

TN: Lauryn and I love to have a small glass of wine with a good cheese ( we love Gruyère ), cornishons, a nice cracker, candied pecans, & a few grapes. That’s our go to snack. Not a meal, just a small portioned snack. Sometimes we like Fuji apples & pumpernickel bread with that too.

| Best tip for someone in their 30’s |:

TN: Spend a lot of time with your children to show an example of how to live a happy, healthy life. They are watching you and they do pick up your habits as parents. Show good examples when you are raising your family.

| Best tip for someone in their 40’s |:

TN: Have your friends & have a nice social life but still spend time at home. Be responsive and caring with your husband. These are the 40’s where you’re maturing and raising children and having dinner parties and learning how to cook better for groups. During this time, keep your faith, improve your style and be aware of how you treat people. Be as loving and kind to people as you can. Also, sometimes you need to accept things you don’t agree with. If they’re harmless it’s ok, they’re doing their thing ( even if it’s the not the way you like it ). It’s very hard to to do this because things are always changing, but sometimes it’s good to take it in. Being understanding when things don’t go your way is very important.

| In your 50’s? |:

TN: Your children are starting to go off to school and they start to handle things on their own. Try to still be loving and supportive of your husband or wife. Seeing the rewards for your work in your 30’s and 40’s feels so nice. Your 50’s are a wonderful period if all the rest has worked right.


| LIFE LESSONS! I always ask you this one, share a bit |:

TN: Have the right attitude. It’s not going to be perfect. There are always roads where you’ve made mistakes. Learn from them. Make the right decisions as much as you can. A very hard thing to do, especially as a women.

| WHY am I ( Lauryn ) your best friend ( HAHA )? |:

TN: You have a great attitude. You are terrific fun to be with. You are always exploring, creative, wise, & smart. You are always trying. It’s always a pleasure to be in you company always. That’s you, that’s my best friend.

Tell your readers that we like to talk, have a glass of rosé, or have a glass of champagne, laugh at experiences, gossip a little, eat chips and salsa, fill in the blanks, Snapchat, & laugh our way down the road.

Michael is a star too. Him & Lauryn are a great couple. He always gifts me with books. Oh ya!



| Favorite thing to do |:

TN: Go to dinner parties or throw one myself. Everyone rotates. I start preparing a day or two ahead. A little help is fine. Dinner parties are my favorite.

I love tennis too. I love the sound of the ball hitting the racket. It’s really fun and great exercise.

| Favorite way to unwind |:

TN: Read, talk to friends, talk to family, watch TV, think about things, ponder, sit still. Be quiet & think about what I did today or tomorrow. Think about friends and family.

| How do you stay positive and not become negative? |:

TN: Keep positive thoughts in your mind. Better to be positive than negative.

| Sum up life in a word. I know what you’re going to say…my favorite advice from you |:

TN: INTERESTED. Always be interested. It makes life more interesting. Getting outside yourself. Be interested in what’s going on with other people, remember their different stages and their different things. Think outside yourself in every way.

( remember this post guys?! )

Tell The Skinny Confidential readers to always take time for music & dance. Always be honest in character. Animals are wonderful friends & very easy to love. XO, The Nanz.


+ check out The Nanz’ pecans too.

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the nanz 1 | by the skinny confidential


  1. This was a wonderful post Lauryn and so inspiring! She sounds like an awesome grandmother. I only have one grandparent left. She is 86 years old and still has a cow ranch. She hauls hay, feeds cows, fixes fences..she is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing this today!

    1. Hi Alexis, OMG your Grandma sounds like a total badass!! CATTLE?? HAY??? Where is her ranch? She must be in amazing shape. Good for her!!

  2. This is so sweet and fun. More from the Nanz! And what a look in the tropicana blouse, pendant and aviator shades

    1. Hi Emma, isn’t she chic? She seriously has the best style I’m obsessed. I want to borrow that top! lol!!

    1. Thanks Mariana, she loves Snapchat. Send us a Snap next time I’m with her! She will totally say Hi to you

    1. Hi Stephanie, I love soaking up her wisdom. It’s so great that I can share her with TSC Community. You guys are seriously the best!

  3. Aww this made me laugh, smile, and cry all at the same time. Your nanny is wonderful! I always thought you were a cool, down to earth person but this post sealed the deal for me- family is everything and seeing your relationship with your grandma makes me miss my grandma and best friend so much!

    1. Hi Cara, family IS everything. I’m glad you agree :)) Are you and your grandma close? What is she like? Would her and THE NANZ be friends?? LOL!!

    1. HAHA! No she loves it! She loves BJ. Snapchat us next time I’m with her!! We can go back and forth :)) xx

  4. “You have a great attitude. You are terrific fun to be with. You are always exploring, creative, wise, & smart. You are always trying. It’s always a pleasure to be in you company always. That’s you, that’s my best friend.” LEGIT HAPPY TEARS 🙂 Loooove this post, girl!

    1. Thanks Barbara, we really are best friends. I love spending time with her. She’s fun, and full of life & wisdom! Snapchat us soon??

  5. I LOVE this! My Nana is one of my best friends too – the advice, the wisdom, the humor, the dont-give-a-___ attitude. So important to surround yourself with interesting, diverse people (even of different ages). I loved THE NANZ advice. So cool. Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Rachel, I COMPLETELY agree about surrounding yourself with diverse people. It’s more interesting, inspiring, & informative all around. Thanks for commenting, I’m glad you like THE NANZ!! xx

  6. This post was so so so good. Thank you for sharing, some of the wisdom your Nanz shared was something I really needed to be reminded of today!

  7. You are one lucky gal Lauryn!!! She’s amazing!!! makes me miss my grams even more! BTW did you ever see my post about the microwave lemon trick!! you should add to one of your posts w citrus!! its AMAZING!! xo

    1. Hi Desiree can you send me the link again? Are you and your grandma close? Grandparents are the best. You learn so much from them. Thanks for reading

  8. So love it…special in every way. This will be a treasure your entire life. Nanz is special, you inherit that trait…tears!!! and laughs all in one.

  9. Girl I was getting all choked up reading this.. My maternal grandmother passed away two weeks to the day before I was born. She left me an unfinished baby blanket… She was so excited to meet me. I have always felt a deep-rooted connection to her. I would have loved to speak with her just once. You are so blessed to have your grandmother, but I know you know that already. I loved this post. The advice she gave is priceless! ♥

    1. Hi Hannah, oh no! I’m SO sorry you didn’t get to meet your grandma. At least you feel you have a connection to her, I’m sure she’s watching over you and sending you positive energy. I’m glad you like the post. Snap me when I’m with the Nanz any time! I’m sure she would love to SNAP with you

  10. My grandmother recently passed over Thanksgiving – she too, was my BEST FRIEND. I’ve been struggling a lot with her passing, but the Nanz puts a smile on my face! I think she and Aggie would have been besties 😉 I vote yes on Snapchat!


    1. Hi Liz, oh no! I’m so sorry for your loss. Seriously, sending you tons of love and positivity. How is your family doing? Sending them love as well. They totally would have been best friends!!

  11. I legit teared up a little. So great to see such a honest, authentic relationship with THE NANZ. She really is the best! xx

    1. Of course! I’ll try to get her on here more often. She loves talking to you guys. Let me know if you have any questions for her next post! xx

  12. She’s literally the cutest thing ever. The best advice too…always need to remember to stay positive, and I loved the part about accepting things and moving on in your 40s if people make decisions you dont like. ahh such a good skill to learn! You guys are the cutest! xo


  13. Nanz you’re killing it. LOVED this post. We can really learn so much from our grandparents it’s amazing.

  14. BEST POST EVER! I can sense your incredibly sweet and lively spirit from every word I just soaked up! You are golden Nanz! Thank you Lauryn for posting this. Sending lots of love and positive vibes to you and yours 🙂 xo

  15. She is dynamite. Wish my grandmother was still alive so I could interview her like this. I love all of this advice. Xo to you and The Nanz

  16. Nanna is among myFAVORITE people in the world! You captured her essence SO well!!! No one could ever totally capture her….unless you spend an hour or two with her, or years and years, as I’ve had the privilege of doing! Love the amazing woman she is and I listen and learn from her!

  17. It seems like you both have beautiful souls. I wish I had more time with either of my grandmothers, you are very lucky! It was so nice to read something so positive today 🙂

  18. how frigging cute is she!!! i wish i had a close relationship with my grandparents, she seems like the best!

  19. Lauryn – this interview was absolutely wonderful! Your Nanz is incredible and such a wise, wise, wise woman. I loved that she said the best age was the 30s. To be completely honest, I have been dreading turning 30 this May – I don’t know, I guess I wasn’t sure if I was ready to let go of my 20’s? A lot of life-changing memories happened, good & bad – but after reading this interview, it makes me excited for what’s next, and that the years to come are such a blessing.

    I loved hearing what she had to say about 40’s and 50s and love that she continues to host dinner parties! I am another one who is extremely close to my grandmother, so this makes me want to fly down to L.A. and give her a giant hug & share some rose!

    I also love that she is just totally living her life with BJ, hosting her parties, and playing tennis. Seriously, she is such goals & love that you two grab skinny margs on the reg! Have a wonderful weekend, Lauryn – thanks for such a great interview, it was truly something I needed to read & will def revisit in May before the big 3-0! xx SS

    PS – can we please talk about her style? I’m going to need the link to that blue floral shirt and those sunnies! #CHIC

  20. I love her and the relationship you tow have. She’s got the most upbeat attitude about life. Her advice is pure gold. xx

  21. Thank you SO SO SO much for sharing this post. Sometimes I forget that, at 26, I really have SO MUCH freakin’ life left to live, things to learn, people to meet, experiences to have… The Nanz totally helped today 😉

  22. Your Nanz has such a great attitude! I love her advice and I really enjoy seeing her on Snapchat. She is so fun and stylish.

  23. This was probably one of my favorite posts you’ve done! Reminds me of my grandmother! Love all of her advice! Reading this just made me really happy 🙂

  24. SHE IS TOO FREAKING ADORABLE!! Her advice is on point and she looks glamorous with those glasses! I can’t function right now, lol

    Thanks for sharing The NANZ with us!

  25. My grand daughter introduced me to your Blog but mainly The Nanz! She has a high regard for the postings and I plan to become a fan also. I am her Noni and guess my antics are reminiscent of Nanz. I only drink boxed white wine with lotsa ice…love theatre and movies. My cell phone rings Mama Mia which I saw a dozen times in the movies and stage. In fact, it went off in yoga class yesterday when we were meditating with crossed hands. Apologies galore!!! But funny too. I’m looking forward to the recipes also since I cook every day…either for myself or family or friends. Ciao!

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