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Oh GEEZ, Can We Please Talk About This Annoying-Ass Subject?!

Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential talks diet, fitness, and health.Cough, cough, coughity, cough.

They’re out there & they’re loose.

Like, it’s seriously outta control.

I did a chapter in my book called ‘Love Chub.’ Essentially the chapter is all about girls who gain weight when they fall madly in love because their BF/husband eat like crap.


Today I’m talking about another real, serious epidemic I can’t stand: OLDER FAMILY MEMBERS WHO ‘THINK’ THEY KNOW HOW TO EAT.


It’s such a buzzkill because they’re totally ignorant/stubborn/closed minded & living in La-La-Land ( can I get a one-way ticket? Must be nice, ehh? ).

I mean, thick, sickie creamer in your coffee was so 1992. EVOLVING is so important!!! So, so important. Buttttt some family members, man, they’re just unwilling to learn about what’s going on in the clean food world.

So sorry…but GMO’s, non-organic, hormone/antibiotic, chemical pumped bullshit is totally not 2014.

So here’s my advice on an older family member who still eats Wonder Bread & thinks Oreo cereal is “part of a complete breakfast”:

 ❤ Have fruit sitting out at all times. Yes. Every second of every day. This will cause them to be tempted by real food as opposed to shitty food.

 ❤ Talk ( don’t preach ) about your healthy lifestyle. I’m tots guilty of being a totally preacher. I’m so annoying, I annoy myself. But I really do try to just casually talk about healthy living. Keyword: try.

 ❤ Feed the dog healthier food than they’re eating…in front of them ( & make a total fuss about it ). You better bet your ass Pixy is getting the best of the best when it comes to food ( a healthy dog food post seems to be in my near future? ). She also drinks the best water & has BPA-free bowls. It bugs me when a family member doesn’t take the same healthy initiative as I give my dog. Get with the program, fam bam!!

 ❤ Bring fresh green juice to their house & make noises that are obnoxious. I love to “OH–AHH–SO DELICIOUS I COULD DIE” in front of anyone who doesn’t like to juice.

❤ Talk about working out in front of them & invite them incessantly. Yes. Be annoying. Get them to sweat. Once they’re start, they’ll hopefully be hooked.

 ❤ Refuse their food…ok so here’s my biggest tip: do NOT eat their crap because you feel obligated. It’s your body, not anyone else’s. Take care of it!! Create an example by not stuffing dirty crap down your throat. Wanna piss them off? Bring your own delicious, healthy food in Tupperware.

Also, always SMILE x 10. LOLZ.

While you’re at it: take a look at a dated food pyramid, it will instill the fact that times aren’t the same as they were back in the day. Things change daily, get on the healthy train, or you’ll be stranded.

Ultimately, I like to compare family members who eat like shit to acrylic nails with a French manicure…

Just because a French mani on acrylics was “in” eight years ago, doesn’t mean it’s hip now…& just because eating Dunk-a-Roo’s used to be ‘healthy’ snack, doesn’t mean it’s healthy now.


Sigh…thank God my Dad drinks his daily green juice or I might have to force it down his throat.

While smiling, of course.

How do you deal with this little buzzkill?


  1. I have a relative like this… one that will actively refuse the healthier option EVEN WHEN IT TASTES THE SAME. Intervention doesn’t seem to help.

    As a side note, I downloaded the Amazon sample of your book and am about to buy! Spring break starts tomorrow and I will have the best inflight reading material. Ever.

    Wonder if I should get a copy to leave on unnamed-relative’s coffee table…

  2. Guess I’m old school in one respect. I eat healthy, BUT I still use half an half in my coffee. That’s something I won’t give up just like chocolate.

    1. That’s ok if it’s something you love! But when it’s with a piece of Wonder Bread & a side of cookies in the AM…not so much ; ). I say if you LOVE the creamer, keep it! x.

  3. This exact scenario was part of daily life when I went vegetarian as a teenager in the 90s. People felt the need to crap on my healthy lifestyle and tell me there was no way they were giving up meat (as if I cared)! Nowadays no one gives a second thought to a meatless diet.

    Somehow they do evolve!

  4. Thank you!! My boyfriends parents eat horribly! I’ve brought over stir fry and any time she makes something healthy I always try and over-the-top complement her on it, it seems to be working because she’s making roasted broccoli more and more. The only problem is she works for a company owned by Monsanto..So guess whats in her fridge and pantry. JUNK/FAKE food! yuck yuck yuck!! At least i’ve gotten her son to eat much better, and he nags at her over it and working out. Maybe one day things will change..a girl can dream!

  5. Love this post! But what do you do if it is your boyfriends family?!! Especially his mother who loves to cook and have everyone over for dinner. I feel like I am stuck eating the unhealthy crap. Help!

  6. Ugh the hubs smokes, drinks at least one gigantic red bull a day, and insists I stock the fridge with hot pockets and frozen pizzas even though I offer to make him a home cooked meal. I’m dying over here!

  7. I have problems with both of my patents. My dad over eats and my mum barely touches anything yet they both eat the same crappy food. Even when it does have veg it tastes gross so I have to make all of my own meals. I just get teased for it because I used to be the same as them. Great encouragement!
    I cooked them a meal the other week and my dad ate it (because it’s food) but my mum was like ergh what is this? Lord give me strength!
    (Ordered your book here in the UK, won’t be here until June but so excited!)

  8. Bahaha, love the point about the dog food! Only problem is, my parents’ dog has been basically raised on lard and chocolate – I tried feeding her salad once when I was about 10 by wrapping lettuce in ham but she cottoned on and spat the green out. Don’t know how she has exceeded her life expectancy but she just keeps on going!

    About getting family to work out, what about people who have got real problems with self esteem and confidence? A family member of mine has zero confidence and doesn’t like the way she looks so doesn’t even bother to change because she doesn’t believe she can ever look good. She tried working out once and my sister and I giggled because we’d never seen her exercise and she burst into tears and ran from the room! Whenever I try talking about changing her diet she gets really cross so this kind of ram-it-down-the-throat approach really wouldn’t work.. what would you do in this case? Or anyone else, any advice? Thanks guys,

    Lucy xxx
    La Lingua : Food, Life & Travel in Italy

    1. the ram it down your throat approach doesnt work with most people. just like religion. this is no different. having a witness knock on your door 48 times in one day probably isnt going to get you to convert. its just going to make people want to get the hell away from you…and then eat to relieve the stress of listening to it all day.

      honestly….everyone is different. bring it up once….and let them know you have their best interest at heart. plant the seed….then leave it alone. be available for support/instruction (if they reach out for help)….and live your life as an example of what TO do to be better. if they choose to turn a deaf ear… cant force it. just be you…..and bring your own salad to family functions 🙂 (love people) <3

  9. OMG Lauryn thank you for this post! My mom eats the worst fast food chains and smokes and she’s 69. She does not exercise and she laughs about it. At a recent luncheon with her high school friends, after a cheeseburger and fries she ordered a large sundae and was pushing the sundae on everyone. Everyone refused. I pointed out to her that she was the only one eating badly. Most everyone else had soup or salad, chicken breast with vegetables. I don’t think she’s going to change at this point. She is steeped deep in “denial”.

  10. Here is my deal,

    My mom is in better body shape than me (she’s a gym rat) BUT, it took years to get her to stop buying that sickkie chrystal light! She is also finally drinking almond milk instead of skim!

  11. What I do that sometimes annoys everyone is I tell them how they could improve their meals. So when they make fried chicken, I say “oh you know this would taste much better if it was grilled chicken and it’s much healthier too” Or I just get to the dirty and tell them “you want to tell me that you want to lose weight because you are going on a beach vacation, yet you’re eating this crap?” It gets them thinking and it gets them annoyed towards me but sometimes the truth sucks.

  12. This was HILARIOUS and so on point! I’m a vegan, and I get a lot of ridiculous jokes from my uncles.

    Must. Not. Slap. Relatives.

    The harder part for me is seeing my Mom try so hard to be healthy and still missing the mark. It’s a sensitive issue to navigate when someone is truly making an effort already, and thinks they’re doing the right thing by buying Special K cereal and 2% milk (gag).

    Suppose Anything Goes

  13. If it’s my close family I am lecturing quite a lot.. Trying not to BUT it’s hard cause they are so precious to me and I want them to eat well, feel well and live longer!
    In Sweden where my family lives people tend to be very aware about healthy foods and there’s lots of it in the shops but I like to cook or decide dinner when I’m there to ensure it’s even more healthy 😉

  14. My stepdad really annoys me because he thinks he knows how women should workout. I want to start lifting heavier weights and my sister lifts heavy, but he thinks that women should focus on toning not bulking and should just lift light weights and lots of cardio. He’s convinced that if women lift heavy weights they will instantly look like a man. I try to tell him otherwise but he’s not having any of it!! Very annoying.

  15. I guess I’m lucky because my parents eat healthy and indulge very little. They are also big on portion control and limit how much food they put on their plates. When they started to portion control a few years ago, they lost a ton of weight. I am trying to get them to juice with me once I buy my juicer.

  16. The quote “Those convinced against their will are of the same opinion still” seems to hold very true for how people choose to eat. Letting family members see how healthy, energetic, happy I am with my current lifestyle usually encourages them to try eating better and eventually more and more of those foods find their way into their diets. Yes, the previous generation was incredibly used to convenience in a box regardless of the nutritional value and many are probably intimidated by actually cooking a meal from scratch. I let them know about my food flops and successes, and love setting out healthy snacks when everyone’s famished before the junk food can make an appearance.

    Their pickiness against healthy food reminds me a lot of all the scenarios where kids try to avoid eating vegetables. Now it’s the adults who are refusing!

  17. Haha! You crack me up.
    My family insists that wheat bread with hydrogenated oil filled peanut butter and sugar free jelly is a healthy snack. A little piece of me dies with every bite they take.
    I guess it’s intervention time.

    PS I totally agree with the acrylic french manicure thing. Barf.

  18. Hahaa I just about died reading this. Too funny and too true, because I am currently home with my family for the weekend, and last night I was PREACHING about how grossed out I am of what is in so called “food” as they casually rolled their eyes. I’ve learned so much from your blog, keep up the great work.

  19. I totally understand this post!! It’s almost impossible to get some people on the health train, they think it’s ok for them to just fill their bodies with junk. My issue is that my family thinks things are healthy, they’ll grab a special k cereal that says whole grain and protein and then I’ll show them that the ingredients list is a mile long and there are 30 grams of sugar that isn’t natural in the fricken cereal! It kills me. I hate this false advertising, yes nonfat greek yogurt can be good for you, if you don’t eat the ones that are loaded with added sugars to make them taste good. It’s SO hard to inform your family, though. But we can still try hard!

  20. When eating or drinking my greens I rave about the benefits. That usually will get both of my parents’ interest peaked … especially my mom, which then opens the door for even more food facts and benefits AND her asking questions.
    And my poor dad. I try to explain to him why I refuse to eat his organic, even sometimes local, (he tries) baked sweet potatoes coated in butter. We are currently working on switching to olive oil (step 1) so then we can then switch to coconut oil (final step). At least he is trying! I just have to remember to be patient and take steps with him 🙂
    And when it comes to big family events, I bring something super healthy. Like the time I brought a broccoli casserole that called for cashews and nutritional yeast instead of any dairy. Muhahaha. It was their favorite dish and they about died when they found out what was in it …. and then asked me for the recipe. Booya!

  21. This is the worst. Luckily at my own home I can be respected to eat my food, but the hardest is when I visit the BF’s fam. They have a fridge full of hot dogs, high sugar juices, diet sodas, fake maple syrup, non-organic dairy and meets, and loads of cheese. The worst part is that his mother is a cancer survivor, and seeing her eat this way breaks my heart.

    Thankfully he’s open minded about eating healthier, organic, and cleanly, but it’s such a struggle when we stay with them for a few days!

  22. Ugh, can totally relate…Parents do not respect food boundries…They put crap on my plate and constantly want me to eat their nasties… BTW, received your book yesterday.. I’ve read half…real page turner..thanks for the late night read…love it!

  23. I feel ya! I am always trying to get the BF/sis/etc on board with the natural/wholesome/healthy train, but it’s a challenge, sometimes!! Your tips are hilarious… ‘make a lot of noises while drinking green juice’ haha. Love it!

  24. During a conversation between my brother and my mother on the phone today (he had her on speaker) she called me:


    All because I insist on eating organic. I also refuse to eat the free lunches at work because I work at a resort and we get whatever leftovers and kitchen scraps are left from banqueted events. Basically, even if I want just veggies and a salad, the veggies are DOUSED in butter and salt and the salads are just iceburg lettuce with a few veggies to pick from for toppings. But don’t worry, there’s tons of ranch dressing and croutons! So when I don’t have time to meal prep, I often go out and buy lunch from Eat Smart cafe which uses organic produce and a wide variety of clean foods (and smoothies). I tried to argue that my health is more important than just about anything else in life so stop criticizing my eating habits, especially when yo ass got the diabeetus. So frustrating.

  25. This post is so true, though I can definitely relate to it from the other perspective. Eating healthy is a choice, it’s just not always the convenient one. Anyway, thanks for sharing! This is definitely a subject more people need to address.

  26. So HARD + so TRUE, when I went back to the states to visit my family and stayed with my mom who eats extremely unhealthy I lost it! Its so hard to be surrounded in an unhealthy environment and it was even difficult to find places to eat as a group because I never wanted to go somewhere fast foody. But I always just buy my own food and eat my own stuff and go my own way, I never sacrifice my health for anyone else. Great post! Lots of Love C

  27. This is great advice, but when it comes to family I feel to rude refusing to eat their food! Maybe I am just too nice, but when you get invited round for dinner to see your grandma or other family members and they want to feed you everything! The worst is going to stay with someone for like a week and you know they have the worst eating habits. What do you do then? I can’t refuse the food they cook and stuff in front of your face and somehow saying “No, I am full” doesn’t seem to process in their minds “Of course you can’t be full, you’ve hardly touched it, have some chocolate cake”. Sometimes I feel like screaming I DON’T WANT YOUR CHOCOLATE CAKE EVEN THOUGH YOU SPENT ALL DAY BAKING IT!

  28. My new obsession is all natural dairy free French vanilla coconut milk creamer. So much better then that artificial crap. I highly recommend!

  29. This is my in laws to a tee. Oh im being healthy bc Im eating fiber one bars, diet coke, and sugar free jelllo. Gross times a million! My mother in law baked some homemade bread consisting of white flour, oil, sugar and so on and remarked oh you will love this, I know you don’t eat processed foods….I graciously accepted the loaf and it went right into the trash when I hot home. I felt guilty, but I just can’t get them to understand what truly healthy food is. Thank goodness for portable goodness like suja juice,, raw almonds, concoctions, and hardboiled free range eggs that I can eat in the car on the way over.

  30. Most young people are clueless about food sadly..nobody likes to read information of nutrition which keeps us alive and well..but can also damage us if we eat what’s popular and advertised…
    I babysat for a family that bought a lot of organic groceries including the “junk food” and when preparing for the bunch the teen aged kid refused for me to bake him chicken nuggets ..He was like “Ugh nuggets SO UNHEALTHY! HAH! I don’t eat children’s foods” but he was ok with fries…?? Oh and then wanted me to make him pasta for dinner…i told him pasta is not any better than nuggets..or fries?? His response was “Pasta is like the healthiest thing ever” My response was that “Pasta is considered a processed food therefore it wasn’t healthy either..” but he just didn’t want to hear or believe it. Lame, stubborn, lazy to read about the facts ..yet act like they know it all…laughable and frustrating. Oy.

  31. All we can really do for anyone else is be a positive example. Can’t control or change anyone but ourselves. Extremely hard to practice at times though 🙂

  32. I struggle with this! Lauryn, you are so lucky your family likes to be healthy! Is it a California thing? In the South, I feel like being un-healthy is the norm. Sad!

    The last time I visited my parents (two weeks ago) I left two of my healthy food books for them to read: Grain Brain and It Starts With Food. My mom is reading the latter. My goal is for them to hear the message from someone besides ME! Maybe that will help.

  33. Great post. I do think it’s hard to be the voice of reason for those around us who may not lead a healthy lifestyle – but I also think “shaming” those peeps into health is also a slippery slope. None of us like to be shamed into anything; not very motivating. It mamazes me that my great uncle smoked every day since he was 14, ate whatever he wanted, and lived to be 90 years old. I have many other expamples of friends and family who are not health minded, and have no problems. Yet, I recently was diagnosed at 36 with stage 3 breast cancer….I eat a clean diet, and run marathons for goodness sakes!! It makes no sense at all….point being, maybe we should all worry about our own health and let others figure it out for themselves. Because the truth is, you never know what the universe is going to throw at you, no matter how well you eat or workout. Being a positive, brave influence on your loved ones is the best any of can do to show we care 🙂

  34. what’s good to put in coffee? I’ve tried almond milk but I really don’t think it tastes good in it.

  35. 90% of the time I’m strict paleo but I totally understand paleo is not for everyone so I never push it on anyone. However I live with 3 guys who are always nagging on me meanwhile they’re idea of a well portioned meal is sliced bread, boxed mac and cheese, with a beer, and I noticed that nagging them or trying to explain “paleo” does not faze them.

    Instead I’ve just made comments about how you should eat what makes your body feel good & energized and they all took notice that when they eat my food they still have loads of energy instead of wanting to lay down. The main problem I think is that they’re impatient and when they get hungry they would rather not take the 20 minutes to make a better meal :\ and it’s tough to teach people how rewarding a little patience can be.

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