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Friday Vibes: A Sexy, Sultry Red Lip Anyone Can Pull Off

bright red lip 3 | by the skinny confidential
bright red lip 4 | by the skinny confidential

Hello, hello!

It’s Thursday & we’re discussing: LIPSTICK.

I love lipstick.

But it’s most definitely one of those added touches that looks really, really banging or it’s just done WRONG.

Lipstick shades are like highlights. It’s very easy to rock the wrong shade. Like for instance with highlights, you want to look at your skin tone, eye color, face shape, etc.

Same goes for lipstick shades.

For me, I have bright blonde hair and a light to medium complexion ( depending on whether I went with Mystic Level 1 or 3 ). My best red shades tend to be blue-y reds. An orange-ish red brings out the wrong colors in my hair & sometimes brings out brown tones in my skin. As we discussed, if I go near the sun, a full blown mustache appears above my upper lip. #CHIC.

Needless to say, I avoid orange tones like the plague.

My advice on finding the right lipstick shade FOR YOU: go to MAC or the Nars counter at Nordstrom or Sephora & ask one of the salesgirls. They’re super happy to help. Also, Google is your best friend. I’ve found my favorite shades by utilizing Google.

bright red lip 5 | by the skinny confidential

To get my lips ready for a Friday night out, I ALWAYS BRUSH MY LIPS with a toothbrush. It’s a trick I picked up in high school & I swear it’s the best for getting circulation to the lips & keeping them exfoliated.

( Side note: I’m always on the hunt for weird tips & tricks like this, so if you have any, leave them below. The weirder the better. )

Anyway, I’m getting real into the YouTube scene ( it’s fun, right ), so here’s a little tutorial of my favorite Friday night lip. Make yourself at home, grab some popcorn, & enjoy the show:


♡ Products:

MAC fix spray
Benefit tinted lip balm
Benefit primer
Blonde’s best red lipstick ( ‘American Doll’ )
Brunette’s best red lipstick ( ‘Lady Danger’ )

Red head’s best red lipstick ( ‘Russian Red’ )
Boing! concealer
‘Naked’ liner
‘Kiss Me Quick’ lip liner
Concealer brush

♡ Wearing:

Peter Pan black top ( sold out, similar here )
Dainty rings
Full make-up look
Lipstick stand

bright red lip | by the skinny confidential

Another lip tutorial ( aka how to plump up your pout ) can be found here.

Patiently waiting on my jaw surgery swelling to go down so I can do a bunch more beauty tutorials for you guys. What do you want to see next? Anything specific? Subscribe to my channel for all updates!

I’m off to watch Housewives drama, drink Perrier, & eat scrambled eggs in bed.

Happy almost weekend, lauryn

+ More makeup tips can be found in The Skinny Confidential Book.

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bright red lip 6 | by the skinny confidential

bright red lip 1 | by the skinny confidential

  1. Love your tutorials! your perrier comment jogged my memory of a recent happening, i was drinking some of the same and noticed that it says on the bottle that its a part of Nestle. Ever since then stopped buying perrier. Nestle is responsible for some pretty horrible human rights violations as well as the bottling and polluting of drinking water in 3rd world countries. Just food for thought, i encourage you to look into it!

    1. Eeeek! Thanks for the info Annie. Would you mind email me a link so I can read about it?? Send it to if you have a sec.

      Ugh so annoying, I don’t want to have to break up with perrier!

      Thanks for reading

  2. The best tip for lips is to simply drink water. Since getting into the habit of 500ml in the morning and 500ml in the afternoon, my lips are never chapped. If I wasn’t so afraid of lipstick on my thin lips, I’d give your recs a try!

    1. Hi Olivia, thanks for the tip! I totally agree, water is EVERYTHING. I try to drink 80 ounces per day. Did you know you burn extra calories just by drinking water?? It’s so good for your skin and health in general. Thanks for reading babe

  3. I brush my lips too! It sounds so weird but really does help. I also SWEAR by lipstick sealer. One coat and you will never leave a lipstick glass mark ever again. It’s kinda really magical.
    I adore that lipstick holder too!
    xx, Pia

  4. Love a good bold lip! And I especially love that you point out how there’s a perfect shade for everyone. TO many times people try to copy someone else’s beauty picks, and it’s beter to just embrace your own awesomeness!

    1. Hi Kate, thanks for sharing. I’ve posted about Cabo outfits, maybe I’ll do a makeup post next! Here’s the link to the outfits post:

      Thanks for reading

  5. Love it! If I’m using a sugar scrub in the shower, I always do my lips too! I love mixing coconut oil, a tiny bit of olive oil, coffee grounds, and sugar… Or sub the coffee for lemon juice. Perfect exfoliation and makes my lips so smooth!

  6. Love this! What are you wearing for eye shadow? Maybe a video on eye shadow if you haven’t done one already. Thank you, luv you!!

    1. Hi Aubrey, I actually don’t wear eyeshadow, like ever. I seriously RARELY wear it. I’ve had a few people ask for eyeshadow tips though so maybe I’ll get an experts opinion and share :))

      Thanks for reading! xx

  7. I am going to sound crazy for saying this…. but would love to see a tutorial for a BLACK lip. Pretty much, how to make it super dramatic and stunning, rather than hot topic circa 1900s. That tip to put the pore-fessional on as a primer is seriously killer – I have way too many of those little samples that Benefit gives you with purchases and that is the perfect way to use it! Great tutorial, and love the tailored reccs for hair colours!

  8. Awesome tutorial! I’m always trying to perfect my lip red lip game, and usually smearing it everywhere in the process :/. Also, does anyone else have the problem where your MAC lipsticks are in a container and you can’t tell which is which?! I love this holder, I would store mine in it upside down so I could see the names!!! xx

    1. Hi Jill, yes sometimes it’s hard to tell. Here’s a tip: store them dark to light or light to dark. You may mess up a few times but you’ll have a general idea of which shades are where.

      Thanks for reading

  9. Potential upgrade to brushing your lips, to keep them smooth – exfoliate them with your loofah in the shower. Just the loofah, scrub scrub scrub, no soap on it. (Obviously apply soap when you’re washing the rest of your body!) I find I don’t need to brush my lips when I do this.

  10. Agreed on the black lips tutorial! I also have no idea what to wear with that? Also how to talk about it with my boyfriend to warn him it’s happening? I mean I’m sure he’ll be totally into a black lip………..LOL

    Thanks for the color tips B needed them!

    Xx Krista

    1. Hi Krista, you can wear it with a bunch of different colors. I think the most important thing is that you wear a solid color top or dress. You have to be careful with prints.

      As far as your boyfriend goes, he will love it if you just rock it with confidence.

      Thanks for reading! xx

  11. Great tutorial! I lovee a red pout! Bur I hate it when the lipstick starts fading away mid meal specially, leaving my pout looking half painted half not… the worst thing ever.

    What lipstick would you say last the longest?

  12. Have you tried MSM powder for your jaw surgery recovery? It’s good for swelling and a bunch of other things! Even for hair and skin

    1. No I haven’t! What is it? Send me info at if you have a sec!

      Thanks for reading Michelle

  13. Hi Lauryn!

    Can you please do a tutorial on how to do your eyeshadow like you’ve done on this video? I really love your natural eye shadow look.


    1. Hi Jackie, thanks for commenting. I’ve had a few people ask about that so I will put it on my to do list! Thanks for reading babe :)) xx

  14. I loved this tutorial and am super thankful that you found an awesome red lip for redheads also!!
    I would love to see a fall/winter lip tutorial. I know you did a holiday makeup look a while ago but would like to see a few more options for the upcoming seasons.

    1. Thanks Emma! OMG I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by. Holiday season is seriously just around the corner! I’ll put this on my list. Thanks babe!

  15. Definitely gonna check on this video again when I have a girls night out. LOVE your lipstick (and also your eye makeup), you’re totally rocking this look.

  16. You are an incredibly talented and helpful makeup artist Lauryn! I’ve been looking for the right red lipstick to try for AGES – i’m a blonde – and can’t wait to try this one, particularly during the holiday season coming up.



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