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Friday Fitness

best fitness blogger ever

[ Targeting the obliques ]

I definitely look forward to meeting with my workout group; they’re ridiculously entertaining & the time flies by so quickly. Our trainer, Chris created each workout in an accessible way that is effortless to emulate from home. Some days when Elena, Bri & I do not have time to fit in a workout we’ll complete this series at home. Special thanks to my beautiful fitness partners!

best fitness blogger ever

[ Elena doing “burpee” workouts ]

best fitness blogger ever

[ Arm raises ]

best fitness blogger ever

[ Crunch sit-ups ]

best fitness blogger ever

[ Straight arm planks- tension is in abdominals ]


Quick, Easy Workouts [ Beach Optional ]

1.) Oblique Twists: Lay on backside. Hands behind the head with wide elbows. Rotate both directions, twisting through obliques while taking opposite elbow to opposite knee. Relax the neck. Do 20 reps, 3 sets [ 60 total on each side ].

2.) “Burpees”: Jump up, come straight to the ground, do one push-up and then repeat. This works into the arms and focus on plyometrics. Do 15 reps, 3 sets [ 45 total on each side].

3.) Arm Raises with a Resistance Band: Place the resistant band under one of your feet and grip the resistance band while curling out towards the side. Imagine you have wings. Isolate the bicep muscle & take the tension out of the neck. There is small bend in the knees. Do 20 reps, 3 sets [ 60 total ].

4.) Crunching Sit-ups: Lay on the backside. Hands are behind the head and elbows are wide. Bring the chin towards the knees and wrap the elbows around them as the head comes up. All the tension in the abdominals. Do 30 reps, 3 sets [ 90 total ].

5.) Straight Arm Planks:  These target in to the abs. Face the ground and come in to a straight armed plank. Make sure the elbows are straight and the neck is in line with spine. Pull the abdominals in. Time these for 90 seconds each, 3 sets [ 270 seconds total ].

* Pictures taken by Ian Gary


  1. Great blog! I also work out with Chris at Fletcher Cove on Tuesday mornings (7:00 a.m.) I’ve been training with Chris for 4 years and he has helped me so much! It’s definitely a lifestyle change and all about staying committed to your health and fitness!

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