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A Freaking Day of Rest

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and lifestyle blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.So the other day I was having a convo with a very, very successful real estate agent. I told him how it’s totally difficult for me to put the computer down & just stop.

Stop working. Stop typing. Stop e-mailing. Stop blogging.

Just stop. & relax. & chill the F out.

He responded with this: “if you don’t take a day of rest, you’ll burn yourself out. It’s so important to take one day off a week & not do one thing having to do with work. You’ll be a happier human, you’ll feel more inspired, & you’ll start your week off with more energy and drive.

I panicked. Not return one e-mail? For one whole day? I mean, really? Not even one measly old e-mail?

“Nope, not one, take a day off,” he said.

Zero, zilch, nada.

My overworked brain couldn’t comprehend his words of wisdom. Until this weekend.

When I realized he was absolutely right.

So I put his plan in action…& for one day this weekend I.didn’


And honestly? It kinda felt liberating.

Anyway if you’re anything like me, try it. LMK how it goes. Taking one day off ( my day of choice definitely a Saturday or Sunday ) to not have work crap will be rad.

Rad for you, rad for your boyfriend/girlfriend/dog/wife/blah/blah, & rad for your psyche.

Ride a bike, take a hike, go on a super romantical date, read a book, get a pedicure, volunteer, walk the dog, clean out your closet…just do something other than freaking work!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Ha! I regularly take full days off. Like, 3 days a week I sleep in, workout, cook some food, and have a movie/ dinner/ beach night with girlfriends. Days off aren’t nearly as fun when everyday is a day off 🙁 Boo! I need to work harder.
    I’m glad you enjoyed your rest!!

  2. Always! Its super important to clear out the mind & relax! Sunday is my day! <3 I make a piority, even if I have to be a super busy bee on saturday, its all worth it to relax & enjoy! & of course have a glass ;)!

  3. I am literally in love with your blog and this is so true! Being an Art Teacher in a not so sunny England, and after partying hard last week in Ibiza, I have just finished work for 5 weeks of rest days for my summer holidays! (Pretty certain boredom will kick in no later than Friday!!)

    1. No, I’m not! I was just at a dinner party where my friend brought her friend who happens to be in real estate : ).

  4. I actually just took a week off from blogging and it was SO refreshing! I now have NEW ideas and feel excited to blog again whereas before I was so BURNED out like literally AVOIDING it at all costs! I try and do a 24 hour technology break at least once a month so I get that same feeling but the blogging needed a month off! Hope you take the time to do this more often! Love + Shine CourtStar

  5. Yes, it is lovely to have a day off but when you think you deserve it -when you take too many days off it doesn’t seem worth it or like you’ve earn’t it, you know?

  6. totally agree! rest is needed! glad you took a break!
    sometimes i wish i could shut my phone off for more than one day!

  7. I couldn’t agree with this more! That was a lesson that took me a long time to learn, and it’s harder to walk the walk than talk the talk but life is a balancing act and we all need time for ourselves! XO

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