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France Outfits: Saint Tropez, Provence, & Paris ♡

france outfits - st tropez outfits 1 | by the skinny confidential.jpgfrance outfits - st tropez outfits 1 | by the skinny confidential.jpg

blue set | white shoes | sunglasses | Michael’s outfitfrance outfits - st tropez outfits 1 | by the skinny confidential.jpg
kaftan | bikini top | bikini bottom | sunglasses

As promised…FRANCE outfits.

Sure, I’m a day late & a dollar short posting these BUT nothing new there? In fact, I feel like it keeps it fresh to wait a little? Instead of bombarding you with too much at once. You know how I love to mix it up!

Ok, speaking of mixing it up: I certainly mixed it up in France.

As you know, I love to dress for the occasion with my own twist. So St. Tropez was all about pastels with a touch of denim ( a two piece to be exact ), Provence was more white linens, & then Paris, of course was blacks, lace, pops of red, & a VERY v-neck bodysuit. Again, nothing more fun than dressing for the occasion.

Lots of off the shoulder moments happened. AND in Paris LOTS of sex-ed up looks. This wrap up bodysuit was one of my favorite looks, it’s EXTREMELY flattering.

One of my other favorites was the denim two piece. We were in St. Tropez listening to Bossanova, eating melon & prosciutto, & drinking rosé so I feel like it was really the ideal look for this vibe. Melon, rosé, & denim match well, no?


mini dress | white loafers

france outfits - st tropez outfits 1 | by the skinny confidential.jpg

off the shoulder top | striped linen pants ( similar ) | white loafers | sunglasses

Since a lot of you guys Snapchatted me about each outfit, I figured a blog post would kill 200 birds with one stone. So ta-da!

Because I can’t talk about what I’m wearing for too long, I’ll talk about what’s been going on.

I AM VERY, VERY EXCITED because one of my best friends ( Steve ) is a highly successful business coach. He coaches CEOs on how to be productive & how to stay organized.

Thankfully, he’s committed to helping me with my calendar.

Now don’t laugh. This sounds very strange but how you plan your day is a HUGE part of success. I believe that success comes from chipping away, every day. Small steps to hit the bigger goal.


white off the shoulder maxi dress
france outfits - st tropez outfits 1 | by the skinny confidential.jpg
pink dress | sunglasses ( similar ) | necklace 1 | necklace 2

Anyway we did our first “session” tonight & I’m feeling HIGHLY organized for tomorrow’s busy day. In fact, I cannot believe how much we accomplished in 2 hours. I actually learned a lot of cool tips / tricks for scheduling.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

I’m doing a nightly session with Steve for the next week so he can literally “teach” me the best way to organize my day in a successful fashion. What if I did a blog post with his tips? Would you guys like this? Who else needs help prioritizing their schedule? AM I THE ONLY WEIRDO ON THE PLANET THAT NEEDS THIS?

Let me know if you’re interested?


wrap up bodysuit | black jeans | black pumps | white clutch
le tiger bodysuit | black jeans | necklace 1 | necklace 2

Ok! Outfit details are clearly under each picture – I hope you guys enjoyed my pastel, denim, vampy bodysuit looks. I sure had fun outfit planning for this trip.

On that note, off to bed. Need a good night’s sleep for tomorrow’s carefully planned day.

See ya tomorrow, lauryn x

+ two new exclusive TSC App posts are live: “Three Things to Incorporate Into Your Wellness Routine” by moi & “Moving In With A Woman & How It’s Changed My Life” by Michael. Happy reading!

++ more travel here | podcast from France ( episode 12 ) here.

france outfit accessories | by the skinny confidential

france outfit accessories | by the skinny confidential

thin choker | thick choker | sunglasses ( similar ) | necklace 1 | necklace 2

france outfit accessories | by the skinny confidential

white loafers | red crimson nail polish

france outfit accessories | by the skinny confidential

white clutch | gold cross bangle | heart of gold bangle

france outfit accessories | by the skinny confidential

black giant aviator sunglasses | white loafers

Shop the travel looks ♡ ♡ ♡

  1. Such an inspiration! Love this post.
    I am French and never look as stylish as you, even when I go back home (Paris!) for the weekend ( I live in Germany).
    Big <3 for the Tiger Bodysuit!

    1. Thanks so much Sandrine! I’m sure you’re pulling off the effortless chic French look better than you think. xx

  2. YES, please share a blog post on how to organize your day. Soooo helpful. Thanks lovey! 🙂

  3. Yes PLZ 1398320875% do a tips & tricks post of what you learn from Steve. Completely necessary for life and you’re def not the only one that struggles with this!

    ps dying over the white maxi!

    xx, Madison

  4. Yes, yes, yes to the planning your day posts! I would LOVE to see what he creates for you and then any that you have for other online creatives.

    And yesssss to this post (& no worries on the lateness, I was a week late on my freaking BLOG anniversary ?) – the outfits were SO on point. I am absolutely obsessed with the sheer caftan & this post inspired me to get into the spicy bodysuit trend! That red nail polish is the perfect shade of red (& I am digging it for fall) – thanks for sharing!! xx Shannon

    PS – I’m trying so hard to convince my bf to do Paris and he has no desire – HELP how can I convince him?! I may have to slip him a xanax, take him to the airport & just book a flight at this point LOL

  5. These looks are so on point, I’m super jealous! Love how you incorporate such affordable options! Yes PLEASE, I would love to hear these profesh tips on organizing your schedule. I’ve made many improvements this year, but there’s ALWAYS room for improvement!

  6. Ooooh yes! This is the best post!! I loved all your snaps and ‘grams of this trip! YAY thank you for sharing!! ♡
    xx Taylor | | @taylorwinkelmeyer

  7. Yes please for help organizing!!!! I’ve been trying to get better at scheduling for awhile now, so tips would be stellar xx

  8. Hi Lauryn, you look amazeballs. I’d love to rock that sheer black bodysuit with bra showing but I don’t have the guts to. Mainly because I don’t want the looks. How do you deal with gawking? It makes me super self concious. Any tips on ignoring it?

  9. Hi Lauryn,

    I love the black Le Tiger bodysuit you wore and am looking to buy it. Can I ask what size you had?
    Thanks <3

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