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lauryn france looks | by the skinny confidential

As promised, here is a full recap of our trip to France! The whole trip was super last-minute so I had to get creative here AKA run to Forever 21 in New York City & figure out how to make South of France outfits work…which worked out great because I found some gems.

It’s a real hit or miss there, you know? You either walk out with so much YES or leave with a $15 dollar tee-shirt dress that you don’t really need.

Anyway, so yes the trip to France was really a last-minute thing. Dessange Professional Hair Luxury, an incredible hair care company, & I partnered up to show off a ‘California Blonde.’ This was very on brand because 1.) all products are accessible to everyone- yes, that’s right they’re found at Target & CVS! 2.) ‘California Blonde’ is just everything I need in my life after travel. And 3.) I needed to brighten up a bit & this product really did the trick.

France looks shop

Let’s talk outfit details first:

1.) bodysuit: bodysuit | skirt | sunglasses
2.) blue outfit: top | pantsloafers | necklace   
3.) pink dress: dress | sunglasses
4.) gold dress:  top | skirt | shoes | lipstick 
5.) white dress: dress | backpack | moccasins

♡ | ♡ | ♡ | ♡ | ♡

Oh, & here’s a day-by-day recap to give you the whole picture:

Day 1:

We arrived in Nice. Michael powered through jet lag & immediately went to work out. Me? I ate eggs & a croissant…and took a nap. Probably not the smartest idea but sometimes you can’t help yourself. After a nap I woke up SO BLOATED & SWOLLEN from the flight. Ever since jaw surgery I swell up like a blueberry Violet Beauregarde-style after a flight. It’s not pretty. I have some creative ways to combat this ( a few I talked about on the latest podcast ) but this specific day I booked a lymphatic drainage facial massage WHICH MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE. Seriously it drains the face. I can’t say enough good things. After the massage Michael & I did some work on the terrace with some Aperol Spritz and rosemary truffle nuts ( yes, you read right ROSEMARY.TRUFFLE.NUTS ). We ate dinner overlooking Nice & went to bed. I wore a $12 dollar white bodysuit with my go-to black jeans. Bun is c/o not washing my hair for a week ( help me, Dessange! ).

Day 2:

In the AM we woke up, ate breakfast & met up with Michael’s sister, Tara. Again some work, this time by the pool which I could have gotten used to real quick. Tara is easy & a professional traveler. She knows how to travel on a budget & is EXTREMELY RESOURCEFUL. I love a resourceful girl. We will interview her on the podcast? Anyway, we went into the town of Nice & had dinner at a little hole in the wall. So charming. And lots of prosciutto & melon. Bread too. So much bread. We walked thru the town at night & had the best time.

Day 3:

Michael pulled us out of bed & made us pack immediately because you know how he is & he wanted to get to Cannes ASAP. All three of us headed to Cannes with huge suitcases in tow. Once we got there we parked & walked around Cannes. SO MUCH ACTION. SO MANY Paparazzi. ENERGY. Immediately we headed to meet up with our friend at Nikki Beach Cannes. It’s a pop-up & has the best energy. They recently featured TSC in their magazine; very exciting to be able to see it in action during the festival. We sipped rosé & you guessed it: stuffed our faces with more prosciutto & melon. After lunch we went to our new hotel to meet up with the Dessange team. At this point there was literally a rat living in my hair…so I was ready for a treatment. But at least this pink neon moment helped distract from my hair. Once we got to the new hotel we met up with the team for dinner. Then computer work, MAGIC sheet mask, & bed.

dessange collage | by the skinny confidential

Day 4:

CANNES FILM FESTIVAL DAY. I woke up & immediately threw on another mask because…it was needed. Trust me here, HA. A whole skin care plan has to happen when I’m traveling or it’s a mess. Anyway, we got ready & headed to a villa that was STUNNING. Hope you all came along on Snapchat. Dessange broke down their hair care products & shared the back story. Basically it’s a super cool brand that’s attracted celebrity clients since the salon opened over 60 years ago on the famous Champs Elysees ( I want to live here? PLZ? ). Dessange is the hair partner of the Cannes Film Festival, so it was awesome to attend the event repping the brand. Anyway, back to the insane Villa….the owner was there & you can see the detail that went into creating the ‘California Blonde’ collection. It really does ILLUMINATE the hair- helps take the brass out too. I can attest to this because they gave us the whole luxurious treatment. Thank God because my hair needed every second of it. After lunch by the pool, we went to grab our clothes. I wore a champagne top & long skirt. L’Oreal did our makeup ( I was with other influencers from Germany & Italy ) & touched up our hair. Because my hair was salon fresh smooth, I went with a glamorous sleek hairstyle for the event. I picked a flirty lash with a blue-toned red ( I like blue-toned red because they bring out the whites of the eyes & flatter blonde hair ). THEN IT WAS TIME FOR THE CANNES FILM FESTIVAL. We walked the exclusive red carpet & watched a movie in the gorgeous theatre. Such a fun experience- & Michael looked handsome too ; ). Then back to the hotel!

DAY 5:

Our last day in Cannes. We packed up & got into the car. We did one last party day at Nikki Beach. It was the first day we really let loose; lots of rosé. Too much maybe? It’s not the most fun traveling hungover but I feel like we needed to go out with a bang…SO WE DID. Outfit details are here: Forever 21 really helped me stick with the pastel theme.

Overall the trip was a whirlwind one I will NEVER forget. In & out but I met some rad people from all over the world. I just used ‘California Blonde’ at-home & I can report back: the results are KILLER. The products really brighten me up. I will do another giveaway here? Thoughts?

I hope you guys liked me bringing you along for the ride. To be real, I already miss Cannes!! I love everything about that magical city.

Happy Thursday!

X lauryn

+ be sure to listen to the latest podcast on relationships- it’s a good one. On financial independence, traveling together, fights, & growth.

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{ necklace deets: zodiac necklace, ball chain, extra long pendant chain }

france necklaces


  1. Looking so stunning and your outfits are too good can’t express my feelings.

  2. Love all your outfits, Lauryn! You look gorgeous! I need to try the shampoo – it’ll be perfect for my blonde Scandinavian hair! Thanks for sharing, babe! <3 xx

  3. Cannes sounds like it was fabulous! Loving all of your looks (and you looked gorgeous at the Cannes Film Festival!) 🙂

  4. This trip sounds like a DREAM. And spontaneous vacations are the best!

    Thanks for the outfit inspo too. We’re headed to Italy soon and I’ve been struggling to put together multi-functional outfits! But a body suit seems like a must, and I love the TODS moccasins.

    Susie –

    1. Comfortable shoes & versatile bodysuits are essential for traveling!! Have an incredible time in Italy babe : ) xx

  5. Please keep posts like these coming! I’m traveling to Europe in a couple of months and need all the chic European outfit inspo!!!

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