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Foods That Will Make Your Skin All Glowy & Shit

youtube beauty skincare video foods inside outside by tscI’ve always been a HUGE believer in health from the inside out- what you eat shows up in your skin. So I’m always eating healthy foods that promote dewy, glowy skin.

Adding kale to pasta or adding lemon to pizza are just some ways I like to get these foods in. There are lots of creative ways you can get these skin-friendly foods into your meals that won’t make you feel like you’re going crazy.

Below are some of my favorite glowy go-tos, but we really dive deep in the video so be sure to watch:

Foods That Will Make Your Skin All Glowy


Kale is known to reduce wrinkles & has more antioxidants than any other leafy green vegetable. Vitamin A is really great for your skin & kale is filled with it. Big fan of vitamin A. Kale is packed with omega 3 fatty acids & omega 6 fatty acids which is a super rare combination.  This is one of those superfoods that reduce inflammation which is ideal for the skin health.   This is also known to really promote hair growth & who doesn’t want hair growth? As long as it’s on my head, I’m good- I just don’t want it on my mustache.


Lemon is my OG favorite. Everyone knows lemon is my thing. I put it on ANYTHING & EVERYTHING. I eat the peels, I eat it raw & straight-up, I put it on pasta, pizza, cookies, dark chocolate, you name it, lemon is on it.  It’s in my tea, water, everything!  Perfect for skin hydration.   I would squeeze lemon on Michael’s lips before I kiss him if I could. Lemon is filled with tons of minerals & vitamins- calcium, potassium, obviously great sources of vitamin C, antioxidants & it’s known to kill bacteria. If you wanted to get crazy with it, it’s also known as a lightener. This means it can lighten skin tone and hyperpigmentation and decrease dark spots on the skin. If you have acne due to too much oil production on your skin, this is what I recommend.  Whenever I make a homemade mask I add lemon to it- because you know I have brown spots. Lemon peels can even be rubbed on your face for a nice skin glow too.


Sauerkraut is famous for treating acne. It’s really great as a probiotic & it has so much healthy bacteria & yeast in it.  Sauerkraut is a great source of vitamin C which helps protect the body from stress and free radical damage.  People from Asia swear by fermented foods- they say it’s the key if you’re breaking out. Fermented foods like kimchi & sauerkraut help digestion which in turn helps your skin. I believe everything starts in the gut & sauerkraut is a great thing to add to your plate. I put it in salads or eat it raw. What I like about this is it keeps things moving which is good for your intestines which is awesome if you’re trying to clean out and detoxify.

Bone Broth

Bone broth has healthy fats and contains hyaluronic acid.  It does not have added sugar or starch which are found in sweet potatoes. This is an ingredient a lot of famous dermatologists use in their products. Dr. Dennis has one that I’m obsessed with. It’s also used in fillers- so what we want to do is drink that hyaluronic acid. It promotes clear skin by reducing acne, rosacea, eczema & psoriasis and it gonna give you a really healthy gut.  When your gut is healthy it’s gonna show on your skin.  It’s like beauty from inside out.  It also really helps with cell repair which in turn helps with dark circles under the eyes. It’s even known to prevent stretch marks during weight gain or pregnancy, since there’s collagen production from it. SOME people even report that bone broth gets rid of their cellulite because of the collagen.

Four Sigmatic mushrooms

Mushrooms are great for someone like me who is prone to swelling. They have anti-inflammatory properties & high in vitamin D which I need because I stay out of the sun. Mushrooms also have anti-microbial and anti-aging properties in selenium which is great for fine lines and wrinkles. DRINK YOUR MUSHROOMS! I like to drink mine at night using the mushroom cacao mix or I like to add it to my smoothie ( use my link for 15% off ).

superfoods for skin

Let me know what foods for glowing skin you guys like to eat.

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  1. Four Sigmatic has CHANGED ME. The cacao chills me the F out before bed (which I need) and then I put ashwaghanda in my smoothie in the morning so I can go to work and not kill anyone.

  2. Damn girl, you love your lemons! Great tips! You’ve reminded me to stock up on sauerkraut! Thanks.

    Angela |

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