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Weight loss and fitness blogger from San Diego


Perhaps it’s just me, but I have discovered that reading from an actual list of healthy snacks & meals is a simple way to incorporate them into my diet. When reading labels I primary only check the sugar content- if it’s more than six grams per serving, I’ll pass or only have a few bites [ I never count calories ]. Refined white sugar is a big factor in weight gain & has no nutritional value. Here’s a peak [ P.S. I change up what I eat all the time! ].

Last Friday’s food intake:

8:30 am– A small glass of Simply Orange Juice [ half OJ, half sparkling water ], a serving of Ezekiel 100% flour-less, sprouted grain cereal with a serving of Rice Dream milk & a handful of blueberries.

9:30 am– Beach workout with the girls [ I drank a 33 ounce water bottle ].

10:30 am– 1 medium sized banana & a medium coffee with a splash of soy milk [ I like to add pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon and/or nutmeg as sweetener ].

12:00 pm– Taught a Pure Barre class and drank a Juicer’s veggie juice [ kale, bell peppers, ginger, lemon, apples, beets, tomatoes & spinach ].

1:30 pm– A huge handful of pistachios & another 33 ounce water bottle [ I prefer Evian or Smart Water ].

2:15 pm- A protein burger sans the bun with Dijon mustard & a small mixed greens salad.

4:30 pm- Brown rice chips [ about 15- I love Lundberg Family Farms Sea Salt brand ] with hummus & a couple squeezes of lemon.

6:00 pm- Another 33 ounce water bottle.

6:30 pm– One glass of cabernet [ it was a Friday! ]

7:30 pm– An omelette with 3 egg whites, spinach & reduced fat cheese  [ I’m weird…I always eat breakfast for dinner ] & a side spaghetti squash [ I eat this almost every night- so many benefits to squash ].

9:00 pm– A glass of water, a half glass of cab & a big bowl of raspberries with Truvia.

11:30 pm– Sleep [ my biggest beauty secret ]!

Weight loss and fitness blogger from San Diego, California

[ Ezekiel cereal with blueberries & rice milk ]

Weight loss and fitness blogger from San Diego, California

[ Coffee w/ a splash of soy milk & a dash of pumpkin pie spice ]

Weight loss and fitness blogger from San Diego, California

[ Pistachios are high in lutein which promote healthy skin ]

Weight loss and fitness blogger from Southern California

[ Veggie juice from Juicer’s in Solana Beach, CA. ]

Weight loss blogger from Southern California

[ Hummus, lemon & brown rice chips ]


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6 replies to “Food Diary”

  1. I’m addicted to your blog!! Just recently getting really interested in nutirition paired with a stable workout plan and I love reading your tips and tricks!

    xo gracie

  2. Love this! Looks like a healthy fun day. Would love to see more. Really nice to see it broken down like this. Thanks for sharing!

    1. i would love to see more of this. so interesting and helpful. thanks!