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FML…A Lil Post on my Frenemy: Running…UGH.

Lauryn Evarts, fitness blogger, health blogger, and diet blogger talks skinny tips and tricks for weight loss.If running were a guy, he’d be annoying, a total buzzkill, & BORING.

Annoying because…it’s such a nag.

A total buzzkill because…I dread it.

& BORING because…geez it’s about as interesting as watching a flea on a horse’s ass.

Ya don’t agree with me?

Lucky you.

I mean, I’m jelly.

Honestly though, I want to love to run. I really, really geniuely want to like it…but I just don’t.

So when my trainer, Mike, informed me it will trim up the bod faster than any other exercise, I was freaking frustruated.

(( Insert that crying Emoji that throws its head back & wails/crys/whines )).

Anyway for the last month & half I’ve been running three times a week for thirty minutes on the Treadmill. Oh, & not only have I been just running, I’ve been doing intervals. Mike also let me know that it’s better to walk at 3.6 for a minute, & then switch to 6.5-7.0 for a minute ( I like to start at 6.5 for a few & then build up to 7.0 towards the end ). I also add a bit ( only a tiny bit ) of incline throughout the duration of the run. The reason it’s better to walk then run, then walk then run, etc. is because it’s amazing for metabolism & heart rate.

Mike even said intervals are better than just running the whole thirty minutes.

So essentially I’m only running for 15 minutes total, each time.

I know, right?! Such a baby.

Guys. The results are crazy: I’ve lost five pounds, I’m feeling tighter, & I’m obsessed with the after effects ( the runner’s high! ).

Even though I literally dread the Treadmill & have anxiety on my ‘running days,’ it’s totally worth it.

And ya know, sometimes life isn’t always fun. Beauty’s pain.

So I’m sticking it out. And I’ll keep ya updated.

Oh, & don’t laugh…k? The reason I don’t run outside is because of the sun. I’m a psycho when it comes to the sun ( more here ).

ATTN runners: any tips? Pleassseeeeee & thank you!!


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  1. I’d try running outside. Change up the scenery and explore new places. Try investing in a running GPS watch. I think it’s really fun to watch an outline of where I ran, seeing my stats is motivating. I see my running time as almost a form of meditation. It’s my time alone, to think, to de- stress. And the running “high” indeed feels excellent!!

    1. I totally agree with Jane, running outside is legit and way more enjoyable. Also, a little bit of sun is actually good for you and that’s what spf is for.

    2. I agree 150%! Running outside is so much better – plus you feel the connection to other runners, can catch up with friends and find new places in the city/countryside to visit.

  2. I used to loath running with a passion, but once you start, you see results so fast, nothing makes your fitness levels go up so noticeably. Craving going for a run and then really going for it is the best feeling ever…. HELLO ENDORPHINS!!!
    But running on a treadmill is deathly dull, take it outside, run by the ocean or in a park, it is so much better for you!

  3. I used to hate running too and now I am training for my 2nd full marathon, with the 3rd and 4th already planned for next year.

    In my experience, what changed it all was the challenge of it.

    Do races and keep giving yourself goals, do what you didn’t think you could do in the past and always bring a friend.

    Also, running outside is completely different. Much less boring and so much more fun!

  4. 5lbs WOAH!!!!! I used to go out everyday for about 30 min. I also thought signing up for a half marathon would motivate and trim me. No I’m just hungry all the time and freaked out!!!

  5. I know I hate running too! I just started picking it up more and I will tell you…running outdoors is way better!! And when I do intervals outside, I set a landmark as my end point, like a mail box, so then I can see the sprint is going to come to an end. Treadmills just suck. And obviously, good new tunes is always a big motivator.

    Glad to hear I am not the only one in the boat that despises cardio. The one cardio I do love and can do for an hour is turbo kick. You should check it out.


    Cella Jane

  6. I’m completely the same way. I want to love it, but I just don’t. 3ish times a week I do HIIT and I neeeeever get runners high. What keeps me going is running in the back row of treadmills & staring at the hot bodies in front of me. It’s casual.

  7. Oh, I am with you, running is the worst AND the best. I agree with the person above – running out side is a game changer! I live in fear of the sun too, but I cake on my spf 50, wear a baseball cap and long sleeves and pants if I can handle it, which isn’t as often as I would like, since I live in Arizona! I feel like I get a much better workout running outside than I do on a treadmill. Your body always benefits from changing things up!

  8. I love to run!!!!! good music is key for me! Also training for a race of any distance is really inspiring and it feels good to have a schedule. I love Hal HIgdon’s website–he has three levels of runner training scheds and he makes it easy!!!!!!! I am looking for a used treadmill now so I can run in my garage before my kiddos get up in the morning!!! you can do it Lauryn!!

    1. YES. Hal Higdon’s schedule kept me on track and kept me from cramping up or dying during my first race. It also isn’t so crazy constricting or boring.
      My tips:
      – Lots and lot of fun music, probably new music too. I have a 200 song playlist that I put on shuffle just for running. Sometimes I feel like I have my own little club with me, only I’m running instead of dancing (because I dance like a 2 year old).
      – Go outside and see if you can’t explore new areas or run in one of your favorite places- I actually run through the botanic gardens near me and it’s wonderful.
      – See if you can’t map your route to include water or bathroom stops if you’re doing longer runs.
      – Wear a hat and sunscreen.
      – Try to find a time of day that you feel best running- I like the morning, but my boyfriend prefers the evening.
      – If it’s hot out be sure to replenish with some potassium, sugars, and water (i.e. gatorade, coconut water, banana and water) to keep heat exhaustion at bay.
      – Get fitted for good running shoes- it makes all the difference in the world.
      – Don’t wear cotton.
      – Braid your hair for long runs.
      – Figure out if you have any abnormalities in your stride and how to fix them. I worked with someone who specialized in this and he gave me some good exercise to keep me from getting injured.
      – Turn off your brain and enjoy!

  9. I have been running for years (ran competitively through high school and college)and to this day I dread running by myself. Having a bestie or bf to run with is much more fun, more motivating, and nice to talk to during the run 🙂

  10. Ahh, running. Yup hate it too AND I am signed up for a full marathon!! I know I’m NUTS. I love how I feel after though – love the results and the high. I totally need to start thinking about some interval training! PS: Love the blog!

  11. I know someone already said this, but you NEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDD to run outside!!! Otherwise running IS a boring, painful, buzzkill!! Even if you need to drive somewhere, like a park, do it! Running outside changes the whole game! When I run outside, I don’t even realize how much time has passed and I enjoy the whole experience. However, when I run on a treadmill I watch every single second click by on the treadmill clock or on my cell phone. And the results are totes amaze-balls. Keep it up! 🙂

  12. Try or run outside under trees if you can! (To block the sun) it is my therapy, it becomes meditative and you will get absolutely addicted. The time spent with nature is therapeutic. Treadmill = boooring! Who wants to stare at the clock while your pounding away! I am 6 1/2 months pregnant and have traded my runs in for walks by now. I was up to 10 or 11 miles when I got pregnant, and let me tell you, I cannot WAIT to get back out there! Trust me you will learn to crave it! Good luck!!!

  13. I hated running until I bought a heart rate monitor! Now its exciting, even on the treadmill! It’s also great for interval training, because you can wait until your heart rate gets down in the 120s, and then hike it back up into the “zone.” And it pretty accurately counts calories, which is nice. Totes recommend buying one!

  14. I dread running on the treadmill, I’ll only do it if the weather outside is crappy or if I am doing Tabata workouts. I’d try running outside at some point. Go somewhere where the scenery is beautiful to look at or try trail running!

  15. I love running; I’ve done it my entire life and can’t really imagine not doing it. It’s so relaxing (well….afterwards) and I like to think that I get my best ideas when i run. I normally run outside, but I do intervals once a week on a treadmill. A thing that my track & field instructor taught me is to yoga-breathe when I rest between my intervals = more oxygen to the body and better recovery. Also, try to change up your intervals (f.e 30-60-90 s running, or walk in between vs. jog when “resting”). Good luck xx

  16. It’s funny you should post this today of all days! After months of excuses I’ve started to run a bit again this week, because I kind of wanted to. I was sure it would suck but I actually made it to 40 minutes this morning. The one thing that motivates me at the moment is that I’ll have to study all day for my exams so that means sitting on my bum for the next 10 hours or so. So exercising is a must, and beeing out in the woods first thing in the morning just energizes me so much.

    The only good thing I can tell you: The older you get, the better the running will get. Seriously. I’ve started the first time in my early twenties, now I’m in my thirties and it takes less to get more. Crazy, but that’s how it is.

  17. I love running! It just clears my head 😉 I usually mix it up by running in slopes for a a shorter time some days and other days running a longer distance (at least an hour) 🙂
    Have you tried the zombie run app?

  18. Hey! I just found your blog and really like it 🙂 I also get super bored running on the treadmill. I just recently started walking/running 50 minutes a day and to keep interested I download podcasts, audiobooks and motivational speaking tapes to listen to while doing it. The time flies by and you’re right, the results are so quick!

  19. Run outside during a sunrise or sunset with your favorite music. If you are going to man the treadmill, my favorite down and dirty interval run is where I sprint for 20 seconds, rest for 10 increasing my speed by .5 every minute. It breaks my interval workout into a more digestible portion and the rest every 20 seconds tricks my brain. Have fun!

  20. One word audio books. If I didn’t have audio books I don’t know how I would get through my cardio days. I have finished and learned so much just by doing my cardio because I download books to my iPod and just get through them in no time! is my favorite 🙂 good luck! Love + shine Courtstar

  21. I know you don’t like the idea, but running outside is WAY easier than running on a treadmill. The fresh air and 20 minutes of sunlight can actually be really good for you! (My mom actually was prescribed to go to a percription tanning bed because she wasn’t gettin enough sun- to each their own though. I don’t know your skin type so…) but it really helps with seasonal depression, and my anxiety. I think it’s the benefits of clean oxygen and the sun that make it addicting.

  22. I was just talking to my friends the other day about how I want to like running more, but just can’t seem to love it yet. I need to just keep with it and I know I’ll learn to love it!

  23. Try night running outside! Not only are you less likely to have injuries because your muscles are warmer (typically), but you also feel like you are running faster… It is an illusion, but a great confidence booster caused by how far we can see at night. — not to mention reflective running gear just looks cool.

  24. Just like you, I totally dislike running. Like everyone here I do agree getting outside helps A LOT. Not only does it keep it interesting (especially if it is a trail run), but you will find yourself running faster. Personally I don’t have much of a problem running on the treadmill if it is only for about 30 minutes, but if I am to do a longer run I need to run outside.

    A question for all the runners out there, I am wondering if you have found the HIIT method as successful for leaning out muscular legs as longer steady paced runs (40+ min)? I have read various opinions on both these methods for leaning out, but I would like to know if anyone can personally attest to either method? I have some awesomely strong muscular legs and booty from many years of plies in ballet, but I am looking to lean them out a bit. Are HIIT’s as effective as long runs at getting the leaner look of distance runners? Also, how frequently should you incorporate long runs into your schedule?

  25. Actually…I don’t mind the treadmill – It’s saved me from mega blubba attacks during winter/rainy days (often in here in the UK) and it allows for good interval training.
    Of course outside is great but if your feeling apprehension about running inside saying ‘go run outside’ is not going to work until you feel really comfy/the seasons change.
    What makes running inside more interesting? MUSIC – Download a couple of tracks that make you want to move or make a little playlist, think about something other than ‘has 5 minutes passed yet?’ and relaxxxx..

  26. L, you should try the path that runs along the 101 from the Cardiff Kook to Swami’s… it is about 3 miles round trip, and the first half is in the shade of the hedges surrounding the campgrounds. The real reward is the second half, where the hedge opens up and you have a completely unobstructed view of the ocean! My fave run (and I HATE running)

  27. I, too, want to be a runner in the worst way, but I get (and have always have had this) like this exercise induced asthma and my throat tightens up. It drives me nuts! Anyone else ever experience this? I’m very fit and a super healthy eater, but running brings this on every single time. Ugh!

  28. Good for you! I would keep at it. Like you, I’m not down with running. Unless I have an amazing new album to listen to, or there’s a Jersey Shore/ Kardashian marathon on, it’s definitely a chore. BUT… I still just made myself do it, and now I kinda like it – which I still can’t believe. Now I run outside in the morning to burn cals and breathe some fresh air. There’s no better way to burn energy and you can go hard, medium or easy depending on how you feel. I went from not down, to pretty down!

  29. I really was glad to read this post! I LOATHE running. I got into it last summer a bit…I would run for twenty minutes on a treadmill, but it got to a point that I hated it so much and then BAM I wasn’t working out at all anymore. To be honest I haven’t really worked out in so long and I wish I could be more motivated and push through the pain (physically and emotionally because if I could kill running I would) but I have chosen the lazy route more often than not.

    HOWEVER. Super inspiring post. It’s nice to read that someone else who hates running has had so much progress and success with it. SO thanks for the great post!!

  30. I really hate running. I force myself to go twice a week to the gym during my lunch break and run for 30 minutes on the treadmill and it is super boring even with the personal tvs and/or my music. I love how I feel after though, especially since my job involves me sitting at a computer all day. This will probably sound geeky but to pass the time usually I look at the time I have left and figure out how many even divisors it has, how many half minutes, quarter minutes, whatever other number games I can come up with, etc. This may be making it worse – I don’t know! The weather where I live is always soooo humid and hot in the summer and it wears me out way too quick to run outside but from all the above comments maybe I should make more of an effort to do so once it cools down! Plus, I didn’t know that about the intervals – def going to try it! Hopefully it will help with the boredom too!

  31. I can’t do the treadmill, I. just. can’t. It’s too boring! At least outside you can run in a beautiful environment (hello, river valley trails) and be visually stimulated. In fact, running in the rain is one of my favorite things. I do love the runner’s high, but have to admit that I find it really hard to feel motivated to get out for a run. I had the best success when I was running with a group and we’d meet three times per week. Having a friend to talk to made the run fly by!

  32. Well, earlier today I did exactly that, 30 minutes of 1 minute sprint, 1 min walk around the neighborhood. Thanks for the inspiration! It burned just as many calories as if I ran the whole time and same mileage! Yay for 15 minutes of running only!

  33. I feel your pain. I do not love running, but I was def. in the best shape when I did it. I do zumba, elliptical, but there still is nothing that makes me sweat like running. It took a toll on my knees, so I don’t do it as much, but I don’t know if I will ever run and not look at the clock the whole time (you mean only a minute has gone by???? Grrrr)

  34. I have been running for almost 9 years and i always have some little ache or i always tweak something. I discovered KT tape and my life is forever changed! Its really psychological, but it is weirdly magical with instant results. Also, i hated running on the treadmil, until i started running at night all alone. It’s too scary at night! Sometimes when i need a break, i slow it way down and do lunges or other plyometrics so i dont bore myself to death. Enjoyyyyy! Xo

  35. Honestly, it took me YEARS until I finally started to enjoy running. The only reason I even stuck with it is because the rest of my family is into either running or walking so I’ve just been around it. I can definitely agree with what your trainer friend said about it toning up the body. Nothing else I do seems to tighten up my core muscles quite the same way as running consistently. I have noticed that running outside after a long stressful day in the office feels really relaxing. I’ve almost gotten to the point where I don’t feel like I can unwind after work unless I get at least a 1 or 2 mile jog in. Keep at it!

  36. I used to hate running too until I decided to start running with our new dog! She has tons of energy and I know that I can’t stop until she does (which rarely happens).

    Keep it up girl!

  37. i loathe running too, but it is the most basic exercise that gets all things done. What gets me up on that treadmill… is punk rock music and lip syncing to it. 🙂

  38. hi lauryn, this is iamshem23official, the one who posted on your instagram account. I want to ask where did you get those pink kicks you have for your workout? by the way, im from philippines 🙂 hope you reply 🙂

  39. Zombies, Run! App is a way to keep things interesting. I turned off zombies chase though because i always got caught

  40. This post summarizes EXACTLY how I feel about running! Esp the anxiety when I know I “have” to do it… But I’m also inspired! Morning run tomorrow for sure

  41. Guuuuuurllll… this is why I will never join the gym because I HATE HATE HATE running on the treadmill (and personally, GYM is just so depressing to me). Of course running in one place for 45 minutes is a nag and that’s why I prefer running along the beach or trails. But recently I’ve also been paying a visit to my former high school track (usually in the evening when the field is empty); so I run a lap then run up the bleachers staircase (your a** will look amazing if you add hills or stairs to your running) then I run another lap and go up the bleachers again and I keep this up for about half an hour at least, then I do burpees and squats, or I bring my 6 lb weight with me and lift those instead. I do this routine for about 45 min, sometimes even less (35 or 40, it all depends on how intense my run is, the more intense the run the shorter the workout). If that gets boring I switch it up to jump rope and weight lifting (also super intense cardio for an amazing looking ass, legs and torso). Anyway, my point is, I really think you might enjoy it more if you ran outside rather than on a treadmill. Switch up your scenery too (if I feel like I’m getting bored or my running feels like I’m walking, i.e not intense enough, I find different trails, drive to a different beach or switch up my intensity by adding sprints or adding stairs and/or hills. Also running on sand is a challenge but be careful though not to sprain your ankle : /.
    The beach is my favorite place to run especially the Carlsbad State Beach, its about 5 miles from one end to the other. As I mentioned above, I hate hate hate the gym and I haven’t had a gym membership for over 5 years but nonetheless, I’m in the best shape of my life and I’ve saved some money not having to pay the gym fees :D.

    xx M.

    1. Also I forgot to mention, I also suffer from clinical anxiety. It’s the biggest impediment in my life so running regularly has helped me deal with it tremendously. I work out 6 to 7 days a week but I HAVE to run at least 4 times a week to get that anxiety relief.

  42. I will totally say I was in your shoes at one point, but after a few years, and some races, me and running are best buds. I do ALL different kinds of working out – I lift, I teach, I yoga, I do some cycling, but there is nothing quite as awesome and convenient as putting on a pair of running shoes, and just GOING. Glad you’re joining the club!

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